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Beyonce Having Dinner PETA; Reviewing "The Devil Wears Prada"; Reviewing "Superman Returns"; Are Celebrity Moms Judged a little too Harshly?; Kevin Federline: Save the Penny

Aired June 30, 2006 - 19:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: The juiciest celebrity gossip. Why we just can`t seem to live without it. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And do celebrity romances hold the secrets to dating for the rest of us? I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. A special edition of TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER (voice-over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the fur is really flying. Tonight celebrities getting ambushed for wearing fur. But have these anti- fur antics gone too far?

Plus, the stunning story of why Paris Hilton is no longer turning a blind eye to the furry over fur. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes inside the battle of celebrities wearing skin.

Celebrity mommies. They`re the most famous moms in the world. Britney`s baby boo-boo, Denise`s divorce tug-of-war, the world is watching them: The press, the paparazzi, and the prying eyes of the media. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, are celebrity moms judged too harshly?


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Hi there, I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, and welcome to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Now, we admit it, we read the celebrity magazines, tune into the TV shows and even scour the internet for the juiciest information on our favorite stars.

HAMMER: Yes, and we know that we are not alone. Fans get whipped into a frenzy when they just got to know what their favorite stars is up to. Good example, Paris Hilton, of course, the sexy socialite who`s in the news quite a bit now says she`s giving up fur, but when it comes to another celebrity, Beyonce, well, anti-fur activists think it`s they`re destiny to change the mind of this former Destiny`s Child star no matter what it takes.


(voice-over): You know Paris Hilton, the socialite and Paris Hilton the TV star. And now you have Paris Hilton, the singer. But are we about to see Paris Hilton, the animal rights activist? The group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals certainly hope so.

MICHAEL MCGRAW, PETA SPOKESMAN: Well, PETA is so pleased that Paris Hilton has announced that she`s permanently swearing off fur.

HAMMER: That`s right. The famous fashionista says, from now on, she`ll be hitting the red carpet fur-free. Paris says her conversion happened after she met Paul McCartney`s soon to be ex-wife, Heather Mills- McCartney, a noted antifur activist. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has for you the shocking video Mills-McCartney personally showed Paris. A PETA expose, Mills-McCartney narrated that shows the disturbing conditions at a fur farm in China.

HEATHER MILLS-MCCARTNEY, ACTIVIST: Since Western consumers are buying the fur, it`s our responsibility to know how it`s made, so we can make informed choices.

HAMMER: Paris reportedly resolved on the spot never to wear fur again. Paris used to be a PETA pariah for her fur wearing ways. A year ago she topped PETA`s list of "worst dressed celebrities." And in London, earlier this year, PETA activists pelleted Paris and fashion designer Julian McDonald with flour after Paris appeared in a fashion show highlighting McDonald`s fur heavy designs. But now it seems, PETA is pleased to have Paris on the anti-fur bandwagon.

MCGRAW: I think that Paris is a representative of a lot of people, a lot of fur wearers who just don`t think about the cruelty involved. And once they see the videos and how much animals really do suffer, even for just a piece of fur trim, they can never in good conscience go back to wearing fur again.

HAMMER: Paris joins a long list of celebs who are friends of PETA. Pamela Anderson, for one, frequently lends her name to PETA causes.

PAMELA ANDERSON, ACTRESS: Fashion doesn`t have to be cruel.

HAMMER: But as PETA is making friends with new celebrities, it has also added a very powerful enemy: Pop singer Beyonce.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you ever thought about not wearing fur?

HAMMER: Websites are buzzing about this hidden camera video. It features Beyonce having dinner in New York with a couple of fan who is won a charity auction for the chance to dine with her. But the fans were really PETA activists who proceeded to confront a shocked Beyonce about her use of fur in her clothing line.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re just trying to talk...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know what you`re trying to do.

HAMMER: PETA certainly has a long history of going after celebrity fur users. Jennifer Lopez remains the No. 1 target on PETA`s hit list for wearing fur and using it in her clothing line. PETA says it is getting all kind of support for its Beyonce confrontation.

MCGRAW: We certainly heard from a lot of Beyonce`s and Destiny`s Child`s fans and they`re glad that she finally has gotten this wakeup call and they`re hopeful that she`ll stop wearing fur.

HAMMER: But some think PETA`s take no prisoner tactics go too far.

DAVID MARTOSKO, CENTER FOR CONSUMER FREEDOM: Beyonce was just out there with her family fulfilling a charity obligation when PETA decided to selfishly make it al about them. The more they do that, the more the public turns off. They have yet to explain themselves to Hollywood about exactly why they don`t want research done that will cure AIDS or breast cancer. These are serious credibility problems and the more Hollywood recognizes that these are problems, less likely they`re going to be to pick up the phone when PETA calls.

HAMMER: While Beyonce may not be PETA`s favorite celeb, keep this in mind. Paris Hilton went from PETA pariah to PETA pal in about a year. Anything Beyonce could do the same. In Hollywood`s fight over fur, anything can happen.


