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Special Report: "Woman Stars Behind Bars"

Aired July 26, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: A shocking alleged extortion plot involving Tom Cruise that has ties to the Paris Hilton sex tape.
And Britney Spears magazine photo shoot meltdown mess. Will her kids be taken away from her? I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, it`s a Lohan family feud. Why Lindsay`s little sister is calling their dad a liar. Tonight, Lindsay Lohan`s mom, dad, sister in a nasty war of words over her shocking DUI bust.

And we`ve just got to ask how much are Lindsay`s parents to blame for this mess. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the disturbing details of the fierce Lohan family feud.

Female stars behind bars. Tonight a startling SHOWBIZ special report. Why are so many Hollywood women trading in designer dresses for prison stripes.


DAVID CAPLAN, VH1: Everyone wants to know, oh my god, how is that female celebrity going to cope in prison, with everything from hygiene to food?


ANDERSON: Yes, it`s not just Paris. Some big names have gotten into big trouble. What`s it really like to be stripped of a soft, cushy life and be given hard time. Tonight, I`ve got a revealing investigation of female stars behind bars.

Hi there everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. A.J. has the night off. And Lindsay Lohan, come on down. Let`s play the feud, family feud. I`ve got to tell you that our jaws dropped today when we got hold of an e-mail that Lindsay`s little sister Ali sent defending her. Now Ali goes bonkers on their father, calling him a liar and telling him to stay out of their lives.

I`m telling you, this e-mail is unbelievable and at a time that Lindsay is on pins and needles after her second arrest this week for a possible second DUI and cocaine possession. This latest bombshell may give her at least some comfort.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lindsay is really in big trouble.

ANDERSON (voice-over): As if Lindsay Lohan didn`t have it bad enough, her two DUIs and her cocaine possession charge are threatening her career and freedom.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This could, in fact, land Lindsay Lohan behind bars.

ANDERSON: Now, as Lindsay`s legal troubles are playing out in public, now Lindsay`s 13-year-old sister Ali has also gone public to lash out at their father.

CAPLAN: This e-mail from Ali, it shows all the drama that`s going on right now with the Lohans.

ANDERSON: David Caplan of the entertainment website tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Ali sent him a powerful e-mail where she comes to her big sister`s defense and calls their father a liar.

CAPLAN: She was pretty well spoken. It had a few typos, but 13- years-old, you have to give them a little slack.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you that shocking e-mail, spelling mistakes and all. In it, Ali writes, quote, "My father is telling all lies to people in saying he was such a great dad and was always there for us. My father was never there for us.

CAPLAN: We are seeing Ali essentially shooting down every single thing Michael Lohan has said.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lindsay Lohan was apparently arrested for drunk driving again.

ANDERSON: The day Lindsay was arrested, her father, Michael Lohan, want on "Larry King Live."

MICHAEL LOHAN, FATHER OF LINDSAY LOHAN: I love my children, always did. Always will.

ANDERSON: Lohan, an ex-con himself, told Court TV`s Lisa Bloom he wants to be there for his daughter like he has always been.

LOHAN: Contrary to what people say I was always there for my kids.

LISA BLOOM, COURT TV: Do you hold yourself at all responsible for what Lindsay is going through?

LOHAN: Of course I do.

ANDERSON: David Caplan tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Ali also blames her dad.

CAPLAN: She basically thinks he`s an absentee dad and hasn`t done anything for her or her family.

ANDERSON: Ali writes, quote, "I think that the whole reason why my sister is upset with herself and not as confident is because of my dad not being around, and always staying out late and not coming home for days."

Drama has been with the Lohan family even longer than Lindsay`s fame has.

CAPLAN: The Lohan family has a pretty storied background.

ANDERSON: Her patients, Michael and Dina, bitterly divorced in 2005 while Michael was serving a prison term for DUI and other charges. A judge recently ordered the ex-couple into family therapy.

BILLY BUSH, "ACCESS HOLLYWOOD": He still carries no credibility with his daughter. She doesn`t accept his phone calls.

ANDERSON: "Access Hollywood`s" Billy Bush has been exchanging e-mails with Lindsay. He tells me that she has all but written her father out of her life.

BUSH: He comes to me in order to try to get through to her. I mean, that`s, you know -- that`s serious black balling.

ANDERSON: Ali also defends her mom, Dina, writing, quote, "she has always been there for us. She was my mother and father and still is."

And Ali is defending her troubled big sister, who Ali recently told me is her idol.

(on camera): I`ve got to ask you, what is it like being the little sister of Lindsay Lohan, one of the biggest stars out there?

