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Interview With Donald Trump, Cast of 'Apprentice'

Aired April 21, 2004 - 21:00   ET


DONALD TRUMP, HOST: This is a tough one. You're fired.

You're fired.

You're fired.

Bill, you're hired.


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, exclusive, an "Apprentice" cast reunion, with Bill, the apprentice, himself; Kwame, the runner-up; plus Omarosa, Amy, Nick, Heidi, Troy and the Donald. An "Apprentice" cast reunion, together for the first time since last week's finale, watched by 28 million people. It's exclusive. It's next on LARRY KING LIVE.

We've just spoken with Donald Trump. He'll be with us by phone in about 15 minutes. He, like you, wants to watch the first part of the show, and then he will chime in. This is exciting for all of us to meet this very talented group of people.

Here's what happened last week at that critical moment. Let's watch.


TRUMP: Kwame, I think you have an amazing future. You're a brilliant guy, great education, and I have no doubt that you're going to be a big success. But for right now, Bill, you're hired.


KING: Bill Rancic, when he was doing that lead-in, did you think he was going to come back to you?

BILL RANCIC, "THE APPRENTICE" WINNER: The honest-to-God truth, if you looked at the other episodes, sometimes Mr. Trump likes to throw the viewers off, so he'll...

KING: No kidding.

RANCIC: He'll go a little negative on you. And I thought he was going to -- you know, he was probably going to go to Kwame. So when he turned to me and said, "You're hired," it was -- it was a complete surprise. I was -- best night of my life.

KING: You would not have been shocked if Kwame were hired?

RANCIC: Well, Kwame's a -- he's a first-class guy, and he did a great job throughout the 13 weeks, as well. So I really think it was -- you know, it was a close call.

KING: Let's run down. Why did you enter this thing?

RANCIC: Well, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. I mean -- for a number of reasons. One, as an entrepreneur, you want to validate your skills. And this was a way for my validate my entrepreneurial skills with 15 other talented, extremely smart people. So it was a way for me to, you know, go out there and test the water. But obviously, more importantly, it's a chance to play in the major leagues and to work with, you know, Donald Trump, you know...

KING: Did you give up a job to do it?

RANCIC: Well, I was -- I've been self-employed. And I had sold a company about a year ago, and then I was developing real estate in Chicago for the last couple of years. So I had some flexibility, fortunately.

KING: Kwame Jackson, I think I heard -- I read a quote from the chairman of the board of Goldman Sachs that he couldn't believe someone left Goldman Sachs to enter a kind of contest. Why did you do that?

KWAME JACKSON, "THE APPRENTICE": I don't think I'm the first person to leave Goldman Sachs to go on a reality show, nor am I the first person to leave the show. I think that -- you know, you ask yourself, Does the moment make the man or the man make the moment? This moment came along to be extraordinary, and I took it. I felt as though one year from now, if -- you know, I knew exactly where I'd be in my Wall Street career versus one year with this show, who knows what might happen. And so, you know, it's turned out to be a great success, and I'm happy just to be a part of the whole program.

KING: What are you doing in Buffalo?

JACKSON: In Buffalo? I'm up here on a speaking engagement, Larry.

KING: Oh, you got booked for speaking already.


KING: Not bad. Amy, why did you enter?

AMY HENRY, "THE APPRENTICE" CONTESTANT: You know, I actually don't think I had a big plan for entering. I found out the day that the auditions were in Dallas that they were having an audition for what I considered to be "Survivor" in the big city. And I just thought it was an opportunity to go, as well, and experience a different industry, work with 15 other talented, smart individuals. And I was looking at it just for an exciting adventure and, hopefully, would have the opportunity to end up with an exciting job.

KING: Did you like the way it went?

HENRY: Yes. Absolutely. I would do it again. I would pay to do it again.

KING: No kidding.

HENRY: I think -- not -- you know, and really for an educational experience. I've always called it like getting a 13-week MBA because you're in -- I have my MBA, and when you get an advanced degree, it's not about the textbook education. It's about interpersonal skills, communications skills, team skills, and really dealing with high- pressure situations. And we got to do that.

KING: So you think everyone benefited.

HENRY: Absolutely.

RANCIC: Without a doubt.

KING: Troy McClain in Jacksonville, why did you enter?

TROY MCCLAIN, "THE APPRENTICE" CONTESTANT: Oh, you know, truly, I entered because 15 years earlier, my senior yearbook quote in 1989 said, "Donald Trump, I'm coming." And when you have a dream that big -- I was single-minded in my pursuit of meeting old DT. I just -- my wife had actually put me up to it, and she said, Troy, you've got to -- you've got to follow through with your dream that was 15 years earlier. So I was after the job.

KING: Glad you did it?

