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Where is Baby Suri? Wayans Brothers Hit Number 2 at Box Office with New Film. Valerie Plame Sues Dick Cheney over Blown Cover. Project Everlasting Seeks the Secret to a Long-lasting Marriage.

Aired July 17, 2006 - 19:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, HEADLINE NEWS HOST: Why Brad Pitt is sick of himself. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York.
JASON CARROLL, HEADLINE NEWS HOST: And the Hollywood fight club family feud. I`m Jason Carroll. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

ANNOUNCER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Christie Brinkley`s marriage meltdown. Only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the inside details on the reported affection obsession at the center of the Brinkley breakup. The younger woman, the headline. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the legal lowdown.

Where is Suri Cruise? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was first to raise the question.


A.J. HAMMER, HEADLINE NEWS HOST: Where in the world is Tom Cruise`s baby?


ANNOUNCER: We`ve seen Tom, we`ve seen Katie. But what about that baby?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t even know if Suri Cruise exists.


ANNOUNCER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates the silent birth that three months later is still silent.

ANDERSON: Hi there. I`m Brooke Anderson.

CARROLL: And I`m Jason Carroll, in for A.J. Hammer.

Tonight, if you were shocked to learn of supermodel Christie Brinkley`s separation, wait until you hear the story that`s supposedly behind it.

ANDERSON: That`s right, Jason. It actually sounds like a pulp novel you would read on a sweltering summer night. But this real life story comes with allegations of celebrity infidelity and a reported obsession with a teenaged girl.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am totally shocked by this.

ANDERSON (voice-over): We haven`t seen the women of "The View" this shocked since Starr Jones Reynolds left. New York headlines were buzzing with reports that supermodel Christie Brinkley`s storybook marriage to architect Peter Cook fell apart because of the 47-year-old man`s alleged obsession with a 19-year-old woman.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That he would dump Christie for some 19-year-old just for a little action in the sack.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has this tale of lust and betrayal amid New York`s high society, a tale which may lead to the end of a glamorous former superstar`s fairytale marriage.

R. COURI HAY, HAMPTONS MAGAZINE: This will spell the end of the Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook marriage.

ANDERSON: Since they married ten years ago, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have been the toast of South Hampton, Long Island, a tony beach enclave 90 miles outside of New York City.

HAY: They were, of course, the golden couple -- she the beautiful super model, he a former model himself, and a handsome and talented architect.

ANDERSON: But it al fell apart last summer when Cook reportedly started seeing an 18-year-old woman he met in a toy store. The teen`s face is now all over the New York newspapers, as is speculation that she is considering suing Cook.

HAY: These are very senior allegations: infidelity, a teenage girl. Peter Cook is 47 years old. Not only is Christie Brinkley horrified and totally taken by surprise, but all of South Hampton society, all of their friends, are deeply shocked and, of course, sad.

ANDERSON: Brinkley announced her separation from Cook in early July. The couple has two children together, 8-year-old daughter Sailor and 11- year-old son Jack.

HAY: This makes Christie Brinkley a victim and four-time loser in marriage.

ANDERSON: Despite being one of the most beautiful women in the world, even at 52, Christie Brinkley has not had much luck in the marriage department. Her most famous marriage, to singer Billy Joel, ended in divorce after nine years. Her union with Richard Taubman, whom she married on a Colorado ski slope, was even shorter. And it now looks like her one- time storybook marriage to Peter Cook is headed for an unhappy ending.


(On camera): Christie Brinkley`s rep tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the supermodel has no plans to release a statement. We were unable to get a comment from Peter Cook`s rep.

Joining me now, here in New York, is Diana Bianchi`s attorney, Joseph Tacopina. Joe, welcome.


ANDERSON: Obviously, you know Diana well. I assume so -- you are representing her. What in the world was she doing, as a teenage girl, getting involved with a man more than twice her age? What was going through her mind?

TACOPINA: Well, you know, I think that`s a good question, but I think you need to put it in context of the relationship and how it began. Here was a girl who has seven siblings, never really had much and was working at a toy store as a clerk for $12-an-hour and was offered to have her salary quadrupled, literally, in a nanosecond. He offered her a job, Peter Cook, when he was coming in to the toy store to buy Legos or something, and offered her a nice position. She clearly saw that as a career enhancement and took the position.

Once he then developed that employer-employee relationship with Diana, he then started preying on her -- preying on her vulnerability, preying on her immaturity, her naivete, the fact that she was 18, and then giving her things of value -- the creature comforts that entice any 18-year-old girl - - and used that position of power, the fact that he was her employer, to sort of gain some leverage over her. Brooke, it goes further than that.

ANDERSON: I understand naivete. And she was 18, but you have to understand where we`re coming from as well. When I was 18, I did some stupid things. But if a man had approached me who could have been my father`s age or even older, pursued a romantic relationship -- does she have no responsibility here?

