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VH1 hosts a Save the Music concert, a star-studded fund-raiser to keep music programs in schools. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" host Ty Pennington comes to the rescue when "Sin City" star Rosario Dawson`s apartment is damaged in a building fire. Actor/comedian Robin Williams stars as a mentally retarded man in the new film "House of D." Why are big Hollywood stars so eager to appear in television commercials these days? Andrea Bowen Discusses her Role on DESPERATIVE HOUSEWIVES, CNNHN

Aired April 11, 2005 - 19:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: A star-studded concert for a cause.
KARYN BRYANT, CO-HOST: And Robin Williams in the "SHOWBIZ Sitdown." I`m Karyn Bryant.


BRYANT: They`re saving the music, and we`re there live. John Legend, Alicia Keys, Rob Thomas and more. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live on the red carpet.

HAMMER: Robin Williams in the "SHOWBIZ Sitdown." He talks about getting older...


ROBIN WILLIAMS, "HOUSE OF D": I can`t go P. Diddy.


HAMMER: ... getting back in the comedy clubs and the X factor in his new movie.

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, and you`re at the top of the show.

BRYANT: I`m Karyn Bryant. We are live with you from Headline Prime studios in New York City for the next hour.

HAMMER: School of Rock. VH1`s Save the Music concert is about to get under way here in New York City. It`s a star-studded fund-raiser to keep music programs in schools.

BRYANT: Alicia Keys, John Legend, Rod Stewart and Mariah Carey are all there, and so is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s David Haffenreffer, who is live right in the heart of New York City.

DAVID HAFFENREFFER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Heart of New York City, exactly, Karyn, and we are having fun here tonight, the entire media assembled. Guests have just begun to roll in here. And the Save the Music Foundation essentially raises money to help keep music programs going in schools across the country. Lots of people expected tonight. Josh Stone has already arrived.

Joining me now, Rob Thomas, who is no stranger to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Certainly, you were just on the other day. Good to see you.

ROB THOMAS, MATCHBOX 20: I was. I was just there, actually hoofed it on over myself over there.

BRYANT: Are you performing tonight?

THOMAS: I am. I`m doing a few different numbers. A few different numbers. Let me say that again. I`m doing a few different numbers.

HAFFENREFFER: So much excitement about the album that`s out now, tons of radio airplay. It`s like the entire radio industry seems to be on your side.

THOMAS: Oh, I hope so. Yes. I mean, you know, it`s -- I`m just so, like, removed from it now. Like, you`re so into when you`re making the record, you know, and then you -- once you let it go, you kind of got to let it go. It`s not up to you anymore. So you know, you put it out there and just hope for the best.

HAFFENREFFER: You get a lot of calls to be a part of charity events?

THOMAS: Yes. I mean, I love doing them. You know, my wife and I started a foundation, and it`s, like -- it`s something that we try and do it as much as we can. I think it`s good karma, you know?

HAFFENREFFER: This is a foundation that helps, obviously, keep school music programs going on. Is there a fear in you that thinks that maybe music programs across the country are going to the wayside?

THOMAS: Yes. Well, I mean, I think it`s obvious. I mean, I think, you know, VH1 and Save the Music is kind of a smaller part of a bigger picture, which is saving the arts. You know, it`s about -- it`s saving the films that we love and the art that we love to see and the books that we love to read and the music that we love to hear and making sure that, like, right now, if somewhere in -- you know, in the middle of New York, there`s the next Alicia Keys, that she has, you know, what it takes for her to be able to go and follow that dream or find that talent in her. And it would be a shame if something like funding, something as simple as not -- you know, a school -- a school, of all places, you know, not having the money to buy a piano that this girl could sit down at and go, Oh, my God, I love this more than anything. That would be really sad.

HAFFENREFFER: Alicia Keys will be here tonight. John legend, as well. Are there any stars that you`re hoping to see and sort of rub shoulders with?

THOMAS: You just said it, man. I mean, I`m a big John Legend fan. I love that new record. I think it`s great. Alicia Keys is so talented, man. I got to sing a little bit with her today, and it was fun. Josh -- I mean, it`s just all -- it`s all good. It`s all really talented, talented people, you know what I mean? There`s -- it`s all -- no surface talent here. This all very deep.

HAFFENREFFER: Rob Thomas, thank you for talking with us -- again. You`re our favorite new guest on the show.

THOMAS: I`m going to hang out here all day. I`m just...


THOMAS: I`m waiting for Alicia. I`m going to...


HAFFENREFFER: Yes. We are all waiting for Alicia Keys and John Legend and so many other names, Donna Summer included. We`ll have more at the bottom of the hour. Back to you.

BRYANT: All right, thanks a lot, David Haffenreffer. And good to see Rob Thomas again.

It is time now for "SHOWBIZ Shorts," a look at more stories making news tonight. Martha Stewart ruling today. A judge denied Stewart`s request to have her sentence reduced, or at least for her be allowed to leave home more often for her business. The judge says Stewart must serve her full five months of house arrest.

You`re busted~! Chris Shelton, one of the six remaining "Apprentice" contestants is out of jail tonight. He was Arrested on a disorderly conduct charge at a casino near Tampa yesterday. He posted bail and was released. Police say Shelton was making noise in the hotel lobby when he was arrested.

HAMMER: Tonight, an extreme makeover for "Sin City" star Rosario Dawson`s studio apartment. After a fire damaged Dawson`s building in New York City, her mom called in the help of Ty Pennington. He`s the host of the hit TV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Well, TY and Rosario invited SHOWBIZ TONIGHT over for a look, which includes a personal touch from Ty`s new home line.


