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Britney Spears Could Lose Custody of Children; Celebrity Divorce Shockers

Aired August 8, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: A shocking religious controversy surrounding one of the biggest reality shows on TV. And why Kate Hudson thinks, well, boys will be boys, and it`s OK for them to sleep around. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a new Britney baby shocker. Tonight could Britney Spears` startling out of control behavior cost her custody of her kids? Tonight is K-Fed, the father of Britney`s children, about to make an explosive move?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right now he has a very good chance of getting those children.


ANDERSON: Should Britney`s kids be taken away from her? And if you think the Britney mess is bad, wait until you hear some of the other ugly child custody battles going on in Hollywood. Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates Hollywood`s nastiest kid fights.

Tonight a SHOWBIZ special report, stars and drugs. Nicole Richie admits doing them. Lindsay Lohan faces cocaine charges. We`ve just got to ask is Hollywood drug use really out of control, or is it just business as usual?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody does drugs in Hollywood.


ANDERSON: Tonight a SHOWBIZ special report finally reveals the truth about stars and drugs.

Hi there everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. AJ is off tonight. You know, I just have to ask, isn`t it sometimes sickening how stars involved in nasty custody battles over their kids often drag their kids down with them? We are investigating that coming up.

And what better way to begin than with Britney Spears` baby battle? I probably don`t have to remind you about the outrageous way Britney has been acting ever since she got out of rehab. Now Britney`s ex-hubby, Kevin Federline, may be getting ready to go for it all, full custody of their kids. Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is not only looking at whether that could happen, but also asking should it happen for the sake of their children?


ANDERSON (voice-over): If Britney Spears wants to create buzz for her comeback album, she has succeeded in getting people talking about her. Too bad no one is talking about her music.

NANCY GRACE, CNN ANCHOR: Are Britney Spears` children in danger?

ANDERSON: Britney Spears` recent wild antics and erratic behavior have been front and center on tabloids and talk shows.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Brit has been so lit, she`ll be lucky if she can even baby sit.

ANDERSON: And now, just weeks after her divorce from Kevin Federline became final, those antics could cost her kids. Here`s what SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you. Spears and Federline currently share fifty-fifty custody of their children, Sean Preston and Jaden James. But now "OK! Magazine" is reporting that Federline is about to go to court seeking full custody. And with Britney`s recent shenanaghans, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking could he and should he get it?

BEN WIDDICOMB, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": Right now, he has a very good chance of getting those children.

ANDERSON: Ben Widdicomb of the "New York Daily News" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT recent media coverage of Britney Spears has not exactly portrayed her as the world`s best mother.

WIDDICOMB: She`s going to clubs. "US Magazine" has on its cover this week, Britney allegedly seducing a college student and keeping her baby Jaden James out until 10:30, and Jayden is a year old. So she`s coming under a lot of pressure for her mothering skills.

ANDERSON: Not only that. More than one celebrity tabloid has written articles questioning Britney`s parenting skills, prompting a lively discussion on the "Nancy Grace" show.

GRACE: It`s going to take more than Doritos and Diet Coke in a ba-ba to lose custody. You`re kidding me. That`s the best Federline`s got? He needs to go back home and rethink this whole thing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I think that what`s been made clear is that Britney is establishing a pattern of --

GRACE: Of what? Giving her kid Doritos?

RAOUL FELDER, DIVORCE ATTORNEY: She`s giving the Federline a case on a silver platter.

ANDERSON: Famed divorce attorney Raoul Felder tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that if Kevin puts up a fight, Britney`s custody rights could be in serious trouble.

FELDER: I think in a courtroom today, Federline is in a better position than she is.

ANDERSON: Remember back when Britney and K-Fed were married? It was the club-hopping, wannabe rapper Federline who was seen by many as the less than stellar parent. Now Federline`s reported role in getting Britney to rehab and his low-profile parenting have allowed him to emerge as the more stable half of the former couple.

WIDDICOMB: In comparison, he is seeming like a really good parent right now.

ANDERSON: Still, if he does launch a custody battle, he would have his critics too.

WIDDICOMB: A lot of people think that Kevin getting first full custody is not the end game. He is just use the chance to put the pressure on Britney for a more favorable divorce settlement.

ANDERSON: So the question remains; is Kevin really going for custody? His attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, sent a statement to "The Nancy Grace" show saying, quote, all I will say is that the people who know Kevin Federline know that there is nothing more important to Kevin than his children`s well being. They are of paramount importance to him.

