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Ed McMahon Has Some Advice for Britney Spears and Rest of Brat Pack; Brand New Pictures of Brad and Angelina`s Baby

Aired December 13, 2006 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: Ed McMahon has some advice for Britney Spears and the rest of the Brat Pack. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: And brand new pictures of Brad and Angelina`s baby Shiloh. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: Tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive in the Anna Nicole Smith daddy drama. Dramatic new twists and turns in the ugly battle to prove who is really the father of Anna Nicole`s baby. Tonight, the fired-up attorney at the center of the fight right here, the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

The comeback kids of 2006, the stars that fell and got back up.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No matter how, sort of, far you`ve fallen, the public will give you another chance.


HAMMER: Tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report on the biggest and most startling celebrity rebounds of the year. And listen up, Britney and Whitney, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has advice that you better listen to, or else.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Hi there everyone, I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And wait until you hear what Paris Hilton is saying about charges her partying partner Britney Spears is a bad parent. That`s coming up shortly.

HAMMER: But first tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, one on one with Debra Opri, the attorney who has made it her mission to prove her client is really the father of Anna Nicole Smith`s baby. And today was another strange day indeed, as the often bizarre fight over Anna Nicole`s baby headed to court.

I`ll be speaking with Opri in just a moment, but first, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT you brings up to speed on the Anna Nicole daddy drama.


HAMMER (voice-over): Behind closed doors, lawyers for Anna Nicole and Larry Birkhead went before a judge, asking for a decision whether a paternity test should be ordered on Smith`s 3-month-old daughter Danni Lynn. No one, except Birkhead and the lawyers, were allowed into the hearing. No one was allowed to find out the answer. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was there, and can bring you this, Birkhead attorney Debra Opri`s intriguing statement to the press.

DEBRA OPRI, ATTORNEY FOR LARRY BIRKHEAD: I really believe that it`s an early Christmas for Larry.

HAMMER: It`s the case of who is this baby`s daddy. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT takes you back to the beginning of the story, on September 7th in the Bahamas, when Anna Nicole gave birth to Danni Lynn with lawyer and good friend Howard K. Stern by her side. Three days later, in a mystery that remains unsolved, Anna Nicole`s son Danny, dies in that same Bohemian hospital.

As circumstances surrounding her son`s death spiral out of control, with talk of multiple drugs in his system, Anna Nicole is dealt another bombshell. Her ex-boyfriend, photographer Larry Birkhead, files a lawsuit to prove that baby Danni Lynn is, in fact, his daughter and not Howard K. Stern`s. His lawyer issued this challenge to Anna Nicole --

OPRI: Anna Nicole Smith knows that it is Larry Birkhead, and not Howard K. Stern, with whom she conceived the child.

HAMMER: Stern, as you`ll see here on CNN`s Larry King, disputed this.

LARRY KING, CNN ANCHOR: Are you the father?


HAMMER: And this the beginning of the dueling daddy feud. So who`s listed as the father of baby Danni Lynn on that birth certificate? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, it`s listed as Howard K. Stern. As for Birkhead, he says the fight`s not over. On his website right now, with a picture comparing himself with Danni Lynn, he writes, quote, I haven`t given up hope that I will soon see my baby daughter.


HAMMER: Joining me tonight from Hollywood in a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, Larry Birkhead`s attorney, Debra Opri. Good to have you back on the show, Debra.

OPRI: Hi, A.J., how are you?

HAMMER: I am well. So after the hearing today, you came out with a big smile on your face. We just heard that sound byte of you saying you really think it`s an early Christmas for Larry. Why do you think things are looking so up for Larry Birkhead right now?

OPRI: Because I was in the courtroom, A.J., and what I heard and what my understanding of the comments by the judge was that he`s going to issue a written ruling. And I think it`s going to favor my client. And I want to tell all you folks out there, Larry Birkhead is an incredible human being. He wants to be the father of that child. He loves that child, and he will fight to the end of his days to be with that child. And we started on October 2nd with the filing. Today is December 13th. And we`ve had an incredible, incredible journey. And we`re almost there, and then we move on to enforce that ruling.

HAMMER: You got to admit though, Debra, regardless of whatever took place in that courtroom today, the whole saga with Anna Nicole Smith and the baby and everything that`s gone on has been kind of strange at times. I`m curious to get your take on all the craziness that`s surrounded what`s really been a wild and bizarre story. What do you make of it?

OPRI: It`s not easy being a celebrity attorney, and Larry Birkhead, in his own right, is a celebrity attorney, because Anna, whether she ever intended it or not, has made him such. And it`s not an easy cross that he bears. Representing Larry and the arguments and the motions and the fight we have, you know, engaged in, it`s never been known to me before to fight for something so blatantly simplistic. Anna Nicole, very simply, should be giving this test without the multitude of motions and fights. I mean, she`s gone into court saying, I wasn`t served. The judge disagreed in his rulings.

