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Britney Bares All Again; Female Stars That Overshadow Their Husbands

Aired August 20, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: Is Donald Trump about to hire Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan? And why is Lindsay taking off her clothes while reportedly in rehab? I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Britney Spears` shocking naked ambition. Why does Spears keep stripping in public? Tonight the controversial questions; is all this naked stuff a desperate cry for help, or does Brit simply like baring it all? And will taking it all mean her kids will be taken away? Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT uncovers the naked truth about Britney Spears getting naked.

Successful stars, unsuccessful marriages; tonight when women start doing better than their husbands, does it destroy a marriage? Reese overshadowing Ryan. Uma bigger than Ethan. Can a Hollywood relationship survive when one spouse`s career takes off? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates if stars` success can break up a marriage.

Hi there everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. AJ is off tonight. Well, I have some bad news for the bad girls of Hollywood. It`s the record-breaking blockbuster movie "High School Musical 2." What does that have to do with the Lindsays and Britneys of the world? I have that revealing story coming up.

First, Britney Spears exposed again. Or perhaps I should say Britney Spears exposing herself again. Tonight, for the third time in about a week, Britney is topless in a picture on the cover of a major magazine. So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is looking for the naked truth behind Britney`s naked ambition.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Britney Spears is on the cover of "Allure Magazine" partially nude. "Allure" brags about the shoot in this on-line clip on

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s more about not using the clothing as a shield.

ANDERSON: No offense, "Allure Magazine," but pictures of a nude Britney Spears aren`t exactly hard to come by.

JULIA ALLISON, "STAR MAGAZINE": Everyone, including my mom, has seen Britney Spears naked.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking; is there anyone, anyone at all, who has not seen Britney Spears in some state of undress?

We didn`t think so.

FRANGELA, COMEDIC DUO: You see Britney naked more in Hollywood than you see smog.

ANDERSON: The LA based comedy duo Frangela tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that a bare Britney just doesn`t shock anymore.

FRANGELA: I have a glancing familiarity with my own nakedness --

But Britney.

You could pick that out of a line-up.

That`s right.

ANDERSON: You can find bare Britney all over the newsstands. A recent "US Weekly" cover features a topless Britney romping in a pool. Ditto, another cover for "OK! Magazine." Last year a pregnant Britney appeared on the cover of "Harper`s Bazaar" magazine completely naked. We all remember recently where a pantiless Britney frequently confronted the camera flashing paparazzi by flashing them right back.

ALLISON: There is no way that that was an accident. Once, twice, maybe. Three, four, five, six times? No longer an accident. She knows exactly what she`s doing.

ANDERSON: It`s getting to the point where bare Britney is as common a headline as a celebrity couple splitting or another star entering rehab. Still, from going bottomless to going topless, to the time she really went topples and shaved her head, Britney Spears has been tripping over herself to show as much skin as possible.

And with a divorce, a custody battle, and a fading career, it seems the worse things get for Britney, the fewer clothes she wears.

FRANGELA: Is it me, but when you are in the middle of a custody battle, should you be naked on the cover of magazines?

ANDERSON: So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking is this exhibitionist starlet`s naked ambition a funny gimmick or a serious cry for help? Reports of Britney`s exhibitionism are becoming very frequent. "Allure Magazine" says during her photo shoot Britney was a little too eager to strip down. "Allure`s" editor in chief tells "People Magazine" that Britney, quote, was entirely unself-conscious. She took off her wig and then stripped down to the waist for no apparent reasons, before sitting for hair and makeup?

The comedy duo Frangela reenacted it for us.

FRANGELA: Oops, my tops off. You caught me in a private moment. Oops!

ANDERSON: Britney isn`t the first star to take it off to get attention. Who can forget Madonna`s sex book or Janet Jackson`s topless "Rolling Stone" cover, or a gorgeous pregnant and nude Demi Moore on the cover of "Vanity Fair." So why can those stars be beautiful, provocative or even artistic when they strip down, but when Britney does it, it`s just well --

FRANGELA: Trailer park.

ANDERSON: The comedy duo Frangela tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT there`s a difference between what those women did and Britney`s compulsive nudity.

FRANGELA: We have never seen Madonna get out of a car like this.

We have never seen -- we have never seen Demi Moore get out of a car like that.

ANDERSON: For some Britney`s bareness is more than just a punch line.

ALLISON: This is far more than a cry for help. This is like a giant SOS, May-Day, like, oh, my god, I`m a psycho. I need help.

