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New Details Revealed About Paris Hilton`s "Simple Life"; Heroes and Villains of Anna Nicole Case

Aired March 19, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: Naomi Campbell shows up for court-ordered community service in stilettos. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is casting Anna Nicole Smith, the movie. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, hang on to your hats, Paris and Nicole are going to be counselors at a weight loss and fitness camp, for kids. Yes, that Nicole, with her eating issues.

And, yes, that Paris, with her burger ads and sex tapes.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are terrible role models for young women.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks the burning question, what in the world are these people thinking?

Tonight, inside Anna Nicole Smith`s secret diaries. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the explosive new details. Did Anna Nicole really party hard with her mom? Her secret thoughts on men, booze and pills. Plus what did she really think about her elderly billionaire husband. Tonight, only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you Anna Nicole Smith, the secret diaries.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And tonight, only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can bring you the explosive new details about what`s inside Anna Nicole Smith`s secret diaries. That`s coming up.

HAMMER: But first tonight, a story so remarkable, so hard to believe, it had all of us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT saying, that`s ridiculous. Now imagine this, the painfully thin Nicole Richie, who admits to having eating issues, and is facing DUI charges, chosen to counsel kids about healthy living.

ANDERSON: But wait A.J., it gets better, or maybe I should say, it gets worse. Who`s going to be Nicole`s sidekick? Non other than the hard partying, famous for nothing Paris Hilton. I kid you not.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Gosh knows, reality TV has given us some real jaw-dropping concepts of questionable taste. There`s "Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire, segregated "Survivor," maybe the Anna Nicole Smith court hearings.


ANDERSON: But how many of those TV travesties can compare to this? Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, those occasionally chummy paragons of clean and healthy living --

PARIS HILTON, "THE SIMPLE LIFE": A far out last promiscuous event, any of my friends.

ANDERSON: Are going to work as counselors in a wellness camp for the next season of their reality show "The Simple Life."

HILTON: That`s hot.

ANDERSON: No, it`s not. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you this brand new video, from, of Paris and Nicole filming scenes for the new season on the "Simple Life." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed that for one of the episodes next season, Hilton and Richie will be working in a camp for children and adults that`s devoted to nutrition, fitness, and health.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT broke the news to "TV Guide`s Channel" Daphne Brogdon.


ANDERSON: When she stopped laughing, she told us she couldn`t believe it.

BROGDON: These girls -- I don`t really don`t think they`re equipped to tell other women how to live a healthy life.

ANDERSON: Paris and Nicole, at a wellness camp? That`s like the newest counselors at camp tolerance being Michael Richards and Mel Gibson, or maybe the head counselor at Camp Courteous, "American Idol`s" Simon Cowell.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s next, the Britney Spears mothering class?

ANDERSON: Oh, that`s a good one too. Seriously though, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Paris and Nicole`s gig at a wellness camp is raising eyebrows because of their, shall we say, questionable qualifications.

Let`s look at their resumes. Paris is a known fixture on the hard partying A-list scene. Speaking of booze, she was charged with DUI earlier this year and pleaded no contest to reduced charges. And she starred in this infamous ad for the fast food chain Carl`s Junior, where we see her mauling this distinctly unhealthy looking burger.

Paris has already been counseling someone this year, Britney spears. We all know how well that`s turned out. So it`s scary to imagine what kind of wisdom Paris would impart to her wellness camp counselors.

BROGDON: I can`t imagine what Paris` advice would be. Before you go climbing, eat some rice cakes and the alcohol doesn`t absorb as fast.

ANDERSON: As for Nicole, she`s also no stranger to the celebrity party scene. She also has a DUI arrest under her belt, a pending case, in which she pleaded not guilty. And the stick thin celeb has said she`s fighting to gain weight, but has denied rumors of anorexia.

BROGDON: The whole premise of "A Simple Life" is a fish out of water, so the whole idea of these girls counseling anybody about anything remotely being a mental health issue is a joke right there.

ANDERSON: But hopefully it will be just that, a joke. "The Simple Life" often features Paris and Nicole famously screwing up whatever task they`re assigned to. But if that task involves real people, struggling with real issues, we`re begging that won`t be the case this time.

BROGDON: I hope that after they have Nicole and Paris do this little schtick for these poor, over weight gals, that they have some real professionals talk to them or something, or maybe they`re going to get a kickback, because I think it would be awful if I was struggling with a weight problem, to have these two rich -- rhymes with rich -- girls talking with me about any weight issues.


ANDERSON: Now, the folks at E, which airs "Simple Life," assures SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Paris and Nicole will play the role of counselors at the wellness camp, but won`t be there to give any advice.

HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the drama in the Bahamas. There`s going to be a big showdown tomorrow in court over who`s really the daddy of Anna Nicole Smith`s baby daughter. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that the battle over Dannielynn could be in its final stages. We`re all waiting to see if there`s a secret deal in the works down in the Bahamas.

The judge could finally order DNA tests to determine if Larry Birkhead or Howard K. Stern is the father of this child. And if that`s not enough, the Bohemian inquest into the mysterious death of Anna Nicole`s son Daniel is just around the corner.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is in the Bahamas tonight with Court TV correspondent Jean Casarez. Jean, I`ve got to tell you, I`ve lost count of how many hearing there have been to settle this baby thing once and for all. What is going to be happening tomorrow that could help settle this once and for all, and do what really needs to be done, which is looking after this baby and getting her with her real father?

JEAN CASAREZ, COURT TV CORRESPONDENT: Well, that`s very true. This is actually the third hearing just to let you know and it is going to be tomorrow. At issue, of course, paternity and guardianship. Court TV News has confirmed that Dr. Michael Baird, who is a renowned DNA scientist, is actually on his way to the Nassau, Bahamas right now. Dr. Baird is the PHD that collected the DNA from Anna Nicole Smith in Florida.

Remember there was subsequent DNA that was collected by Larry Birkhead`s team. Now that man is on his way here to the Bahamas. Tomorrow, we understand from Wayne Monroe, an attorney who`s actually the president of the Bahamas Bar Association, that a judge cannot order a DNA expert to the stand. A judge cannot order a DNA test. But the parties can have their experts come into court.

So we believe that is what is going to happen. Now, by law, the court can direct that a DNA test happens, that is a direction, meaning a request. But we also hear from the attorneys that if Howard K. Stern doesn`t consent to a DNA test, that the ultimate can be a contempt of court order, meaning the ultimate result would be as if a judge had ordered a DNA test in the U.S. all along.

So we`re going to have to wait and see, but of course, that`s what Larry Birkhead`s camp wants. They want that DNA test of Dannielynn.

HAMMER: Of course they do. And something that may be happening on an official level tomorrow. Of course, Larry Birkhead, the big news last week was the fact that he fired Debra Opri, who was his attorney, who originated the whole paternity suit. Despite whatever may be going on on an official level, Jean, is there anything that would lead us to believe that Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern might be settling this whole thing without any kind of a DNA test at all?

CASAREZ: I don`t think so. I do not. Why? Because we`re here at court. There was a hearing on Friday. There`s going to be another hearing tomorrow. A DNA expert is flying from the United States to the Bahamas. I don`t think you`d go to all that effort, with an attorney in tow, if you were actually going to do a deal.

HAMMER: It`s going to be fascinating to find out what unfolds tomorrow, and, as if all of this is not enough, of course, there`s still the mysterious death of Anna Nicole`s son Daniel. The Bohemian inquest is all set to begin next week. We know that he died of a lethal combination of prescription drugs. But what will the investigators be trying to find out in the course of that inquest, Jean?

CASAREZ: Well this is very interesting. The inquest, you`re right, is right around the corner. It will be before a jury. We have heard that up to 40 witnesses will take the stand. There will be direct examination, even cross-examination. They can bring their own attorney if they want to. And ultimately, the jury, which we`ve learned is going to be comprised of about eight people, jurors that have already been selected. Because they`re sort of like grand jurors in the U.S. They can recommend charges against anyone that they choose, and they`re given a laundry list of what charges they can select from.

Those charges that they recommend will be given to the coroner and the attorney general`s office is the one that decides if charges are to be filed, in regards to the death of Daniel Smith.

HAMMER: And, of course, the investigation into Anna Nicole`s death still not over. We still don`t have those autopsy results. Should we be reading anything into the fact that the Bohemian police have now been working with the Seminole, Florida police, where she died in Florida, and they`re working with the investigators there, looking into Anna`s death?

CASAREZ: Well, the Royal Bohemian Police Force told us last week that they definitely had some investigations going, in regard to Daniel`s death, that it`s an ongoing investigation. So I think, at the very least, we can say that their correspondence and going over to the Seminole area, they are investigating Daniel`s death.

HAMMER: Court TV`s Jean Casarez, a lot of information to process today and it sounds like tomorrow`s going to be a huge day down there in the Bahamas. We appreciate you filling us in tonight.

CASAREZ: Thank you.

HAMMER: Brooke, as we`ve said before, this saga has more twists and turns to it than a giant roller coaster at a big old theme park. But as the Anna Nicole drama plays out, who are the heroes? Who are the villains in all of this? They exist on both sides. We`re getting into that, coming up next.

HAMMER: We sure are A.J. Plus, we`ve got Anna Nicole`s secret diaries. Explosive new details from Anna`s diaries and I`m talking everything from her relationship with her mother, her estranged mother Virgie Arthur, to her billionaire husband. All of that is straight ahead.