TACOPINA: Oh, it`s not about responsibility. She is a victim here, Brooke. Let me be clear. I`m not going to apologize for her being a victim. If she were just in a nightclub or in a restaurant and met him and the relationship took on like that, absolutely. Although I think it is despicable that someone 47 would be pursuing an 18-year-old. I think he should be dropping her off at school and saying, Dear, have a good day at school, and she should be saying, Thanks, Dad.

But aside from what I think about the morality of all that, it`s different. You can`t use that example, because the law recognizes a distinct difference between an employee-employer relationship. He had a position of authority over her and he used that position to get sexual favors, to get into a relationship with her, and he then caused her to be financially dependent on him. He encouraged her to move out, he bought her a car, he helped make her payments in her apartment.

ANDERSON: Her stepfather actually stepped in, reportedly --

TACOPINA: Tried, several times.

ANDERSON: -- approaching Cook and Christie Brinkley at a public event, saying, Hey, buddy, back off my daughter. But this had been going on for about a year then? Why would he have waited so long?

TACOPINA: Oh, no, quite frankly --

ANDERSON: Did he not know she was mixed up in this?

TACOPINA: That`s right. I mean, this was not something she ran home and told her dad about. This was not done openly and notoriously in the South Hampton village. When he found out, he tried to have a conversation with this guy when he bumped into him in town, and basically said, You`re eroding all the family values we`ve instilled in her. Don`t be buying by 18-year-old daughter a car. Don`t do these things.

And he ignored two warnings. And, unfortunately, Bryan had to go to the wife.

ANDERSON: You said you`re evaluating legal options. This seems to me to be a case of divorce between Brinkley and Cook. She was of legal age. What`s going on here? What does she want? Why does she have legal representation?

TACOPINA: She doesn`t want anything. She has legal representation because there are about 400 reporters camped on her lawn. That`s first and foremost.

ANDERSON: Are you going to sue?

TACOPINA: Secondly, she is in the maelstrom of this Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce that is going to be unfolding in the tabloids. She happens to be a main and material witness. She is going to need representation in that regard. That`s why her family --

ANDERSON: Plans to sue?

TACOPINA: Lastly, I make absolutely no qualms about the fact that we are evaluating the legal, you know, claims we may have, including sexual harassment. She was a teenager. She was his employee.


TACOPINA: And she was a victim.

ANDERSON: All right. Joseph Tacopina, thanks so much for being here and for sharing your insight. We appreciate it.

TACOPINA: Thanks, Brooke.

CARROLL: Tonight, Brad Pitt is speaking out about fatherhood and about how it`s changed his life. Pitt spoke with the Today Show`s Ann Curry in New Orleans. The actor recently teamed up with a nonprofit group to promote environmentally-friendly and affordable rebuilding for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Pitt credits his kids for inspiring his humanitarian work.

And you won`t believe what he says about himself.


BRAD PITT, ACTOR: It certainly takes the focus off yourself, which I`m really grateful for. I`m really grateful to them. I`m so tired of thinking about myself. I`m sick about myself.

You can write a book, you can make a movie, you can paint a painting, but having kids is really the most extraordinary thing I`ve ever taken on.


CARROLL: Pitt went on to say, if he can just get his baby daughter to burp, it`s an accomplishment in his book.

ANDERSON: I`m sure Papa Pitt will figure it out.

We want to remind you that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now on seven nights a week. That`s right. We`re bringing TV`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekend. Be sure to tune in -- SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 p.m. Eastern, that`s 8:00 Pacific.

CARROLL: Coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Justin Timberlake`s shocking drug confession and his defense of ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.

ANDERSON: Plus celebrity family feuds -- Angelina Jolie severed ties with her father, Tori Spelling`s fallout with her mother. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT gets in the ring for the Hollywood fight club.

And the big baby mystery.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t even no if Suri Cruise exists. You just never -- Tom Cruise is so bizarre. I just have no idea.


CARROLL: Just where is Suri Cruise? It`s been three months and we`ve yet to see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes` little bundle joy. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates, plus a special surprise from Tom Cruise.

ANDERSON: Wonder what that could be?

But first, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly" Great American Pop Culture Quiz: In 1965`s, "The Sound of Music," just how many Von Trapp children are there? Five, six, seven or ten? Think about it. I`ll be right back with your answer.


ANDERSON: Thanks you so much, Charles.

So again, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly" Great American Pop Culture Quiz: In 1965`s, "The Sound of Music," just how many Von Trapp children are there? A) 5, B) 6, C) 7, or D), a whopping 10?

The answer is C) 7 -- 10 kids -- and they all had fun names, Jason, like Fregitte (ph) and Marta and Louisa --

CARROLL: I sort of remember -- I thought there were six, but there is seven. Who knew?

ANDERSON: Now you know.

CARROLL: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Jason Carroll in New York.

