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Showbiz Tonight for April 13, 2005, CNNHN

Aired April 13, 2005 - 19:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Britney`s baby news.
KARYN BRYANT, CO-HOST: And Mariah, part two. I`m Karyn Bryant.


BRYANT: Britney`s big news. Tonight, new details about her pregnancy, star reaction and parenting advice.

HAMMER: More Mariah. Tonight, Mariah Carey opens up about life as Mariah in our very special "SHOWBIZ Sitdown."

BRYANT: Silent Bob speaks. Filmmaker Kevin Smith strikes back with a new book. He joins us live.

HAMMER: Ryan Reynolds. His life is about to get a whole lot creepier.


RYAN REYNOLDS, "AMITYVILLE HORROR": There`s those little things that you just kind of go, Whoa, this is too close to home (UNINTELLIGIBLE)


HAMMER: The "Amityville Horror" star is live on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

BRYANT: Look out, Tiger. You have some competition. Tonight, the golf video game that even has the stars hooked. It`s Golden Tee time.




REGIS PHILBIN: I`m Regis Philbin.

JOY PHILBIN: And I`m Joy Philbin.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, and you are at the top of the show.

BRYANT: I`m Karyn Bryant. We are live with you from Headline Prime studios in New York City for the next hour.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, the buzz, of course, is all about Britney, the day after she confirmed she is, indeed, pregnant.

BRYANT: As the media frenzy over Britney Spears` pregnancy swirled today, everyone was wondering: What is next? Let`s get right to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s David Haffenreffer.

DAVID HAFFENREFFER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: That is right, A.J. and Karyn. Everyone`s talking about Britney`s big announcement. For someone who said she wanted to take a break from the limelight, Britney`s certainly causing quite a stir.


(voice-over): You can sing that again, Britney. Just in case you haven`t heard...

REGIS PHILBIN: Britney is pregnant! Britney is pregnant! Britney is pregnant!

HAFFENREFFER: Late yesterday, this babe announced she`s having a baby of her own. It came as no surprise.

ELLEN DEGENERES, "THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW": She just announced yesterday that she`s officially -- she said she`s pregnant. And can you believe that?

HAFFENREFFER: And there was big-time buzz today between the papers and the TV shows.

DEGENERES: ... because I really didn`t think she was pregnant, and I really didn`t care and -- but you know, we saw the signs. They had all the photos of her touching her stomach. Remember the picture of her -- anyone who knows anything about reproduction, that`s proof.

SHANNAN ROUSS, "SELF" MAGAZINE: Already, even with the pre-pregnancy buzz, she`s been stalked by the paparazzi, on the cover of a tabloid magazine. Britney can expect the publicity to get a lot worse. It`s not going to get better. This is going to heighten the public`s interest in her. What -- you know, they`ll keep track of her stomach. Is she drinking? Is she smoking? She`s going to be under the microscope.

HAFFENREFFER: Despite the media scrutiny, the celebrity world had nothing but well wishes.

DONALD TRUMP, "THE APPRENTICE": I`m very proud of her, and I`m very proud of him. I think it`s great.

KELLY RIPA, ``REGIS AND KELLY``: I think she`s going to be a great mom.

REGIS PHILBIN, ``REGIS AND KELLY``: Yes, I think so, too.

RIPA: And you know, we were...

REGIS PHILBIN: She`s really wanted it.

RIPA: I told you, we were on vacation a couple years ago, and she was there. And she played with my kids. I mean, she got right down in the sand with them and -- you know?

REGIS PHILBIN: While you took a snooze, huh?

RIPA: No, I was staring. I`m, like, OK, don`t move, Britney Spears is playing with the children. You don`t want to spook her and make her run off.


REGIS PHILBIN: She`s a little young, I think, you know?

HAFFENREFFER: Regis isn`t the only one who thinks she`s too young. "Parents" magazine took a poll asking readers whether Britney and Kevin should hold off on starting a family. Fifty-three percent said she should.

KATE LAWLER, "PARENTS" MAGAZINE: They`re newly married. She`s very young. She`s only 23, and they`re, you know, sort of just getting off their feet with their marriage. Maybe our readers are thinking they may want to just figure out how their marriage is going first and get settled into that before they have a family.


HAFFENREFFER: And the television network UPN announcing the first hour-long episode of Britney and Kevin`s new reality show will air on the network May 17 -- A.J.

HAMMER: All right. Thanks very much, David -- David Haffenreffer.

Well, it`s time now for "SHOWBIZ Shorts," a look at more stories that are making news tonight. Chris Klein arrested. We learned today that actor Chris Klein, who`s best known from the "American Pie" movie, was arrested back in February on drunk driving charges in San Diego. Klein was charged with two misdemeanors after his blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit.

Melanie Griffith has a new project in the works. "The Hollywood Reporter" says Griffith has signed on to co-star in an upcoming comedy pilot for the WB. The show doesn`t have a title just yet. Griffith will play the mother of twin girls.

BRYANT: Now a look at "Billboard`s" top five, which came out today. 50 Cent holds onto the top spot for a sixth straight week with his album, "The Massacre." Faith Evans debuts at No. 2 with "The First Lady." Beck`s "Guero" drops one spot to No. 3. The "Now, That`s What I Call Music 18" compilation is fourth, and 112`s "Pleasure and Pain" is No. 5.