ALI LOHAN, SISTER OF LINDSAY LOHAN: It`s really cool. All my friends -- sometimes it`s difficult but kids will read like the tabloids and stuff. And they will come up to me in school and ask me some bad questions and the best thing to do is just ignore them.

ANDERSON: I remember how cruel kids could be and I didn`t have a famous sister, so I know it must be really hard for you. How do you handle it?

A. LOHAN: I just ignore it. That`s basically all you have to do. I definitely want to follow in her foot steps.

ANDERSON (voice-over): In her e-mail to Caplan, she says, quote, "Lindsay will be fine. She is just going through a rough time right now, but she will fine. I know this for a fact."

CAPLAN: Ali is Lindsay`s biggest supporter.

ANDERSON: And celebrity watchers are hoping this troubled family could put aside their differences to help the young woman who could definitely use the support.

BUSH: It would just be nice to see them come together for her.


ANDERSON: Today Michael Lohan responded to his younger daughter`s e- mail telling "OK! Magazine," quote, "for Ali to say I was never there and I`m lying; people who have known us for 25 years know that I have always been there for my kids. These lies have to stop, because they are having an effect on my children. We don`t realize in life is that what I do affects my kids."

There is no doubt that this is all very disturbing. A 13-year old girl is now caught in the middle of a troubled family feud. With me in New York is Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist and host of the GSN network`s fabulous new show "Without Prejudice." And from Atlanta tonight, defense attorney B.J. Bernstein. Welcome to you both.

You know, it`s hard to start off on this note, but I have to tell you, I was really saddened to see that it has come down to this. Ali Lohan clearly having to take sides here. I want to take a look again at part of the e-mail that she wrote; "My father is telling all lies to people in saying he was such a great dad and was always there for us. My father was never there for us. My mom was always there supporting us."

Robi, how troubling do you find this that a 13-year-old girl felt compelled to write an e-mail like this that the whole world will know about publicly bashing her father?

ROBI LUDWIG, GSN`S "WITHOUT PREJUDICE": Clearly there is a lot of anger she has towards her father. It`s not uncommon when there`s a contentious divorce; the kids take sides. In this case it is very clear that Ali is taking her mother`s side. And it sounds like Lindsay has taken her mother`s side. Ideally, it would be great if her parents could somehow get together and do what they need to do in order to parent their kids, so they can be at least a united front, because this is not healthy and is not helping Lindsay with her addiction.

ANDERSON: Yes, the best scenario would be for them to come together for these kids. We do know that Michael and Dina have been at each other`s throats for a very long time. Michael has his own troubles, recently getting out of jail for DUI and assault. B.J., you`ve seen ugly cases like this before. I would have to think it makes it even harder on Lindsay because she has no stable family.

B.J. BERNSTEIN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Precisely. When I counsel my young clients -- and I just had this come up literally in the last ten days, very similar to Lindsay. She`s not in isolation because she`s famous. Where something happens in your childhood where your parents are split apart and I have to say to them, I understand that. I hear that. But you`re the one whose name has the warrant on it for your arrest. You`re the one who`s having to come in court.

How can we, you know, deal with the pain you felt, but you move forward, because they may never change. Maybe they will get counseling. Maybe father Lohan and Dina will get some semblance of conversation together. But the reality is they may not, and Lindsey has got to put her life together. That`s what I work towards.

ANDERSON: Yes, she`s got to come through this. Well, Ali says Dina Lohan is a single mother basically of four. Ali blames their dad, not their mom, for Lindsay`s lack of confidence. She says that it`s, quote, "because of my dad not being around and always staying out late and not coming home for days. He would come back home never himself. He was always making excuses for his bad behavior and would always blame my mother."

You know, I have to point out that even so, Dina has taken a lot of flack for her own behavior, for her own partying. Robi, should we be cutting her a break here or does she also bare the blame for this mess.

LUDWIG: Well, she might have been the better parent of the two, but that might not mean a lot.

ANDERSON: It might not be saying much.

LUDWIG: Right, and it sounds like Dina has given the impression that she is too interested in the limelight herself, and is attention seeking, so it looks bad, even if she had been a good parent. But that`s the problem when you have two people who might be child like themselves who have children. Children need a foundation. They need reliability. And when that`s not there, there are potential problems that can happen unless the child gets parentified (ph).

ANDERSON: Dina has said she and Lindsay are more friends than a mother/daughter relationship.

LUDWIG: That`s a problem.

ANDERSON: Very worrisome. B.J., you`re an attorney. As far fetched as this might sound, do you think that given Lindsay`s dysfunctional background, a court might have sympathy for her?

BERNSTEIN: That might be, if she really can get the help she needs. You know, going back to rehab again, that`s actually not uncommon. Many clients have to go through it more than one time before they get it straight. But you`ve got to have both. If you just go into a judge and say, look at what`s happened to me, the judge is going to say, listen, I`ve seen a lot of other defendants. I`ve seen a lot of other people.