She`s saying you don`t have jurisdiction. And the judge disagreed in his rulings. And she`s saying you don`t have any jurisdiction to order a paternity test, and the judge has disagreed in his rulings. And they are going to appeal it. And the court of appeals will weigh in. And the paternity ruling will come down, and I believe it will be favorable to Larry. I believe it will be a wonderful Christmas, and yet very sad, because he won`t be with his daughter. Now Larry has maintained contact up until, and perhaps beyond, with the mother. And people don`t understand why she is doing what she`s doing. And I don`t think she`s making her own decisions. And time will show us that perhaps even she is a victim of this situation.

HAMMER: Well you bring up a good point, because Anna Nicole Smith really has not been cooperative with you guys before in the situation. Whether its of her own volition or because of the influence of her partner and the guy who claims that he is also the father of the child, Howard K. Stern. They`re still holed up in the Bahamas. Who knows even if this paternity order is given, if she`ll actually cooperate or refuse? What kind of recourse do you have if she says all right, so there`s an order, but I`m not going to do it anyway.

OPRI: We have the full recourse of the U.S. laws and the rulings and orders will be enforced, to the point where if there`s going to be a contempt hearing, there will be. If she ignores that, there are other avenues to take. But ultimately we will prevail. And let me be very clear, I am an attorney. And I know what I`m doing. And Anna Nicole has attorneys, and I`m sure they are advising her. And whether the advice she is receiving is good advice or bad advice, we have a system of laws. And she will, as a U.S. citizen, she is not a citizen of the Bahamas. Her daughter is not a citizen of the Bahamas. They are U.S. citizens and she will abide by the laws, because that`s the way it`s done in the U.S. and they can dance around and do all they want. But I`ll speak directly to Anna. And I`ll say Anna, you know, dance all you want, but you have to pay the piper. And she will.

HAMMER: Debra real quickly, before we go, you do seem very confident about all of this. When do you think this could all go down?

OPRI: I`m expecting a ruling favorable to Larry any day now. I`m expecting the court of appeals to be Anna`s next avenue of recourse. The court of appeals will weigh in. I think it will be favorable to us. And then we will go off within a matter of a month or so and enforce that order.

HAMMER: Debra Opri, thanks for joining us in the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. I appreciate it.

OPRI: My pleasure.

ANDERSON: Paris Hilton is reportedly fighting for Britney Spear`s right to party. And in the process she has taught us a new concept, partying ethics. Britney has been out on the town, as you know, with Paris since dumping Kevin Federline. And some people have lashed out, accusing Britney of being a bad parent. Well, Paris isn`t having it. She says Brit`s partying has not gotten in the way of her parenting. She elaborates, quote, for people to call out her parenting skills on behalf of her partying ethics is appalling. Did you get that, partying ethics? She goes on to say, Britney loves her kids to death, and I know for a fact that it truly hurts her when she sees these cruel things being written about her.

We`re just going to file this one under the pot calling the kettle on her blackberry. And later, some advice for Britney from someone a bit older and wiser. Ed McMahon first met Britney on "Star Search." Wait until you hear what he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about Britney`s recent antics. That`s going to be coming up at 31 minutes past the hour.

HAMMER: So Brooke, Brad and Angelina`s baby made this year`s Jib Jab year in review. It is so funny. So we`re going to have that coming up in just a few moments. Plus the new pictures of beautiful baby Shiloh. And I had the chance to speak with Ed McMahon today. Needed to get a little advice for a star from Ed. Got his take on former "Star Search" contestant Brittany Spears and her party pals.


ED MCMAHON, "STAR SEARCH": I`d like to see the Brat Pack pay a little more attention to their real lives and not cause any trouble on the scene.


ANDERSON: Britney, listen to Ed McMahon. And you also could take a page from Mel Gibson and Kate Moss`s play book. Coming up, the biggest rebounds of the year, and how they bounced back from scandal.

First, tonight`s Entertainment Weekly great American pop culture quiz. Which 1980s punk played Monica`s somewhat older boyfriend on "Friends," Tom Selleck, Don Johnson, Patrick Duffy or Ted Danson? Think about it. We`re coming right back.


ANDERSON: So again, tonight`s Entertainment Weekly great American pop culture quiz. Which 1980s hunk played Monica`s somewhat older boyfriend on "Friends," Tom Selleck, Don Johnson, Patrick Duffy or Ted Danson? I thought these two were so cute together? The answer is A, Tom Selleck.

