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: Runaway Bride Gives First TV Interview; Why Are Celebs Drawn to Scientology?; Nicolas Cage`s Email Hacked; Trace Adkins Likes Some Junk in the Trunk; A Night with the Paparazzi

Aired June 21, 2005 - 19:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Scientology in Hollywood.
KARYN BRYANT, CO-HOST: And why country star Trace Adkins is using a hip-hop dictionary.

I`m Karyn Bryant.



BRYANT (voice-over): The runway bride speaks. Jennifer Wilbanks and her fiance reveal what really happened, why she left and why he stayed. Tonight all the bombshells in their first interview.

HAMMER: Also a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, the star chasers. We ride along with the self-proclaimed king of paparazzi.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We create more stars in Hollywood than any publicist, ever.

HAMMER: A night in the life of the paparazzi. The stars come out, and the chase is on.

BRYANT: Checking in with a Hilton. It`s Paris` mom, live. It`s anything but the simple life for her, because now she`s getting a reality check of her own. Kathy Hilton live in the "Showbiz Sitdown."

PARIS HILTON, ACTRESS/MODEL: I`m Paris Hilton. If it happened today, it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and you`re at the top of the show.

BRYANT: I`m Karyn Bryant. You`re watching TV`s only live nightly entertainment news program.

HAMMER: Well, tonight the runaway bride is on TV. Not the Julia Roberts movie but the real life missing bride at the center of one of the strangest stories of the year.

BRYANT: Jennifer Wilbanks is giving her first network TV interview since she famously skipped town before her wedding. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s David Haffenreffer is live here with more on that -- David.

DAVID HAFFENREFFER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The runaway bride is back. Needless to say, NBC is calling it an first exclusive interview with Jennifer Wilbanks, the Georgia woman who took off four days before her wedding, only to show up in New Mexico with a phony abduction claim.

NBC aired parts of the Wilbanks interview on "The Today Show" this morning. And with more TV appearances likely, it appears the runaway bride is not going away any time soon.


JENNIFER WILBANKS, RUNAWAY BRIDE: God`s behind this crazy, crazy story; there`s a person.

HAFFENREFFER (voice-over): It certainly is a crazy, crazy story, and Jennifer Wilbanks is finally telling her side of it.

She and her fiance, John Mason, sat together, hand in hand, as they answered Katie Couric`s questions about the most talked about non-wedding of the year.

Wilbanks and Mason used the interview to knock down several rumors and reports that have circulated since her famous disappearing act. Rumor one: that she took off because she felt pressured about her upcoming gargantuan wedding, which included 600 guests.

WILBANKS: I didn`t feel pressure. No one, my family, you know, John`s family nor my family were, you know, pressuring us into having this big wedding.

HAFFENREFFER: Rumor two, that she ran off to be with another man.

WILBANKS: That was absolutely not true.

HAFFENREFFER: Couric also grilled Mason about sticking with the woman who all but left him at the alter.

KATIE COURIC, "THE TODAY SHOW": Some people have said, "This guy is an idiot."

JOHN MASON, JENNIFER WILBANKS` FIANCE: I just let it go in one ear and out the other. I stick to my -- to my convictions, and I feel right now I`m supposed to be with her, helping her get through this.

HAFFENREFFER: It`s a compelling interview, and judging by the way NBC has been promoting it everywhere, the network is very happy to have beaten everyone to get, "the get."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The exclusive interview everyone is talking about, the runaway bride.

HAFFENREFFER: But Wilbanks` TV blitz has turned into a little side story of its own. Last week, Wilbanks struck a deal with a media company owned by big-time publisher Judith Regan.

That deal reportedly included TV movie rights and the rights to negotiate the first interview, which as we just saw, went to NBC. NBC says it did not pay for the interview.

No one is saying how much Wilbanks got for the rights to her story, but reports have put it at $500,000.

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST, "RELIABLE SOURCES": This poor woman, who traumatized her family and parts of the country by falsely claiming that she had been abducted. So this is one case where you have to say that crime does pay.

HAFFENREFFER: And a crime it was. Earlier this month, Wilbanks pleaded no contest to making a false statement.

WILBANKS: I`m truly sorry for my actions.

HAFFENREFFER: She got two years probation and community service. And she`ll repay a small portion of the $43,000 local officials paid to look for her when she went missing.

Those local officials aren`t too happy that Wilbanks is banking a lot more than that for the rights to her story. In fact, the D.A. says he thought about banning her from profiting her from her disappearance as a condition of her probation. But he says that would have been illegal.

So Wilbanks is free to tell and sell her story. And odds are we`ll be seeing a lot more of it in the near future.

WILBANKS: Aren`t there any hopeless romantics left? There is such a thing as true love.