You may even have a judge themselves. Remember, a lot of us come from problem families these days and have issues that they get past. And so you`ve got to have a fusion of yes, you have that past, but you are willing to do something now to go forward if she`s got any shot of staying out of jail.

ANDERSON: Defense attorney B.J. Bernstein, Robi Ludwig, host of GSN`s "Without Prejudice," thanks to you both. Now we want to hear from you. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day; Lindsay Lohan, will she beat the rap. Vote at Send us at an e-mail at

All right, well, Lindsay isn`t in jail yet. Paris has served time. And I`m noticing a really startling trend of female stars behind bars.


CAPLAN: It`s so much more interesting when female celebrities are in jail, as opposed to mail celebrities, because it`s a whole other dynamic. Everyone wants to know, oh, my gosh, how is that female celebrity going to cope?


ANDERSON: A shocking SHOWBIZ special report, why are so many Hollywood women trading in designer dresses for prison stripes? Tonight, I`ve got a revealing investigation of female stars behind bars.

Well, tonight, one guy could be facing some serious jail time. Up next, a very disturbing possible extortion plot involving Tom Cruise. It`s absolutely unbelievable and even has a stunning connection to the Paris Hilton sex tape. That`s next.

It`s so sad with what`s happening with Britney Spears. She`s still totally out of control and her magazine photo shoot meltdown has many people wondering will her kids be taken away from her. I`m investigating that controversial question coming up next.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson. Well, right now I`ve got some news about an absolutely jaw-dropping alleged extortion plot against Tom Cruise. Our friends over at the report that an Arizona man, who a lot of people call the Sultan of Sleaze, has been arrested. David Hans Schmidt (ph), who helped to set up deals for Paris Hilton`s sex tape, Dustin Diamond`s sex tape, Screech from "Saved By the Bell," was picked up by the FBI.

This guy; he`s accused of trying to squeeze a million bucks out of Tom Cruise in return for a whole bunch of private photos from his November, 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes. Cruise`s attorney says the photos were stolen.

Well, Britney Spears isn`t fighting any extortion plots, but she could very well be facing the fight of her life involving her children. The reason? Her reported ugly, messy meltdown during a photo shoot and interview with "OK! Magazine." Now, she allegedly ruined expensive dresses, was acting totally weird, and eventually walked out of the shoot with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and clothing that didn`t belong to her.

With us tonight from the Court TV studios in New York, correspondent and attorney Jean Casarez, and also from New York, attorney and former prosecutor Raoul Felder. Raoul, Jean, great to see you both. As we`ve all heard, the "OK!" thing was not OK. It was basically an absolute disaster. At one point, Britney stopped to eat lunch, fried chicken, and used an expensive gown as her napkin, wiping her hands all over it. Listen to what "OK!" deputy editor Ruth Hilton told us.


RUTH HILTON, "OK! MAGAZINE" EDITOR: I think we`re all still a bit baffled, you know. I saw the dress, and that was probably one of the most disturbing things for me of the day, was to see it scrunched in a ball just by the bed. It wasn`t just grease down the front, it was grease down the back.


ANDERSON: We are just blown away, understandably. Britney is a woman who has been doing some crazy things in public, shaving her head, stripping down in her underwear to go swimming. If her soon to be ex Kevin Federline brought this all up in court in the battle over her two young children, Jean, what might a judge think?

JEAN CASAREZ, CORRESPONDENT COURT TV: A judge may give her custody of the children because that is what he`s asking for. Back in November she filed a petition for divorce. The very next day he filed a response asking for sole custody. At that time we thought maybe it was just for the money. But incident after incident has happened.

In California, as in many jurisdictions, the standard is the best interest of the child, the welfare test. What is in the best welfare of the children. I think they have a case at this point.

ANDERSON: Yes, the word is that a lot of her family and friends are just very concerned about her and those kids. And Raoul, we have heard reports that Federline has been huddling with his own lawyers because he is really, really afraid about their children -- for their children, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Do you think his lawyers are telling him that, as Jean says, he has a good chance of getting custody of those boys?

RAOUL FELDER, ATTORNEY: Well, you know, he did the impossible here. They say the test is the best interest of the child, but the ghost of every judge`s mother walks the courthouse corridors and young mothers yet custody of young children. But what she did here, she had meltdown after meltdown after meltdown. It was even worse than is described, what happened with the photo shoot.