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You know what time it is? Time now for a story that made us say, that`s ridiculous. Look at these pictures. In Maine a guy spent weeks putting together this Christmas display at his house. He decked the halls with, are you ready for this, 100,000 lights. Nice, then he got nearly decked himself. It turns out so many people kept driving by to show up and see his wondrous display that people were starting to get pretty aggressive. So he had to shut the whole thing off, just temporarily. Don`t panic. It`s back on now if you are on your way to Maine. But still we have to say, that many lights and threats of violence over a Christmas display, now that`s ridiculous.

Well is one of the funniest websites going. And it really takes jabs, basically, at the biggest politicians and all things that are going on in the news. Well, right now in the SHOWBIZ showcase we have your very first look at the Jib Jab crew`s brand-new review of 2006. I want to make sure I get this right. Yes, it`s called Nuckin Futs. I don`t want to mess that one up. To get you into the holiday spirit, it happens to be to the tune of Jingle Bells. So feel free to hum along, bob your head, snap your fingers, and take a look at this




HAMMER: It`s pretty funny. It`s kind of scary stuff. The Jib Jab guys have been at it for seven years, so, of course, you can bet they will have plenty more to talk about in 2007.

ANDERSON: Sums a lot of it up there. Tonight we are learning more than ever before about the very private life of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. And it`s absolutely fascinating. Take a look at this rare picture. It`s Shiloh, the famous baby of Brad and Angelina, in her first public photo since her return from Namibia, the African country where she was born. The blonde haired, blue eyed girl is part of a Jolie-Pitt family album shot exclusively for "People Magazine."

With me tonight in Hollywood is "People Magazine`s" Alexis Chiu. Alexis, thanks for being here.

ALEXIS CHIU, "PEOPLE MAGAZINE": Thanks for having me.

ANDERSON: All right, Brad and Angelina now letting us into their lives more than ever. Angelina was very candid to "People" about each of their personalities. What did you guys learn about, well, how this family ticks, basically?

CHIU: We learned a lot from Angelina. The number one thing, I think, that people are talking about is Angelina revealed that in the family, she is more of the disciplinarian, and Brad is more of the softy.

ANDERSON: And she also talked about Maddox and Zahara, didn`t she, and their personalities?

CHIU: She did. She gave us insight into the personalities. We see pictures of these kids, you know, to some degree the paparazzi shots and now our exclusive pictures. But we don`t really get to know what they are like until now. Angelina revealed that Maddox is very smart and sort of a calm, serene demeanor. And Zahara, she said, is sort of the wild one. She has got a real personality. She`s creative. She`s loud. And she`s charming. And Angelina told us that Zahara is the funniest person she`s ever met. And Shiloh, I think, we have yet to see how her personality shapes up, but she`s clearly adored by her big brother and her big sister.

ANDERSON: She is angelic, as they all are. And the big question everybody`s been asking, Alexis, are they ever going to tie the knot? What did Angelina tell "People Magazine?"

CHIU: Well, Angelina told us that for now the answer remains no. She didn`t shed much more light than that. But right now they have got a lot of other priorities besides, you know, putting rings on their fingers. As she points out, they`ve both been married before. And what is important now, she says, is that they are tied to their children forever. That being tied to each other legally is not as important as their bond to their family, which obviously is their number one priority.

ANDERSON: Well clearly everybody is fascinated with this. Let me just show you the results from our question of the day, what we`ve been asking viewers about Brad and Angelina. And it`s, do you admire them as a couple? Alexis, an overwhelming 72 percent of people said they do not admire Brad and Angelina as a couple. Does that surprise you?

CHIU: That actually does surprise me. I have to admit. I think a lot of our readers tend to say that they love them as a couple and they are the sort of prototype of the modern diverse family. I think maybe your viewers, if I were to venture a guess, might be responding to the way in which their relationship started, which obviously, he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. But that`s something the couple themselves don`t really dwell on. They are obviously a super happy family unit. And that does surprise me a little bit, though.

ANDERSON: Yes, they`ve never admitted to an affair. And, you know, the couple adopted Maddox from Cambodia, Zahara from Ethiopia. They are really making sure that their children remember their roots, aren`t they?

CHIU: That is really, really important to the both of them. To that end, Brad and Angelina have started a foundation in Cambodia, which, as you said, is Maddox`s native country. And it does stuff with resources and conservation and development. And they are also trying to figure out what exactly they want to do in Ethiopia. They know they definitely want to start a similar kind of charitable relief organization. And because Zahara is such a creative woman of the arts at such a young age, they are thinking that might be the way to go. Maybe through arts and writing.