Time now for a story that made us say, That`s ridiculous! The moral of this story: You never know who`s listening. At the G-8 summit in Russia, President Bush was engaged in what he thought was a private conversation with British Prime Minister Tony Blair. They were discussing the militant Islamic group Hezbollah and its backers in Syria. That`s when President Bush dropped the "S-bomb."


GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: See, the irony is, that what they need to do is get serious, get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit, and it`s over.


CARROLL: That`s the leader of the free world dropping the S-bomb. Was it eloquent? No, but at least it shows he`s a human being in casual situations.

ANDERSON: And a man at that. Now, he`s done things like this before. You would think he would have learned his lesson. We have to be careful. We have these microphones, we have the cameras, even during commercial breaks --

CARROLL: Keep the mouth shut.

ANDERSON: -- people in CNN land are listening and watching. Did you also notice, Jason, he was speaking while eating.


ANDERSON: Kind of talking with his mouth full.

CARROLL: The table manners weren`t there.


CARROLL: You would think at a diplomatic dinner -- but casual conversation.

ANDERSON: There you go. You never know what can happen, but we say, the leader of the free world dropping the S-bomb, now That`s ridiculous!.

Okay. Justin Timberlake admits he`s not as squeaky clean as his Mousketeer breeding might lead you to believe. The 25-year-old pop star told a London publication he has used drugs -- in his words, way too many. Timberlake came clean with his recreational habits but wouldn`t specify exactly what he has done, other than admitting he`s inhaled.

Timberlake told the Observer, "I`m just like everyone else. I get completely plastered. I`ve done my fair share of drugs and I`ve been caught in places with my pants down; it`s just, I make sure there are no cameras around."

Timberlake also defended his ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears, who has been publicly criticized for parenting skills. Timberlake says he feels bad for her, adding, we all make mistakes.

CARROLL: Well, there is nothing like a good old Hollywood feud. Sometimes those feuds hit a little close to home. Just ask Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, or Tori Spelling, whose war of words with her mother exploded during the loss of family patriarch Aaron Spelling.

Family Feuds are bad enough when they`re your own, but imagine having yours played out in the pages of every tabloid in town.

Joining me from Glendale, California, Harvey Levin, managing editor of entertainment news website Harvey, thanks so much for joining us, man -- appreciate it.


CARROLL: Let`s start out with Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight. You remember, in 2001, Jolie starred with her father in "Laura Croft, Tomb Raider," but by `02, they were no longer speaking. Now you`ve got baby Shiloh who is here. I wonder if helped bring both sides together at all?

LEVIN: Sometimes it does, but in this case, this has been a long, troubled road, where Angelina Jolie and her dad, Jon Voight, really have not gotten along. And it almost seems irreparable. He basically said he need to step in because she was having an emotional problems (SIC). And she took great offense to that, lashed back at him, and it has gone downhill ever since.

CARROLL: That`s too bad. Tori Spelling and her mother, Candy Spelling -- this is really a sad one that seemed to boil over with the death of Aaron Spelling. Reports are that Tori learned of her father`s death from her friend`s e-mail and not her mother. Her mother and brother then issued a statement in response, saying they were saddened by Tori`s comments.

This has really gotten very, very ugly; where do you think it`s headed?

LEVIN: Well, very ugly, but I have to say, Jason, this has been going on for a while now. Her first marriage, which ended pretty abruptly, really upset Candy. We know that Candy was outraged by Tori Spelling`s reality show. And the two had not been speaking for quite a while now. And I hear it`s like borderline war.

CARROLL: Borderline war -- does that mean any chance of a peace agreement being worked out at any time, do you think?

LEVIN: Well, that always can happen. And we`ve seen it happen before. But this one is truly, truly ugly. And the two are privately saying things that are not real nice about each other.

CARROLL: Okay. Jennifer Aniston and her mother, Nancy Aniston -- it took the break up with Brad Pitt, you will remember, to reconcile with her mother, Nancy. This is the same mother that wasn`t invited to the big wedding. What do you think, was Jen`s breakup bad enough to let bygones be bygones? Do you think they on good terms at this point?

LEVIN: It seems that way. And remember, what Nancy did that enraged Jennifer, was basically talk to a tabloid about Jennifer and then got involved in this tell-all book about her daughter. And that`s the kind of thing where you basically slam the door and never reopen it. But in this case, it seems the breakup may have brought them back together.

CARROLL: At least, certainly good news on that front.

Not so much good news on this next one. Lindsay Lohan and her dad, Michael Lohan: Michael Lohan had many run ins with the law. He`s now serving time in a New York state prison. And to top it all off, in his divorce, didn`t he ask a judge to consider Lindsay`s money as marital assets? Can you really blame Lindsay at this point for not wanting to talk to him?

LEVIN: No, he`s a train wreck. This guy has been accused of attacking people, driving drunk, cashing his car, doing all sorts of heinous things. There was a horrible divorce with her mother and her dad. This is the kind of thing that is really, really difficult to get over. Frankly, I feel real sorry for Lindsay.

CARROLL: We have seen celebrity reconciliations in the past. Do you think there is any chance for one here?