TY PENNINGTON, "EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION" HOST: My challenge was basically trying to design for Rosario when I hadn`t really been able to talk to her and know what she`s really kind of into. I know that she loved color. Basically, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) they were screaming to have an accent color in them, and so I wanted to do, like, a warm kind of a color (UNINTELLIGIBLE) coral there, but then on the other side, bring in some blues that really tie in with the chocolate-y on the bedding.

ROSARIO DAWSON, "SIN CITY": I even have my different paintings and different pieces and everything all around. And everything seems to go well with each other. It looks like a home.

PENNINGTON: This is cool. This is (UNINTELLIGIBLE) called an "unshelfish" vanity. It`s literally shelfless. And what`s really cool is when she`s in here, she can actually look over there and see (UNINTELLIGIBLE) her mom actually did, so that it reminds her of her sign (ph). And the tile work just turned out fantastic, and the shower curtains really kind of match what`s going on with the tile, what I think is just fantastic, so bringing in the browns and the blues. These chairs are actually like -- they`re Dutch, aren`t they?

DAWSON: Yes, they`re Dutch chairs, and just -- I just picked up a lot of these pieces separately in vintage places. And you know, luckily, they all kind of complement each other. Then everything that you`ve brought in here completely complements everything, which is great because it`s a lot of different patterns and a lot of different colors.

PENNINGTON: We brought in a bunch of accent colors that really kind of tie in the colors that were working already in the upholstery. What`s great is the stitching and just, like, you know, instead of, like, doing a floral, I kind of took an (UNINTELLIGIBLE) approach and went out and did something, kind of an abstract, modern version of what -- to me what kind of a flower represents. So that`s -- it`s modern, but it still works with something that`s very kind of elegant and classic, so...

DAWSON: And also vintage. It`s wonderful to see it from this, like, water damage that was (UNINTELLIGIBLE) these little bits of black mold growing in. And you know, this floor was completely bevelled, and a hump on the floor. And it`s just -- you know, I haven`t seen color on these walls in a long time. It`s really nice that this place is completely livable for me right now. Thanks!


HAMMER: Ty`s new line of home ware, called Ty Pennington Style, will be available at Sears starting next week.

BRYANT: Dawson`s movie, "Sin City," is still doing well at the box office, but "Sahara" was the big winner over the weekend. "Sahara" debuted at No. 1, according to numbers out today, earning $18.5 million. "Sin City" dropped to No. 2 in its second week, with just over $14 million. The Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon romantic comedy "Fever Pitch" opened in third place with $13 million. And "Guess Who" and "Beauty Shop" tied for fourth with $7.1 million.

HAMMER: Tonight, a "SHOWBIZ Sitdown" with Robin Williams, whose new movie, "The House of D," directed by former "X Files" star David Duchovny opens up on Friday. Robin stars as a disabled janitor who befriends a young boy. Well, I sat down with him to talk about aging, fatherhood and if he plans on giving P. Diddy a run for his fashion money.


In "House of D," you`re playing a character who is mentally around 11 years old...


HAMMER: ... opposite a character, for the most part, who is 13 years old.

WILLIAMS: He`s 13 going on 30.

HAMMER: How proud you must be of your daughter, Zelda...

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes.

HAMMER: ... who, of course, plays the first girlfriend, really, of the young David Duchovny character.

WILLIAMS: She`s got great instincts.

HAMMER: But when you saw the script and you saw the level of intimacy, which there was to a degree, did the over -- do you have that overprotective streak in you? Did that come out?

WILLIAMS: This wasn`t "9 1/2 weeks," so that was OK.

HAMMER: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) by the icebox (ph)?

WILLIAMS: No, she was -- you know, she had a kiss, you know, this kind of first kiss, and it`s very sweet and tender, and it`s all handled with -- handled with a kind of a care for what 13 means, you know?

HAMMER: When the movie gets rolling, the age of your character, the physical age, is somewhere around 41, early 40s. Later in the film, we get to see you in, I guess, your mid-60s. Was -- what was that like? Was it a little frightening to look in the mirror and see -- not that that`s exactly what you`re going to look like...

WILLIAMS: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the teeth, I think, yes. I think (UNINTELLIGIBLE) maybe. It`s happening, you know? You start to grow -- you know, you start getting crib (ph) feelers (ph) here. You lose hair here and become -- this goes -- and it`s strange, but it`s happening.

HAMMER: Getting old, though, not a fear...

WILLIAMS: Not a fear...

HAMMER: ... that you have?

WILLIAMS: ... it`s a reality.

HAMMER: Do you ever sneak back into the comedy clubs or...

WILLIAMS: I don`t sneak back, I just walk in and go on late.


WILLIAMS: Yes. It`s nice. I got out and -- in New York, it`s great because there`s a couple of places that are just fun. And you get a really nice feeling again. Like, there`s a couple of clubs you can go to and get on and get off quick. And it`s been good.

HAMMER: Home for you?

WILLIAMS: Second home...


WILLIAMS: ... you know, more like home in terms of, you know, a sanctuary for those who (UNINTELLIGIBLE) You can go on and do what you do, and it`s safe.

HAMMER: Your fashion has always been out there. You have a great sense of style.

WILLIAMS: Some -- yes...

HAMMER: Some days, you know?

WILLIAMS: ... an interesting sense.