ANDERSON: They are very charitable people. Alexis Chiu, thank you so much for sharing the interview with us.

CHIU: Thank you.

ANDERSON: "People`s" Best and Worst of 2006 issue hits newsstands on Friday.

HAMMER: We want to take one more time at the results from last night`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. We were asking, Brad and Angelina, do you admire them as a couple? We did get an overwhelming number of votes. I`m a little surprised by this, I`ve got to say, with only 28 percent of you saying yes, 72 percent of you saying no, you don`t admire them as a couple. Come on, some of the e-mails we got, one from Alissa in Texas. She writes, "I think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a big joke. I`ll never pay to see anymore of their movies again."

Jennifer in Chicago writes, "Angelina and Brad should be celebrated for taking their fame and fortune and putting it to good use." Keep voting at TONIGHT, or e-mail us at You can also send us a video e-mail. We`re the only entertainment news show letting you do that. Look into your video camera. Use a webcam, if you got one. Give us a piece of your mind through video e-mail. Simple to do, go to the website, That`s where we teach you how to do it. Send your video e-mails to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

So Brooke, do you remember Danny Devito`s appearance on the "View?"

ANDERSON: How could I forgot?

HAMMER: Well, he`s apologized, as we all know. But now, tonight, he`s singing a different tune about it. We`re going to find out what he`s saying now and that`s coming up.

ANDERSON: His story has changed, very interesting. And while we are on the topic of public relations disasters, A.J., you know, there have been some really stunning rebounds this year, from Mel Gibson to Kate Moss. We are going to take a look at the comeback kids of 2006. And we are also going to have some advice for Britney Spears on how she can also make a comeback.


MCMAHON: To get it back on track, don`t get off on that sidetrack too long.


HAMMER: That`s right, none other than Ed McMahon telling me how Britney Spears should work on getting her "Star Search" shine back. He`s coming up in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ANDERSON: Some sad news tonight, actor Peter Boyle has died in a New York hospital from heart disease and cancer. Boyle was best known for his roles as Frank Barone in "Everybody Loves Raymond," and as a tap-dancing monster in Mel Brooks` movie "Young Frankenstein." Something you might not have known, John Lennon was the best man at Boyle`s wedding in 1977. The two met through Boyle`s wife, who was friends with Yoko Ono. Boyle appeared in dozens of films, including "Taxi "Driver, and "Monster`s Ball," and he won an Emmy in 1996 for guest starring in an episode of "The X Files." In a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Ray Romano called Boyle a friend and mentor, compassionate and thoughtful. Peter Boyle was 71-years- old.

HAMMER: Well Mel Gibson has certainly had some year. From a mug shot to the top spot at the box office. Coming up, we`ve got the biggest comebacks of the year. And, hey Britney Spears, you might want to listen up, because we have some advice on how you can do it too.


MCMAHON: I`d like to see the Brat Pack pay a little more attention to their real lives and not cause any trouble on the scene.


HAMMER: Ed McMahon with a little sage advice for Britney and her party pals. What he had to say, coming your way.

ANDERSON: And A.J., we better start saving our pennies if we want Britney`s ex, K-Fed, to come to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Christmas party and hang out under the mistletoe. I don`t want to hang out with him under the mistletoe, but some people might, because you`re never going to believe what K-Fed is charging to go to a party. That`s coming up. Stay with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for this Wednesday night.



Guests: Ed McMahon, Daphne Brogdon, Leslie Lipton

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Wednesday night. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I am Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Still to come tonight, Brooke, the most shocking celebrity comebacks. It`s the comeback kids of 2006. When you think of that category - oh, Mel Gibson immediately comes to mind. From scandal to No. 1 at the box office.

ANDERSON: Can you believe it?

HAMMER: We - you think of Kate Moss. From scandal to something like $30 million a year. Unbelievable. We`re going to run them down for you, and it is fascinating. That`s coming up in a few.

ANDERSON: Also, A.J., you`re not going to believe what Danny DeVito is saying now about his recent appearance on "The View" - you know, the one where he was unsteady on his feet.

HAMMER: Right.

ANDERSON: You know, sat in Rosie O`Donnell`s lap. Well now he`s telling a different story about why he acted so drunk.

HAMMER: It`s amazing.

ANDERSON: We`ve got that coming up.

HAMMER: Amazing that people are still talking about this.

But first tonight, pantyless partier Britney Spears, listen up. Because tonight, a true Hollywood legend - a guy who knew you way back when - has some very good advice for you. "Tonight Show" sidekick Ed McMahon actually helped give Brit her start 14 years ago on a very popular TV talent show that he hosted. You remember "Star Search," of course.