LEVIN: He kind of reminds me of Joey Buttafuoco, the kind of guy who will always get in trouble. I just don`t see him going on the straight and narrow any time soon.

CARROLL: What do you think is the lesson here? Are celebrity family feuds any worse than our own really, or is it simply due to the fact that, because of their high profile status, they are always out in the public, so we hear about their feuds?

LEVIN: Jason, they are just like us. I mean, this really kind of strips it all away and shows people are people.

CARROLL: What`s the answer here -- don`t talk to the tabloids if you get in trouble or if you get in a fight? Kind of put us out of business, wouldn`t it.

LEVIN: Yes, well, speak for yourself.

CARROLL: All right, Harvey. Always good to talk to you. Harvey Levin of Harvey, thanks so much for joining us.

LEVIN: See you, Jason.

ANDERSON: We`re not tabloids. We`re entertainment news.

There is no fool`s gold for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man`s Chest." Johnny Depp and his crew are collecting pirate booty by the ship full, taking in more than $62 million in ticket sales this weekend. "Dead Man`s Chest" has become the year`s top grossing film, amassing some $258 million so far.

So we want to hear from you about it -- it`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man`s Chest" -- is it the best movie of the summer? Go to Here`s the e-mail address --

CARROLL: And you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT seven nights a week. That`s right. We`re bringing TV`s most provocative entertainment news show to our weekends. Be sure to tune in to SHOWBIZ Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern -- that`s at 8:00 Pacific.

ANDERSON: Jennifer Aniston is looking forward to Thanksgiving with "Friends." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the details on a possible TV reunion.

Plus, where is Suri Cruise?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t even know if she exists. You just never -- Tom Cruise is so bizarre. I just have no idea.


CARROLL: It`s the big baby mystery it seems no one can solve. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates: Suri Cruise, the silent birth that, three months later, is still silent.

ANDERSON: Okay. What do two 20-something bachelors know about true love? Well, a lot, if you consider they have interviewed more than 125 long-married couples. Their mission: Project Everlasting, and a nationwide search for America`s best love stories. The two romeos are looking for love on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and that`s coming up.

CARROLL: And now a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT birthday shout out, where we give fans a chance to wish their favorite stars a happy birthday. Tonight we`re sending one out to David Hasselhoff, who is celebrating his 54th birthday today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, I`m David Hoffman. I`m from Ithaca, New York. I want to give a big birthday shoutout to David Hasselhoff, who I love because he`s part of two of my favorite productions -- "Baywatch" and "Spongebob Squarepants."



CARROLL: Tomorrow, he`s been supersized and back. Documentary phenom, Morgan Spurlock, is here with his new season of "30 Days," exploring hot-button topics like abortion, atheism and immigration. We`ll talk with Spurlock tomorrow on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: Well, she got the boot, but "American Idol`s" Kellie Pickler is no worse for the wear. The season five finalist is making an album. Pickler was an instant crowd favorite on "American Idol." Now she is pursuing a career in country music and announced her big news this morning while serving as a guest co-host on "The View" for booted Star Jones.


KELLIE PICKLER, FORMER AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANT: I just signed with Sony/BMG in Nashville under the BNA (ph) label. My single comes out at the end of September, and my album comes out November 14th, so I`m really excited.


ANDERSON: Good for her. Pickler is recording the album on her days off from the American Idols Live tour.

CARROLL: Friday night, we told you about the outrage -- royal and otherwise -- over a newly-surfaced picture of dying Princess Diana. Her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, expressed sadness that an Italian publication would choose to run the photograph of their mother.

We asked for your opinion in Friday`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." Diana, death photo -- was it okay to show Princess Di`s dying moment? Eleven percent of you say yes, it was okay. But an overwhelming 89 percent of you say, no. Here are some of the e-mails that we got from you.

Jas from Ontario writes, "I`m hurt by the photos. I love Princess Diana and I love all that she has done for the country and its people."

And Sherry from Michigan writes, "The thought that one more photo of that night could make someone money is what makes me outraged."

ANDERSON: A pop star ties the knot with a fellow rocker. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the wedding details, coming up.

CARROLL: What do two 20-something bachelors know about true love? Plenty, after talking to more than 125 long-married couples. Their mission -- Project Everlasting, and a nationwide search for America`s best love stories. The pair is looking for love on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Plus, the mystery of Suri Cruise.


QUESTION: Do you know if Suri Cruise exists?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You just never -- Tom cruise is so bizarre. I just have no idea.


ANDERSON: Just where is Suri Cruise? It`s been three months and we`ve yet to see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes` little bundle of joy. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates.

Plus, a special surprise from Tom Cruise. Stay with us. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back.



BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson.

JASON CARROLL, HOST: And I`m Jason Carroll in for AJ Hammer. This is T.V.`s most provocative entertainment news show tonight.

ANDERSON: That`s right. Jason, you know, two bachelors are on a mission to find America`s...