HAFFENREFFER: I`m sure there are a few. But there`s no love lost for Wilbanks from some people in Duluth, Georgia. That`s the city where Wilbanks and Mason live. And many of their fellow residents are quite angry that the couple stands to profit from an ordeal that caused a lot of trouble for the entire town.

The entire Wilbanks interview airs tonight during an NBC "DATELINE" special.

Karyn, back to you.

BRYANT: Thanks very much, David Haffenreffer.

Well, Tom Cruise has not filed charges in the squirting incident in London, and tonight it turns out he may not be planning to.

A man pretending to be a reporter squirted water in Cruise`s face with a fake microphone at the "War of the Worlds" premiere in London on Saturday. The prank was part of a British TV show that plays practical jokes on celebrities. And the man and three of his crewmembers were taken into custody and released on bail later that day.

There are reports that Cruise is not planning to press charges. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tried to confirm that, but we got no response

HAMMER: Well, Tom Cruise may have been able to show some restraint partially because of his firm belief in the Church of Scientology. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the stars and the story behind Scientology.

Cruise credits a lot of who he is and where he is with his career to following the religion hat was created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard back in 1954.

But Cruise isn`t the only Hollywood celebrity to embrace the church. Actor John Travolta turned to Scientology in his early 20s. Actress Kirstie Alley credits Scientology for helping her quit her cocaine habit. And Lisa Marie Presley also embraces Hubbard`s teachings.

John Travolta told CNN about how he got into Scientology, what it means to him, and why his fellow artists are attracted to it.


JOHN TRAVOLTA, ACTOR: It was in 1975. It was February or January, and it was in Mexico. And an actress who had the lead in this movie called "The Devil`s Reign" -- it was my first picture -- and she -- she saw that I had some questions about life. And she said, "Well, I have some interesting answers for you," and she showed me the "Dianetics" book.

There are so many specific daily results that I get from Dianetics and Scientology. And I think that the one thing that all these artists have in common, besides the urge for spiritual awareness, is to make things better for other people. Very few people are in this selfishly.


HAMMER: So what is the fascination with Scientology in Hollywood? We have some answers tonight, as we bring you "Showbiz In-Depth."

Joining us from Hollywood, Sharon Waxman. She writes for "The New York Times" and has covered this topic. Sharon is also the author of the best-selling book, "Rebels on the Backlot."

Now Sharon, I just mentioned four prominent stars who are into Scientology. There are countless more. And we just heard what John Travolta had to say about it. But why do you see that Hollywood types are attracted to Scientology?

SHARON WAXMAN, AUTHOR, "REBELS ON THE BACKLOT": Yes, that was an interesting take on why celebrities or why she`s drawn to Scientology.

Scientology actively recruits celebrities, so it`s not a coincidence that there are so many celebrities that are involved in the religion. They have this huge celebrity center here in Hollywood, where they actually cater to them and bring them in.

And you know, it`s part of if you go on their web site there are all kinds of comments about L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the movement, talking about how celebrities are so important to society. It really sort of makes actors and artists and celebrities feel that they are, as part of their philosophy, that they are special.

So you can imagine, when you have actors whose whole lives are so uncertain and unstable, here you have this religion that`s telling them that they are special; they are stars; they are leaders in society, that there is a mutual attraction there. That on one hand they`re being recruited in one way and brought in and being told that they`re special. And you know, the actors find something meaningful and perhaps something fulfilling. You know, it reinforces something for them, too.

HAMMER: Certainly, that must have been a lot of appeal for Katie Holmes. And that`s the reason it`s been gaining so much attention over the past couple of weeks, because of her relationship with Tom Cruise. She was raised a strict Catholic, and now, a scientologist. What do you think specifically about her brought her into Scientology?

WAXMAN: You know, that can -- I can only speculate. I have no idea. I don`t know Katie Holmes. I don`t know her religious beliefs. And you know, the only element that changed is that she`s met Tom Cruise, who is the leading movie star in Hollywood and the leading Scientologist.

So clearly that he wants the person who he`s involved with to participate in his religion. So that would, you know -- but as to why she would have a change of heart or philosophy beyond her relationship with Tom Cruise, I couldn`t tell you.

HAMMER: OK. Well, let`s talk about, you know, all this publicity that the scientologists have gotten over the last couple of weeks and, generally speaking, in Hollywood. Is that disproportionate to the amount of power they actually wield? Or is there quite a lot out there?

WAXMAN: Are you saying is Scientology perceived to have more clout than it actually does?


WAXMAN: Is that what you`re saying? Yes, well, I don`t know that they`re perceived to have more clout. Actually, the more I learn about these various stars and the stories I`ve been reporting about it, the more I learn that Scientology really does have a lot of influence with these stars.

I mean, for example, Tom Cruise travels with a group of scientologists, surrounded by a group of scientologists. John Travolta constantly is with a group of scientologists. So it`s not it`s some small, personal slice of their lives. It`s a very integral part of those lives.