Well, I had a terrific chat with Ed, and he has a very important message for Britney, a mom of two, who`s been in the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons - for her no-under-wear-late-night wild partying. And I also asked Ed how he remembers Britney and stars like Rosie O`Donnell from before they were famous.


ED MCMAHON, "THE 100 GREATEST TV QUOTES.": Well, you know, you see the fire. You know, you can see that in a person.

When I saw - you mentioned Rosie O`Donnell. She walked out, and I knew she was going to be a star. She was so self-deprecating. But then you knew she had the fire. If they have that burning desire in their being to become a star, you see that; you recognize that.

Now Britney Spears was like this high when I saw her the first time. But she`s been in the news lately - I - you`ve probably been busy. But anyway, they`ve been mentioning her a fair amount.


MCMAHON: But, you know, I - I get to see all these people, and it`s wonderful. I feel like a godfather of all these people.

HAMMER: Well, let`s talk about the fact that Britney has been in - in the news lately, because unfortunately, it hasn`t been real - for real popular reasons. She was 11 when you worked with her on "Star Search." She`s 25 now. She`s going through a public divorce under much public scrutiny. She`s out on the town with the wild partying going on while she has two kids at home.

When you see that going on, Ed, how - how`s it making you feel when - when you see carrying on like this? Is it kind of disturbing to you?

MCMAHON: Well it does disturb me, sure. You know, I`ve got a lot of grandchildren; I`ve got a lot of people to worry about. And I`d like to see the Brat Pack pay a little more attention to their real lives, and not cause any trouble on the scene.

But it does disturb me. But I`m very proud of her. I mean, she is a great talent. And, you know, it`s - we all go through a little disturbances in our life. And she`ll get it straightened out. She`ll pull it all together.

HAMMER: Well, a lot of people are saying it`s just bad advice that she`s been getting. So Ed, you know, with - as a guy who has grandkids and who has been a lot of stars as they`ve first started out and - and have come up through the years, what kind of advice would you give her?

MCMAHON: Well, I would say, you know, get it back on track. Don`t let - don`t get off on that sidetrack too long. Get back on the main event. The main event is your talent, your ability to sell a song, to be a star. So just do that. Be a star; let the other stuff fall to the wayside.

HAMMER: And Britney, of course, as I mentioned, one of the early stars from "Star Search," the show that really originally set the standard, long before anybody ever thought there would be an "American Idol."

But you look at the phenomenon of "American Idol" now. Thirty million people, Ed, a week watching that particular show. I - I`m interested to get your unique perspective on - on what is at the core of why a show like "AI" does so incredibly well.

MCMAHON: Well, I think that first of all, the fact that the audience can vote. We didn`t have that. You know, we had interesting people - judges. We had four judges. Sometimes we`d have five or six judges. But they were industry people, and they decided who the winners were.

So now when you`ve got the audience in America calling in and giving their preferences, and you add that to the judges - you know, if you`ve got experienced judges there who know talent - so when you add those ingredients together, it`s because - become a phenomenon. You know, it`s just - you know, it`s just a - a unique kind of show. And, you know, I watch it, and it`s - it`s quite a - quite an endeavor. It really is wonderful.

HAMMER: And much in the same way "Star Search" was seeing stars establish real solid careers in the aftermath of - of being on those shows.


You know, I - I love to see talent be successful. So any show like that pleases me.

HAMMER: Thousands of great catchphrases on TV over the years. But you`re counting down the 100 greatest on "The 100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrases."

I want to take a look at a little sample right now.


JOHN F. KENNEDY, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

NEIL ARMSTRONG, ASTRONAUT: That`s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now cut that out. Now cut that out!

JIMMIE WALKER, ACTOR: Pure dyn-no-mite!


HAMMER: All right, Ed. Those are all pretty good, but only one can be No. 1.

MCMAHON: How did I get to be No. 1, A.J.? How did that happen?

HAMMER: How did that happen? How did that happen?

Why - why do you think, Ed, "Here`s Johnny!" - in fact, Ed, before we go any further, can I put upon you right now to give us a little - a little taste, a little flavor?

MCMAHON: Are you - are you ready?

HAMMER: Let`s go. Wind it up.

MCMAHON: And now, ladies and gentlemen, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere`s Johnny!"

HAMMER: I`m in the presence of genius, Ed McMahon. I love that.

Why is that No. 1? What do you think?