MCCLAIN: Oh, absolutely. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You know, I was single-minded in my pursuit of that job, and I thought that would validate my lack of education. I thought if I can get in with an organization like that, he would straighten out my rough edges. He would sharpen the blade that I have already crafted. So I would do it in a heartbeat again. I only hope to have the opportunity.

KING: You better off for it, then.

MCCLAIN: Absolutely.

KING: Omarosa, you glad you did it?


KING: Despite all the fallout?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Oh, despite it. I mean, I think things that don't kill you can only make you stronger. And I'm like Hercules now because I have gone through the (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

KING: But how -- did you enjoy being hated?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: No. Not at all. I don't think anyone does.

KING: So how did that...

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: You have to take any opportunity. In this case, I took lemons and made lemonade, and I'm going to keep on moving.

KING: That's your style.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Oh, yes. I mean, you know, I work in Washington. I've been there for seven years. I entered this competition because I wanted to build my business experience and kind of go outside of the Beltway and expound upon an opportunity that was great.

KING: So with all the repercussions, no regrets.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: No regrets at all.

KING: OK. Because -- oh, but one thing we ought to clear up right away. Regis Philbin the other morning said that this show was edited a lot. And he thought -- well, not the word "fixed." I don't want to use -- I don't want to say "fixed" -- that you weren't as you were meant to be, as you were portrayed.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: You know, unfortunately, by contract, we're not allowed to expound upon things that you didn't see. But I have always asserted that things aren't always as they seem on these shows.

KING: Were you coached?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: As I said, things aren't always as they seem on these shows...

KING: So that's answering...

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: ... and you just kind of...

KING: ... that you were.

RANCIC: I'd like to address that.

KING: OK, you may, Bill.

RANCIC: I think -- I think Mark Burnett deserves -- you know, Mark Burnett is a purist in everything...

KING: I know Mark well.

RANCIC: ... that he's done. So you know, they don't feed us lines. They don't -- it's not -- we're not actors. That does not exist on this show. KING: But can they edit to make...


RANCIC: Anyone here agree with me?

KING: Can they edit to make...


RANCIC: I'm not going to let that go on.


MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I never said that they're coaching.

KING: Hold on...

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I never said they're feeding you lines.

RANCIC: OK, well, it was implied there...

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: And I know that you have a script...

RANCIC: ... and I think that is inaccurate.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I know you have a script to follow.

RANCIC: No, I don't have a script to follow, Omarosa!

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I think that -- I think...

KING: There she goes.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I think you just have to -- no, no, no. I think that everybody had a personal experience. I had my own personal experience, and for them to project their experience on me is just -- I mean, it's just really very interesting.

RANCIC: No, I just -- it's only...

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Speak for yourself.

RANCIC: But it's only fair to set the record straight for...


RANCIC: ... for Donald Trump and for...


RANCIC: ... Mark Burnett. You ought to let America know that...


KING: First let's go around. Nick, why did you enter? (CROSSTALK)

NICK WARNOCK, "THE APPRENTICE" CONTESTANT: I wanted to compete and I wanted to meet Donald Trump. I grew up across the river, reading about him in "The Post" and "The Daily News." And he's a great, brilliant guy with a lot of charisma.

KING: You're a Bayonne, New Jersey, kid, right?

WARNOCK: That's right. Bayonne, New Jersey.

KING: Was Trump kind of a hero to you?

WARNOCK: He was. Everybody knew Mr. Trump. Back then, we knew him as "the people's millionaire." And we -- my whole family idolized him, and we used to go to Atlantic City. And he's just a great guy.

KING: And finally, Heidi Bressler in Las Vegas. What are you doing in Vegas?

HEIDI BRESSLER, "THE APPRENTICE" CONTESTANT: Well, first I was in Vegas for -- with Amy and Omarosa. We hosted the VH-1 Diva Awards, which was amazing. And I've actually had three appearances since then, and I'm actually going to take the red-eye home tonight and go right back to New York. So haven't slept in a week, but it's been fun.

KING: Why did you enter?

BRESSLER: You know, I entered -- honestly, you want the job. You want to meet Mr. Trump. You want to learn from the other 15 contestants. And you know what? I was burnt out at my current job, and I thought, Why not? And it's funny because at the open casting call, everyone's in suits and ties, and I'm in a skirt and flip-flops. And I beat all of them. So it kind of shows you. And so glad I did it.

KING: Bill Rancic...

BRESSLER: Don't laugh at me, Omarosa.


KING: Bill, you and Omarosa were going at it, so let me ask -- let's bring in...

MCCLAIN: Well, Bill, I back you up.

KING: Let's bring in Kwame. Kwame, who's right in the dispute between Bill and Omarosa?

JACKSON: I think, as you saw within the program, Larry, I like to stay above the fray on this. And I would just say that...