So to the degree that those stars have power and are pea in the day to day workings of the industry, Scientology does have a very direct connection and, you know, a daily role in their lives. Absolutely.

HAMMER: Well, thanks very much for running it down for us. Sharon Waxman, we appreciate you joining us on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

WAXMAN: Thanks.

BRYANT: The "American Idol" contestant who says he had an affair with Paula Abdul is going to meet with the show`s producers. We learned today Corey Clark will meet with the producers next week, along with legal reps from FOX. After Clark claimed that Abdul privately coached him, and that they had a sexual relationship, FOX officials said they would open an investigation.

Clark was on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT right after he made the claims last month. And at that time, he said he wouldn`t cooperate with an investigation with FOX, and that he just wanted his side of the story made public.


COREY CLARK, FORMER "AMERICAN IDOL" CONTESTANT: At the end of the day, I`m trying to sit my record straight for people, because it hasn`t been straight for two years. And you know, it hasn`t been an easy road. You know, "American Idol" has made it a really hard lifestyle for me to live.


BRYANT: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got a statement from Clark`s publicist, saying, quote, "As a good faith attempt to set the record straight and end the media`s portrayal of him as being uncooperative, Clark would like to accept FOX`s invitation and participate in a thorough investigation of the `American Idol` machine.

HAMMER: Well, coming up, we`re going to take you along for a ride as we bring you a night in the life of the paparazzi. It`s our special report.

Also, Nicholas Cage is having an identity crisis. And the FBI is getting involved. We`ll explain in a live report just ahead.

BRYANT: Plus Paris` mom herself tells us why anyone would want to be a Hilton. Kathy Hilton joins us live in the "Showbiz Sitdown" coming up.

Now, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." Ice Cube directed a video by which superstar? Was it Prince, Rick James, George Clinton or Ice-T? We will be right back with the answer.



So again, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." Ice Cube directed a video by which superstar: Prince, Rick James, George Clinton or Ice-T. The answer is A. Ice Cube directed the video for Prince`s "Love Signs."

HAMMER: Well, tonight Nicholas Cage has a message. If you`ve been getting sexually explicit e-mail messages with his name attached, there`s something you need to know.

The latest live now from Burbank. Joining us is "Celebrity Justice`s" Omar Lagonis.

Omar, what happened here?

OMAR LAGONIS, "CELEBRITY JUSTICE": Basically, we were contacted by Nicholas Cage`s reps this morning, and they basically wanted to put the message out there. If you get an e-mail from someone pretending to be Nicholas Cage, it is not Nicholas Cage the actor.

HAMMER: So how did he find out that someone actually got into his e- mail, which I`m assuming is what happened here?

LAGONIS: Basically, that is what he assumes happened. His former address, (ph), someone apparently hacked it and got a hold of his address book and sent out sexually explicit e-mails to members of his inner circle, business associates, friends.

And how he found out, sources tell us, is that basically surprised recipients called him up or e-mailed him and said, "Dude, what are you doing?" Because it was apparently really graphic sexual stuff that he obviously would not have sent to them.

HAMMER: All right. Well, that all these Nic Cage e-mails are over the place, what`s he doing about it?

LAGONIS: He has teemed up with powerhouse attorney Marty Singer, one of the most successful Los Angeles attorneys. And Mr. Singer is working with the Los Angeles County D.A. and the FBI to try to find out who this hacker is.

HAMMER: OK. Omar, thanks very much. Omar Lagonis, live in Burbank - - Karyn.

BRYANT: Like daughter like mom. It is time now for a "Showbiz Sitdown" with Paris Hilton`s mom, Kathy Hilton. She is following in the footsteps of her daughter and getting into the reality show business.

Starting tonight, you can catch her new show, "I Want to be a Hilton," and it is on NBC. Kathy Hilton joins us live here in New York.

Thanks for joining us.


BRYANT: So obviously, Paris has been very successful with "The Simple Life." Did she give you any advice in getting into the reality business?

K. HILTON: She did. She did. She said, "Mom, don`t look into the camera. Always be camera ready, and never trust the producers."

BRYANT: Really?

K. HILTON: But I said, Dad, my husband, Rick, is one of the producers, the executive producers. So I said, "Well, I don`t think we`ll have to worry about that one."

And just be yourself. And so it`s been a really great experience.

BRYANT: Now, it`s interesting, though, then. Does she feel that her show, sometimes they tweaked it poorly and that she was misrepresented?

K. HILTON: Well, I was afraid. I really did not want her to do "The Simple Life." And if you`d asked me over a year ago, right before I decided to do -- when Endemol approached me to do this show, I would have said there`s no way. So the lesson is never say never, because you never know.

BRYANT: What changed your mind?

K. HILTON: Well, when we met, I thought it would be a 20 minute meeting. I thought, "Don`t leave a stone unturned." And we ended up brainstorming for three hours, and the fact that Rick and I would be able to be so involved and participate in the way that we did, and -- you know, I don`t need to do this.