She walked off with a lot of the stuff. Her dog used it for private purposes, one of the gowns. And then there`s the shaving her head. Her own mother turned against her. There`s no worse witness for a party in a custody case than one`s mother testifying against you. So she did the impossible. She made him a perfect litigant and I still think he`s got an excellent shot of getting the kids.

ANDERSON: She just keeps hurting herself over and over and over by all of these actions. As we mentioned, among the many bizarre things that she has done, was walk out of the shoot early with the clothes and the jewelry that weren`t hers. Listen to what "OK!`s" Ruth Hilton told us.


HILTON: What happens on a shoot is obviously there are dresses. There is jewelry. There is all that kind of thing. Normally what happens when a celebrity wants it is they come back to us and ask us to negotiate, or the stylist to negotiate. But the stylist said they were missing and they have not been returned.


ANDERSON: OK, Jean, this is so wacky that I just have to ask something that`s a little far fetched. Do you think that Britney could have been putting on an act, or in court, could this be used against her?

CASAREZ: You know, it`s hard to say she`s putting on an act because she is defacing the property of others. She allegedly is taking the property of others. So you can`t say that`s an act, because those are actually criminal actions right there.

ANDERSON: Raoul, what`s your take?

FELDER: Well, you know, it was worse that be that. Apparently she kept going to the ladies room and coming back with a different personality. They say they might not have even used the photo shoot. She acted bizarrely. She rolled her eyebrows up to looking like she was half of a corpse. I don`t think she would purposely do this, unless it`s some exercise in self-destruction. It doesn`t make any kind of sense.

ANDERSON: All right, very quickly, prediction, if this went to court tomorrow, a judge has to make a decision. Who would get the kids. Jean?

CASAREZ: Not only could Kevin Federline get the kids; remember, she`s the bread winner, so he`s entitled to child support, so she could be a loser there financially also.


FELDER: Ditto, that`s exactly what could happen. She`s going to lose custody and end up paying child support, as bizarre as it sounds.

ANDERSON: Could be devastating for Britney. Raoul Felder, Jean Casarez, thank you both for your insight.

So far Britney has kept herself out of jail, but a whole bunch of other women well, not so lucky. Paris? I`ve got a shocking SHOWBIZ special report; female stars behind bars. Why are so many Hollywood leading ladies trading in designer dresses for prison stripes. That`s at 30 past the hour.

No jail time yet either for Lindsay Lohan, but coming up, I`ve got a star who worked very closely with Lindsay on her new film. And she`s revealing surprising on set secrets. Was Lindsay out of control. Did she take her work seriously. That`s coming up. Also this.


KELSEY GRAMMER, ACTOR: It`s a small world pretending I was a U.N. interpreter.


ANDERSON: Poor Kelsey Grammer. When you are famous, it`s even harder to keep your head up when you fall down. Straight ahead, some of the most startling trips and flips caught on tape. Anybody got some ice?


ANDERSON: Stars really fired up over this Lindsay Lohan mess. But do other celebrities feel bad for her or are they totally disgusted with her actions? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at "The Bourne Ultimatum" premier in Hollywood Wednesday night. What`s really interesting is that the stars we caught up with said we should give the Lindsays, the Britneys, out of control young Hollywood a break.


JULIA STILES, ACTRESS: The tragedy of it all is that there are a lot of mixed messages being sent to the people that I think you are referring to that end up in tabloids, which is -- I think it reinforces negative behavior. And I`m sure it`s a lot more complicated and confusing than anybody can realize.

DEIDRE HALL, ACTRESS: I think at any age that sort of notoriety and fame is unmanageable, at best. And to have it happen to people that are so young and so inexperienced and incapable really of surviving I think is a travesty. I think we have done them a terrible disservice. My heart breaks for every one of them.

I want to put my arms around them and say, you know what? Just get away from here for a while and calm yourself down and get yourself straight.


ANDERSON: Sounds like good advice, Deirdre. We have been hearing that a lot, that these girls should just pack up, leave town and clear their heads.

Well, someone I know who has good advice for Lindsay Lohan, actor Martin Sheen. He has raised kids in the Hollywood spotlight. I think Lindsay could learn some lessons from Charlie Sheen`s successful bounce back. Martin Sheen is right here with me coming up.

I`ve also got a shocking SHOWBIZ special report. Why are so many Hollywood women trading in designer dresses for prison stripes. I`ve got a revealing investigation of female stars behind bars. Also this --


GRAMMER: It`s a small world pretending I was a U.N. interpreter. Good lord.


ANDERSON: Ouch! Dr. Frazier Crane (ph), Kelsey Grammer, needs a crane to pick him up after that. Coming up, some of the most startling trips and flips caught on tape. Get out the band aids and ice. We`re back after this.