KING: In other words, you cop out. JACKSON: I don't cop out. I just don't play kind of high-school reindeer games. I'm one who kind of moves on and focuses on the future, and I'm not going to get into the catty battles that go on in, you know, the bowels of reality television.

MCCLAIN: Well, I can back -- this is Troy here, Larry, and I -- I can back Bill up a little bit. Never was I scripted, coached or anything. What I said, I said. And I think what happens in reality TV, there's a rudimentary word, and it's "real." And the essence of Troy was caught. The essence of Bill was caught, the highlights and the lowlights. And I think the essence of Omarosa was caught. And I get along great with Omarosa.


MCCLAIN: But you see us as us. You see the -- and -- you see highlights and the lowlights. But nonetheless, we are who we are.

KING: You're saying, guys, this was true reality.

WARNOCK: Nobody's coached.

HENRY: Absolutely.

WARNOCK: Yes, nobody's coached.

KING: What you see is what you get.


WARNOCK: It's a credit to Mark Burnett and his whole team. And he's a genius. He's revolutionized television. Nobody's coached.

HENRY: But it's all about creating good TV, and it's -- it's taking...


KING: Are we drawing a thin line here? It's about...

HENRY: It's creating -- it's taking, as Troy said, the highs and the lows and creating impact to make it enjoyable for people to watch?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Can I say something else?


MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: On the "Today" show -- let me show you something...

KING: Hold on. One at a time.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: On the "Today" show, Bill said, Oh, there were so many things that they picked and selected, in terms of what they presented.

RANCIC: Absolutely.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: This is on the "Today" show.

RANCIC: Right. I'm not denying that.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: And he's saying it's pure, but then he says they didn't show our awards show that we showed. They didn't show all the work that we had to do. So he himself has already gone out there and said, Hey, they are the gatekeepers. They get to put this story together the way they want to put it together.

HENRY: But they don't put words in your mouth.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I never said that. When did I ever say that?

KING: One at a -- hold on. Hold on. Let me say...


MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Let's clarify this. I've never said words.

KING: I'm going to take a break and come back. We have seven guests. All of them want to talk. And then Trump's going to join us. So wait until a pause occurs because I can't see the three that are away. I mean, I see you on the thing, but I don't know what's happening also -- to get some cohesion here. We'll return with sanity after these messages.


TRUMP: In the boardroom, the drama between Heidi and Omarosa escalated.

BRESSLER: My concern was just sitting down at an restaurant could take longer than 25 minutes.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: If she explained it that eloquently to me yesterday, we probably wouldn't have had a problem.

BRESSLER: I said you didn't let me get a chance to.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: But because she likes to drop the F-bomb every five minutes...

BRESSLER: Oh, my God!

TRUMP: Omarosa's endless confrontations with her teammates finally caught up with her.

I don't like the fact that you two argued over whether or not to have lunch when you have a small amount of time. And you were the one that wanted the lunch. Omarosa, I don't like excuses. You're fired.



TRUMP: Omarosa lied to you. She deceived you. And not only once, but she lied to you twice. Why didn't you fire her?

JACKSON: Well, at that time, I really didn't know that was an option. And I also had a job to get done. I knew I was a CEO, but I also had three people that I needed to depend on to get the work done. And so I were to have fired her at that time, basically, I would have had two people to do the job left for three.

TRUMP: Why didn't you move her over to the side? She deceived you.

JACKSON: I tried to move her over to the side in some roles, but basically, Troy was running one part of the organization and Heidi was running another. And so I didn't think at that time I really could manage both and move her over to the place she needed to be.


KING: Kwame, in retrospect, if you had to do it over, would you have changed that?

JACKSON: Well, I keep saying this, but I never got the reality TV memo that said I was Mark Burnett and that I could remove people from the show or add people to the show. So that was interesting how that popped up in the boardroom but was never told to me along the way. So I mean, you know, in retrospect -- you know, that's 20/20 hindsight. I had a job to get done. I focused on executing, and little blips always come up along the way and you really have to just keep moving forward.

KING: What side of you, Omarosa, was unfairly shown?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I don't think that they showed the fact that I was, one, the only person to sell artwork during our art gallery task, two, the person who actually presented at our advertising campaign and helped to seal that deal. They never showed where I was producing. In fact, in the very last task, our house was full at the Jessica Simpson concert. We also raised a ton of money for Operation Smile that they never showed. They never showed all the fantastic things that went right on that task.

KING: So was that fair?

RANCIC: Yes. I mean, this is my -- this is my standard response to address Omarosa's concern about...


RANCIC: No, no, no. It's not my script.

(LAUGHTER) RANCIC: OK? I really don't appreciate you saying that. I...

KING: Your standard response.

RANCIC: No, no. But this is -- this is...