HAMMER: It`s certainly an interesting sense, but you are your own person when it comes to your fashion.

WILLIAMS: Thank you.

HAMMER: If you were to design a fashion line, any ideas what direction it might take?

WILLIAMS: I can`t go P. Diddy. I think a little Kevlar, given what`s happening in the world, you know, since they lifted the assault weapons ban, Kevlar with a -- you know, that lovely ability to transform with a slight -- a hidden respirator thing in case. Just in case. I think you have fashion that could adapt for different cultures, and jacket that could change to possibly be if you`re suddenly called to outsource and you`re -- be in a Bollywood movie, change a lightbulb, change a lightbulb, change a lightbulb. If you really want to take a fashion risk, a kilt. That`s the one. That`s the one that basically makes every man look good.

HAMMER: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) anything there.

WILLIAMS: No, nothing. And if you`re willing to go free-snake, commando, as it were, that`s it right there. That`s -- you know, why they call it a kilt, because if you say "dress," you get killed. That`s it because it`s a sharp manly thing, where if you`re truly proud of yourself, there`s nothing to hide.


HAMMER: What a fun, fun guy. And on the aging thing, he says plastic surgery not even an option for him. On Thursday, the director of Robin`s new film, David Duchovny, is going to join us live here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to talk about life after "X Files" and directing his first movie.

BRYANT: ... some of the biggest movie stars in the world. Well, it wouldn`t seem like they need the money, so why do they do commercials? We`ll take a look coming up in "SHOWBIZ In Depth."

HAMMER: Plus, a chat with Clay Aiken. The "American Idol" star tells us about the trip he`ll never forgot.

Now tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." Stephen King has a penchant for setting his novels in his home state. Is it New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey or Maine? We will be right back with the answer.


HAMMER: Welcome back. So again, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." Stephen King has a penchant for setting his novels in his home state -- New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey or Maine. The answer is D, Maine.

BRYANT: It`s 14 minutes past the hour, time now for "SHOWBIZ In Depth." Tonight, celebrity endorsements. Not too long ago, really big stars would do commercials that could only be seen overseas. But that is changing dramatically. Take, for example, Brad Pitt. He did this one- time-only Heineken ad that ran during the Super Bowl in February. This is after years of collecting checks for commercials seen only in Japan. Now, you`ve probably seen a lot more of Catherine Zeta-Jones`s T-Mobile commercials. The Oscar winner reportedly got around $20 million for those ads.

So why are big stars hopping on the endorsement bandwagon? And do they really help the sales of the product? Joining me live here in New York is advertising exec Linda Kaplan Thaler of the Kaplan Thaler Group, which created the Aflac duck and other...


BRYANT: ... Aflac! -- other big campaigns. She also hosts the upcoming reality series "Making It Big" on Oxygen. And joining us live in Phoenix, Noreen Jenney, founder and owner of the Celebrity Endorsement Network, which matches ad agencies with celebrities. Good to see both of you ladies here with us.

I do want to start with you, Linda. What has changed within the advertising community to the point where these actors now want to be seen in the ads?

THALER: Well, in the old days, you would do a commercial overseas because you knew that no one would ever see it, and you`d make a lot of money. And so you would never do it in the U.S. But now with the Internet, it doesn`t matter. If Brad Pitt`s going to do something in Bulgaria, I`m going to watch it on the Internet the next day.

BRYANT: Right.

THALER: It`s going to be sent around. So why not double your fee and get it in the U.S.? It`s going to be seen anyway, you know, one way or the other.

BRYANT: Noreen, were actors embarrassed before by commercial work or -- you know, what`s the problem? I don`t really -- you know, some people would argue why not do as?

NOREEN JENNEY, TALENT CONSULTANT: Well, I think, you know, when the industry first started, yes, it was kind of a negative thing to do commercials and people thought only celebrities whose careers were on the down side would do them. And that all changed. I mean, as bigger and bigger celebrities started doing it, the stigma of doing them disappeared. And it`s not looked down on at all anymore.

BRYANT: Well, I wouldn`t look down on a $38 million paycheck. Isn`t that true? Is that what Sarah Jessica Parker got, Noreen?

JENNEY: I can`t really tell you that.


JENNEY: But...

BRYANT: For her Gap ad.


JENNEY: But the money -- yes, the money is very good for major celebrities.

BRYANT: Yes. That`s pretty intense. Who would you say, Linda, benefits more from this union, the product or the celebrity?

THALER: Well, they both do, in a way. I mean, I think with Sarah Jessica Parker, it was great. It was a great ending to "Sex and the City" to go right into The Gap, and it was a perfect confluence. A lot of people were worried because they felt, well, you know, she had such incredible styles on the show, very expensive clothes. How would that translate to The Gap? But they did a great job with a brilliant campaign that said, you know, create your own style. And she looked fabulous on it. But it doesn`t always work out. I mean, there`s sometimes you`d see a commercial, and you go, What were they thinking, you know?

BRYANT: For example, which ones?

THALER: Well, I`m -- you know, I`m not so sure of when she -- when Sarah Jessica Parker did the hair color commercial for Garnier, if that was such a good fit because I thought her hair looked better on "Sex and the City," actually.

BRYANT: Well, she changed it. She went brown for a while, and this and that, and...

THALER: Yes. Yes. And I like her as a blonde.

BRYANT: OK. Well, Noreen, what -- what about the idea that some of the celebrities do bring this great cachet of -- of style with them, you know, before they even get to the product? How do you go about matching the appropriate celebrity with the clients?