HAMMER: Well, Mariah Carey`s new album is all the rage today. Last night, we told you all about Mariah`s hectic day, as she took New York City by storm to launch the album "The Emancipation of Mimi." As busy as she was, Mariah had time to spend with us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, right here in the Headline Prime studios. So now it`s part two of our "SHOWBIZ Sitdown" with Mariah Carey.


MARIAH CAREY, "THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI": This record, "The Emancipation of Mimi"...

HAMMER: Very personal.

CAREY: -- it`s personal, but it`s also, like, the fun side of me. The approach to making this record is very much like, I`m going to have a good time.

HAMMER: What`s your process for writing those songs? Is there somebody in mind? I`m not asking you to name names. You can, if you like. But what are you thinking about?

CAREY: It really depends on the moment. Some of them, just, like, cute, little inside jokes. Like, a lot of -- because that`s what kind of I`m trying to say, a lot of making this record was just fun.

HAMMER: Nothing is more important than taking stock in the moment when you have something good going on, or you just feel good about what`s going on?

CAREY: Exactly. And I think in the past, I`ve always kind of, you know, for whatever reason, it -- the negative stuff can bring you down. It can make you react. And of course, we`re human. We all have that. It happens to everybody. But I mean, to not get enveloped by it is what I`ve had to learn. And that`s just the process. That`s just the way it is.

HAMMER: So are you still the workaholic that you always used to be? I always remember you would stay at the studio until -- well, until the sun came up, basically.

CAREY: Basically. I still stay at the studio late because, you know, I`m most creative at night. I don`t think that I`m the same in terms of my -- the workaholic nature of who I am. Like, people -- it`s, like, become, like, this legendary thing. And it is true, but I have learned to set more boundaries.

HAMMER: So what are your best hopes for this album? I mean, already around the world, it`s getting a lot of attention, No. 1 in Japan.

CAREY: I can`t set of any standards of, Oh, I want it to sell this or whatever, because the music business is so different than it was, like, you know, even five years ago, that you can`t compare apples and oranges. Like, when people are, like, Well, but will it reach the heights of "Music Box?"

HAMMER: Right.

CAREY: I`m, like, Hello? "Music Box" was a long time ago. Nobody sells 30-plus million records on one album anymore because of the Internet. Nobody can do that. So I look at those moments as, like, OK, those were great moments. This is about, I want as many people around the world, in America, wherever, to hear the record and to enjoy the music.

HAMMER: Let`s talk about this album cover of "Emancipation of Mimi."


HAMMER: That must have been quite a process, not only the photo shoots to get exactly the look you wanted down, but again, you know, choosing the picture that`s going to be on the cover of this album -- what`s that about?

CAREY: You know, it`s so interesting. It`s, like, really, when I went to look with the photographer at the pictures in the studio, it was just, like, Bam, that`s the cover. There were a lot of choices, there were a lot of pictures that I liked better, but I mean -- not necessarily better, but that were maybe more, you know, me giving you my good side and being more typically how I would be. You know what I mean? My good side, I call it. And people aren`t used to me giving you, like, a dead-on, in- your-face, like, Here I am. But that`s another thing that comes with confidence.

HAMMER: How`s life now? Outside of the working thing, you`re living still in the New York area most of the time when you`re not working?

CAREY: I`m living -- yes, most of the time. But whenever I`m not working, I try, if I can, to go to the islands, to somewhere warm, somewhere I can swim and enjoy myself because I just -- that`s, like, my healing moment. Like, I love to be anywhere where I can just relax and go in the water. My dog, Jack, loves to swim, as well. I don`t know if you`ve heard of Jack or not.

HAMMER: Tell me about Jack.

CAREY: He`s quite famous.

HAMMER: Is he?


HAMMER: Let`s make him more famous.

CAREY: He has two Web sites devoted to him that I didn`t do. The fans did them.

HAMMER: That`s a little weird, isn`t it, Mariah?

CAREY: I think it`s great because Jack deserves it. If you met Jack, you would know why.


CAREY: He`s a Jack Russell terrier.


CAREY: And he`s amazing.

HAMMER: So outside of traveling to the islands -- don`t know if I`ll ever have the chance to do that with you...

CAREY: You never know.

HAMMER: Who knows where life takes you?

CAREY: I think that we need a CNN feature devoted to the islands, and I can be your guide.

HAMMER: Yes, I think we`re on to something there. But let`s say you and I are in town, here in New York City, it`s a Saturday night, we`re going out. What are we doing? What are you really going out to do that you enjoy, not because it`s an event or something like that?

CAREY: Probably go eat with friends somewhere, you know?

HAMMER: Type of food?

CAREY: I would probably have Italian food...


CAREY: ... just something, you know, fattening mess that I shouldn`t be eating. Probably go to a club. The only thing with the clubs is that the rule of the non-smoking, some people don`t actually listen to that rule.

HAMMER: No, they don`t follow that here in the town.

CAREY: And I really hate that. They need to follow the rules, or I`m going to have to spills the beans on CNN right here, the names of those clubs. But I won`t, as long as I get free drinks every time I go.


HAMMER: That`s usually not a problem, get the free drinks for Mariah, I`m sure. She also told me that she does want to go on tour for the album. No dates have been set yet, but of course, we will let you know the minute it`s announced -- Karyn.