HAMMER: And would you wear stilettos when you were showing up for community service? Well, probably not, but hey, we can`t all be super models. We`re going to give you dirt on Naomi Campbell`s cleanup duty. That is straight ahead on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You know you are a super model when you show up for community service wearing stilettos, either that or a drag queen. Naomi Campbell showed up at a New York City sanitation garage in heels. Thankfully, she did bring along some work boots. Campbell is now going to be sweeping at the garage for the next five days. That is her sentence for pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault for throwing a cell phone at her maid because a pair of her jeans went missing, of course.

For her community service, Campbell was issued protective gloves, a dust mask and an orange vest. We`re not going to see her in any of that get up however. She`ll be doing all of her work inside the garage.

ANDERSON: Now our continuing coverage of the mysterious death of Anna Nicole Smith. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has been all over this story. And as with every good story, there are heroes and villains. So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, who are the villains and who are the heroes? Here with us tonight, from the Court TV studios in New York, the host of "Hollywood Heat" Ashleigh Banfield, and right here in Hollywood, investigative journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Jane, Ashleigh, welcome. Hi there. OK Jane, let`s start with you.l As we know, several men claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith`s daughter, baby Dannielynn. Let`s start with the one who`s actually caring for Dannielyn in the Bahamas, with the bay, Howard K. Stern. You know, a lot of people love him or they hate him. What do you think about Howard, hero or villain?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: To me, he`s the real villain of this piece. The very fact that he refuses to take the paternity test, to me, indicates he either knows for sure that he`s not the father or has doubts that he`s the father. And, if he knows he`s not the dad, and he is still holding on to this child, and using this baby girl as a bargaining chip and a negotiating tool, to get stuff in return, that is morally reprehensible.

And one other thing, he was an enabler for Anna Nicole Smith. All you have to do is look at the "Anna Nicole Smith Show." There she is, wasted and embarrassing herself, and Howard K. Stern is right along for the ride.

ANDERSON: And I agree with you. Take the DNA test, just put all the questions to rest, once and for all. Ashleigh, what do you think about it? Howard K. Stern, the villain?

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, COURT TV ANCHOR: Well, everything that Jane said. But that also -- because she`s good. But then also I think, the truth of the matter is he really loved her. This was a love story as well. And I also think that he, while not being forthcoming on the stand during that trial in Florida, he didn`t perjure himself, necessarily, that we know of, and others in this case have. So you can look at him two different ways.

ANDERSON: You absolutely can. And Jane, I want to move to the other guy, the flip side of the coin, possible daddy number two, Larry Birkhead. You know, he was Anna Nicole`s former boyfriend and he`s been fighting Stern tooth and nail for this baby. And I have to say, he comes across as more of sympathetic guy in this whole situation. What do you think? Hero or villain?

MITCHELL: I`d have to say 90 percent hero. He`s been fighting courageously and valiantly to reach out and get this little girl that he`s convinced is his. Now there`s been a lot made of the fact that he seems to be in some sort of negotiation with Howard K. Stern. But let`s face it, if he really feels this is his child, then that kind of makes, in his mind, Howard K. Stern a hostage taker. And what do you do when you`re negotiating with a hostage? You talk, you negotiate.

ANDERSON: Ashleigh, would you agree with that? What do you think, 90 percent hero, 10 percent maybe not?

BANFIELD: Well, all the things that Jane said.

ANDERSON: Jane, you`re getting a lot of props here.

BANFIELD: Yes, this is a bum deal. I`m going second. No, but I do agree with what Jane has said. He`s certainly not being vilified as much as Howard is, but then there are accusations that he perjured himself on the stand in Florida. Then there`s all that baby stuff buying. He was out buying baby safety gates and a change table and a crib last week, all right before the welfare test hearing that was supposed to start on Friday. So was that a day late and a dollar short in strategy, or was this truly a guy who`s looking out for the best interest of a six, seven-month-old child?

ANDERSON: That`s right. All right, Ashleigh, I`m going to start with you on this one. How`s that?


ANDERSON: Let`s talk about the guy who I think we would all agree comes across as a little bit nutty in this whole thing, Zsa Zsa Gabor`s husband, Frederick Von Anhalt. You know, he called that press conference at his home, saying he could be the father. Hero or villain?

BANFIELD: I have other adjectives for him. But I think this is still basic cable, so I`ll go with villain. I have to say, there was something that Cindy Adams, the columnist for the "New York Post," wrote, and she`s quite close with her family to Zsa Zsa Gabor, that was very disturbing. That was that at all of this juncture, Zsa Zsa`s sort of virtually holed up as a prisoner in her mansion in Bel Air, while her husband of 20 years is our flaunting all this in the press.