HAMMER: So will the fur continue to fly in Hollywood? Well, to find out I spoke with Harvey Levin, he`s the managing editor of the entertainment news website, And I stated off my asking Harvey if he thought that the over the top PETA stunts were actually working.


HARVEY LEVIN, TMZ.COM: What PETA wanted to do so was really ignite this public debate, and that they did. And, you know, I think Paris is significant, not because of her social consciousness, but because one of the things that Hollywood does is they rely on trends. And if people think it`s fashionable to shun fur, then it may really help the PETA cause. And I think that`s precisely what Paris Hilton does.

HAMMER: Well, let`s talk about Paris Hilton`s social consciousness for just a second, because I`m sure a lot of people would like to believe that Paris Hilton had this big revelation, now she`s done with fur because of her moral fiber and some moral decision on her part. But, call me a skeptic, you know, in August she`s releasing an album. She just released a single the other day that is now expected to do well. She could use some decent press. Could this, you know, be a P.R. move on her part and a great one at that?

LEVIN: Well, you know, if it is a P.R. move, I think it is a great one. I mean, this woman has been a walking rap sheet for the last month, I mean, with hit and runs and all sorts of other misdeeds that she could use something positive in the press. And, again, it`s a controversial issue, but I don`t think anybody would say Paris Hilton`s an idiot for not wearing fur. That`s not the issue here. A lot of people will like her for it. So, I don`t think it`s a bad move at all, A.J.

HAMMER: Now, you guys were the first to post this hidden video that PETA took while they were ambushing Beyonce under false pretenses. It was pretty clear that Beyonce`s dad, Matthew Knowles, not happy about the PETA video or the fact that you guys posted it. Have you heard from him since?

LEVIN: You know, everybody has just been awfully quiet. I mean honestly, A.J., I`ll be frank with you on this. One of the reasons I wanted to talk with you about this the other day, is I want to send a message out to people -- just don`t try and intimidate us. Because, if you do, not only will it not work, but we`ll tell people you tried. And since we`ve been kind of doing this, we haven`t heard a word from anybody.


ANDERSON: Beyonce`s boyfriend, Jay-Z, says the way PETA went after her was all wrong. Members of the group ambushed Beyonce when she thought she was sitting down with winners of an e-Bay auction for charity. The PETA members took Beyonce to task for wearing fur, but in an interview with CNN, Jay-Z says it wasn`t the time or the place.


JAY-Z, BEYONCE`S BOYFRIEND: I believe that PETA, they have a noble and a good cause, but their tactics are lacking in sensitivity. So, it`s hard to -- it`s hard to -- it`s hard to side with them. It`s hard to join their cause because of what they do. If you bum rush somebody who has a charity dinner, who takes time out of they schedule to have a charity dinner and you rig the -- you stood up, you won the auction, so you can, you know, you can come forth with your own agenda, you know, that`s not what you do.


ANDERSON: Jay-Z went on to say that the PETA ambush was in bad taste. By the way, the music mogul is on a new tour, coming out of retirement.

ANDERSON: A reminder for you and it`s important as we head into this big holiday weekend, you are now able to watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, seven nights a week. That`s right. We are bringing TV`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekends. Hang out with us. Check out SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 Pacific.

ANDERSON: OK, you need and want it and have to have it. Why we`re addicted to celebrity gossip coming up. Plus, we`ll also have this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it must be very difficult to have to live your life on camera, because all of us make mistakes.


HAMMER: Britney Spears has been slammed for her parenting skills, but is she being judged just a little too harshly? Well coming up next, we`ll take look at celebrity moms and how they handle the spotlight.

ANDERSON: And so many stars and so many splits. Tonight, how celebrity romances could explain why noncelebrities have issues in the single dating world. That`s still to come as this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT rolls on.


HAMMER: Welcome back to this very special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for your Friday night. I`m A.J. Hammer. It`s time for a story that just made us say "That`s Ridiculous." You know you see them on the floor, on the sidewalk, you hunt for them in your couch -- they`re pennies. But you know, the days of the copper coins may be spent.

Well, have no fear, Britney Spear`s husband, Kevin Federline, is here to save the day. He`s teamed up with Virgin Records founder, Sir Richard Branson, to save the penny. Now, you may have heard, there`s some legislation to stop the production of the little Lincoln. So the duo wants people everywhere to stand up and be counted. Now, I personally think that this crusade for change is a pretty decent idea. Let`s keep the penny alive. But Kevin Federline getting involved? That is lacking common sense, Brooke, and "That`s Ridiculous" and I have to add that when I first saw this particular story, the was pretty much my reaction. Huh?

ANDERSON: Yeah, stunned. It`s just in explicable, A.J. But you know, he does -- he has an album coming in a couple of moths so maybe he`s trying to get exposure, drum up publicity. I bet this will not be the last we`ve seen of K-Fed in the near future -- A.J.

HAMMER: See, Richard Branson can do something for this cause, I believe. Kevin Federline? Not so much.

ANDERSON: K-Fed teaming up with Richard Branson, to save the penny? We say, "That`s Ridiculous."