MCMAHON: I think repetition, they heard it so many times. I think Jack Nicholson doing it in "The Shining," that brought a lot of attention to it. And, you know, over the years, different people have picked up, expanding something near the name. And it`s - you know, it`s become such a - it`s - it`s got a life of - all by itself. Forget about me. I mean, just the phrase itself - you know, I do it all the time. I - if somebody stops me in an airport, they say, Would you mind saying hello to my wife? And I`ll say, what`s her name? And you`ll - he`ll say, Well, it`s Irene. I`ll say, OK. Let me do that. And I grab it and I say, And now, ladies and gentlemen, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere`s Irene! And that makes her day. It`s just a great thing.

HAMMER: See, I love that. And I love that you haven`t run away from it, it hasn`t haunted you. It`s not a bad thing. It`s nothing but a positive thing.

MCMAHON: That`s right, and why not? I mean, I - you know, it`s - it`s a good phrase. It doesn`t hurt anybody. You know, the - they don`t call the police. There was no fire. It`s just wonderful. It`s a "Here`s Johnny!," and away you go.

HAMMER: It - it`s great, Ed. But I - I was a little surprised to see "Don`t have a" - "have a cow, man" not at No. 1. But that`s - that`s just me. That`s - that`s a whole different thing.


MCMAHON: We all have our preferences.

HAMMER: Ed, you know, I`m not going to let you go without giving me a "Here`s A.J." now that I know you`re open to it.

MCMAHON: All right.

And you know, ladies and gentlemen, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere`s A.J.


MCMAHON: I almost lost it. I`m sorry about that, A.J.

But look, put that up on eBay, and you really have something.


HAMMER: I`m going to do that as soon as I go home.

You can catch Ed`s show, "The 100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrases" on TV Land. It`s running for the rest of the week.

ANDERSON: Well, actor Danny DeVito appeared apparently drunk on a recent episode of "The View." Everybody had a field day with him. Headlines of "Danny DeVino," "Danny DeBlotto."





ANDERSON: But now speaking out for the first time about it on CNBNC`s "Conversations With Michael Eisner," Danny says those disses were unfair. His blooper-filled interview wasn`t because he was blitzed. He was just kidding around.


DEVITO: I was a little groggy, and somebody said - well, I said - you know, I think it was the seventh lemoncello that got me. But I was joking. That was a joke.

MICHAEL EISNER, TALK SHOW HOST: That was apparent to me.

DEVITO: Yes, it was apparent to everybody. Actually, most of the country it was apparent to. There were a few people who thought it was, like, scathing that I had some lemoncello. But I try to make it like a joke.

Anyway, the bottom line is, somebody said, that, you know, I was - I wasn`t - I sat on Rosie`s lap and blah blah blah. And I couldn`t read the thing because I had my glasses off. And I said, We`ll be right back with Danny DeVito blah blah blah.

And then somebody just said, He`s drunk.



By the way, it`s George Clooney who was Danny`s drinking buddy the night before "The View" interview has admitted they were throwing back some lemoncello shots.

HAMMER: Except George said he was throwing his into the plant.

Well, we all know what happened when Mel Gibson allegedly did a little too much (INAUDIBLE). But Mel, of course, has bounced back from his anti- Semitic rant.

So who are the other stars that have picked themselves off the floor and rebounded from disaster? And which celebs could use a big comeback? Britney, we`re talking to you.

ANDERSON: I like the sound effects, A.J.

Speaking of Brit - yes, you can hire her soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline for your holiday party. But wait until you hear what it will cost your boss. That`s next.

HAMMER: And a woman who did absolutely horrible things to herself to lose weight, and the frightening ways she`s learned how to do them. Her shocking tell-all book about anorexia will send chills down your spine. That`s coming up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s get A.J. to the couch for the next block.

And effect black now, please.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: .music under, go Camera 3. Pre-set Camera 2. Open A.J.`s mike. And dissolve 2. Go.

HAMMER: I thank you, Gnarls (ph).

And welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

It`s time now for yet another story that made us say, "That`s Ridiculous!"

Well, tis the season for holiday parties, which means food, fun and - Federline? That`s right. According to ABC, for about 12 to 20,000 bucks, Britney Spears` soon-to-be-divorced husband can pop up at your party. You can also get equally talented William Hung for four grand. You remember his vomit-inducing "American Idol" version of "She Bangs." And in the "My Career Was Saved By the Ball" department, "Dancing With the Stars"` Mario Lopez will set you back at least $25,000.

All this star hiring makes me want to put a lamp shade on my head and say, "That`s Ridiculous!"

And by the way, our executive producer Dave Levine says he`s not hiring any stars for our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT holiday party. But he will do his world-famous impression of "Star Trek"`s George Decay (ph).


Just a few minutes ago, we heard Ed McMahon talk about what Britney Spears needs to do to make a comeback. Well, it can happen. This year has brought (ph) some shocking celebrity comebacks that we never expected. No one could have predicted the startling ways down-and-out stars rebounded from disaster.