CARROLL: Heard about this.

ANDERSON: ... greatest marriages. They have been touring the country, interviewing couples who have been happily married -- I repeat, happily married -- for at least 40 years. It is called Project Everlasting. And they are going to be join us coming up to tell us how we can all get that kind of love.

CARROLL: Want to know what those secrets are. Also another big secret that seems to be circulating in Hollywood. Everyone wants to know where Baby Suri is -- of course Tom Cruise`s and Katie Holmes` little bundle of joy. We`re going to have a little update for you on that coming up. It`s very interesting to hear what some people out in the public think about this whole thing. So we`re going to be telling you about that too.

ANDERSON: That`s coming up. But first, Tom Cruise surprised Steven Spielberg last night, and an audience of fans, when he showed up unannounced at an event honoring the director. Spielberg was being honored at the Chicago International Film Festival. And he was clearly very surprised when Cruise walked on the stage to hand him an award after the festival founder joked that he couldn`t find it. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it`s here somewhere. It`s here somewhere.


TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: Here`s your award.

STEVEN SPIELBERG, DIRECTOR: Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I can`t believe you`re standing there. I`m speechless. I`m just speechless.

CRUISE: I couldn`t let him be honored without me showing up. That`s just an impossibility.

SPIELBERG: I can`t believe you`re here.


ANDERSON: Just speechless. Now there were some reports that Spielberg and Cruise had clashed over Cruise`s behavior while they were promoting War of the Worlds last summer. There was no sign of anything but mutual admiration at the event over the weekend.

CARROLL: Cruise reportedly showed up without Katie Holmes at the event honoring Spielberg. And there was no talk of her or their daughter Suri. In fact, there have been no published photos of Baby Suri, and no one has talked about seeing her in person either. And that`s starting to turn this Hollywood baby story into a real Hollywood mystery.


CARROLL (voice over): America loves a good mystery. And right now tabloid sleuths and entertainment reporters are trying to solve the latest one surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Where is their newborn baby girl, Suri?

We don`t even know if Suri Cruise exists.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You just never -- Tom Cruise is so bizarre. I just have no idea.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tom Cruise has taken her to that alien scientology ship somewhere in the sky probably.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think she just wants to keep her out of the limelight. She doesn`t want all the attention.

CARROLL: No one publicly seems to have seen Suri since she was born. It`s already been about three months. "Us Weekly" keeps watch with its, when will we see Suri clock. Then there is the interesting circumstances surrounding the birth certificate. Suri`s parents didn`t sign it. Instead it was done by a friend of the couple 16 days after she was born. The mystery has given rise to speculation about what Baby Suri might look like.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, it could be just like a mystery baby, you know, like someone else`s baby. They`re just like, oh yeah, we`ll use that one.

CARROLL: Internet Web sites are morphing images of Tom and Katie to create computer versions of their baby. Tom himself gave a hint as to what she looks like while appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

CRUISE: She has Kate`s lips.

ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW: Big lips. Aw, that`s nice! And the first-ever picture of Suri, ladies and gentlemen. There she is.

CARROLL: When "Us Magazine" caught up with Katie Holmes in Telluride, Colorado on Monday, the new mommy said, Suri is doing great. She is back at the house.

Cruise mentioned Suri while promoting "M.I. III" in Mexico.

CRUISE: Well, Suri is doing beautifully. Thank you for asking.

REPORTER: And again in Rome.

CRUISE: I`ll be here for a few hours. I`m going to get back on an airplane. I`m going to go home to Kate and Suri.

CARROLL: Cruise`s publicist says the couple hasn`t decided if or when they will release photos. But they won`t be pressured, even though the clock is ticking.


CARROLL: And there has been buzz that, if they decide to release a picture of Baby Suri, some way it could be worth $3 million. Now compare that to what some say Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got for pictures of their baby girl, a reported $4 million. If Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hold out even longer, reports suggest that picture could be worth even more than that.

ANDERSON: Wow. "Pirates of the Caribbean" may have ranked in the top spot at the box office this weekend. But the Wayans brothers are laughing all the way to the bank. The new comedy "Little Man," directed by big brother Keenen Ivory Wayans and starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans, pulled in a respectable $21.6 million and snagged the number 2 spot at the box office. The Wayans brothers stopped by to talk to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S AJ Hammer about their profitable family business, and what it was like growing up in the Wayans household.


AJ HAMMER, HOST, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Well look at you guys. "Entertainment Weekly" has just declared you the most powerful family in Hollywood. I mean, if you look at everything you`ve done -- all the movies from Scary Movie to White Chicks, everything else, all the projects, domestically or worldwide grossing for your family more than a billion bucks. Do you feel like the most powerful family in Hollywood?

MARLON WAYANS, ACTOR: I think we`re the only family in Hollywood.

SHAWN WAYANS, ACTOR: I feel like the most ripped-off family.

HAMMER: You guys have cleaned out.