RANCIC: And then we can move on from this subject. They can only edit what you give them. They cannot manufacture a fictional character out of thin air.

WARNOCK: Absolutely.

RANCIC: And that's it. Bottom line. Enough said.


RANCIC: We don't even need to talk about this again.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Since I've been in LA...

RANCIC: That's all we have to do.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: ... I've had a chance to meet with so many different people who have participated in reality stars. In fact, you know, I had Charlie yesterday from "The Bachelor," and we had a good laugh about all of the things that happens on reality television. The reality of the situation is, we can't really talk about it if there was a case because we are contractually bound and we're not allowed to expound upon...

KING: So you couldn't tell me.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I couldn't tell you if I wanted to.

KING: Heidi, were they fair to you?

BRESSLER: Were they fair to me?

KING: Yes.

BRESSLER: Absolutely. You know what, Larry? You saw the good sides of me, you saw the bad sides of me. Come on. I'm singing in the bathroom, the worst one could possibly sing, spraying (ph) deodorant in my hair. And of course, that wasn't...


BRESSLER: ... the best moment of my life, but they also -- and also, you know, I had to -- I had to share with America that my mom had cancer, and that was really difficult. But you know what? You sign up for it. And also, you saw the really good things about me, that I'm funny, that I'm feisty. And you know what? I'm glad, you know? In the beginning, they always told you, you're going to see the good sides and bad sides, so... KING: Before I ask...

BRESSLER: I was fairly portrayed.

KING: Before I ask Amy and Nick about Amy and Nick, let's watch the Donald confronting Omarosa. Let's watch.


TRUMP: You really got caught on tape this time. I mean, you were right on camera. You got caught in a couple of beauties. How do you explain that.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Mr. Trump, first of all, let me just say -- I need to get this clear first. You suggest (ph) hire me, then fire me, re-hire me and then fire me again? It's a little confusing.


TRUMP: You have too many excuses.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I'm trying to keep up with you.

TRUMP: Enough with the excuses.



KING: He got annoyed with you, didn't he?


KING: Nick, did you and Amy begin a relationship off this show?

WARNOCK: It wasn't -- not on the know. But after the show, we dated briefly. She's a great girl, and nothing but nice things to say about her.


KING: She's gorgeous!

WARNOCK: Very pretty. Very pretty.

KING: So why briefly?

WARNOCK: Well, she lives in Austin and I'm live in Los Angeles. And as Amy likes to say, we're in different stages of our lives now. And you know, I'm a little bit younger than she is. And you know, she's -- she's looking for something a little bit different.


KING: A little bit younger. Amy, why...


KING: Why didn't it go further?

WARNOCK: Well, that's the new thing now, with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher...


WARNOCK: That's what I was going for at first.

WARNOCK: ... younger man.

KING: Why didn't it go further, Amy?

HENRY: Well, I think that we -- you live in this bubble of a reality world for a while. And I think we had a lot in common on the show. And I think that we realized, once we're off the show, that we are in very different stages of our lives. While we were on the show, we had tons in common. We were focused on competing for the same job. We lived in the same environment with the same friends. And then off the show, we were -- you know, he lives in Los Angeles, I live in Austin, and you're back to the real reality.

KING: The truth, Troy. Did you think you should have won?

MCCLAIN: You know, the truth is, I -- that was the saddest moment and the greatest moment in my life, when I brought Kwame in the room. One, because Kwame and I respected each other so much that we talked about it. I said, I can't wait to go to battle with you. I really can't wait. But at the same token, I developed a heck of a friendship with the guy. And you know...

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: It wasn't a friendship.



MCCLAIN: Everybody calls it a lovefest. But I think Kwame's a good man, and I -- you know, I...


MCCLAIN: I obviously wanted to win. I think -- I think that I was a good man for the job. But Trump said it best. He said I just don't have it yet. I don't have the education yet. I'm still a little rough around the edges. So I just want to come back and have another shot.

KING: Kwame, you think you should have won?

JACKSON: You know, I tried my best. I think that Bill's going to be a great guy for the job, and I'm really focused on future opportunities, you know? I think, basically, Mr. Trump chose someone who fit within his organization.

KING: And you chose the job in Chicago.

RANCIC: I chose the job in Chicago.

KING: Now, I don't know Chicago that well, but this building's going to be where "The Chicago Sun Times" is, right?

RANCIC: That's correct.

KING: Well, "The Chicago Sun Times" is still there.

RANCIC: That's correct.

KING: What are you doing?

RANCIC: Well, I -- things are moving along quickly, and -- Chicago is...

KING: Well, what do you do?

RANCIC: ... welcoming this project with open arms.

KING: But they haven't torn down "The Chicago Sun"...