BRYANT: Britney Spears`s life-changing announcement. With Britney telling the world she`s pregnant, we`re taking a look at how famous moms balance work and career. That`s coming up in "SHOWBIZ In Depth."

HAMMER: Plus, we are teeing off in the game room tonight. A look at Golden Tee and the stars who play it.

BRYANT: Now tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." The late Lisa Lopes of the group TLC was better known by what nickname? Was it A, Left Eye, B, T-Boz, C, Lana, or D, Lil` Lisa? We`ll be right back with the answer.


HAMMER: Welcome back. So again, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." The late Lisa Lopes of the group TLC was better known by what nickname, Left Eye, T-Boz, Lana or Lil` Lisa? that`s an easy one tonight. The answer is A, Left Eye.

BRYANT: It is 13 minutes past the hour, time now for "SHOWBIZ In Depth." Hollywood moms. They are career women whose jobs keep them, their families and their bodies in the public eye. Case in point, Britney Spears, who just broke the news that she is expecting her child. But of course, the pregnancy rumors started immediately after her wedding and continued as pictures of her supposed weight gain made headlines. The paparazzi frenzy for the first shot of a celebrity`s swelling belly, and later their newborn baby, is bigger then ever. So how do these moms handle their Hollywood careers and all the pressures surrounding motherhood?

Joining us now live from New York for our "SHOWBIZ In Depth" is Kate Coyne, entertainment editor at "Good Housekeeping," and Carol Evans, CEO of Working Mother Media. Thanks for joining me, ladies.

You know, a lot of people, I think, wonder when a celebrity has a child, if they`re doing it because they really want a family or if they`re doing it for publicity. What`s your take on that?

KATE COYNE, "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING": I think there`s a big difference between wanting to have a baby and wanting to be a parent. And I do think some celebrities are guilty of wanting to have a baby, in the same way that they want the latest designer handbag. It`s a great accessory for a while, but they don`t necessarily want to be moms. And so I think one of the big problems is when some of these celebrities become pregnant, it`s hard to tell if they`re aware of the reality that`s going to be setting in once they have this child.

BRYANT: Right. Would you say the same, Carol?

CAROL EVANS, WORKING MOTHER MEDIA CEO: No, I trust mothers` instincts more. I think that women, when they want to have a baby, they feel it in their gut. And I think a lot of times, it`s OK to go with that feeling.

BRYANT: Yes. I mean, especially in the case of Britney. It`s just - - she`s so young, and she has said, I have always wanted to have a baby. I`m thinking, when I was 23, what did I really always want? And you know, it just seems that maybe she`s a little too young and maybe she won`t be able to handle the pressures of a career and being a mom.

EVANS: I don`t know. You know, the average age of having a baby today is about 26, so she`s not that much younger than that. And she`s lived many lifetimes more than most average Americans have in her short life.

BRYANT: That`s true. Well, how about this idea, then, Kate, that Britney may have the baby, or any celebrity, and then there are five nannies to raise the child?

COYNE: I do think the average celebrity has a lot more help when they have a baby than the average woman does. I think, certainly, the sleepless nights, the -- you know, a lot of the angst and the hard times that are involved when you first have a child, celebrities don`t have to struggle with it as much. But I think a lot of celebrities more and more are aware that they don`t want to be seen as having a baby and then handing it over to the help. I mean, now more than ever, you see very hands-on celebrity moms, like Deborah Messing (ph), Reese Witherspoon. You see these moms with their babies. They`re spending a lot of time.

BRYANT: Because sort of -- sort of -- there is that backlash. I think all working moms probably get that sometimes. Oh, look who went back to work. Look who doesn`t want to spend time with their baby. You know, what -- does -- have times changed at all, Carol, that people are going to be more accepting of working moms?

EVANS: Oh, my goodness, yes. I mean, "Working Mother" magazine is 25 years old...

BRYANT: True..

EVANS: ... so we`ve been talking about this a long time.

BRYANT: Right.

EVANS: And you know, moms really find that having a baby changes everything. So regardless of your intentions going in, once that baby`s born, it is a deep emotional connection, whether you`re a celebrity or not. Nobody can nurse that baby, nobody can love that baby like its real, true mom.

BRYANT: So what about the idea, though, that, you know, the paparazzi chase you down for the shots of the baby, and this and that? What should these people do to protect themselves, protect their child and sort of keep that sacred mother-daughter bond or mother-son bond?

COYNE: Well, it can be done. I mean, I think there are some valid complaints, obviously, that celebrities have about the paparazzi stalking them for picture software their baby. But if you look at Julia Roberts, if you look at Reese Witherspoon, if you look at a lot of celebrities now, there are ways to control the chaos. Julia Roberts and her husband sold pictures of their new twins to the press...

BRYANT: Right.

COYNE: ... and gave the money to charity. And that`s a very responsible way to make sure that you can control a little bit of the madness.


COYNE: You know, I think, in some ways, these celebrity parents can set the tone. If you make a tremendous deal out of hiding your babies away...

BRYANT: Right. Then you`re only going to make them want more...


COYNE: ... you`re going to whet their appetite.

BRYANT: Right.

COYNE: But if you just go about it in a fairly realistic manner, it doesn`t have to be that out of hand.

BRYANT: OK, well...

COYNE: I also think this is a skill they need to develop. This is work/life balance for the celebrity mom...