MARLON WAYANS: We made a billion dollars?

SHAWN WAYANS: Keenen, where`s the money at?

KEENEN WAYANS, DIRECTOR: No, actually, it`s a really good feeling just to be acknowledged, and for us to even realize that we`ve been that productive and made that kind of contribution...

HAMMER: Kind of like "Little Man," another family collaboration? Everybody...

SHAWN WAYANS: There`s a segue there. I like that.

MARLON WAYANS: Hey, I like that.

HAMMER: Smooth, huh?

MARLON WAYANS: Kind of like "Little Man."

SHAWN WAYANS: Very good.

HAMMER: Well, we`re used to seeing you the way we`re seeing you now. We`re seeing you a little different in this film.

MARLON WAYANS: Yeah. Normally I`m 6`2" in the other -- And I`m 2`6" in this movie.

HAMMER: For people to really understand, we need to take a look. So let`s see that.


SHAWN WAYANS: Keep still. You`re going to make me drop you.

MARLON WAYANS: You drop me, and I`m going to drop you. Now look, you stay close. I`m going to go in. I`m going to get the diamond. And I`m out.


HAMMER: So I got to say, that`s one -- and I mean nothing by it -- that`s one ugly baby.

MARLON WAYANS: Yeah. You know what, I...

HAMMER: I`m sorry. One interesting looking baby.

MARLON WAYANS: I don`t know whether to compliment you or punch you in your face. But thank you, I guess.

HAMMER: That`s really you.

MARLON WAYANS: Yeah. Actually yeah, he is an ugly baby.

KEENEN WAYANS: Well, that`s actually part of the joke is that he was -- I mean, part of the joke is he`s supposed to be...

MARLON WAYANS: That`s why they picked me to be the ugly baby.

HAMMER: How did you do that?

KEENEN WAYANS: Well, actually that is -- there are two people playing the same role. We found a young man. He`s nine years old, named Linden Porco out of Winnipeg, Canada. He`s 2`6", and just an adorable, funny kid. And he did all the physical stuff. And Marlon we shot on a green screen. And then he did all the facial stuff.

HAMMER: I have to imagine the Wayans household, growing up, was one wacky household.

MARLON WAYANS: One crowded wacky household.

HAMMER: Can you take me back, because obviously everything was percolating.

KEENEN WAYANS: Do you like roaches?

HAMMER: I live in New York City. I`m quite used to it.


HAMMER: You know you can live on Fifth Avenue in New York City or live in the projects in New York City, you still got the roaches.

KEENEN WAYANS: Well, we had -- let`s see, there was 12 of us and there was four bedrooms. But the bedrooms --

MARLON WAYANS: My mom and dad split bedrooms, because she didn`t want to -- hey I don`t want to get pregnant no more. So you sleep over there, I sleep over here.

HAMMER: That was after how many?

MARLON WAYANS: That was after two.

VARIOUS: No, no.

MARLON WAYANS: No, I think that was after like 10.

KEENEN WAYANS: You two were -- these were the last two. So these were...

HAMMER: The babies.

KEENEN WAYANS: Yeah. When my dad thought it was over, really thought it was over and it was safe...

HAMMER: To go in

KEENEN WAYANS: ... there was the next two. But, yeah, we were, like, four in one room and two in another room, my mom and dad, and then what we called the little one`s room. So everyone else was in that room. So it was like six of them. Anybody who was little -- nephews -- these guys, all in one room. And we had triple-decker bunk beds.

HAMMER: Is that where the comedy began? Were the beds your stages?

KEENEN WAYANS: Well, the comedy -- yes, yes.

MARLON WAYANS: It was like a modern day slave ship. Crazy. But, yeah, we used to sit there and...

SHAWN WAYANS: And there were only two bathrooms.



SHAWN WAYANS: And one was my father`s, and the other one was ours.

MARLON WAYANS: We actually bathed in the kitchen sink. When we were little, little boys, me and Shawn would take baths in the kitchen sink.

KEENEN WAYANS: Don`t tell people that.

SHAWN WAYANS: That`s just too much information.

KEENEN WAYANS: Yeah, man. What`s up?

MARLON WAYANS: What happened?

KEENEN WAYANS: You know how small a kitchen sink is? That means that we were...


KEENEN WAYANS: Come on, man.

HAMMER: That`s a nice clean way to end it. I don`t know.

MARLON WAYANS: Shawn and I used to bump heads inside a bathtub, man.

HAMMER: Marlon, Shawn, Keenen. Thanks for coming in guys. I really appreciate it.

VARIOUS: Thank you. All right.


ANDERSON: So we`ll see if the Wayans brothers can keep their movie in the top 10 next weekend. "Little Man" is in theaters everywhere.

CARROLL: And we want to remind you that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now on seven nights a week. That`s right, we`re bringing T.V.`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekends. So be sure to tune in to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern. That`s at 8:00 Pacific.