DAVID CAPLAN, VH-1`S 24SIZZLER.COM: It`s so much more interesting when female celebrities are in jail, as opposed to males celebrities, because it`s a whole other dynamic. Everyone wants to know, oh, my god, how is that female celebrity going to cope?


ANDERSON: Tonight, famous women, hard time in prison. We have your revealing look at the female stars who had to trade-in champagne and VIP lounges for bologna sandwiches and orange jumpsuits. Tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, "Women Stars Behind Bars".

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. A.J. has the night off. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

OK, let`s get you up-to-date now on Lindsay Lohan`s arrest, a stunning new development tonight. Not only is Lindsay facing two DUIs and a cocaine possession charge. Now Lindsay`s family feud is playing out in public. Lindsay`s dad, Michael Lohan, was on "Larry King Live" and he says he wants to be there for Lindsay as he always has been. But now Lindsay`s 13-year-old sister, Ali, has written a fiery e-mail saying that`s just not true. Ali writes, quote the e-mail to David Caplan at the web site

Ali writes, quote: "My father is telling all lies to people and saying he was such a great dad and was always there for us. My father was never there for us. My mom was always there supporting us. I think that the whole reason why my sister is upset with herself and not as confident is because of my dad not being around."

Late today Michael Lohan responded to Ali`s the e-mail. He told "OK" magazine, quote: "For Ali to say that I was never there and I`m lying.People who have known us for 25 years know that I have always been there for my kids. These lies have got to stop because they are having an effect on my children. We don`t realize in life is that what I do affects my kids."

Lindsay Lohan could be facing some serious jail time, which leads to us our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, "Women Stars Behind Bars". Not only Lindsay could be locked up but Nicole Richie faces the same thing because of her DUI arrest. So we`ve just got to ask: Why does it seem that so many female stars are winding up behind bars? It`s our special report.


ANDERSON (voice over): Been there, done that. From Lindsay to Paris to Nicole, it`s mug shot mania in Hollywood these days. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you these leading ladies aren`t the first female stars to face legal trouble. If you thought Paris` time in jail gave the Hiltons a bad name, then allow us to remind you of the original Hilton bad girl, Zsa Zsa Gabor.

MICHELLE LEE, "IN TOUCH" WEEKLY: A lot of people compare Zsa Zsa and Paris and there is another link between the two. Zsa Zsa was actually married to Paris` great grandfather, Conrad. Who was her second husband out of nine.

ANDERSON: But the Hungarian beauty`s hunger for husbands didn`t get her nearly as much press as her arrest in 1990 for slapping a Beverly Hills cop in the face.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How dare you put me in jail!

ANDERSON: Despite claiming that the cop provoked her and that the jury wasn`t, quote, "her class of people", Gabor was found guilty of assault.

ZSA ZSA GABOR, CELEBRITY: Oh, darling, it doesn`t matter.

ANDERSON: She then got slapped herself with a three-day jail sentence.

GABOR: Three days in jail!

CAPLAN: Of course, only Zsa Zsa Gabor would have the nerve and audacity to slap a Los Angeles police officer in the face. Of course, they didn`t care who she was, she landed in jail.

Up until the early `90s, the Queen of Mean, hotel mogul and billionaire`s wife Leona Helmsley led a champagne lifestyle, but the glitz and glamour vanished after Helmsley was caught cheating the government out of millions of dollars in taxes.

LEONA HELMSLEY, HOTEL MOGUL: I`m fighting for my life. I`m fighting for my husband`s life, and I`m fighting for the truth to come out.

ANDERSON: Despite exhaustive efforts by her lawyers to work the appeals process, the truth did come out. Billionaire Helmsley was convicted on a laundry list of tax evasion charges. In 1992 she traded in her hotel for the gray bar hotel doing 18 months in a Lexington, Kentucky prison.

CAPLAN: Leona Helmsley was known to be mean, ruthless, and a lot of her former employees came out of the woodwork during the trial saying how horrible she was to work with. She wasn`t a nice person. So, when she landed in the Kentucky jail, there was very no pity among people who knew her.

HELMSLEY: I had not one single person come forward to say, she`s a nice person. Somewhere in this whole world, there had to be one person that would say, she did nothing wrong.

ANDERSON: Between "Bay Watch" stars Jasmine Bleak (ph) and Carmen Electra, "Growing Pain" star Tracy Gold, even country star why Wynona Judd, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you America loves to see woman stars behind bars.

CAPLAN: Everyone wants to know, oh my god, how is that female celebrity going to cope in prison with everything from hygiene to food. Because we just naturally think oh, the tough guy celebs, they can handle it. But hey, you know, we see a lot of female celebrities, they can hack it just as well in prison.