RANCIC: Not yet. It's -- probably in the next six months, it's going to be coming down.

KING: What do you do in the meantime?

RANCIC: Well, there's...


RANCIC: There's a lot of preparation to be done, I mean, with dealing with the city. You know, obviously, we need to, you know, sell as many units as we can. The project has had amazing success already.

KING: You showing models already?

RANCIC: Yes, we have models up and running, and we've already pre-sold. I mean, it's amazing the amount of activity that we've gotten on this project.

KING: What is the Trump name for this?

RANCIC: The Trump name?

KING: Yes.

RANCIC: It's like gold.

KING: I mean, is it going to be called Trump Chicago?

RANCIC: It's going to be called Trump Tower Chicago.

KING: Shocked. RANCIC: Yes.

KING: We'll be right -- Donald will be calling shortly. We'll be right back with the crew. This is exclusive. They're all together. Don't go away.


TRUMP: Last week, I dissolved the teams. And the final four -- Amy, Nick Kwame and Bill -- faced a tough series of round-robin interviews with my top-ranking executives.

Who are you most impressed with?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kwame's got the long-term potential, I think, of what we're looking for.

TRUMP: What did you think of Nick?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he's a little bit too slick for his own good.

TRUMP: What do you think of Amy?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Amy kind of reminded me of a Stepford wife. Her answer were basically meaningless.

TRUMP: As a result, I fired two more candidates, first Nick, then Amy.




TRUMP: Did Bill do anything wrong?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Bill, overall, did not perform at his typical Bill performance. I think that he had a little bit of a frenzied state.

TRUMP: What do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's some areas of opportunity where he could have improved, just being calm, even though things were going wrong.

TRUMP: You didn't think he was calm?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He seemed a little ruffled at times. If he delegates something, he needs to trust his people.

TRUMP: Do you think he has got great potential? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, he's outstanding, a sharp, sharp guy. And I believe, if I were you, I'd select him.


KING: Joining us on the phone -- there is our winner, Mr. Rancic -- is the man himself, the Donald, Donald Trump. What do you make of this crew, Donald?

TRUMP: Well, it's a great crew. And I had a lot of fun. And as you said before, we had actually 41 million watching, Larry. You said 28. And 28 was a number also (UNINTELLIGIBLE). I hate to tell you, but we had 41 million, and we killed the competition. And I can honestly say we were the number one show by far. So I'm very -- other than the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards, we were the biggest show of the year. So that's pretty good.

KING: And was it because of you, Donald?

TRUMP: Oh, totally because of me. I think so, yes.

KING: Let's discuss with Donald and the other panel. Donald, why did it work?

TRUMP: Well, I think there was great chemistry. I think that Bill and Kwame and Amy and Omarosa, Nick and Troy, it was just an amazing group of people. And you know, like some, hate some, I guess somewhere the people were a little bit indifferent, but the chemistry among everybody just worked.

KING: Do you think all seven of these people will do well?

TRUMP: Well, I hope so. You never know in life. I think some of them will do really well. And I think some of them won't. But that's true in life, Larry.

KING: We're going to show one quick scene here. Hang with us, Donald. This is Nick and Amy dancing in the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) -- this was in the good days. Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nick is asking me if I thought that Amy was truly digging him. And of course, I fed the fire and I said, absolutely. I enhanced his confidence level slightly and he's full throttle.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Nick has a crush on me. And I think he's a great guy, but I haven't really had time to think what I think about Nick.


KING: Kwame, did you like the Donald?

JACKSON: I thought he was a great guy. And he still is a great guy. He's a visionary, he's a straight shooter. I'm just happy to be involved with the program.

KING: Omarosa, did you like him?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: He's awesome. He's a brilliant businessman.

KING: Even though he was tough on you?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Oh, yeah. You now, like I said, the things don't kill you that will make you stronger, and I'm so honored that he selected me to be a part of this outstanding cast.

KING: Donald, what do you think of Omarosa?

TRUMP: Well, you know, I was really going to come down on her tonight, but now I can't, Larry.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Come on, give it to me.

TRUMP: You know, I had a whole list of things I was going to say about Omarosa, that I refuse to say. She's so nice.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I love you, Mr. Trump.

TRUMP: I will say this, Omarosa, whether we like that or not, but she was great television. She really was. She was unique. She was different. And a lot of people didn't like her very much, but the fact is, she was amazing television.

KING: What's your comment on what Regis had to say about -- he knows reality television and some of this was kind of planned?

TRUMP: Well, I watched him saying it. And you know, Regis, as you know, is a very good friend of mine, Larry. And I watched him saying it and he was saying it with a chuckle, he was saying it with a smile. And then it got picked up by "The Post," and it got a little bit carried away. But I watched Regis. And he was saying it with a smile. He was actually complimenting the show with, you know, with the tremendous ratings and everything, and then he went into this thing and he was doing it really with a smile.