Apparently she`s somewhat house-bound, somewhat bed-bound, has no access to even the security gate telephones. They`ve been dismantled. And apparently there`s some talk of the fact that Prince Frederick padlocks the gates on his way out. So, if all of that is true, this whole thing is disgusting and the things that he has said, and the manner in which he said it is pretty unsavory.

ANDERSON: Just shameful. OK, Jane, let`s talk about the next character, who`s also in the fight for baby Dannielynn. and that`s Anna Nicole Smith`s estranged mother, Virgie Arthur. You know, she didn`t win any friends when she fought to get custody of Anna`s body. Hero or villain?

MITCHELL: To me she`s a hero. Much has been made of the fact that she had no relationship with Anna Nicole Smith. Well guess what, a hallmark of addiction is that you have a very bad relationship with your parents, or no relationship at all. That is literally a signature of addiction, because quite often it`s the parents who are going to tell you that none of your so called friends will tell you, namely that you`re a mess, you have a problem, and you have got to clean yourself up.

And then, after Daniel died, she very courageously stuck her neck out and said, Anna Nicole, watch out, you could be next. And sadly, she was right.

ANDERSON: Ashleigh, we`ve only got about 15 seconds, Judge Larry Seidlin, who presided over that three ring circus of a courtroom?

BANFIELD: I`ll be the only one to say this, I think, but listen, he might have been a little kooky. But his judgment was sound. His opinion was beautifully written. His colleagues agree. And he was a mediation judge and a juvenile court judge, which gives us some explanation as to why he had those antic type behaviors.

ANDERSON: OK, we will leave it there. Ashleigh Banfield, Jane Velez- Mitchell, thanks so much for joining us.

Now we want to hear from you. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, Anna Nicole Smith case, are there any heroes in the story? Go to and send us an e-mail, And remember, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only entertainment news show that lets you express your opinion on video. To send us a video e-mail, just go to our website,

HAMMER: Well Brooke, tonight we have some explosive words that are coming from Anna Nicole herself. They`re from Anna Nicole`s secret diaries that are packed full of her thoughts on men, booze, pills, even a surprising note about her mother. All that at 31 past the hour.

Plus, casting the Anna Nicole movie.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s got sex, it`s got drugs, it`s got death. It`s got babies. It`s got more fathers than are on Mt. Rushmore.


ANDERSON: And a saga already playing out like a movie and now there`s going to be one. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has some ideas about the casting. See if you agree with our choices, straight ahead.

HAMMER: Plus an Angelina adoption update. We`re going to tell you what`s going on in Vietnam today, as the Jolie/Pitt family get ready to --


ANDERSON: It`s probably a safe bet that Angelina Jolie is doing a lot of paper work today. Jolie arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam with her new adopted son Pax, and is working on all the procedures that will let her bring him to the United States. Jolie adopted Pax last week at a Vietnamese orphanage. Now she has to meet with officials from the U.S. embassy to get a visa for her new three-year-old son. Pax`s new big brother, five-year- old Maddox, went to Vietnam with his mom. A Vietnamese newspaper quoted Jolie as saying that she has always wanted to adopt children, ever since she was young.

HAMMER: Other celebrity mommy news, Tori Spelling says, quote, mommy- hood rocks. Spelling, and her husband Dean McDermot, welcomed their very first child together, a baby boy name Liam last week. Now Tori is a first- time mom, but somehow she`s found the time to blog about her new baby on her MySpace page already. On it, she gushes about what she calls her, quote, angel baby. And she goes on to say, quote, "I might be a biased mommy, but he is so beautiful. I just stare at him in amazement. I can`t believe I have been given this unbelievable little gift. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world."

ANDERSON: Good for her. Happy for her. A.J., do you remember when Lindsay Lohan got in trouble with a movie producer for partying during filming? How could you forget, right? Well, that movie`s coming out soon. It stars Lindsay and Jane Fonda as her grandmother. And we`re going to have your first look at "Georgia Rules," just ahead. Also this --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m telling you, a screen writer wouldn`t dare put this in, because nobody would believe it, and that`s what makes it such a great story.


HAMMER: We`ve all been watching the whole Anna Nicole Smith saga already playing out like a movie in a big way. Now there`s going to be one. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT already has some ideas about the casting. See if you agree with our choices. That`s coming up in just a bit.

ANDERSON: And Anna Nicole`s secret diaries. Explosive new details from Anna`s diaries about everything from her relationship with her mother, Virgie Arthur, to her billionaire husband. That`s coming up. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Monday night is coming right back. Stay with us.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I am Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And you are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Now, Brooke, I know you were just on vacation. And welcome back from vacation. Good to have you here.

ANDERSON: Thank you.

HAMMER: Did you happen to catch "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend though?

ANDERSON: You know what? I caught a clip on YouTube of what I think you`re talking about.

