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Larry King's 70th Birthday

Aired November 19, 2003 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight my man, the one and only Regis Philbin. You know he is wild the a.m. wait until to you catch him in prime time. He never holds back and that's why we love him. Regis Philbin for the hour with your phone calls next on LARRY KING LIVE.
First a couple of quick notes, Nellie Connally had been scheduled to appear with us tomorrow night on the -- as we approach the 40th anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy. She was in the car with president. And then on Friday the doctors who were in the emergency rooms. Those interviews Saturday night, will now play Saturday and Sunday night. Nellie Connoly on Saturday, the doctors on Sunday as tomorrow and Friday night will be devoted to the impending arrest of Michael Jackson and the subsequent areas that are going to follow that of importance. So, we'll have panel discussions Thursday and Friday on the Michael Jackson matter.

It's great pleasure to welcome Regis Philbin, the Emmy Award winning host and executive producer of "Live With Regis and Kelly." Before get into lots of stuff, Rege, what do you make of the Jackson story? I know you know him.

REGIS PHILBIN, HOST, "LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY": Yes. I know him, somewhat. I'm just appalled by it. How can somebody make such a decision as to do something like that? And at the height of his career the way it stands and get involved in the situation like that is beyond me. I kind of feel sorry for everybody involved.

KING: Yes. It's a sad story to talk about.

PHILBIN: Yes. It is. But I think this time, it's going to be much more serious than the last time. The last time, at least, he could perhaps buy his way out of it. In fact, he did. This time, I don't know. I don't think there's a chance that can happen this time.

KING: In fact, I think they have to go to trial in California law.

PHILBIN: Exactly.

KING: One other thing in the news, what did you make of the Rosie O'Donnell story?

PHILBIN: It was big news back here in New York. She has more guts than I thought she had. Standing up every day, going into the trial and bringing it to a stand still somehow. They were asking for, what was it $100 million from Rosie or maybe $125 million. But anyway, that came to a stand still. Now of course, the legal fees are going to be pretty excessive, as well. But to open here on Broadway with lukewarm reviews but she thinks word of mouth is going overcome that and hopes her show "Taboo" will become a hit.

KING: Have you seen it.

PHILBIN: No, not yet.

KING: Will you see it?

You're a man about town.

PHILBIN: Yes, I probably will see it, yes. I think she has a great feel for Broadway and stage work. I hope it's a success for her sake. You know, she's really a good soul and I like her a lot and I admire her, too.

KING: Were you surprised she gave up her show?

PHILBIN: You know, I remember during one of my guest appearances on her show when she leaned over to me said, I'm leaving. I'm just tired of it. I think I've done it all. And I think she was for about five or six years. All I could think about, I'm on 40 years and what am I still doing it for?

But she had done it all and was a tremendous success and walked away from it. No, I didn't think she would in the end. I thought she'd hang around and continue to because it's a great spring board for whatever else she wants to do.

KING: And she was very good at it.


PHILBIN: An instant hit right off the bat.

KING: Do you miss "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," Rege?

PHILBIN: I don't want to talk about that. I don't want to talk about Kelly Ripa. I don't want to talk about Cathy Lee. You understand why?

KING: Why?

PHILBIN: Because tonight is a special night. And I'll tell you why. This is your birthday. You are 70-years-old, Larry King. You are a broadcasting legend and what's going to happen in the next 55 minutes is something beyond your control. Even you, Larry King...

KING: What are you talking about?

PHILBIN: ... can't control this. You know why, because all for the last month, the staff planning the best birth day party ever given on television. And we had to do -- because it had to be a big surprise.

KING: Wait a minute. What are you -- are you taking over, I'm lost.

PHILBIN: I'm taking over. I want to show you one picture. The best days of our -- the best day of your lives together. The trip to Notre Dame last year. You and I walking to the stadium. The crowd parting the way and then following in behind us cheering us all the way. It was a wonderful day. And that was the most fun I have had in a long, long time.

KING: Let me tell you, Rege, that was one of the best days of my life. I am so glad I went.

PHILBIN: Larry, listen to me.

KING: What's going on?

PHILBIN: I want you too -- we are going to the executive producer, Wendy Whitworth at the Los Angeles control room and she has got the outline of what's going to happen to you for the next 55 minutes.

OK, Wendy? .

WENDY WHITWORTH, PRODUCER: Thanks, Regis. I kind of feel like Gellman tonight. All right, Larry, I know you hate to change the show after it's started but I need you to move to the guest chair right now. And one more thing, you're not the host tonight. And I'll leave you with three words, it's your birthday.

KING: You want me to go over here?


KING: Folks, I have no idea what's going on here.