COOPER LAWRENCE, PSYCHOLOGY EXPERT: It`s just behavior without thought.

ANDERSON: Psychology expert Cooper Lawrence tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Britney`s exhibitionism is just one more sign that all is not right for the troubled pop star.

LAWRENCE: Part of the brain that says if I do this, that`s going to happen, they`re not talking to each other. So she`s just behaving without consequence.

ANDERSON: "Star Magazine`s" Julia Allison tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Britney`s attention-getting nudity will soon reach an inevitable conclusion.

ALLISON: So what`s she going to do next? Public sex. I would say Britney Spears will have public sex within the next year.

ANDERSON: For the sake of her career, her kids, and our own sensibilities, let`s hope Britney gets her act together before we get to that point.


ANDERSON: If Britney`s topless blitz isn`t bad enough, tonight the battle for her kids is getting nastier. Ex-husband Kevin Federline and his legal team have fired off subpoenas in all directions of Britney`s life, and now, get this, they`re even calling on Britney`s rehab center. With me tonight in Los Angeles, attorney Gloria Allred and in Hollywood, trial attorney Donald Schweitzer. Welcome to you both.

Talking about K-Fed went after Britney`s former assistant, Allie Simms, her other former assistant, Shannon Funk, who was seen topless kissing Britney on the cover of "OK! Magazine." Here that is. Then they went after her bodyguard, subpoenas there. Now they`ve requested an executive from the rehab center she was in to testify. The rehab center Promises in Malibu.

But Gloria, isn`t that the sort of thing that is confidential?

GLORIA ALLRED, ATTORNEY: It may be, because, after all, as you point out, Brooke, there is something called doctor-patient confidentiality or psychotherapist-patient confidentiality, which means no one who treated her can be compelled, if it`s a health care provider, to disclose what she said to them or what they said to her. However, K-Fed may be able to find out some information, like how long she was there, how much she paid, and possibly whether she left on her own or was discharged.

ANDERSON: So some other information that maybe doesn`t have to stay confidential. Well, Kevin`s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, talked about his subpoena strategy, and listen to what he had to say about it.


MARK VINCENT KAPLAN, FEDERLINE ATTORNEY: Kevin is pursuing relevant information from all available sources. I don`t want to talk about who we are going to seek information from. I think that people that care about the children will provide information that is relevant to their best interests, and we will aggressively pursue finding them and getting that evidence from them.


ANDERSON: OK, Promises was a place where Britney was recovering. At the time, Kevin and her mother were taking care of the kids. Couldn`t it be argued that no matter what was said in rehab, the point of her being there was to straighten out her act. How could that be held against her?

DONALD SCHWEITZER, TRIAL ATTORNEY: Well, one of the four main factors the court will look at is substance abuse. If Federline can show that she slipped, fallen off the wagon, and she`s actually currently using elicit drugs, that`s a heavy factor for the court to consider.

And I disagree with Gloria to one extent. It`s relatively easy to get those records in family law, because normally people have to sign waivers in order to engage in a custody dispute. If you don`t sign a waiver, it looks really bad in court. So she`s probably signed something, and there`s a lot of other records, besides attorney-client -- or doctor-patient privileges that`s going to be found in these records.

ANDERSON: OK, so it remains to be seen which records can and will be released. Well, looking at this group of people, her former assistants, her bodyguards, Promises, what if all of them say, hey, she`s a great mom. She completed her time in rehab successfully. She`s not a danger to the kids? Gloria, could that all backfire against Kevin?

ALLRED: Well, I think it`s more likely that it won`t be helpful to him if she has successfully completed rehab. But I have to disagree with learned counsel. I would truly doubt that Britney has waived her privilege of confidentiality with a doctor or a psychotherapist. That would be very, very unusual. Of course, she can if she wishes to, but I truly doubt it.

SCHWEITZER: Gloria, it`s common in family law cases. In custody disputes, it happens all the time. If she`s being asked to show that she`s not doing drugs and that she`s fit, she`s going to have to sign something. Otherwise, the court is going to say why not, and use it against her.

ALLRED: I practiced family law for 31 years, and all I can tell you is that would be very unusual.

ANDERSON: Let me talk about this. Recently we saw Britney out with her two young kids, 10:00 at night at a restaurant, and people were saying what the heck is she doing out so late with those small children? Donald, much ado about nothing, or is there something here? Could that point -- Could K-Fed`s attorney argue that that is neglect?