HAMMER: (INAUDIBLE). Well, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the host. She was very funny, great monologue. In it, she takes a wicked shot at the media, and of course, our favorite pantyless partiers, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. It`s really funny and absolutely worth seeing. We`ve got that coming up.

ANDERSON: It is truly outrageous what she does, A.J.

And also, we`ve got news about a possible Anna Nicole Smith movie. And you`re not going to hear about this on any other entertainment news show. And our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff casts our version of the film.


HOWARD BRAGMAN, FIFTEEN MINUTES PUBLIC RELATIONS: And it`s got sex, it`s got drugs, it`s got death, it`s got babies. It`s got more than - than are on Mount Rushmore.


ANDERSON: Yes, it does. And you`re not going to believe who we came up with for this movie. Let me tell you, our morning meetings got really ugly arguing over this one.

HAMMER: Oh, morning meetings are always ugly.

But first tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the secrets of Anna Nicole Smith. Her personal diaries are up for auction tonight on eBay, and they reveal her thoughts on sex, shocking revelations about her partying with her mom and a whole lot more.

The diaries were found in her garbage of all places at the Los Angeles home while she was taping her reality series "The Anna Nicole Show" there a few years back.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, Thomas Riccio of Universal Rarities auction house. He is selling Anna Nicole`s stuff on eBay.

Thomas, I appreciate you joining us tonight.


HAMMER: I`m well.

So these diaries I know were written between 19 - or written in 1992 and in 1994. Of course, we all know Anna Nicole was a Playboy Playmate. She was known for being a sex symbol, Thomas.

Yet in these diaries - I was reading in the description - she writes about hating sex. What did she say?

RICCIO: Yes. I mean, the diaries start out in the beginning of `92, right when she was starting her career. And she - she - she had a lot of men gravitating towards her, including Paul Marciano. And it seems like everybody wanted something from her, sex and - and she got frustrated. And she blatantly just said, `Why do men all want sex? I can`t stand sex.`

Except for there was one particular boyfriend that she loved having sex with. But she gave him the boot, too.

HAMMER: So she didn`t like having sex. Paul Marciano, by the way, the - the man you mentioned, was the guy who ran Guess? jeans and - and basically started her off on her road to fame.

And the funny thing is, she writes about hating sex, but here we are today trying to figure out who is the father of this baby, because so many men have claimed that she`s - they slept with Anna Nicole.

Doesn`t that kind of strike you as ironic?

RICCIO: Right. And these - these - these - these diaries talk about who the father is of - of a pregnancy scare she had back then.

There`s so many things in these diaries, it`s pretty amazing. And I want to let you guys know, the diary is up for sale on an auction block,, with eBay live. It - it goes up on the block Thursday at approximately 11 a.m. Pacific time. And it`s being sponsored by

HAMMER: And - and you have - you actually have the physical diary with you there?

RICCIO: I do. I do. I have the diary right (INAUDIBLE)

HAMMER: Let me see that.

RICCIO: There - there`s - it`s - it`s amazing all the things that she discusses.

HAMMER: Well - well, while you`re holding it up, let - let`s talk specifically about one of the things that I just found fascinating. Because she - she writes about her mom, Virgie Arthur in here.

Now of course, we all know Virgie, as things have unfolded in the last few months, as being estranged from Anna Nicole, and - and she`s fighting for the custody of baby Dannielynn as well.

What did Anna write in that diary about actually partying with her mom, which I find kind of hard to believe?

RICCIO: From - from doing some research and reading these diaries, it - it - it`s apparent that Anna Nicole - her feelings change on people, literally, from day to day. And at the point of writing these diaries, she was sort of like best buddies with Virgie. And she was partying with her, drinking, getting drunk with her.

But like I said, even with boyfriends and people she loves, it - she can love one day, and just run them out of their - her life the next day. And that happens over and over, with almost every character she - with the exception of her son, Daniel. She - she - undying love for him.

But I mean, that includes anybody else in her life, including J. Howard Marshall. She was annoyed with - with - with him calling 20 times a day. And on the next page, she - she loves him for, you know, taking her and her son out to dinner, and buying her $17,000 watches.

HAMMER: And obviously, Tom, she writes candidly about herself, because she doesn`t think anybody`s going to be reading her diaries.

Now of course, she was a sex symbol, as we all know. But she did battle with her weight.

What does she reveal in her diaries about the insecurities that she dealt with with her weight. Something about going to a fat camp?

RICCIO: Well, at the time - and this is what she looked like at the time - she was one of the most beautiful women in the world. This is her personal driver`s license and her Texas ID. She was one of the most gorgeous women in the world at the time.