BRYANT: Right. That`s right.

COYNE: ... is being able to protect their children from this.

BRYANT: That`s right. All right, well, that`s -- that`s -- that`s a lot of great insight from both of you. Thank you very much to Carol Evans, CEO of Working Mother Media and Kate Coyne of "Good Housekeeping." You can catch Kate`s interview with celebrity Mom Brooke Shields in the May issue of "Good Housekeeping," and "Nine Things to Make Motherhood Easier" in this month`s issue of "Working Mother."

Now we want to know your thoughts at home. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Motherhood and career: Can Britney balance both? You can vote, or if you want to tell us more, e-mail us at We`ll share some of what you had to say later in the show.

HAMMER: Well, he`s one half of "Jay and Silent Bob," and he`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Filmmaker Kevin Smith is out with a new book called "Silent Bob Speaks." We`ll talk with him coming up. Plus, it`s a really Swank game of charades. We`re going to take that to the "Buzz Bench," coming up, as well.


BRYANT: Welcome back. It is time for "The Show`s Biz," news from the business side of entertainment. Kim Cattrall trading in her Cosmos. We learned today that the "Sex and the City" star has signed on to be the spokeswoman for Bacardi`s Island Breeze. Cattrall will appear in print and cable TV ads for the drink, which is touted as having half the calories of wine and other spirits.

Dorothy`s dress from "The Wizard of Oz" is going up for auction. A blue-and-white gingham dress Judy Garland wore in the film is expected to go for more than $50,000 in an auction set for April 26 in London.

HAMMER: It is time for another "SHOWBIZ Sitdown," this time with Kevin Smith. You might also know him as Silent Bob from films like "Clerks," "Dogma" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." Well, now the director, producer and actor has gathered some of his essays and articles for a book called "Silent Bob Speaks." And joining me now live from Hollywood, Kevin Smith, AKA Silent Bob.

Nice to see you, Kevin.

KEVIN SMITH, "SILENT BOB": How`re you doing, Hammer? What`s up?

HAMMER: I`m doing all right, man. Thanks for hanging out with us tonight.

SMITH: "Thank you for hanging out with us"? I don`t understand why a show about show business isn`t done on the West Coast. Explain that to me, sir.

HAMMER: Well, you know, we have our whole LA bureau. We have a presence out there. And we also have a lot of stuff going on here in New York City. And this is where the Headline Prime studios are located. So that`s where...

SMITH: You got to be in New York to get those ladies from "Good Housekeeping" to come comment on the Britney pregnancy and whatnot.

HAMMER: Well, there`s a little bit of truth to that, as well. You know, you`re basically known for many things. Of course, as I mentioned a moment ago, actor, director, producer, executive producer. But most people...

SMITH: And for being -- for being very big, for being a large man, as well. Very heavy-set. I`m known for that, too.

HAMMER: Some people, maybe your friends and your wife, perhaps know you that way. But a lot of people recognize you in the street or, you know, just out in public from being Silent Bob, which I always thought, what a great gig for an actor, particularly if you don`t like to memorize lines. Did that have anything to do with the origin of this character?

SMITH: It definitely did. There was a point where I wanted to play Randall, who`s the other clerk in "Clerks," the first movie we ever made. And then I gave it up because there was just too much dialogue to memorize. And so I said, You know what? Silent Bob`s kind of still open. I`ll take that because I don`t have to learn any dialogue, and I could at least be in the movie, right, so that when I look back 10 years later and go, like, Why am I in debt so deeply, and why am I slaving to pay off a credit card debt of $28,000, I`d remember and go, like, Look at that young version of me who was stupid enough to think it would pan out. But it did pan out, ultimately.

HAMMER: It`s worked out -- it`s worked out well. And while you don`t have to speak the lines in the movies, you certainly do like to write. This is a funny, funny book, "Silent Bob Speaks."

SMITH: Thank you.

HAMMER: And it`s basically your rants. There`s a lot about pop culture in here. You have a definite opinion. You know, we were just talking about Britney Spears. She`s making all the news right now. You have a definite opinion about her. In your rant on her, you`re trying to discern people`s infatuation with Britney. May I read to you from your book?

SMITH: Please do, sir. Nobody`s done this before. Go ahead.

HAMMER: This is the cleanest line I could get from the Britney thing, and it doesn`t go on for too long. "As for Britney, well, she`s harmless. She`s a marketing ploy. She`s a fad with legs." And I really have to stop there or else I`ll get in trouble. What`s your rant on the Britney pregnancy, Kevin? I know you got something.

SMITH: Britney`s pregnancy? I just -- I mean, what`s more noble than motherhood? So I have no rants against it, except to say that at least we can all finally rest easy, knowing she`s no longer a virgin.

HAMMER: All right, well...

SMITH: We have proof. We have total proof that she`s flat-out having a child, and I think that`s kind of awesome. What better position in life than the vessel of another child to bring into the world and perhaps turn into a marketing ploy, as well?

HAMMER: There`s no denying it at all. All right. I have to also ask you about -- you`re working on "Fletch Won," which is going to be the newest in the Fletch movies, trying to resurrect that. A lot of people have said that the actor Ryan Reynolds, who`s going to be in the new "Amityville Horror" movie, would be great for it, and he has said that he loves the fact that you`re involved with this movie. Have you talked to Ryan? Because he`s coming on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in a little bit.