BRYANT: No. I don`t think you need the cash.

K. HILTON: It`s my way or the highway. And you know what? Being involved with NBC and Endemol has been a really great experience.

BRYANT: So the premise of the show is that you`re teaching some unsophisticated people basically the ways of high society, how to...

K. HILTON: You know, it`s really not high society. It`s 14 fish out of the water. And basically taking them through challenges, from fashion to the arts, to business, to sports competitions to charity that giving back is important.

In fact Paris and Nikki are on one of the episodes, where we do a big event, and the girls take all the contestants out to rally people up to get them to come to the event.

BRYANT: And what does the winner of the show get?

K. HILTON: Two hundred thousand dollar trust fund, a beautiful apartment in New York and, you know, jewelry and prizes and clothing and a wealth of experience.

But this is fun. You know, we`re not, you know, saving lives on this show.

BRYANT: It`s fun.

K. HILTON: It`s entertaining. It`s hilarious. It`s got a lot of heart and soul, discovery, imagination. It`s like taking 14 kids to Disneyland for the first time, even though you`ve been there and maybe you....

BRYANT: Oh, sure. But it`s still exciting.

K. HILTON: It`s fun to see it through their eyes.

BRYANT: Now I`m curious what you think, speaking of seeing it through your eyes. When hear about Paris getting flack for the Carl`s Jr. ad.

K. HILTON: Right.

BRYANT: And some people are saying it`s soft core porn. It`s a commercial for a hamburger, but what do you think about that?

K. HILTON: Well, it`s provocative. It`s provocative.


K. HILTON: And you know, I think that Carl`s Jr. was very successful with their goal. And they`re selling lots of burgers.

BRYANT: They are.


BRYANT: We`ve been talking a lot about the paparazzi here. Obviously, you`re very familiar with them. Is this just a fact of life for you? I mean, what do you do to handle that? All the attention your family gets?

K. HILTON: Well, you know, it`s really, you know, more with Paris and Nikki. And you know, the people are all very, very nice. And I think if you stop and they take the darn picture and you give them what they want, you know, they help make you.

And, you know, when you`re running and you`re doing all of that, it just antagonizes them. I kind of feel like it`s like having a lot of security guards around you.


K. HILTON: Seriously, you open the door, and there they are.

BRYANT: Right. You may as well look at it that way.

K. HILTON: You have to think positive.

BRYANT: All right. Well, Kathy Hilton, thank you for joining us.

K. HILTON: Thank you.

BRYANT: "I Want to be a Hilton" premieres tonight on NBC.

Now, you`ve heard Kathy`s philosophy on how to deal with the paparazzi. And a little later on, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, we`re going to spend the night with E.L. Woody, the self-crowned king of the paparazzi. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is along for the ride -- you`re nodding your head, Kathy; sounds like you know the man.

We are going along for the ride as he tracks down Ashleigh Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and more. That`s coming up in our special series, "Inside the Paparazzi," which leads to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. We would like to know, paparazzi photos, do you like to look at them? You can vote at Or, if you want to tell us more, e-mail us at We will share some of what you had to say later in the show.

HAMMER: Well, Bruce Willis is now available in your living room. Will his action movie "Hostage" hold your attention? We`re going to find out, coming up in the "Showbiz Guide" to new DVDs.

BRYANT: Plus, why country superstar Trace Adkins says all of his albums could have had the same title. That is coming up.



Time now for the "Showbiz Guide," where throughout the week we help you decide where to best spend your dollars on movies, music, DVDs and more. And tonight, it`s what`s new on DVD.

Joining us live from New York is Gitesh Pandya. He`s the editor of the web site,

All right, Gitesh, let`s get right to it. One of the new ones in stores, "Coach Carter," Samuel L. Jackson, based on a true story. Tell me about the DVD.

GITESH PANDYA, BOXOFFICEGURU.COM: Right. Well, Coach Carter, of course, is Sam Jackson. He`s playing a high school coach who takes a misfit group of kids and turns them into a winning, championship ball club.

It`s Sam Jackson in one of his best roles ever. You can`t imagine anybody else in this role. It`s out from Paramount Pictures. It grossed about $67 million back in January. And it`s a really good bet on DVD, out today.

HAMMER: What can you tell me about the extras on the disk?

PANDYA: Well, you`ve got some trailers and also some commentaries, and a good look at Sam Jackson as he gets into the role of Coach Carter, a real life story.

HAMMER: OK, a guy that Sam Jackson has played alongside in other movies. Bruce Willis out with "Hostage" on DVD, featuring Rumor Willis. Didn`t do so well at the box office. How`s this disk?