ANDERSON: Could there be a "Friends" reunion in the works? One of the stars gives a hint. And we`ll have that next.

CARROLL: Plus, Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith has something in common with someone who is making a lot of headlines lately. We`ll take a look at a real life glamour spy coming up.

We`ll also take a look at what people in long-lasting marriages think about.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Divorce, seldom, if never. Murder? Often.

ANDERSON: The search for the best marriages in America, the subject of a new documentary. We`ll talk to two bachelors who went on a quest for stories of everlasting love. That`s coming up.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, T.V.`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson. Well, it`s time for another story that made us say, "that`s ridiculous!." CBS is really scrambling for new ways to advertise. It has decided to start marketing its shows on eggs. Take a look. Really. More than 35 million eggs will be marked with CBS advertising starting in September when the fall T.V. season begins. The eggs will have slogans like, CSI cracked the case on CBS, and for the "Amazing Race," scramble to win on CBS.

Now Jason, the network is saying the campaign is part of its outer-net strategy. It`s trying to reach viewers outside their daily lives, doing something in their normal lives outside of the T.V. world.

CARROLL: Okay. If you`ve got an open mind.

ANDERSON: And here they go with the eggs.

CARROLL: You know, we`ve got advertising everywhere now. We have it on our food. Is no place sacred?

ANDERSON: What are they going to think of next? Advertising on eggs. That`s ridiculous!

CARROLL: All right. Thanks very much for that, I think. Former CIA operative Valerie Plame is suing vice president Dick Cheney and other high- ranking officials over having her cover blown. Plame has been featured on magazine covers for months now, and she joins a long history of Hollywood glamour spies. Here is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for tonight`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): It was a flash fall frenzy after all those months of being seen but not heard. America`s most glamorous former spy spoke.

VALERIE PLAME, FORMER CIA OPERATIVE: Joe and I have filed this action with heavy hearts.

MOOS: She spoke for less than a minute. But then aren`t undercover agents supposed to be men and women of few words?




MOOS: Bond, Jane Bond -- that`s how Joe Wilson has referred to his wife, Valerie. She may not know how to defuse a nuclear bomb, but she sure knows how not to bomb in a pantsuit. This ex-spy posed for "Vanity Fair" seated in the couple`s Jaguar. Valerie Plame was no Mata Hari. The World War I dancer turned double agent used seduction as a technique.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You wouldn`t do that for me?

MOOS: Mata Hari supposedly blew a kiss to the firing squad that executed her. Valerie Plame seems more inclined to kiss her husband. She told "Vanity Fair" it was love at first sight -- that on their third or fourth date, they were in the middle of a heavy make-out section, when she confessed to him that she was undercover with the CIA. As females spies go, she seems more Emma Peale than--

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ivana, Ivana Humpalot.



MOOS: Instead of using threatening lines like you hear in "Alias"--

JENNIFER GARNER, ACTRESS, AS SYDNEY BRISTOW: Drop the gun or lose your arm.

MOOS: ... Valerie Plame threatens legal action--

PLAME: Must answer for their shameful conduct in court.

MOOS: Angelina Jolie has nothing on Valerie Plame. "Time" magazine has described Plame as a crack shot with an A.K. 47, the best shot in her class at CIA spy school.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you been selling big guns to bad people?

MOOS: The necks Valerie Plame would like to wring are listed on the front of her lawsuit. Unlike spies, like La Femme Nikita, La Femme Valerie even got a hot sauce named after her. Valerie Plame Hot Sauce, it will blow your cover.


CARROLL: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: So, what`s the secret to everlasting love and a happy marriage? Well, believe it or not, you might want to ask two bachelors the answer to that. Yes, two bachelors. Mat Boggs and Jason Miller went on a hunt for the country`s best marriages, and in the process interviewed more than 150 couples. The thing is, all of these couples have been married for 40 years or longer. The people in the stories they found are part of their new documentary called Project Everlasting which comes out next month. Mat and Jason are here in New York with me now.

Mat, Jason, thanks so much for being here.


ANDERSON: Oh, we appreciate it. And this started last summer with you, Mat, a trip to visit your grandparents?

BOGGS: Yeah. My grandfather had terminal cancer. It was actually a few years ago. And I moved back to Oregon to help take care of them. And we would do these long adventures every Thursday called adventures with the professor, because I was teaching at the time. And it was on those trips that they started to share their story with me. And it was the first time in my life that I had ever really heard a real life love story, because my parents are divorced. My aunts and my uncles are all divorced. And it just floored me.

And there was one moment when they were walking up the sidewalk to this old antique shop, and they were holding hands. And they became more than my grandparents in that moment. I remember looking at them saying, you know what? That`s the marriage I want to have right there.

ANDERSON: It epitomized the happy marriage for you.

BOGGS: Exactly. So we wanted to go out and find out, hey, is this just dumb luck that they just wound up together and have this great marriage? Or are other couples around the nation doing the same sort of things, if they have the same happy marriage, are they practicing the same principles?