Kaplan goes on to say, quote, people that know me know that I take a proactive approach in representing my clients. They know I know how to find the courthouse and know that I know what to do when I get there.

Not exactly peaceful words. So it looks like we could have a Spears versus Federline custody battle that might rival Charlie Sheen versus Denise Richards and Alec Baldwin versus Kim Bassinger in the anals of celebrity custody fights.

Or are we just left with a troubled young mother who is providing a questionable role model for any child, to say nothing of her own. Either way, things don`t bode well for the only innocent ones in this sad celebrity saga.


ANDERSON: There are really two questions here. Could Britney lose custody of her kids? And more to the point, should she lose custody of her kids? Should they be taken away from her? With me tonight -- you saw him in our piece -- from Hollywood, Ken Baker, editorial director of "US," and in New York, Court TV anchor Lisa Bloom. Welcome to you both.

Hey, you know, we`ve been watching this slow motion train wreck since the start of the year really. And we were all hoping that once Britney got out of rehab, we would see a new Britney. Not happening. Lisa, should her kids being taken away from her? What do you think?

LISA BLOOM, COURT TV ANCHOR: Not based on recent activity. Maybe I`m missing something. She`s an adult woman. She kisses an adult man in a pool when her kids aren`t around. Why does that make her unstable?

ANDERSON: Well, do you think these could be signs of larger, more serious irresponsible parenting issues of stability?

BLOOM: What`s it a sign of? I mean, I`m a divorced woman. I kiss boys. I mean, I don`t -- I have children. I don`t get it. I do not get it. I think this is much ado about nothing. She pulls her car in to park. She dings another car. We`ve all done that.

Look, if she`s doing something that damages the children, if she`s doing something inappropriate in front of the children, she could and should lose custody. But we`re talking about when the kids are with daddy. They`re not with her. And she kisses a boy in a pool, and she has a scotch. I don`t get what the problem is here.

ANDERSON: Well, Britney is on the cover of "US Weekly Magazine" seen with a college student in a swimming pool, which Lisa just referenced. This is yet another picture we`ve seen of her carrying on in the partying. I would think, though, that this is not the image we should be seeing of Britney if she wants to convince everybody that she has calmed down, that she is stable. Ken, what do you think?

KEN BAKER, "US WEEKLY": Well, she clearly has a public relations problem, if not a custodial problem, and I think --

ANDERSON: That`s an understatement.

BAKER: Well, the reason -- and the big reason for that is, as you mentioned before, she was in rehab earlier this year. She got out in February. Of course, she had the big head shaving incident, and clearly had a major meltdown in her life. Let`s not forget, who took care of those children primarily for those 30 days when she was locked up in her rehab up in Malibu? Kevin Federline. The kids lived with him.

Britney`s mother helped with those children, so there is a precedent for this that`s just a few months old. Kevin Federline took care of those children while their mother was getting help for whatever her addiction problems were that were undisclosed, And now that she`s out -- it`s been four or five months out -- and she`s out drinking. She`s drinking alcohol. Sources see her all around town doing this.

She was just out again last night to the clubs. And I think that what there is there is some sort of pattern here.

BLOOM: Kevin doesn`t kiss girls? Kevin doesn`t drink?

ANDERSON: Let`s talk about Kevin Federline for a second, because should he decide to go for it all, demand full custody of their two kids, when we see these images, these stories of Britney acting erratically, Lisa, should Britney worry that a judge could take all of that into account in making a decision?

BLOOM: The judge took the old stuff into account, the shaving of the head, the meltdown, the rehab. The most recent stuff I frankly do not see. I don`t think it`s going to change custody one bit. When people are divorced and the kid is with the other parent, they get to have a little fun, as long as it`s legal, and that`s what I`m seeing here.

ANDERSON: Kevin Federline hasn`t been a saint either. You know, we`ve also seen pictures of him in clubs partying. Is there a double standard here? Is it OK for the guy to be out partying, but not the woman?

BAKER: Well, I`ll just tell you the facts as we have learned them at "US Weekly." The sources that we talk to say that Kevin has been a very attentive father. And if you see -- if you really look at it, Kevin Federline, when he has custody of the children -- it`s a 50-50 split right now -- you don`t see him out with the children. He is behind closed doors. He is behind his gates. He is being a father. He is not on some sort of parade for the paparazzi that Britney has become famous for.