SCHWEITZER: Whenever the kids are involved, it`s very relevant to the custody proceedings. When she`s out partying with her friends and she`s dancing and she`s wearing weird clothes, that doesn`t matter. The court is not even going to consider that. But if she`s got the kids with her at late hours, that`s just additional evidence that she may not be stable enough to be the primary caretaker, and he may have something.

ANDERSON: All right. Well, Kevin hasn`t exactly been Mother Theresa here. reporting he was just out doing his fair share of partying in Vegas, but Gloria, even so, it seems to me that he and his lawyers firing on all pistons, but we don`t hear anything Britney is doing. What should she be doing besides not getting naked in public, that is?

ALLRED: Well, Britney`s present counsel ordinarily does not speak to the press. And very, very experienced family laws, in most cases -- law attorneys, in most cases, are not going to be speaking to the press, if it`s a child custody battle. What should Britney be doing? She should be focussing on getting clean and sober, if, in fact, she`s not clean and sober. That`s the very best thing she can do, and she needs to spend as much quality time with her children as possible.

ANDERSON: That is a primary concern. Gloria Allred, Donald Schweitzer, thank you both.

ALLRED: Thank you.

ANDERSON: And it looks like K-Fed may be using his career to prove he is a good daddy. is reporting that K-Fed will guest star on the CW show "One Tree Hill" and that he only agreed to do it if the schedule was in line with his custody arrangements for the kids.

Now, we want to hear from you. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Britney`s naked ambition, is her posing topless a cry for help? Vote Send us an email at

When Britney and Kevin Federline were married, Kevin didn`t really have a career. Anyone out there buy his album? Anyone? Anybody? Get this, could Britney`s success have actually been the reason they split up? Coming up next, I`m asking this controversial question, when a female star becomes more successful, could that break up a marriage?

And speaking of Britney, I`ve got something that will absolutely blow your mind. Britney, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan could soon be working in the same office. Yes, with the same boss. And that boss could be Donald Trump. Can you say Trump train wreck? Coming up, also this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t drink and I don`t smoke, so I think that`s really what keeps me out of that kind of group.


ANDERSON: I just love the stars of "High School Musical." Really good kids. Tonight, why the blockbuster success of "High School Musical 2" could mean really bad news for the bad girls of Hollywood, Britney, Lindsay, Paris. That is straight ahead.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York.

Tonight, what a major male star is saying about his own failed major to another big star, has us asking when a woman is more successful than her husband, will that destroy a marriage? Joining me tonight from San Francisco clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky, and in New York Cory Jones, deputy editor for

Guys, the star I was referring to is Ethan Hawke. He was married to Uma Thurman for six years. In an interview for AMC show "Shootout," he talks about why things with Uma didn`t work out. Saying, quote -- listen to this -- "it`s unfair when one person`s career is taking off, and the other is really suffering. You want to have a pity party for yourself, but they`re off to the Golden Globes, and you don`t want to go because everyone is going to think you are jealous."

I`m sure that Ethan is not alone. Dr. Judy, what do you think? Does he have a point here, or is he making a sorry excuse for his marriage failing?

DR. JUDY KURIANSKY, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Sorry excuse, and Ethan deserves credit for being honest.


KURIANSKY: cheers for the fact that he is honest, but jeers for the fact that he couldn`t take it, or all those guys who can`t take it. It just shows that they need a big ego boost inside themselves for their self- esteem. Otherwise, they show that they`re insecure. He should be happy.

ANDERSON: Be happy. You`re right. Be secure in your manhood. Cory, what are your thoughts?

CORY JONES, MAXIM.COM: Men do have egos, but Ethan just sounds like a whiner right now. He is a good-looking millionaire who can get any girl not named Uma, and he wants to have a pity party because he didn`t feel like going to the Golden Globes.

ANDERSON: What does he have to complain about? Good point. Go ahead, Dr. Judy.

KURIANSKY: Well, Cory, you need to be telling those guys how they need to lift up those women who are successful and make them feel like they can share it.

JONES: That`s why I`m here.

KURIANSKY: And that would be true masculinity. Not that their erections go down as soon as the woman`s beauty and her success goes up. You tell those guys.

JONES: Who is going to pay for the Viagra? You know?

ANDERSON: That`s an entirely different conversation. You are right. Getting into the Viagra and who pays for what. You know, I have to imagine that if you are Ethan Hawke or maybe even Ryan Phillipe, who was married to Reese Witherspoon, or K-Fed and Britney -- when the guys are constantly living with somebody who everyone is more interested in, you are bound to feel either a little bit crummy or even resentful, right, Dr. Judy?