SMITH: Ryan Reynolds, the future Mr. Alanis Morrissette? I`ll always have a special place in my heart for him because he`s going out with one of the classiest ladies in the world.

HAMMER: Well, can you -- can you stick around and maybe we can put you guys together? Because he`s coming on the show in just a few minutes.

SMITH: Is he going to be in New York or LA?

HAMMER: He`s going to be here in New York. I got to wrap it up here, but I want...

SMITH: Wrap it up? We just started, sir.

HAMMER: Yes, well, it`s...

SMITH: I wanted to ask you a few questions about your life and stuff.

HAMMER: We`ll do that during the break! "Silent Bob Speaks," the new book from Kevin Smith, arrived in stores today. Thanks, Kevin for joining us.

SMITH: Thank you so much.

BRYANT: Well, he`s gone from the pizza place to a scary place. Ryan Reynolds, who we were just talking about, stars in the "Amityville Horror," and he joins us live coming up.

HAMMER: Doesn`t make it easy. Plus, we go blogging. Coming up in "Show Blog Tonight," what Zach Brat (ph) has to say about getting punked (ph).


HAMMER: Tee for many, the game that`s got celebrities saying fore.

BRYANT: And "Haunted House," Ryan Reynolds` new movie is a scream. He`s with us live.

RYAN REYNOLDS: Hi there, I`m Ryan Reynolds. If it happened today, you can bet it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

BRYANT: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour and I`m still Karyn Bryant.

HAMMER: And I`m AJ Hammer. Here`s tonight`s hot headlines.

BRYANT: Fifth going on six in this week`s "Billboard" 200 album chart just released today 50 Cent, "The Massacre" is on top again for the sixth straight week. Faith Evans, the first lady debuts at number two.

HAMMER: Tonight it`s the day after, as we first told you yesterday, using her website, Britney Spears confirmed the long-running rumors she`s pregnant. Her announcement was all the talk on today`s talk shows and well wishes are coming in from the celebrity community.

Well, being pregnant and being a celebrity presents some unique challenges and that`s what we`ve been asking you in our showbiz tonight question of the day. Motherhood and career, can Britney balance both? Keep voting at Also send us your e-mails at, and we`ll share some of what you had to say at 55 past the hour.

BRYANT: Britney first revealed the news of her pregnancy on her website, blogging the news for all the world to see and hear, but Britney`s not the only celebrity to share thoughts online in a personal blog. Starting tonight, we will be your eyes and ears keeping a close watch on celebrity blogs. We call it "Showblog Tonight." CNN pop culture correspondent Toure is here with us to kick it off and what did you find my man?

TOURE, CNN POP CULTURE CORRESPONDENT: KB, there`s a lot of bad celebrity bloggers, a few good ones like Mobie (ph) and the queen of all of course is Rosie O`Donnell. We`re going to hear a lot from her in the coming weeks, but tonight we`re going to start off the blogging with Zach Braff of "Scrubs" and the movie "Garden State." Now he recently got punked on MTV. It was really bad, and he blogged about it. Here`s a look at the punking which was aided by his "Scrubs" co-star Donald Fason (ph).


ZACH BRAFF: I`m not going to hit him. I watched you, you little [ bleep ]. I saw the whole thing go down. I got these two. Oh, my God. I got "punked."


TOURE: That`s not what I`d called a good look. On his blog gardenstate.(INAUDIBLE).com, Zach wrote, yes, it`s true. I got punked bad. It was very disturbing to see my brand new car covered in graffiti. I don`t have too many alpha male qualities. I went to fear camp for God`s sake, but growing up in Jersey, me and my buddies always loved cars and hurting a nice one is sacrilegious. All I can think about now is plotting my revenge on Donald Fason. It consumes me. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night just to jot down good ideas. I`m open to any and all suggestions. Zach, I got an idea. Why not have Donald Fason fired from "Scrubs?" That could be hilarious. What do you think, KB?

BRYANT: I think that you know how to sell a story Toure. That was great. I`m a big Zach Braff fan, looks very funny. I can`t wait to see that punk. Vice nice. AJ.

HAMMER: All right. We`d like to thank Toure from stopping by and doing the blogs for us tonight and it is time now for more "Showbiz Shorts." These are more stories that are making news tonight.

One`s company for Suzanne Somers. We learned today Somers is starring in a one-woman show, called "The Blond in the Thunderbird." That`s a reference to her role in "American Graffiti." The show plays in Toronto in June and then it moves to New York.

Mark Wahlberg`s invincible. The "Italian Job" actor is in talks to star in "Invincible." It`s a movie about a 30-year-old bartender who tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles football team and makes it. Production is scheduled to start this summer.

BRYANT: Now in SHOWBIZ TONIGHT game room, something you can find in Tony Soprano`s Bada Bing bar and Nick Lachey`s (ph) crib and probably a tavern near you. It is Golden Tee, a video arcade game that has turned bar goers and even some celebrities into video golf addicts.


BRYANT (voice-over): Unfortunately we can`t all by Tiger Woods. But an estimated 10 million wannabe Tigers or prospective Happy Gilmores get their golf jollies out in a golf video game called Golden Tee. Carson Daly tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that he`s a fan.

CARSON DALY, GOLDEN TEE FAN: If I`m in a good spot, I can play Golden Tee, which is a big stand up arcade game.