KING: Heidi, why do you think it worked?

BRESSLER: I think, to be quite honest, again, Mark Burnett, he's a genius in casting, and of course, the man himself, Donald Trump, made it work. That's why the show is so huge, all because of Donald and us.

KING: You think...

TRUMP: Thank you, Heidi.

KING: Troy, do you think it can hold up as the next season?

MCCLAIN: Ask it one more time, Larry? I didn't hear you?

KING: Can it succeed into its next season?

MCCLAIN: Absolutely, as soon as old D.T. gives me another shot and brings me back, it will hold well.

TRUMP: Well, Larry, you know, speaking to Troy, and I will only do this if I have the unanimous support of all of the other contestants up there, because they were terrific. But I read somewhere where Troy wanted to go back to college. And the problem is, he's got a family. You know, it's hard to afford college. College is expensive. And I will make the offer, only Troy, if everybody else totally accepts this, but I'd like to make the offer to Troy. He's an unbelievable guy.

KING: What's the offer?

TRUMP: As smart as you can be. The offer is that I will pay for his college education if he wants to go back.


TRUMP: ... college education if he were to go back. This guy has amazing potential. And you know, education is a great thing.

KING: Donald, that's tremendous. Does anyone here vote against it?

RANCIC: Absolutely not.


MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Oh, my God. Go for it, Troy.


TRUMP: Congratulations. You better pick a nice, good, expensive college.


KING: Donald, can he pick any school that accepts him, you'll pay?

TRUMP: That's true, 100 percent. So I want Troy...

MCCLAIN: Oh, my God.

TRUMP: ... to go and get some education. He really has an amazing future, and education would be terrific.

KING: Hang with us, Donald. That's a great -- what night for you, Troy. We'll be back with the whole group and some of your phone calls, too. Donald will stay with us a little while longer, too. Don't go away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel like we've asked...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You guys have not asked for my opinion. Every time I said anything, you guys shut me up.

It's convenient for you to use me when my looks...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wait a minute. It's convenient, you don't use that yourself, are you kidding me? It's convenient for you either? We're a team. We're either going to win as a team or we're going to lose as a team.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Listen, I'm successful for a reason, and it's not solely because of my looks. And I feel like every idea I came up with yesterday, you tossed it. I'm sick and tired of it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe in a democracy. I would never want to run it like Troy...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But I think you believe that, but your actions don't portray that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, well, I mean apparently (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just don't agree with your leadership style.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bottom line is this, Katrina doesn't like the way I lead. My advice for her is to step aside then.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thanks a lot. Just as we're looking for the Marquee Jet sign, the two Marquee Jet represents were approaching.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You guys cool? We're looking at 10:30 and it's kind of a temporary time, we're going to need an update in about five minutes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What time do we bring the signs up?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As soon as we get clearance to drive on the course.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No one can drive on the course because of the frost. So just have some coffee, doughnuts whatever. I'm in the main office if you need me. Someone will be able to get ahold of me.


KING: Exclusive night, reunion night. Let's meet them all. On the phone is Donald Trump, billionaire businessman and bestselling author of "Trump: How to Get Rich."

Here in Los Angeles, Bill Rancic who bested 15 rivals to win "The Apprentice." He's now employed at $250,000 a year as project manager of a $700 million Trump project in Chicago. And Buffalo's Kwame Jackson, runner up, Harvard MBA, former investment manager at Goldman Sachs. In Los Angelse, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. Fired in week 13, returned for the final challenge, the woman everybody loved to hate, who's doing a good job tonight of getting almost lovable.

Amy Henry who made it to the final four, fired in week 13, took part in the final challenge, part of Bill's team. Nick Warnock made it also to the final four, fired in week 13, took part in the final challenge.

In Las Vegas, Heidi Bressler fired in week number 10, returned for the final challenge, she was part of Kwame's team. And in Jacksonville, Florida's Troy McClain, fired in week 12, returned for final challenge, part of Kwame's team. Tonight, on this program given his college career paid for by the Donald. I want to ask about this magazine picturing some of the -- why did you do this, Amy?

HENRY: You know, I didn't really think about it before I did it. We did it the first week of the show. I don't think I made a good judgment.

KING: Are you sorry you did it?

HENRY: I think the pictures are classy and tasteful. I'm not ashamed of the pictures. I just don't think it's necessarily the image I'd like to portray.

KING: Would you have posed, Omarosa?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Absolutely not. I have a career in politics and I plan to run and I certainly wouldn't want pictures like those...

HENRY: Actually, she wasn't asked to do it. She told me the week before she was interested. It's interesting and you were doing "Maxim" until I backed out, Omarosa...