ANDERSON: Enter Lil` Kim, who rose to big fame in the 1990s, but despite being one of the best female rappers of all time, Lil` Kim ended up in the big house in 2005 after lying under oath about a gun fight she witnessed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was kind of funny watching the whole Lil` Kim incident when she was going to jail, because it just didn`t seem she was protesting that hard. I think there was a part of Lil` Kim that realized that as a rapper, especially as a female wrapper, going to jail is kind of a good thing. It does give you a little bit of street cred.

ANDERSON: Whether or not she wanted to go, Lil` Kim did 10 months in a Philadelphia federal prison. She got out early for good behavior.

CORI MURRAY, "ESSENCE" MAGAZINE: She served her time; she did it well. And it`s not like she came back out and did this huge cover story what I`ve learned and, you know, how I`m better. She came back as a real person. Listen, I`ve done it, learned from it. Let`s move on to the next thing.

ANDERSON: While homemaker extraordinaire Martha Stewart did do one of those this is what I learned interviews. Here she is on "Larry King" in 2005, after spending five months in a Virginia prison for lying to federal investigators about a stock sale.

LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": What surprised you the most about it?

MARTHA STEWART: Well, that actually it wasn`t as horrible as anticipated. You are incarcerated. It is a very serious thing. I took it seriously.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, she took it like a man.

ANDERSON: She may have taken her insider trader sentence like a man, but SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you she looked like a woman, at least when she walked out of the slammer.

CAPLAN: She even wore a poncho made by one of her fellow inmates at the prison. It was a great PR moment, because she looked great, she looked comfortable, she looked at ease and it also sent a message saying that she got along well with people in the prison.

ANDERSON: If you thought Martha`s exit was something, check out one of the most famous celebrities ever, Paris Hilton. Paris turned her release from jail into a paparazzi dream come through, strutting, high fiving, then finally jumping into the arms of her mother. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, showmanship like that is what makes us tune in when stars wind up getting locked up.


ANDERSON: A long list of female stars behind bars.

OK, by now, you`ve probably seen the video of Beyonce falling down on stage at a concert the other night. Videos all over the Internet and all over television. I guess it`s true. People like to see people fall. I mean, how else can you explain the success of a show like "America`s Funniest Home Videos".

But Beyonce`s mishap was just the latest in a long tradition of people falling down and cameras picking it up. Here`s CNN Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): When is the last time you fell on your face? Or on your butt? Or off a stage?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was pretending I was a U.N. interpreter -- Good Lord! (BLEEP) Oh, (BLEEP). Oh, damn!

MOOS: It`s bad enough when you are Kelsey Grammer, but imagine when a diva takes a dive in front of the thousands of fans, many armed with cameras. That`s what happened to Beyonce.

A spokesperson said her hem got caught in her shoe and the moment was caught on YouTube. Even though fans shooting home video of the Orlando, Florida concert reported that Beyonce asked good naturedly --

BEYONCE: If any one of you got video of that, please don`t put it on YouTube.

MOOS: Fat chance. And from YouTube it spread. Next thing you know Beyonce is the number one video on, knocking "Giant Tumor" out of the top spot. It takes a lot to dislodge a 33-pound tumor.

Much was made of the fact that she Beyonce bounced back. Her hair bounced even more. Fans posted praise like, "Takes a lickin` and keeps on ticking" If you think we`re reveling in Beyonce`s misery. We`re kind compared to the news anchor who couldn`t stop laughing over a model who fell.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You try walking in those shoes!


MOOS: But hey, plenty of falling news people get plastered on YouTube.



MOOS: Covering storms or stomping grapes. But don`t believe every journalistic misstep you see on the web.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Last night there was a robbery about 3:30 in the morning. A police -- oh, God!

MOOS: Apparently Chuck Storm is just a character dreamed up by the creator of this web site. But Chuck Storm isn`t so far from the reality of Al Roker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right about now I -- whoa!

MOOS: Al is featured on a website called You have to love their logo.

And as if falling weren`t bad enough. There are all those slow motion replays. Cheer up, Beyonce. At least you didn`t end up like Terry Bradshaw.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my God, she`s fashion road kill!

MOOS: It`s not how far you fall. It`s how fast you recover. And who says, Gallantry is dead -- to the rescue.


ANDERSON: Oh, that CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

All right, up next, we are getting some fatherly device for Lindsay Lohan from Martin Sheen. His son Charlie, has rebounded from pretty scandalous times. So what does Mr. Sheen think Lindsay needs to do? We will find out next in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Also, secrets from the set of Lindsay`s new movie, from her co-star.


GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON, ACTRESS: We had our difficulties, I mean, we shut down for three weeks. There were days where we couldn`t shoot, you know, because she wasn`t there.