KURIANSKY: I have no sympathy for them because the point is they`re marrying up. And psychologically, if you are doing that, then you live with it, and you enjoy that you are living off the woman and that you are in the shadow and build her up. You get somebody like K-Fed, who wants to be the star themselves. This is the psychological problem. They marry someone who then becomes successful and they`re jealous because they want to be like her.

Well, sorry for those guys. They should not measure their self-esteem by the money in their pocket.

ANDERSON: Very good point. And, Cory, from a guy`s perspective, is it just a big blow to a man`s ego to sort of have to take a back seat, always be the one cheering someone else on from the sidelines? Is a guy even capable of always doing that?

JONES: Most guys do have egos. And I think there`s two type of guys who can deal with it. It`s either lazy guys or really smart guys, because it`s the lazy guys who just don`t want to do any work, and they are more than happy to have someone else do it. Or it`s really smart guys who have moved beyond and are more willing to understand that if the partner makes a lot of money, it will help both of them.

ANDERSON: Well, I`m sure --

KURIANSKY: Exactly. You know, the perfect example, really, Brooke and Cory, of a guy who treats his woman well, who is successful is Tori Spelling and Dean. They just had a baby. They`re in love. And the point is that he says what every guy ought to say, and Cory, you tell them to say that, I adore her. I wake up every morning, and I say how lucky I am. How she is my life.

ANDERSON: Maybe some guys adoration is not their thing, and worship is not their thing. Let me ask you this, should they every now and then just turn to their wives or spouses and say, hey, I`m feeling a little bit inferior today? Would that help? Open up the lines of communication? Dr. Judy.

KURIANSKY: absolutely. That would be critical.

JONES: I get testy when someone beats me at something like ski-ball, so we have to work at it. It is difficult for guys. It`s very difficult.

ANDERSON: Well, going forward, hopefully people will communicate and no one will feel emasculated. Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Cory Jones, thank you both.

Right now, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly back in rehab. But tonight there are brand new sizzling pictures of her. I`m talking nearly naked ones. I have to ask will this girl ever chill out? She also has some provocative stuff to say about paparazzi. Your first look. That`s next. Also this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t drink and I don`t smoke, so I think that`s really what keeps me out of that kind of group.


ANDERSON: "High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale (ph) there. I`ve got to tell you, she and the rest of the cast are really wonderful, so well-grounded and stay out of trouble. Britney, Lindsay, Paris; well, tonight why the super success of "High School Musical 2" could mean the bad girls are about to be run right out of Hollywood.

And how does an elephant celebrate its 40th birthday? I really don`t know. Maybe 40 trunks of peanuts. Oh, boy. Anyway, you got to stick around for this amazing SHOWBIZ video of the day.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York.

Let`s see, what do Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have in common? Partying, rehab, and now taking off their clothes. Get ready because I`ve got your first look at some steamy Lindsay Lohan pictures in the 10th anniversary issue of "Maxim Magazine." They actually name her the sexiest woman in Hollywood.

Nothing about Lindsay going back into rehab, her DUI arrest in the spread. The photo shoot took place in May, before all of that stuff happened. Lindsay did have some pretty interesting stuff to say about dealing with non-stop paparazzi pressure. She says this, "when I`m chased by the paparazzi, I understand they are doing their jobs. As long as they`re not running me off the road."

She also admits she`s a fan of our very own Larry King, and she likes Doritos and Pop Tarts. I guess she and Britney Spears can have a dinner party. The super hot issue of "Maxim Magazine" is on newsstands tomorrow.

Lindsay might be trading if her lingerie for some serious power suits. I just can`t believe this,Donald Trump might be hiring not only Lindsay, but her bad girl buddies Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Sounds like a Trump train wreck to me. That is coming up.

I just love this "High School Musical" stuff. It`s really great that young people out there have some good role models, finally, to look up to. And you know what? With the super success of "High School Musical 2," it could mean the beginning of the end of the bad girls of Hollywood. And I am investigating that coming up. We`ve also got this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The club -- you know, the club scene and drinking doesn`t appeal to me. So it`s actually easier for me not to do it. I`ve never even been offered drugs.


ANDERSON: Another Hollywood good girl, Amanda Bynes (ph). Tonight, she`s really opening up about her secrets to staying out of trouble, plus what she really thinks of Britney and Paris. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for a Monday night is coming right back. Stay with us.



ANDERSON: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the good clean fun of "High School Musical" eclipsing the bad girls of Hollywood?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m not into clubs. I don`t drink and I don`t smoke, so I think that`s really what keeps me out of that kind of group.