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: Are you kidding? Amy. That's absolutely not true.

KING: Bill, were you -- what did you think about them posing?

RANCIC: Absolutely. I think they're beautiful women, they have nothing to be ashamed of and good for them. You know, if they want to do that, then more power to them.

KING: These pictures are from "FHM." Donald, what do you think of it?

TRUMP: Well, I was a little surprised. They were a little out there. I think Amy will tell you that "Playboy" offered the same women a tremendous amount of money to pose and they turned that down. "Playboy's" a step beyond. But it was a lot of money. I think it was total of a million dollars and they were going to split it up. It sounded like a lot of money. To be honest they turned that down and did this for nothing. Perhaps that's why they didn't win the contest.

HENRY: Anyone that knew that should know we would win.

KING: Heidi, yes?

BRESSLER: I would like to say with "Playboy," for the record, they offered almost all the women the same exact amount of money. To set that record straight. Almost all the women.

KING: Heidi, did it have to be nude for "Playboy?"

BRESSLER: You did have to be nude. (UNINTELLIGIBLE). There was no way -- all the women said no, I think it would hurt us in the end. But they did offer us all that the money.

TRUMP: They were right in turning down "Playboy" and I don't think they were wrong in doing "FHM."

Really, it just showed they had nice figures. What's really wrong with that?

KING: Let's grab a call here. Aletha (ph), Kansas. Hello.

CALLER: My question is for Bill and Heidi, they're my favorite people. Heidi, Bill.

BRESSLER: Thank you.

CALLER: What would you ask for -- what would you give to people who want to do the show again, advice, what kind of advice.

KING: People who want to go on the show. Bill, what tips?

RANCIC: I think the key is you don't want to overstrategize. Go in, you want to be yourself, take what you've learned each week and carry it over to the next task. That's what made a lot of people successful on the show. If you make a mistake in week two, make sure you don't make that mistake in week three, four and five because that's going to come back to bite you later on down the road.

KING: Do you criticize yourself, Nick, do you look back and say what could I have done differently?

WARNOCK: It's fairly accurate. I probably shouldn't have been so coy as far as I'm just a copier salesman because it came back to bite me in the behind on the last episode in the board room. But as far as advice, I would say get in the board room as many times as possible. That is the only time you get to be in front of the main decision-maker who's Donald Trump. That's the best thing.

KING: Everybody agrees on that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Absolutely. I was in there the most. (CROSSTALK)

KING: One at a time. Let's watch a clip of Heidi and Omarosa in a little disagreement.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I really would like you guys to see (UNINTELLIGIBLE) work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I've already made a decision, Andre (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Meanwhile, Omarosa's lunch plans interfered with Heidi's work plans.

BRESSLER: Yes, we don't plan to sit down for two hours.

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: I think you're being really rude.

BRESSLER: I can't frigging stand you. You whine and complain. Bitch, bitch, bitch.


KING: Hold on. Heidi, the caller also asked what you would recommend she do if she tried to get on this show?

BRESSLER: I think the best thing to do is again be yourself and not try to be like an Omarosa or a Bill or a Heidi. And I think that's the main thing that people are trying to do right now is they're trying to be one of us. If you're on the show, do not be intimidated. Have the respect for Donald Trump but never be intimidated by him. Sorry if I offended anybody.

KING: Boise, Idaho. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing? My question is for Amy. I thought Amy was amazing on the show. But in the second to last episode, one of Donald Trump's executives called her a Stepford wife. I just want to know what her reaction was to that when she saw that.

HENRY: I laughed at it. Primarily it's because you can either be bitter on things that happen in the show or you can laugh at it and say it's fun and it's TV. I think I didn't come off well in my interviews because I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I think it translated well with being a team player with these individuals as well as a leader. At the end, it was something that was more threatening to a very conservative culture. Would I change anything? No. Because you have to be yourself when you work in a company. I think it showed I may not fit with those executives.

KING: Donald, what was the key as to why Bill bested Kwame.

HENRY: First of all, let me say something about Amy. Amy was magnificent. She won probably more than anybody else. Is that correct, folks? She was on many winning teams. I was extremely upset with some of my people because I don't think they got the real Amy. Now, at the same time, I had to go and listen to very -- people that are terrific, that I respect a lot that work for me but Amy was an amazing player. I was very surprised to hear those things. I know her much better than they do and those things are absolutely wrong. Amy is a winner and she's going to be very successful. I have no doubt about it.

As far as Bill is concerned, my people met with Bill yesterday. And he's a tough hardened veteran. They came *

* but I didn't know myself. So this was very, very serious stuff.

KING: Let me get one more break and we'll come back with our remaining moments on LARRY KING LIVE.

OK, we're not going to take the break. No one told me not to take the break, and I was going to take the break. I only work here. Do what they tell me.