Now, on top of that, a very important point is this: we came out at "US Weekly" with a cover story last week that detailed some of the really appalling, frankly, shocking things that Britney Spears has been doing as a parent. Number one among them, one of her children`s teeth are rotting. OK? This is a fact. The sources told us that she has been putting soda pop in their bottles, and she was appalled to see that her son`s teeth were falling out.

So she asked that a dentist get the teeth whitened. To have a chemical procedure with bleach -- and everyone we talk to says, you know what, that`s border line neglect. And whether or not a child or family services person is going to say that is neglect is not for me to decide, but there is an issue there that is worth discussing.

ANDERSON: You know what, blessed with two beautiful, seemingly healthy children, and this is how she acts. You know, it`s just baffling to me. We will have to leave it there for now. Ken Baker, Lisa Bloom, thank you both, we appreciate it.

We want to hear from you. This is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Britney Spears, should her kids be taken away from her? Vote Send us an email at We want to know what you think.

Well, Britney is not the only one who is caught up in a nasty custody battle. So many stars just can`t seem to play nice and come up with a fair way to split time with their kids. Wait until you hear some of the other ugly battles going on next. I`m investigating some of the Hollywood`s ferocious fights over kids. I`ve also got this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Substance abuse is nothing new in Hollywood. It`s been going on forever.


ANDERSON: Stars and drugs. There is a long and troubled history in Hollywood of stars going overboard, over dosing, losing their careers, relationships, and even their lives. But why does fame and drug abuse so often go hand in hand? Tonight a SHOWBIZ special report, stars and drugs coming up.

And an anti-semitic shocker on one of TV`s hottest reality shows. I have to say that what came out of somebody`s mouth is absolutely disgusting. So the big question is what will be done about it? That is coming up.



MELANIE BROWN, SCARY SPICE": I`m speaking out today because I realize there are millions and millions of single mothers and their children who do not have a voice, who also wish for their fathers of their children to participate and share the responsibility for their children`s lives.


ANDERSON: That was Melanie Scary Spice Brown blasting the father of her child, Eddie Murphy, for denying for so long that he is the daddy. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York.

You know, Scary and Eddie are not the only couple involved in a knockdown, drag out fight right now over their kids. And, frankly, it`s ridiculous that so many stars act so childish about their children, who could be hurt by their parents airing their dirty laundry. With me tonight here in New York, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky, and from Miami, Judge Alex Ferrer of the syndicated TV show "Judge Alex."

Good to see both of you. Besides Melanie and Eddie and Britney and K- Fed, who we were just talking about, Charlie Sheen has gone back to court demanding that his ex-wife, Denise Richards, allow him to spend more time with their two kids. Then you have Lindsay Lohan`s dad, Michael, who is alleging the boyfriend of his soon to be ex-wife, Dina, is acting inappropriately around their kids.

I could go on and on and on, but, guys, you know, this is only a hour show. Judge Alex, it seems to me that so many of these stars have no regard for how their actions will affect their kids.

JUDGE ALEX FERRER, "JUDGE ALEX": You know, it certainly does seem that way. There`s a saying in the court system that in criminal court you see bad people at their best and in family court you see good people at their worst. And it`s absolutely true. I don`t know that I would isolate celebrities, because we all have neighbors and family and friends who -- whose divorce rivals the War of the Roses.

We also have family and friends who have a divorce that is handled with as much dignity as possible. Celebrities aren`t that different, except that you throw them under a microscope. You have the media reporting everything they say and they do, talking about it at the water cooler. You have tabloids that occasionally spin it to make it more sensational.

It`s just a recipe for disaster. But for every Charlie Sheen or Alec Baldwin divorce, you have a Reese Witherspoon divorce, where they act like mature adults and they try to keep their dirt dirty laundry out of the media.

ANDERSON: Yes, keep things quiet, and that has to be better for the kids. And I want to give you a perfect example of what I`m talking about and how it could affect the kids. The nasty fight between Lindsay Lohan`s mother and father. Lindsay Lohan`s little sister, 13-year-old Ally, and her brother, 11-year-old Dakota, still in school. They have friends. Dr. Judy, how can this not have lasting damage on them? This is not a normal childhood that they`re living, is it?

DR. JUDY KURIANSKY, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: You are absolutely right, Brooke. It`s not a normal childhood, but in a certain way this can act in their favor. There are a lot of other kids going through divorce, so what happens with kids is that they develop some type of support system with each other. They talk about it for sure in school. And when you`re in the headlines as those kids, then the other kids are going to discuss it. But they also get to talk with other children going through the same thing.