ANDERSON: Tonight the stars of the smash hit "High School Musical" sound off to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about Britney, Lindsay, and Paris, and we want to know is the tide finally turning? Can they take some of the spotlight from the bad girls of Hollywood?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. A.J. is off tonight. And you are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

Tonight the phenomenon that is "High School Musical 2." The numbers are mind-boggling. Disney`s premier Friday night smashed all kinds of records; a whopping 17.2 million viewers. Cable TV`s biggest audience ever. Also becoming the most watched TV telecast ever for kids six to 11, and the most watched entertainment telecast ever in `tweens nine to 14.

It is all good news for Disney`s new good girls and boys of young Hollywood, but what does it say for Disney`s has-been stars, the bad girls -- Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan? Is the tide finally turning in Hollywood? Well, with us here from Los Angeles, investigative reporter Pat Lalama and from New York, psychology expert and author Cooper Lawrence.

When you see a show like this do so well, it just brings a smile to my face. Pat, does it make you think that, yes, there is hope in this world?

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Brooke, my love, it is a great day in America. OK? I am so happy, and here is why -- I`m going to make so many people mad when I say this -- but here is the following. This proves to me that America in no way reflects the elitist coastal thinking of industry insiders who sex up 14-year-olds for television and movies because they didn`t get girlfriends when they were in junior high and high school. These people who run the industry are living out their fantasies by making these bad girls hot at the age of 14. It`s got to stop. America has spoken. Keep doing it! Amen!

ANDERSON: America has some sense, it seems. And, you know, for so long we`ve been hearing how sad it is that millions of young girls consider the likes of Britney and Lindsay as role models.

LALAMA: Yes, I know.

ANDERSON: Cooper, does "High School Musical 2" bring us hope?

COOPER LAWRENCE, PSYCHOLOGIST, AUTHOR: Yeah. I mean, not only are these great role models, but they reflect what`s going -- like Pat was saying. It is more than just America has spoken. This is what`s going on in America. Finally, this age group is represented because they can`t relate to Britney and Lindsay and Paris. They didn`t grow up like that.

ANDERSON: But they try.

LAWRENCE: No, they really don`t. That is the perception that they do. And here`s a great example that that`s not really who they are. They`re finally being represented, and they`re doing what they can. They`re speaking with their pocket. They`re watching --


LAWRENCE: Exactly. They`re finding a way to show you, the media, not you in particular, Brooke. I`m sure they love you.

ANDERSON: That`s certainly a relief.

LAWRENCE: This is how they express themselves through how they spend their money and how they spend their time. They saying, finally I`m being represented.

ANDERSON: Well, just a minute ago we heard Ashley Tisdale talking about keeping herself straight in Hollywood. But she`s not the only one. I want to you listen to what Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus, and her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus told us. Let`s to this.


BILLY RAY CYRUS, SINGER: It`s about making good decisions, you know? If you do make a bad decision, you just readjust. You just say that`s what life is about, you know? And nobody is perfect. And you just got to readjust and try to use your heart, use your head, and make the best decisions you can make.


ANDERSON: All right. Is that what it takes for young Hollywood stars these days, Pat? Having parents who have their heads on straight?

LALAMA: You know what, when I hear people blame media -- although I think media plays its role, as I just said, but it starts in the home. Why is this so hard to understand? I know rich teenagers, poor teenagers, black, white, Asian. I know them all. It doesn`t matter, if they`ve got decent parents. You know what you are going to see now, Brooke? You are going to se all these other industry people saying, duh, I guess we got it wrong. Let`s do a knock off show. I can`t wait. I can`t wait until -- I can`t wait. You watch. There will be 100 shows like it.

ANDERSON: Maybe we will see the tide turn within the industry, that would be fantastic. And the star of "High School Musical 2" is heartthrob Zac Efron. Everybody knows his name. When we talked to him we were a little bit surprised with his perspective on the bad girls of Hollywood. Listen to what he said.


ZACH EPHRON, ACTOR: I don`t think it`s their fault. You know, I think it`s a accumulation of things. You know, what they deal with on a daily basis with paparazzi is literally -- it`s out of control. And I don`t -- I think a lot of people lose perspective.


ANDERSON: OK, is Zac right, Cooper? That we have to keep that perspective?

LAWRENCE: He is so cute, and so naive. He really is. Let me tell you, I have worked for many, many television channels. And I see the fax that says Paris is shopping at Kits (ph) today, send a camera crew. It`s not like they just happen to be followed. They court it. They want it. That`s the one thing -- you don`t have to show up on a red carpet. They get invited everywhere. Doesn`t mean you have to go all the time.