ANDERSON: Lindsay`s co-star in the new film "I Know Who Killed Me" opens up to me about what Lindsay was like on set -- when she showed up, that is. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, also had some advice for Lindsay that I think makes a whole lot of sense. That`s still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



MICHAEL LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S FATHER: We all have the opportunity to say yes or no to anything. I mean, people have asked me, do you feel responsible for what Lindsay is going through? And I say, yes, I absolutely do.


ANDERSON: That was Lindsay Lohan`s father, Michael Lohan, talking about who is really responsible for his daughter`s meltdown.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

Tonight, Martin Sheen knows all too well about being a megastar and raising kids in Hollywood. Sheen`s son, Charlie, had a very public battle with addiction. Charlie fought and is a great example of someone who won.

Martin is staring with Don Cheadle in a great new movie that opens tomorrow. It`s called "Talk To Me." And we are thrilled to have with us tonight, Martin Sheen.

Welcome, Mr. President.

MARTIN SHEEN, ACTOR: Thank you very much. I`m delighted to be here.

ANDERSON: We are delighted to have you. And we have so much to talk about, not only your new movie, but you have a new clothing line. But you know --

SHEEN: Couldn`t prove it by this. It`s a children`s clothing.

ANDERSON: You look sharp, by way of.

SHEEN: Thank you.

ANDERSON: But I do want to start with what`s going on with Lindsay Lohan. We just heard from her dad. You stared with Lindsay in the movie, "Bobby". And your son Charlie, as I mentioned, a great example of someone who overcame his struggles.


ANDERSON: How important is it for a father, for a family to help?

SHEEN: Well, it`s paramount. You have to have the support of a community, whether it`s a family in AA or a 12-step program, or your family that initiates an intervention, or supports your sobriety and supports your coming to yourself.

The problem with so many young people who almost make it overnight is that they are surrounded by unfortunately a lot of sycophants, a lot of yes people, who live off them like the queen bee. And you have to fight to get through these sycophants, get through these cloisters around them, and scatter them. And get to the subject. That`s the important thing.

ANDERSON: Is that how you helped Charlie?

SHEEN: Yes. You have to disarm that bunch. And sometimes you have to risk your life because some of these guys are tough. But when they --

ANDERSON: Were you afraid when you had to step in to pry Charlie --?

SHEEN: Absolutely. I was terrified. But I never stopped swinging because I knew if I didn`t go through that, I could never say that I did everything. And so yeah.

ANDERSON: Father`s love.

SHEEN: But you know, I have to tell you this, it`s interesting, and my heart goes out to this family, what`s happening to them. I can sympathize with. It`s absolutely horrible. It`s worse that it`s happening in public, because private pain goes public. It`s very difficult to heal that. Everybody has their say. Everybody is hurting.

But the bottom line is that they can come together. And, if they do the program together -- I think. But this business, I remember when Charlie finally got clean and sober and he was taken off his probation, and he said on the radio -- I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway on an afternoon. And said on the radio, "Well, my dad saved my life." I had to pull off the road and I wept uncontrollably.

Then I realized, no, that`s not true. I got him on the phone and I said, Charlie, I just heard what you said on the radio. I appreciate that, but it`s not true. He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "You saved your life. I got your attention.


SHEEN: "I did my job and you did yours, because if you think I saved your life, you haven`t accepted the responsibility of what`s in the future now. It`s not mine. It`s yours. All I did was get your attention, you did you the work."

ANDERSON: Very good. Some very good advice for all those parents out there struggling.

SHEEN: Yes, that`s it. Get their attention. Do everything you possibly can because in the final analysis, you are never going to be able to get over the guilt, the pain, and you`re never going to be able to stop asking, could I have done something else? Should I have done something else? Go through that crowd of sycophants.

ANDERSON: You could never forgive yourself.

SHEEN: You never forgive yourself. You cannot. No, you cannot forgive yourself.

ANDERSON: Well, your life, your career, everything seems to be totally in control now. You have got this new film, out this weekend, called "Talk To Me." IT features Don Cheadle, as a very controversial radio talk show host during the turbulent 1960s. How much of what was happening then mirrors what is actually going on today?

SHEEN: It`s very close. The title character that Don plays is Petey Green who actually learned his skill in Lawton Penitentiary. He was a disc jockey in prison. There was a fellow from WOR, in Washington who had a brother that prison at the same time. He would come and hear this guy. And who is this guy? That`s Petey Green. He said, he`s awfully good. So he made contact and said when you get out, come and see me at WOR. He thought maybe 10 or 15 years.