That`s in their favor, Brook. That makes it not so disastrous. Of course, it`s not good, but it helps when there are other children talking, and it`s important for the kids to really do that, for them to share with their friends.

ANDERSON: Have those things in common, and maybe help each other get through it.

KURIANSKY: Absolutely. They do.

ANDERSON: You know, right after Lindsay Lohan checked into rehab for the second time in July, her father, Michael, went on "Larry King Live," and I want you to listen to what he said.


MICHAEL LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S FATHER: Everyone around Lindsay, especially her parents, have a direct bearing on her life. And I made some really stupid choices in my life. I made some mistakes. And I can definitely identify with what she is going through, because when I was torn from my family, I reacted the wrong way.


ANDERSON: And guess what, that was not the only interview Michael Lohan did. In fact, it seems like he just cannot shut up. Judge Alex, wouldn`t it be best if everybody just kept quiet, stopped airing, as you say, their dirty laundry over and over again?

FERRER: Of course, that would be best. In a perfect world, I think that we all acknowledge that divorce is one of the highest stress events in our lives. And generally what I would tell parents, when I was in family court, was, you know, you have this hatred for each other. Some of them just flat out hate each other. And you want to take everything you can out on your spouse.

And your legacy to your children is going to be that they`re going to watch this relationship and when they get older, they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they`re going to treat them the way you saw you treat your wife or your husband. If that`s what you want your children to have when you are done, two years from now when you finally have purged everything and you feel better, you can sit back and watch your children repeat your mistakes.

And generally, if they open their eyes and see that, they don`t really want to put their children through it. But the reality is they have to go out there and talk. They talk to the media. They beat each other up. It`s an ugly scene for everybody.

KURIANSKY: I am going to disagree with the judge just a little bit there from the psychological point of view, because when a parent admits a problem publicly, when they are living, as the Lohans, in such a public scene, that is a whole lot better than them denying it or not admitting it. The kids can really then say, I can see that`s a problem.

And it sets a model, in fact, for the child to not deny their own problems when they have it, so that`s a little bit of a saving grace.

ANDERSON: You know what --

FERRER: I`m would agree with that in private.

ANDERSON: Unfortunately, we are out of time. I am going to have to end it there. Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Judge Alex Ferrer, thank you very much. Great points.

All right, well, Kate Hudson in the middle of working out custody for her three-year-old son Rider. She is getting divorced from Black Crowe`s rocker Chris Robinson. Kate is one of my favorite stars, always speaking her mind. And tonight, she`s saying some startling stuff about marriage and being faithful that I just can`t believe. That`s coming up next.

And tonight, stars and drugs. Nicole Richie admits to using them. Lindsay Lohan is facing charges. So I wanted to know, is Hollywood drug use really out of control, or is it just business as usual? I mean, think of all the stars that have used drugs in the past. A revealing SHOWBIZ special report in just a bit.

Also this.




ANDERSON: The worldwide controversy over a new musical called "Jihad, the Musical." That`s next.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Kate Hudson, one of my favorite Hollywood stars. I like how she`s pretty open, calls it like it is. And tonight she is really letting loose about her divorce from Black Crow`s singer Chris Robinson. She has a three-year-old son with him.

Get this though, Kate seems to be OK with men sleeping around. In a really explosive interview in the September issue of "Harper`s Bazaar," Kate says, as primal beings, men are not supposed to be monogamous. Part of what I love about men is that it`s hard for them to be monogamous. Women, I think, need to spend more time understanding men and not changing them and vice versa. A friend of mine said the greatest thing to me; you know, when it comes to relationships, unfortunately, you just have to be a grown-up. It doesn`t mean you can`t make mistakes, it doesn`t mean you can`t be a kid, it doesn`t mean you can`t be silly or stupid or any of those things, but when it comes to the work of it, you just have to grow up.

Kate also revealed she isn`t sure if she will ever get married again. You can read more in the September issue of "Harper`s Bazaar." It is on news stands August 21st.

Another star really opening up tonight, Wynonna Judd. For the first time, she`s revealing how her marriage fell apart because of her husband`s drug and alcohol addictions, and after his arrest for sexual assault against a minor. Such a disturbing story, and I`ve got that coming up. You don`t want to miss what she`s got to say.

I`ve also got this revealing look at stars and drugs.


HOWARD BRAGMAN, 15 MINUTES PR: Hollywood is a place of insecurity, and insecurity leads to drugs and addiction.