BRYANT: So is Nellie, Nick Lachey, and even the rock band the Strokes. And what does Mark Consuelos do when he`s not acting or hanging out with his wife, morning show host, Kelly Rippa (ph)?

You may already know that Golden Tee is a staple in sports bars, but what you probably didn`t know is that Golden Tee is perhaps the most popular coin-operated video game ever. Sorry, Pac Man.

DAVID KELLY, INCREDIBLE TECHNOLOGIES: It has surpassed Pac Man, Donkey Kong, all of them.

BRYANT: Just look at the leader board. The company that makes Golden Tee estimates that there are about 10 million Golden Tee players. The game takes in about $400 million a year, plus it generates $3/4 billion in food and drink bar sales. But Golden Tee is much more than a bar game. Players can go online and compete with players all over the country for real prize money. And Golden Tee tournaments sometimes draw television coverage. But as Mark Consuelos reminds us, if you play Golden tee, be careful.

MARK CONSUELOS, GOLDEN TEE: You always catch -- see, that`s a Golden Tee wound. Look at that. You see that? That`s a wound from Golden Tee right there. See that? Your fingers can get stuck.

BRYANT: Players sometimes get a little enthusiastic as they tee off. The game even comes with a warning. So with the ever-present risk of injury, what makes Golden Tee so popular? This man best summarized what makes the game perfect for a guys` night out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t have to spend two hours talking to your friends in the bar. (INAUDIBLE)

BRYANT: Still in its own way, Golden Tee facilitates its own version of barroom bonding. As Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker showed us, on a real golf course, things can sometimes get testy.

BOB BARKER: I don`t want a piece of you, I want the whole thing.

BRYANT: But after a few rounds of Golden Tee and a few rounds of beers, Golden tee players aren`t like Happy Gilmore. They`re just happy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good job, boys. Nice game.


BRYANT: Here`s an interesting tidbit that Incredible technologies, the company that makes Golden Tee told us, 80 percent of the people who play Golden tee are real golfers and 90 percent are men between 21 and 45 years old.

HAMMER: So which TV shows will be putted off the air? And college students, the music industry knows what`s going on in your dorm room and it`s not happy. Our buzz bench fraternity will have that.

BRYANT: And home scary home, a suburban horror story revisited. Ryan Reynolds stars and joins us live.

HAMMER: But first super model Heidi Klum, who is pregnant with singer Fields (ph) baby, tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT what she`s listening to.


HEIDI KLUM: Oh. I`m nearly married to a musician, I listen to him a lot, day and night, because he`s playing all the time, and I love it. I lay in bed and sometimes he`s still downstairs and you know, in the computer room and he`s jamming and making new songs.



HAMMER: Here we go, time for the buzz bench, where your water cooler chat takes our center stage. Tonight a college party gets busted. Your favorite TV show might be booted and Hilary Swank brings back a childhood game.

BRYANT: Joining us on the buzz bench tonight, comedian and TV personality Lee Kessler, CNN`s pop culture correspondent Toure and Fuse music network VJ Marianela. So topic number one, the recording Industry Association of America filed suit this morning against 405 students at 18 different colleges. They`ve been using something called Internet 2. It`s way faster than the regular Internet and they are saying that they are downloading songs and sharing movies and they`re just really really angry.

MARIANELA, FUSE VJ: Here`s my take on the whole downloading thing. In my opinion, if you really like a band, go buy their album, go support the artist. At the same token, I feel kids should be able to preview songs, which they do, but that means kind of like you wouldn`t go to Barnes and Noble, take all the books off the shelf and walk out of the store.

BRYANT: Toure, don`t get any crazy ideas.

TOURE: Let`s keep it real. Downloading is not the scourge the industry would have you believe. Downloading is not the reason why sales are down and such things. Like attacking these kids, the potential consumers, is not a good business model.

MARIANELA: I agree, the RIAA losing money? Okay, college kids need more money than the RIAA, that`s for sure.

LEE KESSLER, COMEDIAN/TV PERSONALITY: I think it goes to show how easy college students have it today, that they can download this, that. I remember when I was young, if you wanted to get free music, you had to sit with your boom box and you had to wait by the radio station and press the record and then you got the DJ into. Kids have it so easy.

BRYANT: To put it in perspective, they said on Internet 2, you said you could download "The Matrix" in 30 seconds where it used to take 24 hours.

MARIANELA: But if you do want free, legal downloads, insert shameless plug here, watch my show every day


MARIANELA: ...because we actually offer free music on our show, free downloads.

HAMMER: We love to see Marianela on the Fuse. Let`s move on to topic number two, make or break time for a lot of TV series and their fates could be decided very shortly. Toure.

TOURE: Well, I wish that I could write the letter and kill like UPN, the whole U peoples` network. It`s just such a mess, but there`s one show that is on the chopping block that is killing me. THE OFFICE is hilarious. Steve Canell, Carell, Carell, excuse me, is hilarious. It`s like Larry, David, but a little different. I love the show.

BRYANT: It just started, too. They need to give it a little chance.

TOURE: People need to find it.

KESSLER: Have you see it when it was on the BBC?

TOURE: I did not get on to that bandwagon.

KESSLER: I don`t know if they`ll ever come as close to that.