But you`re right, she had a weight issue. She - she was taking Xantrex (ph), and she - she was taking all kinds of pills. And she was very concerned about her weight, saying that she was fat. And she was - she was in perfect shape at that point. And she wanted to go to a fat farm. It`s pretty amazing.

HAMMER: And - and you mentioned the drugs that she was taking to perhaps try to keep some weight off. And as we sit here, still trying to find out what the heck killed Anna Nicole, there`s always been speculation about this woman and her drug use over the years.

What do her diaries reveal about any pill-popping that she may have been doing in the past, and - and reminding everybody, this was 1992 and `94. What was she talking about as far as drug use back then?

RICCIO: It seems like this was the very beginning of everything for her. The diaries start out with her trying to, you know, get started in the career. Then, of course, she meets Paul Marciano of Guess?

Then she becomes, you know, a paid playmate - playmate. Then she becomes Playmate of the Year. And then she just becomes the biggest model in the world. And, you know, it - in between, she - she has a lot of insecurities. She has a lot of men coming her way. She`s - she`s - she`s taking all kinds of pills, almost.


HAMMER: What kind of pills was she talking about in the diaries?

RICCIO: She mentions Xandrex (ph) by name. And she - you can see here on one of the pages, she - she - and she - she mentions sleeping pills almost every page. Right here (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: So - so - so there`s information there to lead us to believe this was something that was she was dealing with, you know, even 15 years ago, at this point.

RICCIO: I think the beginning of it all was right around this time. And she - it just got - it just - like any other person that abuses things, it - it seemed to excel to the point of where she ended up, unfortunately.

HAMMER: Well, Thomas, it`s all very fascinating, and we`re - we`re still taking up our collection. I don`t know if we`re going to come up with the 25 grand for here.

RICCIO: Twenty-five - the estimated value is 500,000 to a million.

HAMMER: That is unbelievable, and it`s going to be fascinating.

RICCIO: Per diary.

HAMMER: .to see what it gets.

Thomas Riccio, I appreciate you joining us, telling us all about the Anna Nicole diary auction, which will be ending, as Thomas said, this Thursday on eBay.

ANDERSON: All right. Much more on the ever-changing, shocking Anna Nicole Smith saga.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned stunning details about an Anna Nicole Smith movie - and this is something you`re not going to hear about on any other entertainment news show. Plus, our own controversial cast picks. That`s coming at 44 past the hour.

HAMMER: Well, we got some great ideas, too.

And we`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day": "Anna Nicole Smith Case: Are there any heroes in the story?"

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ANDERSON: In tonight`s "SHWOBIZ Showcase," "Georgia Rule." Now this was the rule Lindsay Lohan was shooting last summer when she got totally chewed out by the head of the production company. She was showing up late to the set, claiming exhaustion. But the executive didn`t buy it, and ripped into her publicly, saying she better cut out her partying and get her act together, or else.

Anyway, here`s your first look at "George Rule," which stars Lohan as an out-of-control girl - yes, we`re not kidding about that - as well as Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda.

Here you go.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ain`t no quitting.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Quitting. Did you hear me say quitting?

JANE FONDA, ACTRESS: Where is my granddaughter?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She bolted from the car.

FONDA: How`s she going to find me?


FONDA: She`s only been here once in her life.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s easy to find.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just listen for a scream.


ANNOUNCER: Georgia has always made the rules.


FONDA: You do not take the Lord`s name in vain.

ANNOUNCER: Lilly`s (ph) always been burned by them.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I signed a prenuptial.

FONDA: Go with this one.

ANNOUNCER: And Rachel`s (ph) always broken them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just how disturbed are you?

LOHAN: I prefer unique.

ANNOUNCER: But for one summer.

LOHAN: You don`t look evil.

FONDA: Makeup helps.

ANNOUNCER: .they`re all living under one roof, and one rule.

FONDA: We eat six.


FONDA: Wash your dishes.


FONDA: I got your job.

One more rule: you live here, you work.

LOHAN: No wonder mom hates you.

ANNOUNCER: Now, a little town in Idaho.

LOHAN: Hi. I`m here to tell you that I won`t be working here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re Lilly`s daughter? I used to date your mother.

ANNOUNCER: .will never be the same.

LOHAN: Banished for the summer in Idaho. Stupid California (INAUDIBLE).


LOHAN: I`m trying to help you.


FONDA: No fighting.


LOHAN: Get him off of me. I didn`t start it!


FONDA: She was raised in California.

ANNOUNCER: From Universal Pictures and the director of "The Princess Diaries" and "Pretty Woman," comes a story about what tears us apart.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There was a time you would`ve dragged me by my hair out of here for drinking.

FONDA: I`m too old. So`s your hair.

ANNOUNCER: ..what brings us back together.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you ever think of us?




LOHAN: Thank you.

ANNOUNCER: .and the connection that makes us family.