ANDERSON: Stars and drugs, there is a long and troubled history in Hollywood of stars going overboard, overdosing, losing their careers, their relationships, and even losing their lives. But why does fame and drug abuse so often go hand in hand. We have a SHOWBIZ special report you do not want to miss, stars and drugs. That`s in just a bit.

And an anti-semitic shocker on one of TV`s hottest reality shows. What came out of somebody`s mouth that`s absolutely disgusting. So the big question is now what is going to be done about it? That`s coming up.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Substance abuse is nothing new in Hollywood, it has been going on forever.


ANDERSON: Stars and drugs: There is a long and troubled history of stars going overboard, overdosing, losing their careers, relationships, and even their lives, but why does fame and drug abuse so often go hand in hand? Tonight a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, "Stars and Drugs."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. A.J. is off tonight. You are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

Tonight a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, "Stars and Drugs". Nicole Richie admits doing them in the past. Lots of them, in fact. And she is not alone. I have to say, it sometimes seems that Hollywood is out of control.

But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to tell you that the sad fact is for Hollywood it`s business as usual. In tonight`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report we are revealing the ugly truth about stars and drugs.


ANDERSON (voice over): Fame and fortune are not the only things that Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan have in common. Both of the 20-something starlets got into serious trouble because of a drug connection. Nicole admits using cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and the powerful prescription pill Vicodin. And cops have busted Lindsay twice now for suspicion of cocaine possession.

PEREZ HILTON, CELEBRITY BLOGGER: Everybody does drugs in Hollywood. Everybody does a lot of drugs in Hollywood.

ANDERSON: Perez Hilton has one of the most popular blogs out there when it comes to the stars and their private lives. He tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Nicole and Lindsay are not alone. Drugs, he says, are simply everywhere in celebrity circles.

HILTON: It`s like mixing. I`m going it take some pills and booze and coke and weed and crazy.

ANDERSON: Crazy, but is drug use in Hollywood really anything new?

JULIA ALLISON, "STAR" MAGAZINE: Substance abuse is nothing new in Hollywood. It`s been going on forever, Marilynn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Chris Farley. This is absolutely nothing new.

CYBIL SHEPHERD, ACTRESS: I really think that the drugs were the problem with Elvis Presley.

ANDERSON: Actor Cybil Shepherd dated Elvis in the 1970s, until his pill use put an end to their relationship.

SHEPHERD: I think he was probably using all the time.

ANDERSON: Shepherd told CNN`s Larry King the Elvis she got to know in private was much different than the Elvis who performed in front of thousands.

SHEPHERD: The pressure of performing, as much as he loved it, as brilliant as he was at it, increased his drug use.

ANDERSON: Elvis relied on several different doctors and people in his inner circle to get him drugs. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you even today decades later it`s pretty much business as usual in Hollywood.

ALLISON: Celebrities are surrounded by enablers. They`re surrounded by people who will do anything to be near them.

CURT COBAIN, LATE SINGER: Come as you are .

ANDERSON: In the early 1990s Nirvana front man Curt Cobain was being called one of the most influential musicians in rock history. But offstage Cobain was suffering from a lifetime of depression and hiding a massive heroin addiction.

COBAIN: As of right now, officially, it`s over with.

ANDERSON: Overdoses, detox, and rehab didn`t stop him from using. On April 5th, 1994, Curt Cobain was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Huge amounts of heroin were in his system. Just one year earlier drugs took the life of one of Hollywood`s most promising young actors. River Phoenix overdosed on a speed ball, a mixture of heroin and cocaine, after partying at L.A. hotspot the Viper Room. It killed him. He was just 23 years old.

CORY HAIM, ACTOR: For me I had to create a regiment. I had to disassociate with many people.

ANDERSON: Cory Haim and his best friend Corey Feldman know the pitfalls of being young and famous. They ran in the same circles as River Phoenix, and just like Phoenix developed hard core drug habits. Haim`s habit almost cost him his life. Feldman tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he was lucky to catch his problem early on.

COREY FELDMAN, ACTOR: I became an addict. And I got through it. And I went to rehab. And I was actually sober, 100 percent sober, before I was 19 years old. But what I went through I went through very publicly and got it done and I got it out of the way.

ANDERSON: Comedian Chris Farley couldn`t get his habit out of the way.

CHRIS FARLEY, LATE COMEDIAN: Any attention is good, right?

ANDERSON: People noticed his health had deteriorated before he died of a cocaine and morphine overdose in 1997.