OK, a lot of people are obsessed with K-Fed and his wife Brittany. After months of bad press, many have questioned her parenting skills. She insists she`s a good mom. Now, Britney certainly isn`t the first mommy who has messed up, so we`re asking, are star moms under too much scrutiny. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT took it to the streets.


(voice-over): Call it a Hollywood baby boom: Angie, Katie and now Britney again. It seems every week there`s a new headline announcing the next expectant starlet.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everybody loves celebrities. They want to know everything personal about their lives.

ANDERSON: Unprecedented access to the stars has just fueled the attention. Madonna, Demi, and even Pamela learned early how to navigate the stormy waters of celebrity and motherhood. Thanks to them, mommies could finally be seen as nurturing and hip. Plus, that baby weight -- forget about it.

But recently, there have been some not-so-pretty public mistakes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s horrendous.

ANDERSON: Britney caught a lot of heat after driving with 8-month-old Sean Preston in her lap.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think that was totally irresponsible of her.

ANDERSON: Right after that, she put him in the car seat, only he was facing forward in a convertible with not much more than sky over his head.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t think she`s really a bad mom as people portray her.

ANDERSON: Britney`s not the only star mom who has slipped up. A very pregnant Catherine Zeta-Jones was once reportedly busted smoking a cigarette.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it must be very difficult to have to live your life on camera, because all of us make mistakes.

ANDERSON: Kate Moss was no model mom when she was photographed allegedly doing drugs.

Even clean-living Gwyneth Paltrow caught some slack after she was spotted drinking what appeared to be a beer while she was pregnant. But are star moms catching too much heat?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Every little mistake they make is on TV, where I could make the same mistake when nobody ever heard about it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have to see how they`re taking care of their baby, and not what the magazine tells you.


ANDERSON: Now most of the people we spoke with said the pressure of being in the spotlight too, they really seemed, A.J. to sympathize with the star mom.

HAMMER: Well Brooke, that may be true, but that doesn`t seem to stop people from putting these star moms under a microscope.

I sat down with Dr. Gail Saltz, she`s a psychiatrist from New York`s Presbetarian Hospital and we chatted about all the attention these moms get.


It is wild the amount of scrutiny that celebrity moms get. All moms -- you know, everybody is trying -- you know, especially a new mom.


HAMMER: Why is it though? I mean, why -- why are they being judged so much more than non-celebs?

SALTZ: Well, motherhood is a very galvanizing topic, because all moms struggle with it. Like, you can - am I a good enough mom? Did I do it right? How do I define myself versus me as a mommy? So it`s a very difficult topic, and we`re always curious, how are others doing it? And certainly those that look like they`re on top -- are they really on top? I`m curious to know. And so comparing yourself to them, and to some degree probably wanting to find them wanting -- like they`re not doing such a hot job -- that makes me feel pretty good.

HAMMER: Right. Yeah. If that big superstar who makes millions of dollars a year can`t quite pull it off, well then, hey, I`m not doing such a bad job.

SALTZ: Exactly.

HAMMER: And people are just kind of waiting to strike, though. I mean, you know, Britney Spears is obviously the easy one to talk about here.

SALTZ: Right.

HAMMER: The whole incidence we just mentioned with her driving with her son in between her and the steering wheel.

SALTZ: Right.

HAMMER: Now that was fair.


HAMMER: That was fair criticism.

SALTZ: But listen, it`s legal. And -- and it`s certainly the -- you know, all studies show, you got to be in a car seat. It`s just not safe. But there were other incidents where, frankly, you know, everybody has almost fallen with their baby.

HAMMER: Yes, and...

SALTZ: They even drop their baby.

HAMMER: And to the point you`re speaking of when she was stepping out of her hotel...

SALTZ: Right.

HAMMER: There are people swarming around her, and she kind of trips...

SALTZ: That`s right.

HAMMER: First of all, we trip.

SALTZ: We all trip.

HAMMER: And I really feel that people were treating her unfairly at that time.

SALTZ: Well people are -- are being harsh and critical because she`s under a microscope, because every mom, something has gone wrong. You didn`t -- you gave them the bottle, it was too hot. They fell out of something. Something happens. But no one`s there watching to judge you. But we like to judge about motherhood.

HAMMER: We do, and -- and -- and very often, celebrities, certainly they may have a lot of money, and certainly they probably have some help, a few nannies...

SALTZ: Absolutely.

HAMMER: really pick up...

SALTZ: Absolutely.

HAMMER: ...pick up some of the burden. And there are some who would say, Well look, she has all that money, she has that extra assistance....

SALTZ: Right.

HAMMER: So what does she got to complain about? Is that a fair thing to say?

SALTZ: You know, not really. Yes, it does take the stress off if you don`t have to worry about money and if you can get extra help. But the fact is, motherhood is stressful. I don`t care how much money you have and how much help, because if you want to be a really good mom, then you`re going to be torn about lots of things: being there enough, not being there too much. There are all kinds of issues that are going to plague you and make it stressful.

HAMMER: There are always challenges.

SALTZ: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Certainly no mother under the spotlight more than Angelina Jolie right now...

SALTZ: Oh yes.