ANDERSON: Now Jason, Mat asked you to get involved.


ANDERSON: But you had ulterior motives, didn`t you?

MILLER: I did. I did.

ANDERSON: You wanted to score with the ladies. Fess up, fess up.

BOGGS: Come on.

MILLER: This guy, we`ve been best friends since third grade. And we`ve been doing projects since the early days of the Mat and Jason show. So he asked me to come on board for a book project. And we started interviewing these couples. But when you start looking at these love affairs, I mean, they are like little teenagers still in love after 60 years. And the way they look at each other, I`m like, dude, we have to turn on the camera for these. And so we started filming and just capturing some awesome moments. It was like "When Harry Met Sally" style. It`s just unbelievable.

ANDERSON: It`s pretty inspirational. And one of the couples you interviewed, the Elcutts (ph). We loved them. They were so cute.

BOGGS: Yeah, they`re great.

ANDERSON: Let`s take a listen to what they had to say about a happy marriage.


MRS. ELCUTT (ph): The people ask the question, did you ever think about divorce? The answer I usually give them is, and I mean it, divorce - - seldom, if never. Murder? Often.


ANDERSON: Got a great sense of humor there. And they were really special. They also told a story about how they wrote letters when separated during World War II, right?

MILLER: Check this out. I mean, they met in 1942 and fell in love at first sight. But the first -- the first two and a half years of their marriage he was overseas. They were separated by the Atlantic. So the only way they got to know each other was through love letters. And they wrote each other love letters every single day. Now when they come home, there is 1,500 love letters all in this chest. And it`s so cool because right before the interview with them, they pulled this chest out. And they started a habit -- this is 63 years later -- and they started reading these letters to each other every single night going, this is how I felt about you then. This is how I feel about you now.

ANDERSON: Aww, still have that flame, that passion.

MILLER: It`s still there.

ANDERSON: It`s amazing. And from all that you`ve learned, give us the Holy Grail. What is it that makes a successful relationship and an everlasting marriage?

BOGGS: Oh, man, that`s a tough question. We`re still looking actually. We`re going -- on July 24th we`re launching the search for America`s greatest marriages, because we`re still looking. We`re still interviewing for part two of our documentary film.

ANDERSON: But if you could pinpoint it, what have you learned?

MILLER: A lifelong love and marriage is possible. And that paradigm shift has been very meaningful for us.

BOGGS: And it really boils down to this. One marriage master said to us, look, you want to know how to spell love? Love is a four letter word spelled G-I-V-E. It`s about giving.

ANDERSON: It is. It goes both ways. And patience, from one who is newly married, patience is very important.

BOGGS: Nice, congratulations.

ANDERSON: Thank you. Have you guys found your ladies yet?

BOGGS: No. No.

ANDERSON: All right. Best of luck with that. Thank you both for being\ here, Mat and Jason.

BOGGS: Thank you.

ANDERSON: And as we said, they are going to 25 cities starting next week. So if you know a couple that they should talk to, visit their Web site, Project

CARROLL: It`s time now for tonight`s hot headlines. Avril Lavigne is now a married woman. The 21-year-old pop star married fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Deryck Whibley over the weekend in California. Whibley fronts the band Sum 41. The couple have been together for two years. "People Magazine" says it was a mostly traditional ceremony at a private estate near Santa Barbara.

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro are broken up. Electra`s rep confirms to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that the couple have split. They got married in November of 2003. MTV chronicled the period leading up to the wedding with the reality show, "Till Death Do Us Part." Carmen and Dave.

Jennifer Aniston says she might be up for a "Friends" reunion. In an interview on British television, she said it would be fun to reprise her role as Rachel Green for a Thanksgiving episode. Because those episodes, she says, were always really fun, when the series was on the air. And those are tonight`s hot headlines.

ANDERSON: Friendly reminder now that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on seven nights a week. We`re bringing T.V.`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekend. Be sure to tune in SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 Pacific.

Hang tight. SHOWBIG TONIGHT will be right back.


CARROLL: We`ve been asking you to vote on tonight`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." "Pirates of the Caribbean" -- Is it the best movie of the summer? Keep voting at tonight. And write us at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at We`ll read some of your e-mails tomorrow.

ANDERSON: And it`s time now to see what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. So let`s take a look at that showbiz marquee.

Tomorrow, he was Paul McCartney and Heather Mills` match maker, a friend of the late Princess Diana, and now he is judging whether America`s got talent on a hit reality show. A lot to talk about with Piers Morgan. He will be here tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, Morgan Spurlock, the "Supersize Me" director is back with his show, which says a lot can happen in just 30 days. "30 Days" creator Morgan Spurlock tomorrow in the interview you will see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks so much for watching everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson.

CARROLL: And I`m Jason Carroll in for A.J. Hammer. Stay tuned for the latest from CNN "HEADLINE NEWS."

ANDERSON: Good night.

CARROLL: Good night.


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