ANDERSON: That`s right. You make a good point. A lot of them want all of that attention. We have seen so many young stars crash and burn lately, whether it be from the attention or from what`s happening at home. Who knows the reason. A perfect example Lindsay Lohan. She`s now, some say, uninsurable in Hollywood, can`t make a movie if she wanted to right now. These young Hollywood stars from "High School Musical 2" are learning quickly about fame, and listen to what Monique Coleman had to say about it.


MONIQUE COLEMAN, ACTRESS: I really do think that it`s about choices. It`s about looking around you and realizing that as quickly as you got the success, it can go away even faster. So you have to cherish every moment and give back.


ANDERSON: All right. These kids seem to be light years ahead of the Britneys and Lindsays, although they`re a lot younger. Pat, what makes it different for them?

LALAMA: It`s called mommy and daddy. Or maybe they just have a mommy or a daddy, or maybe they had a great aunt who helped them out. It`s about having a right mentors. When Lindsay Lohan has her mother hanging out with her at parties to try to, like, pick up hunky guys, and her father -- you know, look -- I don`t want to put those people down. People can make mistakes, and they can get better for it. But let`s face it. The fact of the matter is having good adults to say that is not good. You`re not going to do it, is all it takes.


ANDERSON: It takes guidance in the home. We are going to have to end it there. It was great talking to you both. Pat Lalama, Cooper Lawrence, thank you.

LALAMA: Thank you.

LAWRENCE: Thank you, Brooke.

ANDERSON: It`s time now for a story that made us say, "That`s Ridiculous". All right. You may have heard that Donald Trump is trying to recruit stars for a celebrity edition of his reality show "The Apprentice". But, get this, he is trying to get Britney, Lindsay, and Paris to be on the show. A Trump spokesman told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Trump is negotiating with all three of our favorite Hollywood bad girls.

I can`t even imagine how much of a train wreck that show would be. There`s no word on whether any have them are interested in doing it. But rumor has it, Paris` parents think she should. Now, "That`s Ridiculous".

All right. We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Britney`s naked ambition: Is her posing topless a cry for help? Keep voting tonight. Write to us We will read some of your emails tomorrow.

OK, think about this. Who did you think is the sexiest couple in Hollywood? I`ll give you a hint. It is not Britney and K-Fed. Coming up, the sexy poll of Hollywood`s hottest. We`ll also have this.


AMDANDA BYNES, ACTRESS: The club, you know -- the club scene and drinking doesn`t appeal to me, so it`s actually easier for me not to do it. I have never even been offered drugs.


ANDERSON: Amanda Bynes has managed stay so grounded when other famous young women have turned into absolute train wrecks. How does she do it? And what does Amanda really think about Britney and Paris? That is coming up.

Speaking of wild partiers, we`re going to a zoo for a party for an elephant. What`s the occasion? I`m going to tell you next in the SHOWBIZ video of the day. You don`t want to miss it.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. It`s time for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video of day.

Now, I`ve been to some great parties in my day, but somehow I never got invited to anything this wild. Look at this. That`s an elephant. And this is her 40th birthday party. Her name is Siri. And lots of people came out to a zoo in Syracuse, New York, to sing happy birthday and help her celebrate. Siri even had a birthday cake with peanut butter icing. Siri has been at the zoo and has been the centerpiece of its elephant exhibit for 35 years. Happy birthday.

Tonight, she`s the antithesis of Britney and Lindsay. I`m talking about the lovely Amanda Bynes. The "Hairspray" star stopped by the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT set for a for a very candid chat with our very own A.J. Hammer.

I got to tell you, this girl is grounded. She gave us the inside scoop on why she`ll never turn into a rehab it girl. Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your first look at her brand new fashion line. It`s called "Dear".


A.J. HAMMER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You got to help me out with something. You clearly have your act together. Let me go through my little checklist here. You haven`t been to jail?


HAMMER: No, jail?

BYNES: Not yet.

HAMMER: Rehab?


HAMMER: No rehab. Amanda Bynes, what kind of a starlet are you?

BYNES: I know, what`s wrong with me? I don`t know. It`s shocking how it`s become popular to go to rehab. Right? It`s very odd. I don`t know. I guess I would say I`m very lucky. I have a great family. And I just have my eye on the prize, which for me is a long career, and I just -- I don`t want to -- I don`t want to blow what I`ve worked so hard to, you know, achieve.