HAMMER: ...with Baby Shiloh. You know, everybody is paying attention, whether it`s on the Internet, in the newspapers, on television shows, we`re all talking about her. So it`s just an -- a lot of added pressure. There`s a lot of pressure to being a mom to begin with.

Is it ever possible to escape the scrutiny? Unless you -- you know, move away to Namibia or something like that and build a wall?

SALTZ: Yes, I kind of -- I mean, when you`re a big celebrity, to some degree, you know, it`s a human nature that the bigger you are, the harder you fall. People to some degree want to see some crashing and burning here. That`s why I to some degree -- I feel badly for some of these women. I mean, they want to say, hey, oh, she`s so gorgeous. Oh, she`s so got it together. Well I`d like to see her, you know, trip and fall a little bit.

So I think to some degree people are waiting to see something kind of go wrong. And that kind of under the spotlight is incredibly difficult.

HAMMER: And then it becomes difficult for the children. I mean, you like at -- you know, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes` child...


HAMMER: While -- while Katie was pregnant, that child was the focus of an entire nation.

SALTZ: Absolutely.

HAMMER: So is at all even possible for a child of parents with that much scrutiny on them to -- to be -- quote - unquote -- "normal," if there is a normal.

SALTZ: You know, if there is a normal.

Is it possible? Yes. Is it an added difficulty? Yes. So, you know, people have different kinds of vulnerabilities and difficulties. But let me say that if the paparazzi`s watching your every move and judging your parent constantly, then of course it`s going to be more difficult. They`re going to have to do certain things to protect their child, which some celebrities do in order to protect them and have them grow up in a more normal way.


ANDERSON: Celebrities and their babies. We`re going to take a look at how the bundle of joy turns into a bundle of publicity for famous moms and dads. Plus we`ll also have this:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know. Just more like eating candy. You know, as much as you don`t want to do it, sometimes you have that draw, it`s fun.


HAMMER: America`s guilty pleasure, celebrity gossip. Brittany, Brad and Angelina and Jen and Vince they are tabloid fodder and water cooler favorites. Why we love the nitty-gritty details of the stars` lives.

ANDERSON: And reviews of "Superman Returns" and "The Devil Wears Prada." What it`s really like to work at a fashion magazine, that`s next. This special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is back right after this. Hang tight.


HAMMER: Time now for the "Showbiz Guide." Tonight is "People`s" "Picks and Pans," new movies: Faster than a speeding bullet, "Superman Returns." And Meryl Streep teaming up with Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada." Joining me in New York, our reviewer of steel, "People" magazine film critic, Leah Rozen.

All right Leah, not only the most highly anticipated movie of the summer, but it`s been anticipated for two decades. Superman is back. This is a just fantastic film. I`ve seen it. I know.

LEAH ROZEN, MOVIE CRITIC, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: You`re right. I really like this movie, it`s the first big movie of the summer that doesn`t disappoint. "Superman Returns" directed by Brian Singer, and it pays homage to the mythology of the Superman story while also tweaking it. A lot of humor, gorgeous special effects, when he flies, I mean, you go weak in the knees. And it`s funny. It`s done with enormous style. Brandon Routh, who`s the relative newcomer playing Superman, within 10 minutes you go fine, you`re my guy, you`re my Superman. What`s weird though, and sort of eerie, is in many ways, he looks a lot like Christopher Reeve, and when he`s Clark Kent he sounds like Christopher Reeve.

HAMMER: It`s two and a half hours long. For me, that`s a long film. But, you know what, it was OK. I was all right with the time.

ROZEN: You know, It was a little bit, your behind was a little sore. There was like -- it`s 20 minutes to long. What big movie isn`t? The just -- none know how to cut. But, you know, it`s good. It`s terrific. You go, it does what a movie is supposed to. It`s a movie movie.

HAMMER: It it`ll break al kinds of records. OK, Meryl Streep looks like the fantastic "B" word in "The Devil Wears Prada." Is this film as much fun as it looks like it should be?

ROZEN: Yes it is and primarily because of Meryl Streep. She is playing this just vicious editor of a fancy fashion magazine. Meryl Streep is such a good actress that she not only makes this woman evil incarnate, but she also makes her just a touch of sympathetic, so you kind of understand where she`s coming from, and that makes it a lot of fun.

HAMMER: Two good movies for the holiday weekend. And they used $1 million worth of wardrobe for "The Devil Wears Prada."

Leah Rozen, thank you as always. And as always, for more "Picks and Pans," get your copy of "People" magazine on newsstands now.

ANDERSON: So march stars and so many splits. Tonight, how celebrity romances could explain why us real-life folk have issues in the single dating world. That`s in a bit. Plus we also have this:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know. Just more -- like eating candy. You know, as much as you don`t want to do it, sometimes you have that draw and it`s fun.


HAMMER: You need it, you want it, you have to have it. Why America is so addicted to celebrity gossip. Stars getting just as much buzz off-screen as they do on screen.

ANDERSON: And how to make people care about your baby. Why some stars get all the attention and others, well, don`t. You`re watching a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Keep it here with us. We`re going to be right back.


HAMMER: Welcome back to a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: "Celebrity Obsession."