With us here in Hollywood is host of TV Guide`s "The Fashion Team" Daphne Brogdon.

Daphne, let`s talk Mel Gibson. You know, after his DUI arrest and anti-Semitic rant, a lot of people in Hollywood said, Hey, this guy will never work again. But then what do you know? His movie "Apocalypto" came out No. 1 at the box office. There`s even word that he might get an Oscar, or at least a nomination.

How did this turn around so quickly for him?

DAPHNE BROGDON, "THE FASHION TEAM": In two words: Michael Richards.

I mean, really, Michael Richards looked so much worse than Mel did. And what - Mel was really lucky that when he was being a bigot, it wasn`t caught on tape. We didn`t see it on YouTube over and over again. So that`s good.

He went on the redemption tour - was interviewed by Diane Sawyer, wearing almost the exact same checked shirt he was in his mug shot. Did the humble thing, Oh my God, how could I do this?

And also, the thing is, this film - he`s not in it. He`s the man above the title. So it`s easy to just kind of let it go.

ANDERSON: You know, Michael Richards hasn`t quite bounced back from his incident. So we left him off the list.

But we did include Kate Moss, Daphne. You know, the tabloids showed her allegedly snorting cocaine. All the major labels dropped her. But suddenly she`s back on top. She`s got tons of modeling contracts, making more money than ever - a lot more than her pre-scandal pay.

Do people just not care these days?

BROGDON: I think people expect their models to snort cocaine. I mean, really, you`re almost glad, because you`re like, Oh my God, no wonder I can`t be as thin as her. Oh, that`s why; I don`t snort cocaine, you know? It kind of reinforces our, you know, image about body - you know, body types and so forth.

Also, she did an interesting thing: she kept totally quiet. No redemption tour. She just quietly went into rehab, didn`t say a word. And then when she came out, Cavalli, Dior, they all - you know, picked her up again. And it just shows that high cheekbones and full lips will trump ethical behavior. And you can`t keep a good model down.

ANDERSON: It`s truly amazing.

And Daphne, we can`t talk about comeback kids without mentioning Whitney Houston. After 14 years, she finally dumped that hubby, Bobby Brown. She`s hooked up again with legendary record producer Clive Davis. She`s working on a new album.

Why do we still love Whitney Houston? Because we do.

BROGDON: She`s a diva. And, you know, there`s not many to go around. America loves their divas.

She`s also very talented. She legitimately has a tremendous voice, and we saw that for years before we saw her hook up with Bobby Brown, making these poor choices, getting photographed looking like a crackhead, you know?

And so now it`s, like, Oh yay, she looks good again. She (INAUDIBLE) with Clive Davis. It`s sort of the Whitney we want to see. So we got to just see what - what happens with the album. But she`s - she - she seems to be on her way.

ANDERSON: Hopefully, the voice is still intact. And - and we will see that when it comes through with the music, I hope.

And finally, let`s talk about the person who basically needs to create her comeback. Like Whitney, Britney Spears got rid of her husband, Kevin Federline. But recently Britney`s been out partying with Lindsay, with Paris, at all hours of the night, as you know, sometimes without her underwear. Not the best way to come back onto the scene, is it?

BROGDON: No, it certainly is not.

No, I - I have a whole plan for Britney. First of all, she could take cues from various celebrities. Number one, she could probably do maybe some charity work. Some - third world, a la Angelina. I mean, even - even Jessica Simpson is photographed with a poor kid every now and then.

She should take, like, a small part in a good independent film, see that can she maybe have some talent. Because one thing that we know about Whitney is, she does have talent. So - but she had more of a track record before she hooked up with her ne`er-do-well husband. So Britney needs to - to work on that.

And also, the pantyhose industry has gone down in sales 70 percent. I propose that they hire Britney to be their spokesmodel. And then they will both get coverage.

ANDERSON: All right. Maybe she will listen to this plan.

Daphne Brogdon from "The Fashion Team," as always, a lot of fun. Thanks so much.

And you can catch Daphne`s show on the TV Guide Channel Tuesday nights.

HAMMER: It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ Weight Watch." We cover Hollywood`s obsession with body image like no one else.

Talk about a comeback kid of a whole different kind. Leslie Lipton was only 14 years old when she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Inspired by "thinspiration," which is shocking images of Hollywood`s super-skinny stars, Lipton suffered for five years, struggling to gain weight.

Today she says she is recovered, and she tells her starling story through a fictional character in her new book "Unwell."

Leslie Lipton joining us here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

I really appreciate you coming in here.