TOURE: If you try to say, I love the American OFFICE, there will always be somebody, did you watch the BBCC OFFICE?

HAMMER: Are there any shows that you`re petitioning for to keep on the air?

KESSLER: I don`t know. I think it`s all part of life to sometimes shows move on, but ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT for sure. This show is so brilliant. At the very least, if they end up dropping this, keep at least Job and Franklin, the ventriloquist dummy because if they just spun off on their own, I would be so happy.

BRYANT: OK now, moving on to topic number three, the American movie channel is going to be doing a charade show. This was pitched by Hilary Swank, her husband Chad Lowe and actor Bob Balaban (ph). They`re going to have celebrities playing charades for charity. Lee.

KESSLER: Two words -- dumb show. Charades, this is for the people who aren`t cool enough to be on CELEBRITY POKER. You win, lose or draw.


MARIANELA: Be like (INAUDIBLE) on charades.

HAMMER: I like the idea. Maybe that`s geeky of me but I think...(INAUDIBLE)

TOURE: If I`m watching that show, I need to pick up a hobby.

HAMMER: ... start working on that right now. Lee, thank you for dropping by, Toure, Marianela, appreciate you buzzing with us tonight.

Well, on the way, a real life horror story. Ryan Reynolds may be acting in his new scary movie, but it`s actually based on actual events. He joins us live.

BRYANT: And "Sahara`s" Steve Zahn takes a soapy trip down memory lane. That in the talk of the day.


BRYANT: Tonight, another "Showbiz Sit-down" with Ryan Reynolds. He played a college kid who lied to party in "Van Wilder" and in the remake of the movie "The Amityville Horror," which opens this Friday, he plays George Lutz, a father who moves his family into a historical house where some very bad things have happened. This is an update of the classic movie. Ryan Reynolds, thanks for joining us here.

RYAN REYNOLDS: Yes. Thank you for having me. Nice to be here.

BRYANT: Great, great. Well, it`s a little bit of a spooky movie. People loved the old "Amityville." We`re going to take look at the new one, so let`s roll the clip.


UNIDENTIFIED BOY: We didn`t hurt anybody. It was this house.

REYNOLDS: Shut up!


REYNOLDS: I got his under control.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don`t have you under control. What you guys did was wrong.

REYNOLDS: Oh, stop it, Kathy. Whatever you`re doing, whatever you`re saying doesn`t work. From now on I`m doing the disciplining around here, end of story.


HAMMER: He needs a time-out, that guy.

BRYANT: Somebody needs to switch to decaf.

REYNOLDS: A little cuddling could fix that.

BRYANT: So you`re making a freaky movie. Did anything weird happen on the set to kind of give you the jitters that maybe this house really is haunted?

REYNOLDS: Well, first day of shooting, they found a dead person in the lake and people think I`m joking.

BRYANT: Are you serious?

REYNOLDS: Yeah, I`m not kidding at all. That was obviously something a little disconcerting for everybody working on the movie. It`s not a really funny anecdote.

BRYANT: No, thanks Mr. Bring Down for joining us here.

REYNOLDS: Yeah, I know. You asked me and I gave you the authentic answer there. That was the creepiest thing that happened on the set. Other than that, no, it was a horror movie and it was supposed to be creepy in its atmosphere, and all of that was a little bit scary, but other than that, no, nothing crazy.

BRYANT: Certainly the house is kind of spooky enough, I would think just walking in there is going to be kind of weird. We had Kevin Smith on earlier and he decided to stick around. He wasn`t even supposed to be here right now.

REYNOLDS: God bless him.

BRYANT: But he is.


REYNOLDS: Gosh, Kevin, they don`t let us speak long here.

SMITH: I was on a few seconds ago, and they let me say three things and then they went to a piece about Golden Tee, the golf game and spent 20 minutes on it.

REYNOLDS: Yeah, 20 minutes on Golden Tee. I had no idea. I thought it was like a tea with some drugs in it.

SMITH: I suggested they do a piece on golden showers, but --

BRYANT: this is a family show, Kevin.

SMITH: Whose family watches?

REYNOLD: Exactly. Ryan, how are you, sir?

REYNOLDS: Sir, I`m very well.

BRYANT: So are you guys going to be making "Fletch" together Kevin?

SMITH: I don`t think so, no. No, but Ryan was very kind. He said some very nice things about the project and about me being involved in the project, but also declined to do it.

REYNOLDS: You`re the perfect man in the role, and I would do anything that you`re directing, and that`s not true, but --

SMITH: sir, I would do anything you`re doing, including Alanis herself.

REYNOLDS: You know what? That`s when it all got off course. (INAUDIBLE)

BRYANT: Certainly, Ryan, you are a big Chevy Chase fan admittedly?

REYNOLDS: I`m a huge Chevy Chase fan. I think he`s the greatest, absolutely.

BRYANT: You don`t feel like you want to step into that role?

REYNOLDS: No, I know nothing about it other than the fact that I`ve heard that there are, there`s rumblings that there`s going to be a remake and Kevin Smith is involved, and I heard Zach Braff, who I think is fantastic as well.

SMITH: You know what though, too. Where the rumblings probably emanated from was Gregory McDonald, the guy who created the character of "Fletch" and wrote all the Fletch books, was a huge and still remains a huge Ryan Reynolds fan and said that he would be the perfect Fletch.