FONDA: What do you think the rules are? Why would I waste my time on somebody that I didn`t care about?


ANNOUNCER: Academy Award-winner Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan and Felicity Huffman.


LOHAN: If you call me a name ever again, I will find all of your boyfriends, and I will - (INAUDIBLE) stupid.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Miss Randall (ph), I`m in love with your granddaughter.

ANNOUNCER: "Georgia Rule."



ANDERSON: You can decide for yourself if "Georgia Rule" will rule when it hits theaters in May.

HAMMER: So Brooke, speaking of Georgia - of course, you remember the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard." It was one of my favorite shows back in the day, of course.

ANDERSON: I remember Boss Hogg, the General Lee, cute Bo and Luke Duke - oh, yes.

HAMMER: Hey, don`t forget Cooter.

Tonight, some are calling this fun, family show "racist." I don`t think Boss Hogg ever suggested that. That`s coming up.

ANDERSON: Oh boy, A.J.

Also, "Seinfeld" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Elaine - well, she`s taking on Britney Spears and her panytless partying. That`s straight ahead.

Also this:


BRAGMAN: I`m telling you, a screenwriter wouldn`t dare put this in, because nobody would believe this. And that`s what makes it such a great story.


HAMMER: As tragic as this Anna Nicole Smith stuff is, Hollywood couldn`t have written a more shocking script. Coming up, stunning news about an Anna Nicole movie.

Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with our own controversial cast picks.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 3, 2 - and dissolve right. Cue him (ph).

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Monday night. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

So "The Dukes of Hazzard," truly one of my favorite shows back in the day - well now, John Schneider and Tom Wopat, who were Bo and Luke Duke, are both with music careers these days. But get this: Schneider says the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra actually canceled a Dukes-themed concert with them because some people think of "The Dukes of Hazzard" as a racist show. Racist and offensive. They don`t like what the Confederate flag stands for, especially slavery.


All right. Stunning news now about Anna Nicole Smith that you won`t hear on any other entertainment news show. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that CNN has exclusively learned that an Anna Nicole Smith film is already in the works. The producer of the movie, Jack Nasser (ph), is quickly trying to cast Anna`s role. He says the movie could be out as early as June, either in theaters or on television. Nasser insists it will focus on the positive about Anna Nicole Smith, not the - quote - "trash" - and her cover her life as a teenager right up through her death.

HAMMER: All right. Well right now, we are going to help out Jack Nasser and all of the Hollywood producers who you can bet are going to make other movies about Anna Nicole Smith.

Save your money on casting directors, and check out our controversial list, as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT now casts "Anna Nicole Smith: The Movie."


HAMMER (voice-over): SHOWBIZ TONIGHT presents: "The Anna Nicole Movie."

Not that movie. We`re talking about another Texas tale, one with movers and shakers, the baby daddies, and the wanton money seekers - the mother, a prince - no, the other prince. And of course, the wacky judge. A soap opera in the making.

BRAGMAN: Absolutely. It`s got everything. It`s got sex. It`s got drugs. It`s got death. It`s got babies. It`s got more fathers than - than are on Mount Rushmore. I mean, it`s got everything that TV producers love.

HAMMER: So let`s get started casting, beginning with Anna Nicole Smith. So many choices for the former Playboy Playmate. But let`s face it; this is likely going to be a made-for-TV movie.

BRAGMAN: I don`t think actors are salivating for the Anna Nicole role. TV movies don`t have the same cache that theatrical movies do.

There`s always actors out there. Come on, there`s always great people for us to cast in this.

HAMMER: People like porn star Jenna Jameson. She`s got the look. And isn`t it the dream of every porn star to become a legitimate actor?

RACHEL SYME, WRITER, RADAR ONLINE: More actresses that want to stretch themselves, but also would be comfortable playing someone who is a Playbody model.

HAMMER: So let`s pick a former Playboy model: Jenny McCarthy. She has the oomph, the acting skills and the humor. There has to be some humor in this thing.

SYME: We interviewed some top casting directors in New York and L.A. about this very question. And the person that they kept coming back to was Jenny McCarthy. Because she looks a little like Anna Nicole, and also she`s kind of an outrageous personality.

HAMMER: So what about Anna Nicole lover and lawyer Howard K. Stern, the man some see as a villain, should be played by a "friend" - namely, David Schwimmer.

SYME: Well, he certainly has the hair for it. And kind of the jaw line. I think he would be good, actually. He`s looking for work, I bet.

HAMMER: For Stern`s nemesis, Larry Birkhead, it`s hands down, one guy: love him or hate him, he`s already got experience in another famous drama.

BRAGMAN: For Larry, it`s Kato Kaelin. This is another guy looking for his 15 minutes. He`s got the Kato hair already.

SYME: I think that`s actually genius.