JENNEY: Well, I think it`s very important to have the right celebrity for the product, and a lot of that is a process of figuring out the demographic of the advertiser, what the market is they`re trying to reach, you know, who they want to appeal to, and making sure that your selection of the celebrity is somebody that appeals to that same market sector because if you don`t, then it`s not going to work. It`s going to be one of those where you say, you know, What were they thinking?

BRYANT: Well, certainly, I`m a big fan, I have to admit, of the Robert De Niro ads for American Express.

THALER: They are great! They`re fabulous.

BRYANT: And didn`t Martin...

JENNEY: Those are very good.

BRYANT: Yes, Martin Scorsese directed. This one seemed like the right actor, the right -- you know, just everything seemed to come together for that one. I wasn`t as big on Gladys Knight in the -- I don`t even know what it was for, but it ran during the Super Bowl...


THALER: ... where she`s on the football field? I don`t know what that`s about. But you know what? You can love and ad, and it still doesn`t translate into sales.

BRYANT: Well, that`s what I wanted to ask next, is, Is this effective?

THALER: It`s very hard to tell. Sometimes you really have to measure. And of course, the one way to measure is how many clothes did you sell, and you know, how many tickets did you sell? But you know, you look at the Taco Bell dog. I mean, everybody loved the dog, but it didn`t necessarily sell more tacos because...

BRYANT: Right.

JENNEY: And I think the more you select the proper celebrity, the better your chances are that it`s going to work and it`s going to be effective.

BRYANT: It seems that Revlon has done pretty well -- Halle Berry, obviously, lovely. She should be selling lipstick. Why not?

THALER: Absolutely. She`s perfect because it`s an iconic brand, and she`s a icon, so it`s a perfect match. But Halle Berry selling, you know, I don`t know...

BRYANT: I don`t see her...


THALER: ... from Wal-Mart. I don`t think so.

BRYANT: No. Wouldn`t buy it. Wouldn`t buy it. Well, Noreen, I want to thank you. And Linda, thank you for joining us here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And we want to know your thoughts at home. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Celebrities: Do you buy because they endorse? You can vote at, or if you want to tell us more, e-mail us at We`ll share some of what you had to say later in the show.

HAMMER: Well, she may be younger than her famous co-stars, but her character is one of the wisest on Wisteria Lane. Andrea Bowen from "Desperate Housewives" joins us live . That`s coming up. Plus: Stock up on the pinot noir. The "Sideways" DVD is out. We will check out the extra features coming up in "People" magazine`s "Picks and Pans."


HAMMER: The stars are shining in New York tonight for a concert with a cause. We`re going to take you back to the red carpet at VH1`s Save the Music concert, coming up live.

BRYANT: Time for more "SHOWBIZ Shorts." Tonight, a new role for Jennifer Aniston -- Godmother. Aniston was in Birmingham, Alabama, over the weekend for the baptism of "Friends" co-star`s Courteney Cox Arquette`s daughter, Coco, and Jennifer was named one of the baby`s godmothers..

Well, it`s a possible new role for Beyonce. "Variety" reports today that Beyonce is in negotiations to star in a movie version of "Dream Girls." Filming could start in the fall.

HAMMER: It is time now for "People" magazine`s DVD "Picks and Pans." "Sideways" has just come out on DVD. "Ocean`s 12" and "Hotel Rwanda" will be out tomorrow. Any good extras to catch on them? Well, joining us from "People" magazine, movie critic Leah Rozen. Nice to see you, Leah.


HAMMER: So we`re talking about two DVDs for films that got a lot of Oscar recognition and one that basically didn`t. And why don`t we start with that one, "Ocean`s 12." What can we expect to see from the DVD?

ROZEN: You can expect to see the movie. In terms of extras, zip, nada, goose egg.

HAMMER: Really?

ROZEN: You get one lousy trailer. That`s it. No star commentary, no director commentary, no behind-the-scenes "making of."

HAMMER: With all that star power, George Clooney and the whole gang?

ROZEN: If I had to guess, they`re saving up, you know, and you`re going to see "Ocean`s 11" and "Ocean`s 12" in some sort of combined deluxe edition in a year or something.

HAMMER: OK. Well, then, let`s talk about "Hotel Rwanda." I would hope it has more because it has such an historic background, the story of Paul Rusesabagina. Don Cheadle, of course, got an Oscar nod for that role.

ROZEN: It`s terrific movie, and it`s a terrific package of extras. They really deliver on this. You get a behind-the-scenes look at the actual hotel manager, Paul -- please pronounce the name?

HAMMER: Rusesabagina.

ROZEN: Thank you -- traveling back to Rwanda, the first time he goes back since he saved all those lives. You get a "making of." You get commentary by the director. You get commentary by Don Cheadle. So really good extras on this one.

HAMMER: Good added value, worth getting for both the good movie and worth flipping through the extras...


HAMMER: ... sometimes you don`t even bother with the extras. But this one, you say we should. OK, well, "Sideways." "Sideways," I have to believe they had a lot of fun with the extra...

ROZEN: "Sideways"...

HAMMER: ... pieces on this.

ROZEN: You have great extras. Now, you know, you have the sort of the standard little "making of" feature, but what you really want to listen to here is the actor commentary.


ROZEN: You have Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church doing hilarious -- sort of, they`re just sitting on a couch, yakking, doing this sort of self-deprecating routines about their own acting, assessing their female star, saying, Oh, yes, we were drinking real wine in that scene. Isn`t that the one we got -- didn`t we get sick during -- food poisoning...