WHITWORTH: Just do what you're told.

KING: Oh, gosh!

PHIL MCGRAW, TV PERSONALITY: How you doing? So, Wendy, how do I look?

WITWORTH: You look terrific, Dr. Phil. Have a great show.

MCGRAW: Well, Larry, I'm sitting in your chair tonight. Happy birthday.

KING: You dirty -- Regis was in on this?

MCGRAW: Regis, is in on this, absolutely. It's time for you to get real about being 70.

What can I tell you?

KING: I'll tell you my troubles with this.

MCGRAW: OK, you're 70-years-old. KING: And by the way, how old is Regis?

MCGRAW: Well, Regis is 170, is that right?

KING: How old are you, Regis?

PHILBIN: How old am I?

KING: Yes.

PHILBIN: Fifty-two.

KING: OK, how old is he, really?

PHILBIN: I am 72.

KING: OK, 70 has been traumatic. I have had a wonderful day. I really had a great day.

MCGRAW: Why has it been traumatic?

KING: I'll tell you in a minute. Everybody, friends, everybody the family, the wife, everybody's the kids are wonderful. It's been terrific. However, 70 is old.

MCGRAW: Seventy, I was going to bring you a Viagra, IV drip here so you could just so you just -- I mean you could be hooked up all day long. Forty-Six years you have been in broadcasting, 18 of them right here behind this desk at CNN 9:00.

I mean, what's it feel like?

Do you feel 70?

KING: No. I feel -- I told someone today, I feel in my 20s. The thing that hits me is I know I'm 70 and 70 to me is -- when I was a kid, 70 is ancient, doctor. Come on, ancient.

MCGRAW: But how does it feel to be in that chair when you're 70?

You're turning around moving into the guest chair.

KING: It feels weird. It is a total shock to me. I had no concept of this.

MCGRAW: We have a gala night planned. A ton of big name guest stars and you won't believe it. But first, Regis, your thoughts on the big L.K. hitting the big 7-0.

PHILBIN: I think it's wonderful. I think, Larry looks younger now than 10, 15, 20-years-ago and I know the reason why. Shawn has been a big influence on his life and so those two boys he's got there running around home. That has helped him a lot, too. I think he looks great and I think he feels great. At the top of his game, as well.

MCGRAW: Taking good care of himself, don't you think?

You look good and feel good.


KING: I watch what I eat and I exercise. Hey, give me back my show.

MCGRAW: No way. Regis is going to stay with us for awhile and so is our next guest. Another giant in the TV industry just like you, Larry. One of the many, many big names regular guests on LARRY KING LIVE since it debuted in 1985 from "60 Minutes," Mike Wallace. So here we go.

KING: Behind the curtain.

MCGRAW: Behind the curtain.

KING: You phoney. You faked me out. I spend the day with you, you didn't tell me anything.

MCGRAW: Welcome. How are you doing?

KING: Mike, followed me around today. They followed my kids taking them into preschool. He had breakfast with me at Nate "n" Al's with my friends, Sid (ph) and Ashley (ph). We had breakfast today. I saw him at lunch with Nancy Reagan. Tonight, he's been here with the producer, they've been taping stuff.

This is all a hoax.

MIKE WALLACE, CBS NEWS "60 MINUTES": It is all a hoax.

MCGRAW: It is. We conned him, don't you think?

KING: Superbly.

WALLACE: I couldn't believe -- I couldn't believe this went on this long and you are really surprised.

KING: I have no -- really surprised. I have no idea -- I can't tell you enough.

WALLACE: Your kids are outside.

KING: You're kidding?

WALLACE: Sharon Stone is outside.

MCGRAW: You have no idea what we have in store for you. interviewed -- you guys interviewed together for the first time 10- years-ago, right?

KING: Yes.

MCGRAW: Did you think you'd both still be doing this 10 years later?

KING: When I was 60, I wasn't sure I'd make 65. He, though, come on. This is a statue. This guy is forever. Mike Wallace is forever. Mike Wallace is...

WALLACE: You know what he told. Come on, come on, come on. You know what he told me today?

MCGRAW: What did he say?

WALLACE: Aging is a bitch.


WALLACE: It's a bitch.

KING: I don't care what say about it, it's not fun.

MCGRAW: But look at Mike, he's 85, right. You have 15 years...


KING: Mike and I are walking in Beverly Hills today.

What do you think we're talking about?

MCGRAW: Getting old.

KING: What pills do you take? How's your bronchitis? How long have you had that cough.

Regis don't you talk medicine a lot come on.

PHILBIN: Absolutely. More and more every day. You know, Larry, Dr. Phil, I know this is quite a shock for Larry.