HAMMER: That certainly is the right attitude. And I`m happy to hear you saying that. Yet, I know that you must deal with a lot of the same pressures that somebody like Lindsay Lohan does, and she -- you two are the same age. Britney Spears has a lot of pressure as well. All these stars that we do see getting into trouble, yet, you have really managed --

BYNES: Thank you.

HAMMER: -- to stay away from all of that, and not fall into those traps. Yet, I have to imagine you could see where that might be easy to do and why it happens.

BYNES: Well, you know, I agree to a certain point. For me it`s actually -- it`s not that hard. To me I get that if you go to clubs and you hang out with those people, that maybe it would be easy, but I -- I`m not interested in that. The club -- you know, the club scene and drinking doesn`t appeal to me, so it`s actually easier for me not to do it.

I have no problem. I have never even been offered drugs. People, you know, when I have told them, have been shocked.

HAMMER: What town do you live it?

BYNES: I know -- because I don`t go, I`m never, even if I`m there, I`m surrounded by people who aren`t interested in that. Birds of a feather flock together, and I definitely don`t fly with that crowd.

HAMMER: Certainly for a long time, you have had people around you -- it comes with the business. People make your life more comfortable, and the thing that escapes a lot of people is the reason there are certain luxuries that stars are afforded is because of the work. You know, we make sure this is taken care of, or you have a driver so you can do better at doing your job, but a lot of that gets into people`s heads. And they have the wrong attitude about entitlement.

BYNES: I agree.

HAMMER: And all of that.

BYNES: I think people take advantage of the, you know, opportunities, and the things that people do give you. For me, I`m just grateful. I appreciate that people -- and, you know, anything that anyone does for me, maybe it`s because I have parents who worked really hard to earn money. My dad was a dentist for 30 years. You know, he went to USC and he wasn`t given anything. His parents worked really hard, too. He didn`t grow up wealthy. I saw -- my dad used to always teach me the value of a dollar.

HAMMER: You have been acting since, professionally, since you were about 10 years old.


HAMMER: TV and movies, and now it`s the possibly the beginning of an empire, or is this -- is Dear, your clothing line just sort of a one-off venture?

BYNES: It`s a little bit of an empire. I`m teaming with Steve & Barry`s for the next five years. And there definitely is a lot more to come with them. And I am having the best time. It`s affordable fashion for girls -- which I wish I had when I was 10, 13. You know, it wasn`t popular or fashionable to have, you know, inexpensive clothes, and they`re really well-made. And I am really excited. I`m very happy about this.

HAMMER: So you know what it`s like. You are helping out the people who are perhaps going through what you went through at that age?

BYNES: Yeah.

HAMMER: That`s good.

BYNES: And trying to make it fashionable so you want to wear it to school and you can have the coolest clothes in school, and it`s not $100 for a pair of jeans, which it is.

HAMMER: Now, with the clothing line, with all of the acting going on, do you see yourself looking forward being somehow involved in the world of stardom and celebrity for the rest of your life? Is that something you can imagine?

BYNES: I don`t know. I got it tell you, I don`t know if I will be able to take it for the rest of my life. It is, you know, very stressful.

HAMMER: Intense, right?

BYNES: It is very intense. I think as long as I`m -- I don`t know. I guess as long as I`m surrounded by positive people, it will be OK. As I get older, I definitely want to have a family and step away. But Sarah Jessica Parker, who also has a line at Steve & Barry`s is a perfect role model, because you don`t really see negative things about her, and she lives her life, and she still is an actress and has her other side jobs. But she really is about the work, and, you know, I think she`s a good role model. She still seems to be, as far as I know, a normal person.


ANDERSON: Amanda Bynes is refreshing and definitely has her head on straight, and can you find Amanda`s fashion line at all Steve & Barry stores nationwide.

While Amanda Bynes keeps away from being controversial, there is a controversy coming to Hollywood. It all centers on a new movie that depicts a horrifying moment in American history, the slaughter of dozens of men, women, and children at the hands of Mormons. This movie is so shocking, so controversial, it`s already been black listed. I went to Utah to bring you this story. And let me tell you, more than 100 years after the massacre, this film, about this moment in time, is still opening wounds.


ANDERSON (voice over): A serene meadow in the southwest corner of Utah; 150 years ago this valley was the site of carnage.

MEL SMITH, HISTORIAN: Bodies were left, many of them lying around; shallow graves, at best, for a few. The bodies were stripped of the clothing. And the bones they dug up here to showed the evidence of the mangling by animals.