HAMMER: Oh, that`s great to hear.

ROZEN: So you get a lot of inside dope on the making of the film. Plus, you`ll laugh a lot. No word, though, from the director on it.

HAMMER: All right. Well, it`s nice to hear that they`re giving that commentary because they`ve both come out and said that they`ve had a lot of fun on it. Leah Rozen from "People" magazine, always good to see you.

And of course, for more "Picks and Pans," you can check out this week`s "People" magazine. It is at newsstands everywhere.

BRYANT: They`ve been talking all day, and we`ve been listening. Now, as we do every night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the best from today`s talk shows. On "Live With Regis & Kelly," Regis has some good news and some bad news for Kelly.


REGIS PHILBIN, CO-HOST: But I`ve got some good news for you and some bad news today. And I`m sorry to have to bring this to you, but let`s get it out of the way right now.


PHILBIN: "FHM," the 100 sexiest women in the world as of 2005.

RIPA: Right.

PHILBIN: And here you are, No. 85.


PHILBIN: The good news was you`re 85.


PHILBIN: You`re in the 100 sexiest women!

RIPA: All right! Thank you!

PHILBIN: Give me the...

RIPA: What`s this bad news, Rege?

PHILBIN: You were No. 40 last year.



HAMMER: You can`t complain about No. 85.

Well, we`ve got a Britney Spears scoop. Britney reportedly granted an exclusive interview to a 10-year-old girl. We`re going to take that to the "Buzz Bench," and that is coming up.

BRYANT: Plus, one of the youngest stars of "Desperate Housewives" is here. She plays Teri Hatcher`s daughter. Andrea Bowen joins us live, coming up.



HAMMER: VH1`s "Save the Music." Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Rob Thomas are all performing live and we`re there.

BRYANT: And an "Idol" mission -- Clay Aiken. The AMERICAN IDOL superstar reaches out to a new audience. He joins us.

CLAY AIKEN: I`m Clay Aiken. If it happened today, it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

BRYANT: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Karyn Bryant.

HAMMER: And I`m AJ Hammer. Here are tonight`s hot headlines.

BRYANT: Martha denied. Today, a Federal judge said no to Martha Stewart`s request to have her sentence reduced and will not change the terms of her home detention. Stewart served five months in prison and under home confinement for five months. She was convicted of lying to Federal agents about a stock sale.

HAMMER: And tonight the stars coming out to play. Right now Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, Alicia Keys and Rod Stewart are among the performers getting set to take the stage here in New York. It`s for VH1`s Save the Music Foundation. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S David Haffenreffer has been on the red carpet all night long at the VH1 concert and joins us again live, just up the block at the Beacon Theater on New York`s upper west side, pretty good mix of folks there, David.

HAFFENREFFER: AJ, having a couple audio troubles at the moment, but as you can just see there, Katie Holmes has just arrived, earlier Gastone (ph) was here, David Duchovny. The stars are beginning to stream in, as you can hear by the general sense of chaos here on the red carpet.

This is for the VH1 Save the Music event. They raise money to get money for school music programs to keep them going. John Legend is right here. We expect to talk to him very shortly if we can get him. Alicia Keys coming tonight and I can even see Heidi Klum down the red carpet as well. The stars are coming out this evening in support of the Save the Music Foundation and we are hoping to get John Legend over here. He`s a friend of the show by the way, as was Rob Thomas who we spoke to earlier and ladies and gentlemen John Legend joining us.


HAFFENREFFER: It`s nice to see you.

LEGEND: Good to see you.

HAFFENREFFER: You`ve been on tour with Alicia Keys.

LEGEND: Yes I have.

HAFFENREFFER: Tell me a little bit about what that`s been like.

LEGEND: It`s been exciting. We`re having a great time. Alicia is amazing and the crowds have been amazing everywhere we go so I`m having a really good time.

HAFFENREFFER: Is she helping you sort of develop musically yourself?

LEGEND: Well, I`ve been playing for a long time.

HAFFENREFFER: You guys have worked together a lot?

LEGEND: Yeah. I`ve been playing for a long time so I don`t know if she`s teaching me anything musically. She gives me good tips on how to save my voice on tour, I`ll tell you that.

HAFFENREFFER: How do you do that?

LEGEND: You got to rest, not talk so much during the day, all these potions and teas and things and she`s like giving me a little advice on that.

HAFFENREFFER: You`re here tonight, so many other musicians as well, not only musicians but also actors, models. Anybody you want to meet?

LEGEND: I don`t know, Heidi Klum is behind me.

HAFFENREFFER: You`re right behind me. (INAUDIBLE) You`re on your way up to Foxwood`s for two dates after tonight. Are there portions of the country you enjoy playing in more than others?

LEGEND: I love going everywhere. I like to go home, Ohio is my home state, so that`s always good. New York is my second home right now, so that`s good. But down south, I don`t know, something about the soul food. They just love good soul music down there so down south is good.

HAFFENREFFER: That probably helps the voice as well. John Legend, have a lot of fun inside and thanks for talking to us again.

LEGEND: Take care.

HAFFENREFFER: Have a good night and I want to send it back to you in the studio, Heidi Klum is coming after all.

HAMMER: Got to hang around for Heidi Klum David. And of course, a great program VH1 Save the Music, when school budgets get cut, music programs are the first to go. David Haffenreffer live in New York City.