PANDYA: Well, actually, this movie opened in theaters only three months ago. Now it`s already out on DVD. "Hostage," he played a hostage negotiator. And he has a choice, either to save the lives of the hostage victims or to save the lives of his family.

Interesting plot. Not really his best work. If you`re missing Bruce Willis in the action genre, you might want to check this DVD out. Otherwise, look for some of his other moves.

HAMMER: People did say that Rumor put in a good performance on it, though.

PANDYA: Really good performance by the supporting cast, by the kids. But really, this is a Bruce Willis film all the way. He hasn`t done action in awhile, so that`s really the only audience here.

HAMMER: And tell me about the "Bewitched" TV show, now finally on DVD, after all these years?

PANDYA: Right, this is the 1960s hit sit-com. Before you go and see the new movie this weekend, Sony`s got the "Bewitched" box set on DVD. Thirty-six episodes, jam packed onto one DVD set, out now. And it even has a free ticket to the "Bewitched" movie, which opens this Friday.

HAMMER: OK. Thanks very much, Gitesh Pandya, for your insight on new DVDs.

So what are you watching at home this week? Well, just out, the top five DVD rentals from Netflix. The Will Smith romantic comedy "Hitched" is their most rented DVD. "The Aviator," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is at No. 2, followed by John Travolta`s "Be Cool." "National Treasure" is at No. 4, and rounding out the list is "Spanglish," Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni in at No. 5.

BRYANT: Up next, our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special series, "Inside the Paparazzi" continues. With a night in the life, we are getting an inside look at the tricks of the trade and a few secrets as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes along for the ride.

And is it shaping up to be another summer of love? We`ll find out if hippie is hip again. That`s coming up in "Tuesday InStyle."


SOPHIA CHOI, CNN HEADLINE NEWS, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Hello, I`m Sophia Choi and here is your "Headline Prime News Break."

After four days out of the element an 11-year-old cub scout has been found in the Utah Mountains. Brennan Hawkins is described as a little dehydrated, a little weak but otherwise in very good health. Two volunteer searchers on horseback came across the boy; officials are calling the rescue a modern day miracle.

A Mississippi jury has convicted Edgar Ray Killen of manslaughter in the 1964 deaths of three civil rights workers. The 80-year-old Killen was charged with murder and swatted at a camera after the verdict was read. Killian will be sentence on Thursday. And good news for basketball fans there won`t be an NBA lockout after four days of talks, owners and players have given a green light to a new agreement that replaces the current contract which was due to expire at the end of the month. That is the news for now. I`m Sophia Choi. Now back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Inside the paparazzi, our series continues. Tonight shooting stars. We spend a night in a life of one Hollywood`s most famous shooters as he chases Hollywood`s famous.

BRYANT: He is one of country music`s biggest stars. So why has he really gotten behind hip-hop? We sit down with Trace Adkins.


PATTI LABELLE: Hi, I`m Patti Labelle. If it happened today it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Believe it.


BRYANT: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 31 minutes past the hour. I`m Karyn Bryant.

HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer. Here are tonight`s hot headlines, bridle story for the very first time, run away bride Jennifer Wilbanks tells her side. Wilbanks who appeared with fianc' John Mason on the "Today Show" told Katie Kurt she didn`t run because of the wedding pressure and denied that she took off to be with another guy.

BRYANT: Leo is getting some help from the LAPD. Last night we told you that a woman allegedly hit Leonardo with a beer bottle over the weekend while he was attending a party in Hollywood. Tonight the Los Angeles Police Department has formerly opened an investigation no one has been taken into custody yet.

HAMMER: And another world`s premiere just a short ago. Tom Cruise wrapped up the European leg of his war of the world`s premier tour in Madrid, Spain. Fianc'e Kate Holmes was of course right there with him and the two were certainly not shy about their affection for each other. Reports also out today that Cruise is not planning to press charges against the guy that squirted him with water this weekend. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tried to confirm that but got no response.

BRYANT: Now our special report "Inside the Paparazzi," all week long SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing the story behind the story of the paparazzi business. Tonight we take you along for an all night ride with one of the best-known celebrity shooters in the business.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Brook Anderson is live in Hollywood. Brook how is the nightlife?

BROOKE ANDERSON: Pretty exciting A.J, in fact we spent a night out in Hollywood, we fell for (INAUDIBLE) king of the paparazzi E.L. Woody, he has been chasing stars for 30 years. He`s captured famous images of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Madonna that have been published across the globe. Tonight he takes SHOWBIZ TONIGHT out on the town in search of that must have celeb shot.


ANDERSON (voice over): It`s just another night for Hollywood`s most famous paparazzi, E.L. Woody. By the end of the night as SHOW BIZ TONIGHT rode along, they will have captured shots of Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Simpson. We`ll show you how that played out in a moment. But first, who is E. L. Woody? He let SHOWBIZ TONIGHT into his world.