Jerry Garcia, front man for the Grateful Dead was fully hooked on heroin. A dependency that would haunt him as his health deteriorated. In 1995 his heart gave out. Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir says he noticed a difference in the band`s drug use as the years went by.

BOB WEIR, GRATEFUL DEAD: For some reason back in the late 1960s the kind of drugs we were doing were different, and the drug experience was like qualitatively different. It was an adventure. These days it`s an escape.

ANDERSON: And `80s pop sensation Boy George knows all about that.

BOY GEORGE, SINGER: It`s about running away. You know, there`s nowhere to hide. I can tell you that.

ANDERSON: Boy George and his band Culture Club were on top of the charts in the 1980s.

But his battle with drugs broke the band up, and by 2005 his cocaine possession arrest followed by a humiliating garbage cleanup sentence had once again put him in the spotlight.

HOWARD BRAGMAN, FIFTEEN MINUTES PR: Hollywood is a place of insecurity, and insecurity leads to drugs and addiction.

ALLISON: We are already dealing with people with low self-esteem, people who want others to like them. They tend to be addictive personalities. It`s a recipe for substance abuse.

ANDERSON: Steven Tyler can attest to that. As the lead singer of Aerosmith he had unprecedented access to drugs. He, too, got hooked on heroin, but band mates weren`t having it. They asked him to go to rehab. He kicked the habit and is now clean and sober.

STEVEN TYLER, AEOROSHITH: It`s real important to take your power back because it`s so easy to give it away.

ANDERSON: Dallas Taylor, the former drummer for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young knows about that. His heroin addiction cost him his job, but, luckily, not his life.

DALLAS TAYLOR, FMR. DRUMMER: I`m just really, you know, one of those few lucky ones because my peers -- or most of my peers are dead. Jimmy Hendricks. I don`t know why I`m alive and they`re not.


ANDERSON: Dallas Taylor, who you just saw right there, now works as a substance abuse interventionist. He specializes in helping addicted musicians, performers, and entertainers.

The reality show "Big Brother" could have a big controversy on its hands. If you are not familiar with "Big Bother" it`s a show where eight people live in a house, and the cameras roll 24 hours a day. Well, one of the contestants, Amber, 27-year-old cocktail waitress from Vegas must have forgotten that when she had a long discussion with one of her housemates about how she doesn`t like Jewish people. And she is not too fond of New Yorkers, either. The footage hasn`t made it on to the show, but it is all over the Internet. Take a look at this.


AMBER: People from New York are all (BLEEP) up, everybody I know, the majority of the people I know from New York, and Jewish, the majority of Jewish people I know, my gosh, so money hungry and so selfish.

Even my sister always tells me she`s like, my mom, my sister, always, we`ll meet somebody and I`ll be like, I don`t really, I don`t know. I don`t get it, I don`t like that person. That person doesn`t seem like a very good person. And my sister always, my mom, know why? Why? They`re Jewish. I`m like how do you know? Amber, you can tell by the last name. Amber, you can tell by their nose. I`m like really? I`m like that`s so weird. (INAUDIBLE). I think Justin (ph) is Jewish though.


AMBER: I think he is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He said he`s Christian.

AMBER: Yeah, but I said that about his nose, and he goes, that`s the Jewish side of me.


ANDERSON: Kind of makes you wonder what she says when she isn`t wearing a microphone, doesn`t it? Anyway, we called CBC to get a comment on what could blow up into a major controversy for the show. As of show time they did not respond. The Anti-Defamation League tells TMZ that CBS is facilitating anti-Semitism and should act responsibly to the community.

OK, so think about the great characters from musicals. There`s the "Phantom of the Opera", Rocky Hart from "Chicago" and -- Osama bin Laden?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I want to be like Osama, I want to bomb a path to fame across the Earth --


ANDERSON: A new show called "Jihad, The Musical" is getting plenty of buzz, and not necessarily for the right reasons. We`re going to show you what all the fuss is about straight ahead.

And I still remember the day a few months ago when the news broke that Wynona Judd`s husband had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. Just like everybody else, I was shocked. Now Wynona is speaking very frankly about that terrible day and how she`s doing now. That`s still ahead.

And next when our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report continues, the two Coreys. You remember these guys, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. I have to tell you it was a wild ride when I sat down with these two. They really opened up to me about their hard partying drug days and have some fascinating advice on how young Hollywood stars may be able to get their act together. That is next.

First, we`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Britney Spears: Should her kids be taken away if her? Keep voting, tonight. Write to us showbiz, and we will read some of your thoughts tomorrow.