And we here have been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day: celebrities, do you buy because they endorse? We`d like you to keep voting at Send us an e-mail too if you`d like, is the address and we`ll share some of what you have to say at 55 past the hour.

BRYANT: She is the composed and responsible daughter of a desperate housewife. Our next guest is only 15 years old, but already has the type of career most actors dream of. From leading roles in Broadway shows like "Les Miserables" to ABC`s hit drama DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Joining me now live for another showbiz sit down Andrea Bowen. Thank you so much for coming. Now before we chat, we want to take a look at you, playing this very composed responsible young lady. Here`s a look at Andrea as Julie Meyer, the mature daughter of Teri Hatcher`s character, Susan.


ANDREA BOWEN: Do you remember after the divorce, you stayed in bed for a week and I had to beg you to eat something.


BOWEN: And for weeks, I had to clean the house. I had to make sure that the bills were paid. I even had to schedule my own doctor`s appointment once.

HATCHER: I was in bad shape back then.

BOWEN: It`s still going on. And now that I need some support, you decide to play the mom card.

HATCHER: I had to send Zack back. We could have gotten in a lot of trouble.

BOWEN: Well, now Zack`s.


BRYANT: Good stuff, giving it to her.

BOWEN: Thank you.

BRYANT: How close is Julie to Andrea?

BOWEN: We`re similar in a lot of ways. A lot of people tell me that I`m mature for my age, which is always a nice thing to hear and Julie is very mature for her age. But there are also a lot of differences. Family- wise, I have five older siblings and Julie is a single child and she has no father and my parents are, you know, still together after like 25 years.

BRYANT: Great.

BOWEN: There`s a lot of similarities but there still are a lot of differences. But she is such a fun character to play, because a lot of times on other television shows, you don`t get the chance as a young actor to play very dimensional kind of roles and they`re all just kind of regular kind of teenager stuff.

BRYANT: They give you a lot to do here though. You have a lot of drama. There`s a lot to do.

BOWEN: And it`s very fun working with Teri and a lot of my scenes are with her. So it`s just awesome.

BRYANT: Cool. Now the next question of course then is how close is Teri to your mom? Do you find yourself on set ever saying, wait a minute, I totally said that to my mom earlier today.

BOWEN: Teri and my mom are different. Teri looks after me a lot which is really nice. It`s very sweet and she`s always making sure that I`ve had enough water, if I`m really hot or if I`m really cold, get a jacket. She`s really taking care of me, which is really nice. Susan`s character and my mom are completely different. My mom is so motherly and is always taking care of me. Susan`s just not. I don`t know how similar Teri is to my mom, but she brings her daughter to the set every once in a while, she has a 7- year-old daughter named Emerson. She`s a great mom. They have a great relationship.

BRYANT: They haven`t really done it to you as much. How do you feel about all the tabloid attention that DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES gets?

BOWEN: It`s crazy. It was bound to happen sometime that there was going to be all this controversy around the show and people are going to be saying all this stuff just because it is so popular and it has these five amazingly beautiful and extremely talented women who are leading the show. And I knew at first there was going to be stories about cat fights and everything. You know, I mean, I`m happy that I`m really not involved with it that much. But it`s going to happen and so we kind of accepted that that`s going to go on. I wouldn`t say that we all love it because it`s very crazy.

BRYANT: Things can get blown out of proportion. When you work together that much, there`s bound to be a misunderstanding some time and then maybe somebody blows it out of proportion.

BOWEN: A lot of the stories happen, I think exaggerated a little bit.

BRYANT: Do you see people getting along really well on the set?

BOWEN: As far as -- whenever we`re all working together, everyone is extremely professional and everyone seems to get along and we all work really hard and we have the most amazing cast. So it`s really fun.

BRYANT: Great, well congratulations to you. It is a big hit. It is Andrea Bowen and of course you can catch DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Sunday nights on ABC.

HAMMER: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles held court this weekend. But it wasn`t totally smooth sailing and Britney uses her cell to reach out and touch someone and really makes her day. We`ve called in our buzz bench. We`ll talk about it.

Also Clay Aiken uses his fame for a good cause. He`ll tell us about his remarkable trip.


WANDA SYKES: What am I watching on television? Right now, LOST. I love LOST on ABC. I watch that and I`m always watching SIMPSONS and SEINFELD reruns, whatever.



HAMMER: All right. Here we go. Time for the buzz bench where today`s entertainment chatter takes center stage. Tonight, a much sought after Britney interview goes to an unlikely source. Royal jitters at the royal wedding and an APPRENTICE arrest.

BRYANT: Hard to say. On the buzz bench tonight, "New York" magazine`s Sarah Bernard, comedian and TV personality Chuck Nice and the "New York Times" Lola Ogunnaike. Now the "New York Post" is reporting that a 10- year-old girl named Veronica Yew (ph) had slipped a note under Britney Spears hotel room in Santa Monica asking for an interview. Britney then called her on her cell phone, gave this girl an interview, said, ask me whatever you want. Now of course Britney`s people are saying this didn`t really happen and bloggers are now reporting that the young girl`s mother actually works at "Star" magazine. What`s your take on this Lola, because this is a whole big whopper of a story.

LOLA OGUNNAIKE, NEW YORK TIMES: It makes sense. For years, people have thought that Britney has the intellectual capacity of a fourth grader anyway. Why not give the interview to a peer? Like really cool and I like love him and how do you like feel about it? I would imagine that`s how it went. But really if this turns out that this girl`s mother actually works at "Star" magazine, it`s kind of shady, like momma`s down in the parking lot feeding young daughter things to ask.