HAMMER: And playing the role of Anna Nicole`s son, Daniel? Well, how about another Daniel? The star of "Harry Potter."

BRAGMAN: I`m seeing Daniel Radcliffe playing her son Daniel. He`s already got the name. He needs a role where he can wear clothes, after his little stint on the naked theater in London.

HAMMER: And someone`s going to have to play Daniel`s grandmother and estranged mother to Anna Nicole, Virgie Arthur. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT says it`s got to be Roseanne Barr.

After all, she`s already played the matriarch of a dysfunctional family on TV.

SYME: I think that she would bring something comic to the role. And I think Virgie Arthur, unfortunately, has become kind of a comic character.

HAMMER: And what TV movie slash soap opera dram would be complete without a prince in the picture?

Again, not that prince. Yes, that prince.

BRAGMAN: Zsa Zsa Gabor`s husband, Frederic - I see him playing himself. I mean, the guy is clearly, clearly looking for his moment in the sun. And why shouldn`t we give him a few more minutes on tape?

SYME: He`s kind of a crazy character, so you`d really need to get someone old and slightly senile-looking to play him.

I don`t know. If he`s looking for as much publicity as he is, which he seems to, coming out as the father, he might be willing to do it.

HAMMER: And of course, we can`t forget Judge Larry Seidlin, the wisecracking, sometimes crying ringmaster of the court battle over Anna Nicole`s body.

LARRY SEIDLIN, JUDGE IN ANNA NICOLE SMITH CASE: I`m not releasing her. The body - this body belongs to me now. I`m not releasing the body.

HAMMER: OK, judge. We get your point. And you look just like "Seinfeld" creator Larry David. He had a show about nothing, so why not a movie about something?

SYME: It needs to be someone who`s a comedian, I think. Because Judge Larry Seidlin was just so funny. I think (INAUDIBLE)

HAMMER: OK, so we got our cast. But who`s going to write the movie?

Writer? Who needs a writer?

BRAGMAN: No, this one`s writing itself. That`s the beauty; there`s another transcripts, and there`s - I`m telling you, a screenwriter wouldn`t dare put this in, because nobody would believe this. And that`s what makes it such a great story.

SYME: You can`t make this stuff up.


HAMMER: I kind of like Danny DeVito for the wacky judge, right? Yes, like I said, they can`t make this stuff up.

ANDERSON: I like Danny DeVito, too, A.J.

OK, if you were out on Saturday night and you missed "SNL," you`re going to want to stay put. You do not want to miss this really, really funny clip from the show. "Seinfeld" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Elaine - she takes on the media, Britney Spears and her pantyless partying on "SNL." That is next.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is back right after this.


HAMMER: Well, if we`ve done our math correctly - and I believe we have - sometime later this week will mark 30 days since Britney Spears entered rehab. Now, we don`t know if she`s actually getting out at that time.

But as we`ve told you, Britney`s fans have been flooding Spears` Web site with all kinds of e-mails really supporting here.

Scooter in Texas wrote something for the Web site: "You`re in my prayers. And I know that you come out on the other side of this a deeper artist, a more caring mother and a stronger person overall."

ANDERSON: Well, "SNL" had some fun with Britney Spears this weekend. I was cracking up; you`re going to crack up when you see this absolutely hysterical "Saturday Night Live" clip.

Former "Seinfeld" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Elaine - was hosting, and she`s pretty angry at the media, because she thinks they blow everything out of proportion when it comes to stars screwing up.


JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS, COMEDIAN: You know, the media is everywhere. And they really want to make celebrities look bad. And celebrities are good people. Literally, every single one of them.

But now, I`m living my life under a microscope. So ladies and gentlemen, please don`t believe everything you see. Because the media likes nothing more than distorting an innocent event, until they make me, a person whom you know and love, look bad.

Even coming here tonight, the vultures were out in force. They really can`t wait to turn every move that I made into something ugly.





LOUIS-DREYFUS: You know what? I`m going to tell you something: it really is good to watch that, because you realize, it`s just - it`s not as bad as people say.


ANDERSON: Ah, that leg show (ph), of course, was a knock at the Britneys, the Parises and their late-night pantyless partying.

HAMMER: OK. Let`s just see what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Tomorrow, "The First Wives` Club," hot Hollywood edition, as some former - some of the former spouses of the biggest stars feel and deal with seeing their men with new women. Can`t be easy. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT pries into the lives of first wives to the stars, tomorrow.

Also, I`ll be going one on one with Leeza Gibbons. She has a lot to day about Hollywood`s obsession with body image and age, as she turns 50, which is hard to believe. She`s also on "Dancing With the Stars." Leeza Gibbons joins me tomorrow.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Have a great night.

"GLENN BECK" is next, right after the latest headlines from CNN Headline News. Take care.


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