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can`t it specially.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not personal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And everyone that will do it, it`s not them. Just put it into perspective. Would you want --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Perspective is, man, I (BLEEP) one too many times, like so to speak, on this trip, and burned too many bridges. And I`m not working because of it. You know this.


ANDERSON: That was former teen stars Corey Haim and Corey Feldman on their new A&E reality show "The Two Coreys." In that scene, Haim just found out he was not asked to be in the sequel of the hit 1980s movie "The Lost Boys."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. You are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

As we continue our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, "Stars And Drugs". The two Coreys both battled addiction, one much worse than the other. Now 20 years after they`ve both hit it big in Hollywood, they are trying to launch a comeback. I sat down with both of them and asked how they got off track in the first place.


COREY FELDMAN, ACTOR: I went through what I went through for about two years. That was the entire timetable. I became an addict, and I got through it, and I went to rehab, and I was actually sober, 100 percent sober, before I was 19 years old. Most people can`t say that.

Most people aren`t even having their first drink before 21. So what I went through, I went through very publicly, and I got it done, and I got it out of the way. And the rest of my life was spent trying to help other people. And ironically enough, even still today all this Lindsay Lohan stuff is going down. You see my name attached to every single article -- not his. Not anybody else`s. It`s me. And it`s Drew Barrymore.


COREY HAIM, ACTOR: I have to say it`s because he`s a superstar. He is.

ANDERSON: You would take that as a compliment, Haim?

HAIM: No, not a compliment. Would you change anything drug-wise up to this point? No, because I wouldn`t be here talking to you with Corey, Brooke.

ANDERSON: I can`t -- I see a lot of parallels, though. You mention Lindsay Lohan. The rehab, the difficult problems. Can you understand what she`s going through?

HAIM: Absolutely, but I`m not in her shoes. I`m looking at her now. I`m not Lindsay. I`m Corey. Everybody feels differently. I don`t know what she -- I have also removed myself from town for quite some time. I have been to Toronto, on and off working. Whether you have seen it or not, I thought you had, but just trying to put food on the table.

ANDERSON: Do you think that`s a smart move?

HAIM: For 10 years.

ANDERSON: That more young Hollywood stars should do that? Maybe get out of Hollywood, get out of that scene?

HAIM: I don`t know if they should get out of Hollywood. I just think that they should have something to fall back on, and something to do once a day, whether they`re working or not.

FELDMAN: What`s happening right now with Lindsay or Britney, or any of them, is exactly what goes on all around the world. And if you look within your own family, you will find, everybody in the world, look within your own family. You will find that you have a child, you have a brother, you have a sister, you have a cousin, that is going through a parallel experience. The difference being it`s not under the media spotlight.

Every time you mess up, it`s not being brought up in front of millions of people. And that makes it much, much harder to deal with. But I think what we all need to realize is that, you know, if somebody is sick or somebody has a problem, as opposed to laughing at them, or poking fun, you know, we have to understand they`re just like you and me. They`re just like our friends and family. And they`re going through something that is a life experience. And they`re making a mistake. And hopefully they`re going to learn from this mistake, they`re going to grow from the mistake, and come out the other side on top.

ANDERSON: From your perspective, what kind of advice would you give to Lindsay Lohan?

HAIM: Lucky she caught it now, or she`s catching it now. I mean, it`s going like this. When you hit rock bottom, you asked me before, I just kind of look in the mirror about, oh, it`s a long time, anymore -- I didn`t see me. I just wasn`t me anymore. I mean me, Bernie and Judy`s son. I didn`t see me anymore.


ANDERSON: How did do you it? How did you bounce back? It was a long road.

HAIM: Well, years ago I did -- on my own, I mean, with people, but I was kind of put in an isolated, you know, in-patient, six-month very hardcore thing. And that was -- I asked to be put there, you know. And it was very hardcore thing, and did it. But, you know, it`s just for me I had to create a regimen. I had to disassociate with many people, which was one of the hardest things. I had to make amends with many people to clear my own gut and brain.

I had to do all these things. I`m not saying I follow each step, or I ever, like, follow each step, you know? There was a point I tried. But I`m doing the best I can, and right now, knock wood, it seems to be OK.


ANDERSON: These days, both of them, doing OK. "The Two Coreys" airs Sunday nights on A&E.