It is 30 minutes past the hour, as we launch into the big July Fourth holiday weekend. I am A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I am Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, and this is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, Brad and Angelina had theirs; Tom and Katie had theirs; Kevin and Britney had one, another`s on the way.

ANDERSON: On the way.

HAMMER: Celebrity babies: we love reading about them, we love seeing that first photo. But why? We will look into the phenomenon that is the popularity of the celebrity baby, coming up in just a few moments.

ANDERSON: Yes, we will.

Also, A.J., the dating world - it`s tough out there; it`s a jungle out there.

HAMMER: Sure is.

ANDERSON: I know that many people have had rough experiences. I know I`ve had some doozies in the past that I`d just like to forget about. But coming up, we will find out how we can learn from mistakes that celebrities make in relationships, from Jessica and Nick to Denise and Charlie.

HAMMER: All right.

ANDERSON: That`s coming up.

But first, if you asked anyone on the street what Brangelina means, chances are you would get the right answer. That`s because celebrities like Brad and Angelina make just as much news off the screen as they do onscreen. And celebrity magazines around the world stay on top of their 24/7. But why are people so obsessed with all those juicy little tidbits of celebrity lives?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Brangelina, Vaughniston. Headlines screaming about Britney`s public blunders.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the pulse about what people are talking about: those celebrity magazines that week after week splash hundreds of pictures of Hollywood`s A-listers from cover to cover.

But why are people so obsessed about Britney`s baby woes and Brad`s new baby details? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producer Jenny Detoma (ph) pounded the pavement to find answers to this burning question.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We love them. There`s always those good, like.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It makes us feel better about ourselves.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When we read Britney`s dropping her kid and having a drink in her hand and flipping all over the place. She`s just like a normal person.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Like everyday people.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you ever feel guilty about reading something and sort of - you know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sometimes I feel bad. But then again, they`re in the spotlight, so they`re kind of asking for it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Entertainment. It`s something to laugh at or bring me up or bring me down or just something - it`s entertainment.

ANDERSON: And we had a sneaking suspicion that these men savored celeb magazines as much as women do. So we asked them, too.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you read them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On occasion. I don`t want to admit it, but every now and then I`ll pick one up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, you just did.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I did. I`m embarrassed. Can we delete that please? Can we pick that up? Cool. Off camera.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you get out of it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know. I mean, if somebody around me is reading one, I`ll pick one up and - I don`t know. It`s just more like eating candy. You know, as much as you don`t want to do it, sometimes you have that draw and it`s - it`s fun.



ANDERSON: Mindless? Anything but for this woman, who will read anything and everything on her man, Brad Pitt.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s all this stuff about, like, Brad Pitt. I`m always really curious about what he`s doing and stuff, so.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What country these days?

ANDERSON: And because of recent headlines, this woman couldn`t contain her temper when it came to one certain celebrity.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Britney Spears in general. She makes me really angry.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I - I can`t stand her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you could give her a piece of advice, what would you give her?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Stop dressing like white trash. And, like, acting like trash. Like, get some sense in your head. You have a kid.


ANDERSON: Oh, harsh. Well, there you have it.

And now that Britney is expecting her second child, there`s no doubt, A.J., that once that baby is born, there will indeed be that bidding war for the very first picture.

HAMMER: Well, of course, there will, Brooke.

But why is there such an obsession for that first photo, that first interview? Well, for that answer we had to go to Bonnie Fuller. She is the editorial director for American Media. And she oversees "Star" magazine.


HAMMER: So you feed this frenzy. It is part of what you do for a living, so I consider you highly qualified to tell everybody why this obsession exists.

BONNIE FULLER, OVERSEES WEEKLY "STAR" MAGAZINE: How can we not be obsessed with these celebrities? I mean, they keep doing the most unsurprising things: jumping on couches, taking over countries to have babies. I mean, Britney having the second baby - like to say - you know, getting pregnant a couple months after the first baby.

HAMMER: But what`s at the root of it?

FULLER: Well, you know, we`ve always been obsessed with celebrities. Since the dawn of time we`ve been obsessed with them. It`s just, everyone used to be talking about the pharaoh and the pharaoh`s wife. It`s normal to be obsessed with those who are more glamorous, more wealthy, and mating and dating and splitting from other of the most glamorous, gorgeous people.

HAMMER: Now part of what comes with the territory of being a celebrity is the fact that people do want to know, and they are obsessed with you. And then you have magazines like yours, which do their job and cover these celebrities and occasionally get accused of crossing the line, because there`s always that question, when do celebrities have a right to privacy? Or do they have a right to privacy?

What do you think? Do they have a right? Or if you`re out there, you`re out there.

FULLER: I think that there`s certain lines that - that shouldn`t be crossed. Of course they have a right to - to privacy. But on the other hand, we`ve got to look at - at celebrities, how they`re inviting us into their - their lives these days. I mean, if you put on a show about your romance and sex life like Britney did with Chaotic (ph), or you sell your baby pictures for $4 million like Brad and Angelina - I mean, I think - oh, Nick and Jessica, a whole TV show based on their love life and marriage - you are inviting the public into your lives. It`s very hard to set that line.