KING: It is.

PHILBIN: I never like surprises like this. I can imagine what Larry is going through. We have to calm him down. I'm glad Mike Wallace is there to help you.

MCGRAW: I was afraid we were going to do something to his heart. But now, 15 years his senior, do you have any advice for this kid here, that's 15 years behind you?

This is like you graduating high school while he's in the second grade.

WALLACE: He had a lunch with Nancy Reagan today, gained some weight.

KING: 151. I feel great. What are you worried about? I like losing weight.

MCGRAW: I have seen more meat on antlers and he just thinks -- he thinks he's doing -- all right.

KING: This is the first time you and Mike have ever been together?



KING: Two giants together with Regis.

MCGRAW: And you in between. Thanks, Larry. Mike is going to stay with us as we go along through the night, because he's watching you today because they're doing a piece on "60 Minutes II," right? Now, we've got some other big names that I want you to talk to and we're going to start with Jay Leno, live from Burbank. Are you there, Jay?

JAY LENO, "TONIGHT SHOW": Yes I am, Dr. Phil. And I must say, when I see Mike Wallace and Larry, it's amazing how life like they look.

MCGRAW: Well, that's because in television. If you were here with them, Jay, you wouldn't say that.

LENO: Those Madame Tussaud people are unbelievable.

MCGRAW: So, what do you have to say to Larry on his 70th birthday, Jay?

LENO: 70? I thought it was 80. All right.

KING: Keep it up, Leno. Keep it up.

LENO: I thought he was 70 ten years ago. It's like your fourth year in a row with 70.

KING: Keep it up, Leno.

LENO: I see Larry at every fundraiser in the world. He's always right there in the front row.

Larry, happy birthday. I wish I could be there in person, but I have a day job unlike the other guys.

MCGRAW: Listen. You've already worked today. So you're going to go home and stand by your sink and eat, right?

LENO: That's right. That's correct. Dr. Phil can't get over that. That I go home and I stand over the sink and I eat.

MCGRAW: That's right. Well, Jay, thanks for telling this guy happy birthday.

KING: Thank you, Jay.

LENO: He's the greatest. I've been doing Larry -- 20 years we've been doing this Larry King.

KING: Jay used to come on the old radio show too.

LENO: You don't want to say in Hollywood I've been doing Larry King 20 years. That sounds bad, but I have to come back and cover this Michael Jackson story.

KING: Yes. Do you think it's going to get big?

LENO: Well, the Jackson 5 had a reunion today. It's a lineup! There's a million of these.

MCGRAW: All right, Jay. Thanks, a lot.

LENO: So long, kids. Bye-bye.

MCGRAW: Now Larry, we have on the phone another big name you have interviewed and gotten to know pretty well over the years. None other than former first lady Nancy Reagan. Miss Reagan?


MCGRAW: How are you?

REAGAN: I'm fine, Dr. Phil.

MCGRAW: It's good to talk to you again.

REAGAN: Thank you.

MCGRAW: So, what would you like to say to Larry on the 70th birthday?

REAGAN: Happy birthday, Larry. And little did you know when you saw me today I would be doing this with you. Right?

KING: No I did not, Nancy. And frankly, I am -- I am shocked. I have never been as surprised -- I would have to say...

REAGAN: You're speechless.

KING: This is the most surprised in my life. All of these people pulled this off. I had no concept. That I'm ready to do Regis. That I'm sitting here with Dr. Phil, Mike Wallace travel, traipsing around me. And you, Nancy, you! You should have said something. Happy birthday, Larry. Talk to you later.

MCGRAW: We have plotting against you. You know Nancy. She's smooth.

KING: Smooth.

MCGRAW: She's very smooth. Well, Nancy, thanks so much for sharing this special night with us.

REAGAN: You're welcome. KING: We don't have commercials?

MCGRAW: I'm running this show. You just sit tight.

Now, we have another surprise for you, Larry. Or going to a break here? Okay. All right. Special birthday greeting for you as we go to break. So, you can calm down a little bit. We'll be right back.

CELINE DION, SINGER: Good evening, Larry. Here we are at the Caesar's Palace on stage at the Coliseum. Tonight is a special night and we all wanted to wish you happy birthday and I brought friends, 4,000 good friends of mine. They as well wanted to wish you...




BARBARA BUSH, FORMER FIRST LADY: Happy birthday, Larry. Life just begins at 70. You're just a baby in the Bush household. So happy birthday.

GEORGE H.W. BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Larry, happy 70th birthday. You don't look a day over 69. Look, 70 won't hurt a bit. You've done so much in your life. And I can assure you, as one who passed that milestone of 70 years ago, life is good after 70. I salute you tonight along with your many friends. You're a great interviewer. You're a good man and Barbara and I are proud to consider you as friends.