The guy showed up in a couple of months, he got out. And he wanted a job. And so eventually he did get in, and he`s responsible for actually starting talk radio. That was the phrase, talk to me. They played rhythm and blues and Motown. And between records, he would take calls. He was very controversial and he had a wrap sheet and he had a street persona. But he called it as he saw it. He was very -- he had a big afro, and he was a street guy. And he was down on it. People adored him.

ANDERSON: What a compelling story.

SHEEN: Yeah, it`s very powerful. Don is absolutely brilliant in the part.

ANDERSON: You both are absolutely brilliant in whatever you do.

SHEEN: I got to play Sonderling (ph). Actually, I`m the only white guy in it. But he`s a really good and decent man who gave him his first on- air break. And who eventually sold the station to a black group of people when he could have sold it to a white group. And that fellow is played in the film as well, Dewy Hues. He`s a real guy. He bought the station.

ANDERSON: I`m sure lots of people can`t wait to see this movie.

SHEEN: It went on to become Radio One, that`s what WOR became.

ANDERSON: Congratulations, of course, on this film.

SHEEN: You didn`t realize I was such a wind bag. You can`t get a word in edge wise.


ANDERSON: Well, very quickly. I do want to get to your clothing line. When I first heard --

SHEEN: Jackson Clay, USA!

ANDERSON: Martin Sheen doing a clothing line, I thought -- what? Quickly explain to me.

SHEEN: Children`s clothing line from age 18 months to like 12 years. We`re in our fourth year now. Started by my daughter-in-law Paula, and her friend, because they both have little boys and couldn`t find any clothes, you know, to wear.


SHEEN: And they started their own line, and they got us to invest in it.

ANDERSON: Who knew?

SHEEN: Who knew?

ANDERSON: You are an interesting very versatile person and not a wind bag whatsoever. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you very much for your openness and honesty.

SHEEN: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

ANDERSON: Martin Sheen, thank you. And his new film "Talk To Me" opens nationwide tomorrow. Check it out.

Next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT secrets from the set of Lindsay Lohan`s new movie from her co-star.


GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON, ACTRESS: We had our difficulties. We shut down for three weeks. There were days where we couldn`t shoot, you know, because she wasn`t there.


ANDERSON: Lindsay `s co-star in the new film "I Know Who Killed Me" opens up to me about what Lindsay was like on set. When she showed up, that is. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon also has some advice for Lindsay that I think makes a whole of sense. Stay with us. That`s coming up next.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson.

Despite Lindsay Lohan`s latest troubles, the show must go on -- and she actually has a new movie coming out tomorrow. Now Lindsay is laying low and is not out promoting her new thriller called "I Know Who Killed Me," but her co-star Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon gave me the inside story of what went on during shooting.

I spoke with Garcelle earlier today, and she told me that Lindsay was very pleasant, likeable and sweet, when she was on the set, but that there were definitely problems with Lindsay showing up.


GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON, ACTRESS: We had our difficulties. We shut down for three weeks. And there were days where we couldn`t shoot, you know, because she wasn`t there.

I think it`s just been a snowballing effect. And until you grab it at a certain point, it`s going to keep going. So hopefully this is a wake-up call for everybody around her. And just young kids in general, you can`t be completely irresponsible, especially when you are working on a production that`s millions and millions of dollars worth of money that people are investing, and where, you know, it`s hard work.


ANDERSON: Garcelle also told me she thinks Lindsay needs to surround herself with the right people and stay focused. You can see Garcelle in "I Know Who Killed Me,` in theaters tomorrow. She`s also in the August issue of "Playboy" magazine. And she`s also expecting twin boys. Congratulations to her.

OK, yesterday, we told you about Lindsay Lohan`s e-mail to "Access Hollywood`s" Billy Bush. She told him she is innocent, that the drugs found in her pants pocket weren`t hers. So we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day: Lindsay Lohan says "I`m innocent": Do you believe her? Take a look at this, only 3 percent of you say yes. And 97 percent of you say no.

Here are some of the e-mails that we received.

Sarah Missouri writes: "Sure, I believe Lindsay. I always keep cocaine in my pockets for other people.

Laura from Ohio writes: "An addict is in denial. Until she takes responsibility rehab won`t help her."

Time to see what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tomorrow, "The Secrets of Successful Rehab". Showbiz tonight is talking to stars who almost lost it all to addiction. They turned everything around, though. Lindsay and company can take a lesson from these stars, "The Secrets of Successful Rehab". That`s coming up tomorrow.

Also tomorrow: the Two Coreys. You remember these guys, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman -- they really opened up to me about battling their substance abuse problems, and had some startling advice for Lindsay. The two Coreys, tomorrow in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks so much for watching. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. "Glenn Beck" is next. Right after the latest headlines from CNN "Headline News". Have a great night. Take care.