HAMMER: And you think it`s hypocritical of celebrities and stars to say, at one moment, Yes, throw all your attention at me, and then - then at the next say, You know what? Leave me alone, there`s been too much.

FULLER: That`s right. I - I do think that they have to think seriously about whether they want privacy or whether they want publicity. I mean, look at Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. On one hand, they`re saying, Oh, we don`t want to talk about our relationship - wink, wink.


FULLER: But on the other hand, they`re having a relationship. And look what it did to their - their movie, "The Break-Up." They got a $38 million opening.

HAMMER: Now you mentioned that we`ve had a lot of celebrities lately doing quote - unquote - nutty things and - and - and just strange things. And do you think part of why we enjoy watching them so much is - is something that people tell me a lot, We want to see people in these positions of power fail, or do badly, or see that they`re human beings, just like us.

Is that - is that a big part of the obsession, do you think?

FULLER: I don`t think that they want celebrities to fail or do badly. I - I - I think they love celebrities. However they do like to see that celebrities are normal, and that - and that`s why they enjoy seeing celebrity photos where they`re watching down the street, getting a coffee, getting a parking ticket..


HAMMER: So there`s a cheap thrill to seeing that human side, really?

FULLER: That`s right, and that they don`t roll out of bed just looking fabulous.

HAMMER: All right.

FULLER: That they look like normal people.

HAMMER: That makes sense.

So you want to sell your magazines. You know obviously what the hottest of the hot topics are.

Run them down for you. What - what`s the number one thing you put into your magazine, people are going to buy it?

FULLER: Celebrity weddings, celebrity babies, celebrity new romances, celebrity splits. I mean, the big markers in celebrity lives. And also, then, there`s always the catfights - somebody running off with somebody else`s best friend. Hey, Denise and Heather.

HAMMER: You sell the most magazines when what`s on the front cover? What type of a story?

FULLER: You know, that`s hard - that`s hard to say. It has to be a big story, big names: Brad, Angelina, Jen Aniston, doing something big.

HAMMER: All right, Bonnie. Well I appreciate you shedding a little light. It still confuses me, but never mind. That`s why you`re the expert in the subject.


ANDERSON: All right, we want to hang out with you seven nights a week, not just Monday through Friday. That`s right, we are bringing TV`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekend.

So be sure to tune in. That`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Saturdays and Sundays, 1 p.m. Eastern. That`s 8 Pacific.

When was the last time that you went into a public bathroom and you left feeling more cultured? We`ll show you a restaurant that made us say "That`s Ridiculous!" Next.

HAMMER: It happened to me just today.

Plus, so many stars, so many splits. Turns out Hollywood break-ups could actually explain why regular people have issues in the dating world. That`s next.

ANDERSON: And one celebrity plus another celebrity plus baby equals major publicity. Tonight, we have the inside story on how stars get their bundles of joy on the cover of magazines.

That`s as this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Celebrity Obsession" continues.

But first, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly" Great American Pop Culture Quiz.

In "Tim Burton`s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," how many actors portrayed the Oompa-Loompas? One, five, 50, or 500? This is an easy one. Think about it. We`ll be right back with your answer.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Fade up, go Camera 3. Music under. Stand by, Brooke. Open 7, dissolve L.A., go.

ANDERSON: And thank you, Charlie (ph).

Here we are again with tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly" Great American Pop Culture Quiz.

Here it is: in "Tim Burton`s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," how many actors portrayed the Oompa-Loompas? One, five, 50, or 500? If you answered A, you`re correct. Only actor was used.

HAMMER: Oompa-Loompa.

Welcome back to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: "Celebrity Obsession." You are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

It is time now for yet another story that just made us say, "That`s Ridiculous!"

Now, the art scene in Yellow Springs, Ohio, seems to really be going to pot - or maybe I should say, pot. This town has put in an art gallery in public restrooms of all places. It`s called the Chamber Pot Gallery and it`s opened in the bathrooms of a local tourist attraction, which is a replica of an 1880 train station. Some of the paintings actually keep with the theme. One is called, "Got Paper?" The artist of that painting says she was inspired by that "Seinfeld" episode in which Elaine is the ladies` room stall with no toilet paper anywhere.

Of course, Brooke, you remember that particular episode. Elaine says, "Excuse ma`am," to the woman in the stall next to her.


HAMMER: . "Have you got a square to spare?" And the woman said.

ANDERSON: "Sorry, I have no square to spare." Something like that?

HAMMER: It`s a tough, tough situation to be in.

ANDERSON: Close enough. Yes it is.

A.J., can you believe it? Organizers here are hoping these art galleries attract out-of-town visitors. There`s a little bike path next to it, and they hope people will stop, come in, check out the art in the restrooms.

HAMMER: It`s working already; I`ll be there for the holiday weekend.

ANDERSON: I bet you will.

OK, moving now to the year of the Hollywood baby boom. From Brad and Angelina`s baby Shiloh, to Tom and Katie`s little Suri, all the baby buzz kept these couples on the front page of every magazine. You couldn`t get away from it.