SARAH BERNARD, "NEW YORK" MAGAZINE: Now I know how to do my interviews in the future.

OGUNNAIKE: You send in a fourth grader, Trojan horse (INAUDIBLE) with your tape recorder.

BERNARD: . knew for sure that the girl was that young. I mean what if she was actually - I guess maybe by now she can caller id and see all the extensions at "Star" and the extensions (INAUDIBLE)

CHUCK NICE, COMEDIAN/TV PERSONALITY: In all fairness to Britney though, a 10-year-old giving her an interview is truly hard journalism. So you really can`t, you can`t falter. She only gives interviews to journalists who use the word totally more than she does.

HAMMER: That`s not true. I`m just going to put the stop on that right now.

BERNARD: I love the fact that she was saying the best thing about being married to Kevin is that he`s always got her back. I wanted to know exactly what he`s protecting her from.

OGUNNAIKE: Why not buy a dog? A dog always has your back (INAUDIBLE) seriously.

BERNARD: We all know that Kevin is the one who`s really profited at this point.

OGUNNAIKE: She keeps talking about wanting to get pregnant, wanting to get pregnant, how hard is it to get knocked up by Kevin Federline at this point?

HAMMER: We`ll find out over the next couple of days. If there`s any truth to this whole story. The "New York Post" also reporting that Camilla had a major attack of the wedding jitters before the weekend. She was said to have become ill from stress. She stayed in bed from Thursday night on. Chuck, your take?

NICE: Yeah, Camilla was in bed. She said she had a panic attack from all the pressure of the wedding. But she stiffened her upper lip and vowed that she would beat this and she moved on. I got three things to say about it, drama, drama, drama. She said she didn`t want to replace the queen of England. She certainly has replaced the drama queen of England.

BERNARD: I think this is great. I think this is a really unlikely outcome of the whole wedding, that Camilla is emerging as kind of a fashion goddess if you will. I mean, she`s got -- from the very very testy British fashion press, she has gotten a lot of compliments. We have her pictures here. She was so chic she changed dresses. At first she has a shorter white dress. And then she had kind of a champagne-colored dress with a blue overlay.

BRYANT: I think it was the other way around, but she looks great.

OGUNNAIKE: .wear head pieces that would distract from her face.


HAMMER: I`m tired of those comments but I`m happy she`s finally getting some nice things said about her.

NICE: I thought it was great. Her outfits looked amazing. Truthfully, you can see that at any southern Baptist church any Sunday afternoon.

OGUNNAIKE: Go to 125th in Harlem on Easter Sunday to see those hats.

BERNARD: . looked like a scene from "Four Weddings and a Funeral" though. There were actually some actors that were in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" there.

BRYANT: That`s true. Richard Brand (ph) was there. You know what guys, I think we`re going to actually -- are we going to blow off the last topic, because you guys have just talked so much. Basically one of the guys from THE APPRENTICE has got a mug shot online. He was getting rowdy outside of a casino down in Florida, didn`t want to pay the $20 cover.

BERNARD: Extending his 15 minutes. Isn`t it a coincidence that it`s the same week that his big episode aired last Thursday. He just thought he would extend it.

BRYANT: We`re out of time people but you know, it`s always great having you here. Lola, Chuck and Sarah, thanks for joining us here on the buzz bench.

A couple of A list surprises on this weekend`s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. That is coming up in laughter dark.

HAMMER: And Clay Aiken takes a trip and it`s for a very good cause. He`s going to tell us all about it, coming up next.


HAMMER: He found fame on AMERICAN IDOL and now he`s using his fame for charity. Clay Aiken`s new role, ambassador for the United Nations Children`s Fund. We know it as UNICEF. He just came back from a humanitarian mission to Banda Aceh, Indonesia, which of course was ravaged by a tsunami around Christmastime and joining me now from Hollywood, Clay Aiken, thanks for stopping by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Clay.

CLAY AIKEN: Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: Tell me a little bit about what your purpose was.

AIKEN: It was just three months after the tsunami, was an opportunity to go and see the progress that UNICEF is making and in doing that, you can see the progress that other organizations are making as well, but UNICEF has really been hands on in Banda Aceh and (INAUDIBLE) in Indonesia and other countries, trying to help rebuild and restore some sense of normalcy to these children`s lives and these family`s lives.

HAMMER: Did you ever imagine when you were waiting on that first audition line for AMERICAN IDOL, that not only would you be heading into the kind of career you now have, but also that you would be able to serve this charity on such a grand scale?

AIKEN: Well, obviously, I didn`t expect the career. I always hoped that I`d be able to do something, whether it be as a teacher back home in North Carolina or working with some type of non-profit in some way. As the career took form, I kind of feel like it`s every celebrity`s responsibility really. I kind of like to look at this as an opportunity, I guess, to teach in a bigger classroom.

HAMMER: I have to ask you, Kelly Clarkson, of course, who won season one is now having tremendous success. Her album`s still hanging out there in the top 10, selling millions of copies. She has had a bit of success distancing herself from the AMERICAN IDOL name. Face it. It`s always going to be a part of your story and it will always be with you, but do you find that it does hinder you in any way as you move forward?