HAMMER: Fourteen years old when you were dealing with this. And when it was at its worse, how bad did it get, Leslie?

LIPTON: I was under 100 pounds at 5`4. I was hospitalized for three weeks in-patient and three-weeks day patient.

HAMMER: And a lot of lying and sneaking around so you could maintain what you were doing?

LIPTON: A lot of lying, yes.

HAMMER: Like what kinds of things would you say if you needed to sneak away to the bathroom to - to purge after a meal?

LIPTON: Mostly I just said I was going to take a shower, which didn`t really seem to bother my parents at the time. Or I`d tell them I was eating someplace else.

HAMMER: And a lot of these ideas were coming from these "thinspiration" Web sites. I - I was shocked to go on the Internet and see how many of these things exist, basically helping people be better at being anorexic, which is a crazy notion. And there are all these images of super- skinny women giving people who have anorexia and want to continue with it inspiration.

Are we talking about models and celebrities on these sites?

LIPTON: You`re talking about models and celebrities. You`re talking about pictures of actually people who are anorexic, and they put those pictures up there. All kinds of things - anything that - you know, I`ve seen pictures of people leaning over toilet bowls.

HAMMER: And people who ordinarily might be women that should be role models. But they`re role models for completely the wrong reason in these cases.

LIPTON: That`s right.

HAMMER: Nicole Richie certainly comes to mind when she was recently arrested for DUI. She admitted that she weight only 85 pounds, an unhealthy weight for her size. She really has become the poster child for the super- skinny starlet in Hollywood.

When you saw the story about Nicole and heard that she only weighed 85 pounds, what crossed your mind?

LIPTON: Well, you know, I`m not a doctor. I don`t know Nicole Richie. So I can`t say for certain whether she has an eating disorder or not.

But certainly 85 pounds at her - at her height isn`t - isn`t, I would say, normal. So I feel sad for her. I mean, I remember when I was starving myself and I wasn`t happy. And it`s an illness and you`re just miserable the whole time. So I feel - if that`s what she`s going through - I feel bad for her.

HAMMER: And the images, as you mentioned, not just coming from Hollywood stars. Models as well.

I want to put up this one particular picture that keeps popping up of a young model in France at a fashion show. You look at that picture, and - and - and you wonder, did - did you or people who have grown through what you went through, look at that and say, That`s what I want to look like?

LIPTON: I would have when I was sick, yes. I think I would have looked at that and I would have thought that that was sort of the ideal.

Now I look at that and I think, Oh my God, she`s all bones.

HAMMER: So seeing images as they`re being bombarded every day, you don`t feel tempted to go back. I - I know it - it can be kind of like an addiction, but no way.

LIPTON: I don`t. I - I`m so much happier now than I was then. And so much good has come out of recovery for me that I don`t ever want to go back there.

HAMMER: And I think you`ll do a lot of good for people with the story that you`ve written in this book.

Leslie Lipton, I appreciate you joining us tonight.

This is Leslie`s book. It`s called "Unwell." You`ll find it in bookstores right now.

ANDERSON: We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day": "Brad and Angelina: Do you admire them as a couple?" So far, only 28 percent of you say yes; 72 percent of you say no.

Couple of the e-mails we received:

Deb from Canada says, "It is very difficult to respect a couple when someone else was hurt in the process of them getting together." Deb talking, of course, about Brad`s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, though Brad and Angelina have never admitted to having an affair.

Ayda from California has a different take: "I admire Angelina and Brad as a couple, as individuals, as parents and as humanitarians."

You can keep voting at Send us an e-mail,

Don`t forget; SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only entertainment news show that lets you express your opinion on video. So just take a look into your video camera or your webcam and send us a piece of your mind via video e-mail. It`s really easy; head to our Web site. Here`s the address:, and you can learn how to do it. Then just check out your video e-mails right here, only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Hang tight. We`re coming right back.


MCMAHON: And now, ladies and gentlemen, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere`s A.J.

HAMMER: He didn`t quite make it through that, did he?

Time to find out what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tomorrow.

The Hollywood award seasons kicks off. Of course, we`re right there for the Golden Globe nominations. Which of your most-loved movies will get the nod? Which of your favorite TV shows will be honored, or will leave you left saying, what are these guys thinking? The Golden Globe nominations tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, the big winner of "The Biggest Loser" reality show. We`re going to one-on-one with the person who worked so hard to lose so much weight. The amazing, inspirational story of their battle to keep the pounds off. "The Biggest Loser" winner coming up tomorrow.

That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Heeeeeeere`s Brooke.

ANDERSON: Thanks, A.J.

I am Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

"GLENN BECK" is coming up next, right after the latest headlines from CNN Headline News. Keep it right here.


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