ANDERSON: Mel Smith was a Mormon. He lives near this site. He`s a historian and expert on what`s become known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857.

SMITH: It was a very gross picture for anybody that came through here.

ANDERSON: That year on September 11th, 120 defenseless pioneers, men, women, and children traveling by wagon train from Arkansas were slaughtered by more Mormons, reenacted in a controversial new film.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mormons, do your duty.

ANDERSON: The notorious event is chronicled in the new film "September Dawn" starring Jon Voight.

JON VOIGHT, ACTOR: This is almost an anatomy of religious fanaticism.

(UNINTELLIGIBLE) created me to be your God on Earth.

ANDERSON: Historians disagree over what motivated the Mormons to attack and over who ordered it. The movie embraces the argument that it was Brigham Young, then head of the church of the Latter Day Saints, but that`s fiercely disputed.

KATHLEEN FLAKE, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY: You cannot support the argument that Brigham Young either ordered this massacre or condoned it once it happened.

ANDERSON: While the LDS church won`t comment on the movie itself, a spokesman tells CNN, quote, "We believe the weight of historical evidence shows that Brigham Young did not authorize the massacre." The church does not deny, however, that Mormons were involved. And it`s built a monument to the victims.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The orders of those in authority are that all the immigrants must die.

ANDERSON: The filmmakers insist they have no particular axe to grind, but in the film they do draw parallels between the Mountain Meadows Massacre and today`s Islamic fanaticism.

CHRISTOPHER CAIN, DIRECTOR, CO-WRITER, "SEPTEMBER DAWN": It was on September 11th, which I found kind of ironic. And it involved a religious fanatical group of people, who in the name of God went off and created this horrible massacre.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am the voice of God, and anyone who doesn`t like it will be hewn down.

ANDERSON: Even before the film`s release, Mitt Romney`s adherence to present-day Mormonism has been the subject of wide debate in his bid for the presidency, with 30 percent of potential voters, saying in a February poll, they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who is Mormon.

MITT ROMNEY, (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I am not running as a Mormon. And I get a little tired of coming on a show like yours and having it all about Mormons.

ANDERSON: So, will Romney see the movie? The filmmakers say they have invited him to screen "September Dawn" but Romney has so far declined invites. His spokesman told CNN, "Our campaign doesn`t get involved in movie reviews."

RAPHAEL SONENSHEIN, CAL STATE FULLERTON: I think he would be foolish to speak about the movie. You certainly don`t try to elevate sort of a piece of popular culture into a political adversary.

ANDERSON: Even though Romney may skip the screening, "September Dawn" is scheduled to be seen at about 1,000 theaters, and by many more potential voters later this month.

SONENSHIEN: If the movie is the thing that trips them up, I`ll be awfully surprised.

ANDERSON: Politics aside, Mel Smith believes this film may be the impetus for a long overdue discussion about a dark day in American history.

SMITH: If we can dig up the past, as much as we want, and it won`t heal the past. I think what we have to do is finally approach the situation and say, you know, let`s forgive those people for some terrible mistakes.


ANDERSON: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has already put "September Dawn" on its do not watch list. "September Dawn" opens on Friday.

OK, I have a very important survey to tell you about: The Sexy Poll. The votes are in, and David Beckham has been named the sexiest athlete. But who do you think is the sexiest couple in Hollywood? We`ve got your answer coming up next. Stay with us. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for a Monday night is coming right back.


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Finally, a definitive and scientific answer to the question, who is sexy in Hollywood? "In Style" magazine is out with its 10th Annual Sexy Poll. Brand new Californian David Beckham was voted sexiest dude who gets paid to sweat. And for sexiest high drama TV hunk McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey, from "Grey`s Anatomy." That show was also named the sexiest TV cast.

For sexiest too hot twosome, this one isn`t too hard to guess. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they won this category last year. Let`s face it, they`ll probably win it again next year. That`s not the only time Angelina made the list. She was also voted sexiest movie star who is va-va-va-voom you`d like to borrow for a night. For more of the Sexy Poll pick up a copy of "In Style" magazine, it is on newsstands now.

Last week we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day about Brad and Angelina. The question is, will it last? And 34 percent of you say yes; 66 percent of you say no. Here are some of the e-mails we received.

Irma from Florida says, "Of course, their relationship will last. They love each other and are committed to their kids."

Monica from Kansas says, "I think Brad Pitt is just with Angelina Jolie for the kids, and it stops at that."

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