AIKEN: I don`t know that it`s any hindrance. I guess the only -- sometimes the hindrance is that it`s the only thing people want to talk about. People ask me all the time. Do you have any advice for the idol contestants? And I guess my advice is to say learn to love it because that`s the only thing people are going to ask you about for the next five years. It`s not a hindrance necessarily. I think the only -- the only concern if any that anyone has is the fact that, we all, myself, Ruben, Fantasia, Kelly and whoever comes out of the show this year want to be known as our own individuals. I want people to -- I`d love to be, I`d love for the day to arrive where I`m introduced as Clay Aiken instead of AMERICAN IDOL runner-up, Clay Aiken. So that`s the kind of thing we hope for.

HAMMER: It is part of the package I guess and of course, I got to ask you. Who are you rooting for this season, any names?

AIKEN: I haven`t had a chance really to watch. We didn`t pick it up in Indonesia. But I plan on going to a show hopefully pretty soon here and seeing who`s in the running.

HAMMER: So we`re going to see you as a part of the end of this season?

AIKEN: I don`t know that you`ll see me as a part of it, but I would love to be in the audience.

HAMMER: And Clay, I have to ask because you do so much for so many other people. What`s the one thing, the big indulgence, the great thing that you`ve done for yourself, something you`ve gone out and spoiled yourself with. What`s one item?

AIKEN: I did buy a house just this past, at the end of last year. So I`ve got a house. We`re trying to get it set up to make it feel a little more like home, furniture`s coming in. My mom came out a few weeks ago and hung the curtains and all that stuff.

HAMMER: A bigger house than you`ve ever lived in, in your entire life?

AIKEN: Yeah, it`s bigger than the one I grew up.

HAMMER: How many square feet, you want to give me a number.

AIKEN: I don`t know all that. You want to tell me how big your house is?

HAMMER: We`ll do that when we`re off the air. Clay, thanks so much for joining us from Hollywood. We appreciate it.

AIKEN: Thank you very much for having me.

BRYANT: It`s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, with a staying alive sound. Find out who showed up with Cameron Diaz. That`s in our laughter dark. And there`s still time for you to sound off in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Celebrities: do you buy because they endorse? You can vote at tonight or e-mail us at We`ll share some of what you said live next.


BRYANT: Time now for the show`s biz, a look at stories making news in the business of entertainment. The "Fantastic Four" is getting fantastic promotion. According to today`s "Hollywood Reporter," tie-in`s to the upcoming movie -- based on marvel comic book superheroes -- will include a video game. It will also have action figures and there`s word of music videos. "Fantastic Four" starring Jessica Alba opens on July 8th.

And America Online and XM Satellite Radio are getting together. Today they said they`ll be creating a new online radio service. It`ll launch this summer and the two will also share other programming. AOL is related to us here. We are both owned by Time Warner.

HAMMER: It`s time to get your laugh on in laughter dark. As we do every night, we bring you those late night laughs you might have missed. Cameron Diaz hosted SATURDAY NIGHT LIFE over the weekend and she brought along a few surprise guests, including boyfriend Justin Timberlake.


Ann Coulter, you`ve accused liberals of hating America. You said that women shouldn`t be allowed to vote.

In response to your question, Mr. Gibb, that`s exactly the kind of vicious liberal slander that the left wing media --

Before you go any further, could I just ask you a question, what is wrong with your face? You look like a rubber glove stretched over a skeleton.

Typical liberal bias.

Don`t you talk to me like that. Do I look like Bill Maurer (ph) to you? I`m from the streets of Queensland, Australia. I once gave a kangaroo a heart attack just by starring at it. Robin was there.


BRYANT: I was a Bee Gees fan. Were you a Bee Gees fan?

HAMMER: I was a Bee Gees fan. I`m not ashamed to admit it.

BRYANT: Fellow Bee Gees fans. All right. Throughout this show, we`ve been asking you to vote online on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day: celebrities, do you buy because they endorse?

Let`s take a look how the vote is going so far. Only 2 percent of you say, yes, I buy because celebrities endorse products. But an overwhelming 98 percent say no, you don`t. You`ve also been sending us e-mails on this question. Bonnie from Carnegie, Pennsylvania says, I do not buy because products - I do not buy products because celebrities endorse them. I doubt Sarah Jessica Parker uses the products that she promotes.

But Tammy from Los Angeles, California says, I saw a T-shirt worn on the "OC" and then I went out and bought it. Now remember, you can continue to vote at

HAMMER: 98 to 2, I think that`s our biggest spread so far.

BRYANT: I think so.

HAMMER: Pretty unbelievable and very decided. Well, it`s time to see now what`s playing on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, tomorrow.

BRYANT: Let`s take a look at the showbiz marquee. Marquee guy take it away.

ANNOUNCER: There was a time when Bob played Bob. Then was Dick. But, that was a dream about Bob, and now he`s Morty, on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, so Bob -- we need you to tell us -- what about Bob. And what`s that? You will! Great. Tomorrow -- Bob Newhart live on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Actually Mariah Carey, it`s like this. You`re dropping by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, tomorrow and we`re heading to where they drop the ball -- Times Square -- to drop your new album with you. Mariah -- we`ll have so much time together tomorrow. See you then! With a vision of love in the air, this is the marquee guy!

HAMMER: Also a vision of loveliness, Mariah`s the "Emancipation of Mimi" is dropping tomorrow. It`s already number one in Japan. I was listening to it today and I enjoyed it.

BRYANT: I`m just saying restraining order between Mariah and the marquee guy. It could get really scary with them tomorrow.

HAMMER: That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We`re going to see you back here tomorrow.

BRYANT: Nancy Grace is next right after the very latest from the "Headline News."


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