E.L. WOODY: I had predicted that there would be no wedding. Me being in the right place at the right time. I get the night they broke up.

ANDERSON: We are inside Woody`s home office in Hollywood. And the shots he`s pointing to have all shown up in hundreds of magazines across the globe.

WOODY: Here`s a good one (INAUDIBLE) with Bill Clinton, this is Peter with a stripper that I got up on the sun set strip. Hears the Brittany wedding. Isn`t this strange? Everybody knows about everything.

ANDERSON: Hears a secret. Woody says many of these photos are planned. He says the paparazzi are called when the star wants to get some publicity.

WOODY: That`s what we do; sit here until the phone rungs and run, fast as we can where we are going at a legal speed.

ANDERSON: He got a call that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would be at Los Angeles hot spot the Ivy. Here is the shop he caught. He claims it was all staged. But it`s the exclusive photos the ones no one else has that make the most money. And Woody has gotten many; he calls himself the king of the paparazzi.

WOODY: It`s a performance sport. You get the photos or you don`t, if you get them then you`re the top guy.

ANDERSON: To be the top guy you need to know what club is hot and what night of the week. And that`s is constantly changing. It`s 11:00 p.m. And it`s time to cruise and he is taking SHOWBIZ TONIGHT along.

WOODY: We`re going to take a cruise of sunset strip. You need to be economical in how you use your time in this business. The real secret is go out for 20 minutes and get the right exclusive photograph of a desirable star doing something that will sell.

ANDERSON: Woody has gotten some of his best shots on the sunset strip.

WOODY: Firewater and actors were just like firewater and everybody else. You just never know what you`re going to get. I got Mick Jagger coming out of the Body shop Strip Club right here one night and that may be worth some money. Here comes the Roy in the Rainbow Room, that is where I got a picture of Christina Aguilara in the little sexy outfit with the lingerie with a whip, was right there.

I have people everywhere that call me and give me tips. This is the business of information.

ANDERSON: Woody has had the same phone number for 15 years. He said everybody knows it and everybody calls it.

Woody gets a call. We don`t know from whom.

WOODY: Hello, I`m heading up to Hollywood Boulevard, why don`t you guys come up there.

ANDERSON: It`s midnight, and now we`re heading up to L.A. hot spot. It`s new and Woody says it probably won`t be hot for long.

Woody sees someone from the club.

WOODY: What`s up, man. What`s going on?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How did that work out the other night for you?

WOODY: Which one.


WOODY: Oh, you know, like always. Paris just great. Anybody here?


WOODY: I`m ready.

Everybody wins when we get a picture. The store they`re shopping in, the club they`re partying in, the celebrity the project they`re working on. We get a couple of bucks too. It works great for everybody. If they`re in line. They`re not important.

ANDERSON: Woody meets one of his photographers. After 30 years in the business, he has a handful of employees.

WOODY: This is Henry, he`s my videographer. He is the guy that Tommy Lee threw down and broke his pelvis in four places and he is still out here shooting. The bravest guy you will ever see.

ANDERSON: Hears the video shot that night. It`s a dangerous business.

WOODY: Tommy came at him and attack attacked him. He never said a word to him. He just came out and found the smallest guy in the crowd and threw him down and broke his pelvis. One of 20 different photographers out there. He`s the smallest one in the whole crowd.

ANDERSON: But those famous images don`t come easily.

WOODY: A lot just standing around being bored.

ANDERSON: But here comes a car. It`s Christine Dunn.

WOODY: There is not a star in the world that doesn`t want to be recognized by the crowd. Answer though they`re not going to pose, let`s see what we got.

ANDERSON: Hears a secret. Woody says the shot is not worth anything unless there is another celebrity in the picture.

WOODY: If it was her and Brad however I`d be right in the front.

ANDERSON: The paparazzi swarm the club tonight, but so do fans waiting to get their shot.

WOODY: So who do you guys looking for, who do you think is going to be here?

ANDERSON: Another car approaches. It it`s Ashley Simpson.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello, gorgeous.

WOODY: They need us more than we need them. Well, it`s starting now.

ANDERSON: It`s after 12:00 and the action has begun. Here comes Lindsey Lohan. She`s no stranger to the paparazzi. She poses for the photographers.

WOODY: That was Lindsey Lohan, the troublemaker of the week.

ANDERSON: But Kirsten Lindsey and Ashley don`t make a good night.

WOODY: They are absolutely worthless photos. Every single one of them. Had one of them shown up with a guy, it might have been worthwhile, but a photo of a star alone is worth 10 bucks, tops.

ANDERSON: But the night is not over. There still could be some action ahead.

WOODY: We`re on Hollywood Boulevard, folks. There is red lights flashing, something is going on. If we`re in luck it`s a movie star being arrested somewhere.

ANDERSON: We`ll find out in the morning.