So for newly expectant celebrity couples, we wanted to know how they can make people really care about their baby. I asked our expert, Harvey Levin, managing editor of, for some tips and tricks to the Hollywood baby buzz.


ANDERSON: I want to get started with the birth that everybody is still talking about, that of course of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They ran off to Namibia to have baby Suri (sic). So you`re saying, I - forget Cedars Sinai in L.A. if you`re an expectant celebrity parent; you need to flee the country.

HARVEY LEVIN, MANAGING EDITOR, TMZ.COM: Yes, at - we at TMZ say that Namibia is the new Cedars. And it`s actually a great idea. You flee the country and you basically go into hiding so nobody can get a picture of you. And what it does is it builds interest. So by the time you actually give birth, there is an absolute frenzy, as opposed to a lot of stars who are walking down Robertson Boulevard in Hollywood in Los Angeles, and they`re seen everyday. And it`s, like, well, of course she was going to give birth. It becomes a mystery, and it really fuels the publicity machine.

ANDERSON: And Harvey, I apologize. I think I got my baby names mixed up. A lot of them beginning with `S` now. That`s baby Shiloh.

LEVIN: Oh, exactly.

ANDERSON: Now I want to talk about baby Suri. Of course Brangelina knocked Tom and Katie out of the headlines for awhile. But - but TomKat - it`s a shrewd couple. We all know Tom Cruise is a businessman. You could not have asked for better timing with the birth of Suri around the release of his new movie.

LEVIN: Well, the key here, Brooke, is that you want to time the birth with the junket so that you can talk about the baby and the impending birth right before the junket. And everybody wants to talk about that more than the movie. So the key to this - when you look at how - when you wrap a film and when it`s released, the key is that you have sex with your partner right after the wrap party. And that will time it out to the junket, and it works perfectly.

ANDERSON: Oh, and give you more to talk about than just the film. It`s - it`s perfect.

OK, Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, recently had a little baby boy. And I love this name: Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. Very snazzy name for a snazzy couple. But you got to make it all look good, right?

LEVIN: It - you know, it`s the key. You have to have a fashionable pregnancy. It`s one way of going. And Gwen Stefani pulled it off remarkably. And there were so many pictures of her because she just looked so great pregnant that people wanted to see the progression, and then ultimately, of course, the birth. And it`s a way of keeping that attention alive. And it worked for her.

ANDERSON: She looked very stylish the entire nine months. I got to give it to her.

Now Ben Affleck plus Jennifer Garner, a match made in publicity heaven.

LEVIN: You need a - you need a dynamic duo. That`s another way of going. Even if you don`t have a hot movie out. If you`ve got a famous partner like Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, it just works because - you know, it`s like these two stars got together. And gee, what`s this kid going to look like?

So I think that`s another - that`s the fourth way of going that creates interest.

ANDERSON: Doubles the interest there.

Let`s talk about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline now. With Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, that`s good publicity. Britney and K-Fed - bad publicity? The old adage is, there`s no such thing as bad publicity. But does that really apply here?

LEVIN: OK, I see that birth a little bit differently. I think Britney - Britney basically proves that when you`re a star of that magnitude, the husband doesn`t matter. I mean, it could be a sperm donor, and that would have gotten the same amount of attention. K-Fed basically went along for the ride in this case.

ANDERSON: Oh, wow.

Well I have to ask you, why would anybody want the attention from the magazines? Wouldn`t you want to just have your baby in peace and quiet and - and not put the baby on the front of all the magazines?

LEVIN: Well, you know, we`re joking about this to some extent. And it is true that there are some stars, really, who don`t want the publicity, who want to have a - you know, I really think on a level that Brad and Angelina really did not want that kind of publicity, and there are stars who do. But you know what? If they do want it, there`s a road map on how to get it.

ANDERSON: There is, and you just shared it with us.

Harvey Levin, managing editor and our expert on this subject of

LEVIN: There you go.

ANDERSON: Thanks so much.

LEVIN: See you.


ANDERSON: also says that perhaps the biggest publicity coup in the celebrity baby world would be if George Clooney and Paris Hilton had a baby ahead of the "Oceans 13" premiere, they could name the superstar baby "Pooney" (ph). Bad idea. Bad - don`t - don`t do it, OK?

All right. Sometimes celebrity obsession means pining away over Hollywood romances. Some seem too good to be true, and sometimes we find out they are. Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have proven that finding true love isn`t easy for anyone.

The new book "Why You`re Still Single" looks at what we could be doing wrong in the world of dating. I had a chance to speak with the authors, Linda Holmes and Evan Marc Katz.

We started with a chapter from the book called "Humpty Dumpty Did Not Live Happily Ever After," meaning it`s hard to put someone back together if they have - well, lots of issues. Using Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards as a Hollywood example, we discussed what the book says about dealing with a Humpty Dumpty.


EVAN MARC KATZ, AUTHOR, "WHY YOU`RE STILL SINGLE": Denise Richards was pretty much ignoring all the things that just a casual reader of any magazine, any tabloid magazine - we know what Charlie Sheen`s issues were. She sort of swept them under the rug, and then was somehow surprised when they surfaced. And you can`t be surprised when you can`t put it back together again.