REYNOLDS: I didn`t even know that. That`s quite a compliment.

SMITH: You got a vote of confidence from the creator.

BRYANT: So now Ryan, you are engaged to Alanis Morissette (ph).

REYNOLDS: Yes and she is by the way the gigantic Kevin Smith fan. I want to say that right now.

SMITH: I`m a bigger Alanis Morissette fan.

BRYANT: So Kevin are you going to be at the wedding? Are you going to do a dramatic reading from your book perhaps?

SMITH: I hope so. If I don`t get a wedding invite, I`m going to know it`s Ryan`s fault, going like keep him away from our nuptials.

REYNOLDS: It gets a little jealous at the Morissette Reynolds household. I would want a monolog, Kevin.

SMITH: You know that story about the dead dude in the lake is just made up.

REYNOLDS: Totally, I just made it up right now.

BRYANT: When is the wedding by the way?

REYNOLDS: We don`t know. We have no idea.

BRYANT: Dude, step up.

REYNOLDS: We`re waiting for Kevin to get ordained.

SMITH: I would flat out be a minister for that wedding.

BRYANT: Well listen guys, we got to wrap it up here, Kevin Smith, thank you for sticking with us, even though you weren`t even supposed to be here.

SMITH: I know.

BRYANT: I`ll tell you what. And Ryan thank you --

REYNOLDS: It`s my pleasure.

BRYANT: Of course "The Amityville Horror" opens in theaters this Friday and his book, "Silent Bob Speaks," that`s Kevin Smith`s book arrived in stores today. AJ

HAMMER: All right. Guys, well, David Letterman asks his staff, how do you really feel? Birthday wishes come up in laughter after dark, and we still time for you to sound off in our showbiz tonight question of the day. Motherhood and career, can Britney balance both? You can vote at or email us what`s on your mind at and we`ll share some of your thoughts live next.


BRYANT: They have been talking al day and we`ve been listening. Now, as we do every night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the best from today`s talk shows.

HAMMER: "Sahara" actor Steve Zahn was on live with Regis and Kelly today and tried to jog Kelly`s memory about one of his very first acting gigs with her on ABC`s "All My Children."


KELLY: Who did you play? I think you`re one of my favorite actors.

STEVE ZAHN: I was like the guy with the earring.

KELLY: Did we make out?

ZAHN: No, but remember -- do you remember after New Year`s Eve dance in the Lincoln? Listening to ZZ Top?

KELLY: Are we talking real life or -- I did? Gosh, I can`t remember.

ZAHN: Come on.

REGIS PHILBIN: It`s only been 15 years. It was back this 1990, right? Let`s refresh your memory.

KELLY: Oh, no.

ZAHN: Awesome band.

KELLY: Yeah, if you`re ancient or dead.

ZAHN: I`ve got a (INAUDIBLE) tape in my car. Let`s blow this freak show.

KELLY: Why not? Just for a little while, though.


HAMMER: What are the chances that`s real?

BRYANT: That is crazy. That`s just crazy.

HAMMER: She didn`t remember.

BRYANT: Burn the tapes, that`s all I would say. Well, it`s also time to get your laugh on in laughter dark. We bring you the late-night laughs you may have missed.

HAMMER: David Letterman celebrated his birthday yesterday and the staff of the late show with David Letterman sent along their best wishes.


DAVID LETTERMAN: So if you don`t mind, ladies and gentlemen, I beg your indulgence, we`re going to show you now birthday messages to me from staff members. Take a look.

SHEILA ROGERS, PRODUCER, TALENT EXECUTIVE: What can I say, Dave? You`re a real [ bleep ].

JAY JOHNSON: You`re one sack of [ bleep ].

RUPERT JEE, OWNER/OPERATOR, HELLO DELI: Happy birthday, Dave. You truly are a stupid [ bleep ].



HAMMER: You really don`t need candles when you have the grinder girl there.

BRYANT: I got to get one of those.

HAMMER: Would you?

BRYANT: Heck yeah. We`ve been asking you to vote online on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day: motherhood and career, can Britney balance both, 18 percent of you say yes, Britney can balance motherhood and her career and 82 percent say no, she can`t.

You`ve also been sending e-mails. Evette from San Jose, California says, I wish her well, but I think we are witnessing the beginning of the end of Britney`s career.

Calle from San Benito, Texas sends Britney her best. I`m very happy that she`s pregnant. She`s been wanting a baby for a while and it`s cool to see she`s getting her wish. You of course can continue to vote at

HAMMER: It is time now for our favorite part of the show. We get to see what`s playing on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tomorrow. So let`s take a look at the showbiz marquee. Marquee guy, take it away.

ANNOUNCER: From the "X Files" to the "House of D," David Duchovny`s directorial debut. That`s a lot of Ds. He`s behind the camera, but he`ll be in front of our camera live tomorrow.

She`s been treated like a princess, well, because she is one. Dynasty`s Catherine Oxenberg, here what it`s like to be married to a princess. Catherine Oxenberg and her husband Casper, live tomorrow. This is the marquee guy and let me tell you, it`s good to be king.

HAMMER: What`s he talking about?

BRYANT: I don`t know. That`s a Mel Brooks` line, isn`t it? That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tonight. We will see you here tomorrow.

HAMMER: The marquee guy just confuses me. Nancy Grace coming up next, right after the very latest from "headline news."


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