ANDERSON (on camera): Woody is usually out until the wee hours of the morning. He told us it`s much better to get a start leaving a nightclub than arriving at one. A.J. you can figure out why.

HAMMER: Absolutely.

Brooke Anderson lives in Hollywood, certainly a wild night, and thanks very much for that report. And tomorrow night our "Inside the Paparazzi" series continues. The business behind the flash. How do the paparazzi decide what to charge for their pictures and who is buying them. That`s coming up tomorrow night right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And we`ve been asking you to vote on out SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. All those paparazzi photos that E. L. Woody is out there shooting, do you like to look at them? Keep voting at, send us your emails on it too at and we`ll share some of what you have to say at 54 past the hour.

Ain`t nothing but a me thing. Coming up country super star Trace Adkins on his brand new album "Songs About Me" and how he`s worked hip-hop into his lyrics.

BRYANT: And weaving its way onto red carpets everywhere. What is it? Coming up in Tuesday`s "In style."

HAMMER: Time now to see what you tuned into (INAUDIBLE) just out today for last weeks shows as we do every Tuesday. Here is a first look at the networks top five.

ABC`s summer hit "Dancing with the Stars" at the top of the ratings. CBS`s "CSI" in at number two, which tied with game five of the NBA finals on ABC. Game six of course tonight. "CSI, Miami" was the fourth most watched show of the week. And CBS`s "Without a Trace" was number five.


BRYANT: Country singer Trace Adkins has been in the spotlight for more than a decade now, churning out gold and platinum albums and maintaining a busy road schedule. He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with SHOWBIX TONIGHT David Haffenreffer here in New York. And David`s back live with us again. Hey, there David.

DAVID HAFFENREFFER, CNN HEADLINE NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey Karyn he`s a big guy. Trace Adkins is a bonifide star. He sold about 6 million albums so far in his career. Now he is out with a new one called "Songs About Me." I caught up with Trace at the Hard Rock Cafe here in New York City. We spoke all about it.


HAFFENREFFER (voice over): Country singer Trace Adkins is a stand out, not just because of his striking height, check it out he`s 6`6" tall, but also for booming baritone voice. I was in New York with Adkins as his latest album climbs the country charts, debuting in the number one sport. It is called "Songs About Me."

TRACE ADKINS, COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER: All my albums should have been named "Songs About Me." I always recorded stuff I could relate to, sing with conviction. I just can`t go out and sing songs that I haven`t lived.

HAFFENREFFER: I was reading somewhere that you were calling this music career of yours now that it is a hobby that`s going completely out of hand.

ADKINS: Yes, it`s gotten way out of control.

HAFFENREFFER: You got a big group of people around you now; you got the managers, the talent agents, and the pr people. As you look at where you are today, how do you gauge where you are in the career itself?

ADKINS: Well, there is still a lot of stuff that I wish to accomplish, a lot of things that I would like to do. It`s funny that you say hobby out of control. I had a kid ask me the other day if I have any advice for him. I said start out with music just as your hobby, and do it for the love of it, and do it because you enjoy it. Then if it turns into something else, cool.

HAFFENREFFER: Adkins lives in Louisiana, but this year his home is on the road. His schedule is packed now through October, but he tells me he doesn`t just play arenas.

You`re busy now just basically moving around, touring. I also read somewhere that you like to every now and then like to get back in the small bar situation.


HAFFENREFFER: That`s what you got to know and love growing up.

ADKINS: That`s where I cut my teeth, you know, playing honky tonks. I did it for a lot of years. I just start jointsin` sometimes to get back in a honky tonk, get back in a beer joint. I love that closeness and that intimacy with people.

HAFFENREFFER: You say honky tonk; it makes me think of the last track. The name of which is.

ADKINS: "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk."

HAFFENREFFER: Say that again.

ADKINS: "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk."

HAFFENREFFER: What`s that song about?

ADKINS: It is about the prettiest part of a lady`s anatomy. I don`t know, in the hip-hop dictionary, I didn`t know there was one until I did the song, and there is a hip hop dictionary, and badonkadonk is defined as much junk in the trunk. That tells you what it is so. It`s playing tribute and homage and respect and me being thankful and grateful to those ladies that dance by the stage every night.


HAFFENREFFER: All right. There you go Trace is also involved in a number of TV projects. He`s been on ESPN and even in some comedies, but he told me even though he likes to be on TV he doesn`t have time to commit to it right now.

Karyn back to you.

BRYANT: All right thanks very much David Haffenreffer.

HAMMER: Well it is time now for "Tuesday in Style." Tonight it`s the look with fashion director Hal Rubenstein. He tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT what fashion trend he`s seeing this month on the red carpet and why he just can`t get enough of it.


HAL RUBENSTEIN: What I think you`re going to see starting -- coming into the fall is people dressing a little more grown-up, more properly I guess is the way your mom would call it.