OK, we're going to go -- we got a special news report. Let's go to Santa Barbara for Miguel Marquez with this very important story -- Miguel.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's a story that will not seem to go away there, Larry. CNN has confirmed through two different sources that a grand jury that's been meeting for 13 days here in Santa Barbara to hear testimony and consider charges, charges of child molestation against pop star Michael Jackson has in fact indicted Michael Jackson. It's not clear what exactly those charges are at this point. We expect to know more about those charges soon. Certainly, though, this means that Mr. Jackson will be back in court to be re-arraigned. Most likely that date will be next Friday, the 30th, where he will have to be re-arraigned on whatever charges the grand jury handed up today -- Larry.

KING: Thank you, Miguel. That big story out of Santa Barbara. Michael Jackson, indicted. We don't have the particulars of the indictment. But CNN now confirms he has been indicted.

We'll be back with our remaining moments after this.


KING: We've just received this release from Michael Jackson's attorneys, Mark Geragos, Benjamin Brafman, Steve Cochran and Robert Sanger, saying if an indictment is returned and Mr. Jackson is required to appear in court on April 30, and that is now a fact, he will appear and enter a plea of not guilty. Mr. Jackson and his attorneys are confident that after a trial on these charges, Mr. Jackson will be fully exonerated, and that the allegations contained in the indictment will be shown to be patently false.

Mr. Jackson and his attorneys remind the public that an indictment is merely a formal accusation. We also remind the public that Michael Jackson, like any other person accused of a crime, is presumed to be innocent.

In this case, Mr. Jackson is not just presumed to be innocent, but is in fact innocent. Michael is looking forward to his day in court and wishes to thank the millions of fans throughout the world who continue to support him during this difficult period.

I know you know him, Donald. Any reaction to this?

TRUMP: Well, I know him very well. He's lived in my buildings. He's lived in Trump Tower, and I know him very well. And I don't believe it. I'm going to stick up for him, because nobody else is. But I don't believe it.

And if you look at the mother of this young man, she has had plenty of experience at going after people. And she goes after them viciously and violently, and I saw a story and I read another story about some of the things she's done.

And I don't believe it. He lived in Trump Tower. I knew what was happening with Michael Jackson. You know what was happening? Absolutely nothing. I had many people that worked for me in the building, and believe me, they would tell me if anything was wrong.

And after many years, he didn't do a damn thing wrong in the building. So I really believe it's this mother, and I think it's somebody out there that wants to get a lot of publicity for himself by indicting Michael Jackson.

KING: You know what it's like when an indictment comes down.

TRUMP: It's tough.

KING: And its presumption.

TRUMP: It's tough. It's tough to win. But I have a feeling he is going to win, Larry.

KING: Speaking of winners, all of our guests tonight are really winners, right, Donald?

TRUMP: They're winners. Every one of them is a winner.

KING: What a crew, what a talented group of people. We wish you nothing but the best. We have a minute left. Bill, are you nervous about this new enterprise?

RANCIC: I'm excited. I'm actually excited about the challenge that I'm faced with, and the one thing about Mr. Trump is he surrounds himself with amazing people. And I had a meeting at Trump Tower yesterday, and everyone on his committee is first class all the way, and that's why he's so successful.

KING: You confident, Nick?

WARNOCK: In Bill? Absolutely.

KING: And yourself?

WARNOCK: Absolutely. Bill is the best man for the job and he's proven that throughout the whole series.

KING: Do all of you -- you have confidence, Amy, you're going to do well?

HENRY: Absolutely. I have confidence in Bill too.

KING: Omarosa?

MANIGAULT-STALLWORTH: How can you walk away from spending 13 weeks with Mr. Trump and not be a winner? I mean, we should all go out and be billionaires, and if not, we should go back under him and study some more.

KING: Kwame, are you confident?

JACKSON: Yeah, I'm definitely confident. I'm just hoping that Bill doesn't build the building a little bit crooked. That's all.

KING: The leaning tower of Trump. Heidi, are you confident?

BRESSLER: More confident than I've ever been.

KING: And Troy?

MCCLAIN: Absolutely, after Mr. Trump just gave me that, I'm absolutely confident.

KING: It's been quite a night. Donald, congratulations.

TRUMP: It's a great group of people, Larry.

KING: You're not kidding. We'll be back in a minute to tell you about what's ahead. Don't go away.


KING: I am not going to -- I won't say what's on tomorrow night, because I have a feeling, based on the news in the past couple of minutes, that may change. I do know that Friday night, part two of Bob Woodward, another hour with the author of the hottest look in America.

Speaking of being hot, our next host is hot. It's hard every night figuring something out.


KING: "Newsnight" is next, with Aaron Brown. He's hot. Watch him.


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