A new musical that has opened in Scotland is causing a huge stir, and it not because of the great acting, singing, and dancing. It`s the subject matter. You see, it`s a mad cap musical about international terrorism called "Jihad, The Musical." Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): I could tell you all about "Jihad, The Musical." Better let the musical speak for itself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING) I want to be like Osama, I want to bomb a path to fame across the Earth --

MOOS: Now playing on stage in Scotland.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): I know people may abhor me, but by God they won`t ignore me --

MOOS: There is no ignoring this at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In this case, pink fringe.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): I want to wear designer clothes beneath a robe! While my lackeys live like vultures (ph), I`ll declare a clash of cultures, kill civilians by the millions around the globe --

MOOS: It`s billed as a mad cap gallop through the whacky world of international terrorism.

SINGERS: Turn around, hit the ground, put your hands on your head, we can tickle you, frisk you, or pump you with lead --

MOOS: It`s catchy all right, but this is the show stopper already circulating on YouTube.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): Please make me like Osama, please, I`ll be Islamically renowned --

MOOS: Renowned perhaps like "The Producers", instead of dancing burkas (ph), it featured dancing Nazis.

SINGERS: Springtime for Hitler and Germany --

MOOS: And why not "Jihad, The Musical" when we`ve already had "Menopause, The Musical"? But menopause tends not to kill people, terrorism does. They say in "The Producers" --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Talk about bad taste.

MOOS: An electronic petition posted on the British prime minister`s web site asks him to condemn the tasteless portrayal of terrorism. But even a petition seems like a joke. The signatories ranging from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran`s president, to Osama bin Laden`s goat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): Grow a beard down to my naval, conquer YouTube, get on cable --

MOOS: The plot centers on a young Afghan peasant who must decide whether to side with the terrorists.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): Launch a jihad of my own!

MOOS (on camera): And the reviews? Well, the reviews online have been fabulous. "Osama bin" fabulous.

"Thank, God for satire. Five stars."

"It`s incredibly funny, I hope none of the artists gets killed."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): I wanna to be like Osama, I want celebrity and riches that astound --

MOOS: The real Osama would probably pan "Jihad, The Musical". Only decadent Western culture would dream up a toe-tapper about terrorism.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): I would be renowned.


ANDERSON: The person who wrote, "I hope none of the artists get killed for that," I agree with that sentiment. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

I still remember the day a couple of months ago when the news broke that Wynonna Judd`s husband had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. It was truly stunning, and now Wynonna is speaking very frankly about that terrible day. And she`s revealing how she`s doing, how she`s coping, how she`s dealing. That is coming up next. Stay with us.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson. Country superstar Wynonna Judd is speaking out about her husband`s shocking arrest. Last March Judd`s husband, D.R. Roach, was arrested while he was at a rehab in Texas and was indicted on sexual assault and battery against a child under the age of 13. So disturbing.

In a very candid interview with "Ladies Home Journal", Judd says nothing could prepare her for the disbelief and shock of that arrest, but that she doesn`t feel like Roach duped her. She says when they got married she knew that both she and her husband had issues with addiction, and she thought she could change him by loving him enough. Judd says now she knows it doesn`t work that way.

She says, quote, "All you woman out there who say love can change anything? You know what it can do? It can get you in a lot of trouble." Judd says right now she`s focused on herself and her children and is in a mourning period. She says she`s still wearing her wedding ring because it`s hard to detach overnight, but she is healing if her own time.

Judd also has a message for her fans. Don`t worry about her because she`s OK.

All right. For more with Wynonna Judd pick up a copy of "Ladies Home Journal" it is on newsstands Tuesday, August 14th.

Yesterday we asked you to vote on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Lindsay Lohan, reportedly in rehab, will it keep her out of jail? Only 9 percent of you say yes. That means 91 percent of you say, no, it won`t. Here are some of the e-mails we received.

Tara from Alabama writes, "I think jail will be the best thing for Lindsay. She`s hit rock bottom, and she needs to start her journey up."

Larry from California thinks, "I think Lindsay is an alcoholic in denial. She needs treatment and jail it necessary."

We do appreciate your emails. Please keep them coming.

All right. Now it is time to see what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Tomorrow stars who get paid big-time not to perform, but to party. Stars like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and, of course, Paris Hilton are getting big bucks just for showing up at a club. We`re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who is making the most, and what`s behind the party paydays? That`s a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, "Paid To Party", tomorrow on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Also, they used to be on top of the world with legions of adoring preteen girls at their feet. Yep, these guys used to be in boy bands, and now they`re on a new mission, man band. They are here tomorrow sounding off on what it was like to be so rich, so young, and what young Hollywood can learn from their mistakes.

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