In particular we loved this dress on Drew Barrymore, it`s a silk jersey dress by Donatello Versace, simply because of the way it clings to curves.

We like curves, lots of curves on a woman`s body and I think so much of what you will see coming into fashion is about celebrating the curves and the differences of a woman`s body.

How do you make jeans really sexy? How do you have a lot of fun with them? We happen to love the idea of all of this color. It`s an extension of bono, a little Janis Joplin thrown in. What`s great about these wonderful tops is they`re just so easy to wear, especially in the summertime. They just float down a woman`s body, the ones on Garcelle Beavais (ph) and Mena Suvari , there`s kind of a little bit of a hippy quality to it a little bit of hippy Woodstock without making it look too cartoonish.

Every month in "In style" we want to highlight in the look just one particular accessory. And it`s this silk woven belt and belts are very big this fall because the fall is all about the waist. These belts have this wonderful sheen to them, almost a golden sheen. It has a great handcraft quality to it and I think it makes things look more approachable.

Turquoise is a big color. It`s also a really tough color because it guarantees the moment you step out the door people are going to look at you. The Selma Blair dress, it`s actually a very simple form. If you`re going to wear turquoise, basically don`t have it flying all over the place have it come really close and near your body so that we can see you, because that`s really what we want to be looking at.


HAMMER: And if you want to read more on this month`s hottest celebrity fashion, just pick up a copy of July "In Style" magazine. It is on newsstands now.

BRYANT: It is time to get your laugh on in "Laughter Dark" as we do every night; we bring you the late night laughs you might have missed. Saddam Hussein`s prison life has made recent headlines and on the "Late Show" Dave Letterman has a laugh or two about the former Iraqi president food fixations.


DAVID LETTERMAN, "LATE SHOW:" You know, they`re getting closer and closer to the trial for Saddam Hussein, and according to his prison guards hanging around Saddam Hussein, they say now that he is hooked on Cheetos and Doritos. Saddam Hussein, I think we don`t have to execute the guy; the cholesterol is going to kill him. It`s kind of a strange fixture, sitting around in his underwear, eating Doritos waiting until the day he can return to power. No wait a minute that is Al Gore.


BRYANT: Tonight Dave has got "Herbie, Fully Loaded" star Lindsey Lohan.

HAMMER: Still some time to sound off in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Paparazzi photos. Do you like to look at them? You can vote by going to or you can still write to us We`re going to read some of your thoughts live next.


BRYANT: You`re looking at a lovely shot as the Empire State Building as the sunsets across New York City on this the world equinox. Well there you have it. Well through out the show we`ve been asking you to vote on line on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Paparazzi photos, do you like to look at them?

Let`s take a look at how the vote is going so far? Forty one percent of you say yes, you do like to look at them, 59 percent of you say no, you don`t. You`ve also been sending us e-mails on this question.

Kerry from Illinois says, "I think people like to look at paparazzi photos because they show the stars as normal people." Now remember you can continue to vote at

HAMMER: Would it be really bad if I corrected you on camera in front of the whole nation.

BRYANT: Why go ahead.

HAMMER: Summer solstice.

BRYANT: Am I bad.

HAMMER: Time now to see what`s flying SHOWBIX TONIGHT tomorrow. Sorry -

BRYANT: That`s fine; I would rather get it right. Let`s take a look at the SHOWBIZ marquee the guy is back. Take it away, marquee guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tomorrow our weeklong "Inside the Paparazzi" series continues. And we`re getting all up in their business. Watch the risk and the reward. Who is buying this stuff anyways? So many questions, we go right to the paparazzi to ask them. Tomorrow on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And this just in, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom. Spielburg, Cruise, they`re holding a news very late tomorrow, but what are they going to say? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will have it first, way first before anyone else. Tomorrow. This is the marquee guy. Always first with the latest, coming in a close second, the concession stand guy.

BRYANT: All right. We`ll that`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Ok --

HAMMER: Correct me.

BRYANT: Equinox is spring so I was off by one season. I`m Karyn Bryant.

HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer. Stay tune for the very latest on "CNN Headline News."

CHOI: Hi there, I`m Sophia Choi; let`s get to your "Headline Prime News" break. Well an Ameribadge certainly is in order. Today in the mountains of Northeast Utah, a missing 11-year-old Cub Scout was found alive and in relatively good condition after spending four days lost in the wilderness there. He was found five miles from the scout camp where he was last seen on Friday.

U.S. troops from Iraq won`t be coming home any time soon. A top military commander today said despite the recent reports there are no plans to reduce the 135,000 troops there before scheduled elections in December. The commander did say significant reductions could begin early next year.

And you can call it blazing Arizona; several large wild fires are currently burning across the Grand Canyon state. The one you see here has already charred at least 4,000 acres and shut down a highway in one direction since it broke out yesterday. That`s the news for now. I`m Sophia Choi.



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