ANDERSON: So don`t bury it; deal with it, and hopefully resolve it so it doesn`t come to that point.

Now Linda, another chapter in the book, "Hitting on 20." We all know you don`t want to hit on 20 in blackjack. Tell us how this relates to dating. Someone said earlier Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey - this was an example of that.

Is it you always want better? You`ve got 20, but you just want 21?

LINDA HOLMES, AUTHOR, "WHY YOU`RE STILL SINGLE": Exactly. That`s exactly what we`re talking about.

And I think in the case of - of Jessica Simpson, if you watched "Newlyweds" -- I think most people who watched "Newlyweds" thought that she was probably doing pretty well with Nick Lachey. And - and - so if you`re going to keep, as Evan always puts it - if you`re going to keep pulling for that ace and - and just hoping to hit the 21, you don`t necessarily want to give up a Nick Lachey if you happen to be Jessica Simpson.

ANDERSON: Seemed like a nice guy to me.

OK, Evan, "The Power of No." That really stood out to us. Halle Berry - high-profile woman - has said "no" in the past, gotten out of relationships she said were really bad for her. A lot of people who are watching this want practical dating tips. They`re trying to be yes people, better daters. Explain why "no" is still so important.

KATZ: Well, the thing with being able to say "no" is that it`s a - it`s a sign of strength. You`re not going to put up with someone else`s crap, for lack of a better word. And being able to walk away from a relationship with your head held high and look for something that works better for you in the long run makes a person who is really, truly more desirable. I think Halle Berry looks better in the eyes of the public because of the way she left her husband.

ANDERSON: Good to stand firm.

Linda, another one: "Tip Your Baggage Handler." What in the world does this have to do with dating? And you mentioned Jennifer Aniston might be an example for this one.

HOLMES: Yes. "Tip Your Baggage Handler" is a chapter with not getting - not attaching yourself to people who have a lot of baggage, and not assuming that people with a lot of baggage are - are romantic or more interesting than other people. And I think - a lot of it has to do with walking away from situations that create a lot of drama. And if you`re - if you`re looking at a guy like Brad Pitt, whose next choice of partner is, you know, somebody where they`re going to go off and wind up selling their baby pictures for $4 million, then maybe that`s a lot of drama that you don`t necessarily need.

ANDERSON: But it did go to charity, fortunately.

We are going to have to leave it there. Really good topic, fun topic to talk about. Linda Holmes and Evan Marc Katz, thank you both for being here and sharing your book with us, "Why You`re Still Single." It`s in stores now.


HAMMER: A big, important alert as we had into this July Fourth holiday weekend: call your friends, tell your neighbors: you can now watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT seven nights a week. That`s right; we are bringing TV`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekend. So check it out: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now on Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m. Eastern, 8 Pacific.

It`s time now for the "Entertainment Weekly" "Must List." It is summer, and "EW" has a double issue out. It`s all about their "Must List," people and things that they love right now. And here are five of them:

First, Jessica Alba is "EW"`s "Must" girl of the summer. From her movie roles to popping up on magazine covers everywhere, she is an actress on the brink of Hollywood domination.

Next, she`s "EW"`s "Must" workaholic. At age 21, Scarlett Johansson is a self-confessed workaholic, both on the big screen and off.

And then "EW" says a "Must" look back is "The Pee Wee Herman Show." (INAUDIBLE). It captures Paul Reuben`s 1981 West Hollywood stage performance as Pee Wee - and I should never try to laugh like him again.

"EW"`s "Must" one-woman master class (ph) is no other than actress Meryl Streep. She is the most nominated actress in Oscar history.

Finally, "EW" says pop diva Christina Aguilera is this summer`s "Must" glamour girl.

For more, grab your copy of "Entertainment Weekly"`s special summer double issue: "People and Things We Love Right Now." You`ll find it on newsstands right now.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for your Friday night coming right back.


ANDERSON: It is time now for a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Birthday Shoutout." This is where we give fans a chance to wish their favorite stars a very happy birthday.

Tonight we`re going to send one out to "American Idol"`s Fantasia Barrino. She is celebrating her 22nd birthday today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, my name is Nicole (ph). I would like to wish Fantasia a happy birthday. She`s a talented person. I wish her daughter all the best. And have a wonderful day.


HAMMER: It is time now to see what is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT next week. Here comes your "SHOWBIZ Marquee."

Coming up on Monday: shocking ads. From car safety to anti-smoking campaigns, we`re taking a look at the ads that are really hard to forget. But are these disturbing images an effective way of making a point, or are they shock value that really crosses the line? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates on Monday.

Also on Monday, behind the scenes of celebrity interviews. The juicy details you will not want to miss. Some of the biggest stars in the world have sat down with Jancee Dunn for "Rolling Stone" magazine. Her date with Ben Affleck, spending quality time with Brad Pitt, and breaking the ice with Madonna. She`ll tell us all about it on Monday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And that is it for this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Celebrity Obsession." Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I am Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. We hope you will join us right here this weekend for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Right now, stay tuned for more from CNN Headline News. Good night.


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