MCGRAW: Well, pretty much, don't you think? Thank you so much, president and Mrs. Bush. And now, I want to bring somebody else in here. All the way from the Middle East Wayne Newton, we're not specific going to be specific about where you are, Wayne, because of security reasons, but we know that you wanted to wish Larry a happy birthday. Are you there, Wayne?

WAYNE NEWTON, SINGER: I am, Dr. Phil. And not only do we want to wish Larry a happy birthday, but we also want him to know that we all got up about 5:15 in order to be here at 6:15 a.m., and I brought along a few friends of mine to help with this very special birthday. And I want you to know, Larry, that in my opinion which I respect, the world is a whole lot better place because you're in it.

And I want you to meet some of my friends. Mr. Gary Sinise, of course Mr. Neil McCoy. We have a couple of Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders here and that's Rhonda and Julie and Genevieve Bach back there. And this guy is named, if you'd scoot over, his name is Mr. Chris Isaac.

And also, let me say, we have some of the band members with the USO. And also, somebody incredible, United States Air Force. Just for you. Now, Celine did this a little earlier, but not from here. (WAYNE NEWTON SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

NEWTON: And many, many more, my friend.

KING: Oh, boy.

MCGRAW: Wayne, thank you guys so much and thank you for getting up so early to welcome -- wish this guy a happy birthday.

NEWTON: We wouldn't have missed it, thank you.

MCGRAW: Thank you so much.

We're not through. You talk about the big stars, Wayne Newton, it doesn't get any bigger than that, unless of course, you're talking about this next guy. Tony Bennett.

KING: My favorite.

MCGRAW: Are you there?


MCGRAW: All right. And now, joining us live from Phoenix to say a few more words, the one and only, Tony Bennett. Tony, welcome.

TONY BENNETT, SINGER: Thank you very much, and happy birthday. Happy birthday, Larry.

KING: Thank you, Tony. I'm so shocked.

BENNETT: Well, thank you very much. You know, I travel all over the world, as you know, Larry, and you can't help being an American to get a little home sick in various countries, like the great Australia. You know, just all over the planet, like Italy or Germany or France and Britain, and to see you every night just gives me such a warm feeling. It reminds me of everything that happens great in America. Thank you for being you.

KING: Thank you for being you.

BENNETT: And a happy birthday to you.

KING: Thank you, Tony.

MCGRAW: Well, Tony, thanks for joining us. And we're going to take a break, but right now none other than a kind of good friend of mine. I have met her, at least seen her around. Oprah Winfrey wants to share her thoughts on the king of talk reaching this milestone tonight.


OPRAH WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: So, I want to send birthday wishes to you, the king of talk, Larry. Because you've reined for 46 years with no end in sight. And I have to say, you make 70 look so good. I wish you all the best on this milestone. This is a milestone, Larry. Happy birthday.




TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: Larry, you're timeless. Your genuine interest in your fellow man and love of life is reflected in every interview that you conduct and every column you write. Thank you for bringing so many of us closer to the world. Happy birthday, Larry. I'm very glad to know you.


MCGRAW: Tom Cruise, thank you for that.

And now, we've got somebody else in studio that's a friend of yours, friend of mine, and she likes to pop your suspenders. Sharon Stone is here and wants to say happy birthday.

KING: Oh, the ugly one. Oh, jeez. I'm in trouble with the wife. Don't do this.

WALLACE: The wife's outside.

KING: The wife's a friend of hers.

SHARON STONE, ACTRESS: Happy birthday, Larry. How are you?


You love it, don't you?

KING: How did they pull that off?

MCGRAW: It drives you crazy.

KING: Whoa, do you look good.

STONE: How are you?

KING: I'm great. I'm totally shocked. I can't believe it. I can't believe this. I can't believe it.

MCGRAW: Well, you need to believe it. Because you're here. She's here. Right there.

KING: I don't -- you were asking me about 70, and I...

STONE: People love you, Larry.

KING: Yeah. Thank you.

STONE: They kind of do. They kind of love you, honey.

KING: You have become my wife's -- one of my wife's great friends. Talk on the phone every day.

STONE: Aren't I lucky?

MCGRAW: You are. How are you doing?

STONE: I'm good, how are you -- well, actually, how am I doing?

MCGRAW: Good to see you again. Well, actually, you're doing pretty well.

KING: What, are you on his diet?

STONE: Well, here's the thing. He lives down the street from me. So I drive by his house every couple of days and yell out my window, I'm doing good, I'm doing good, Dr. Phil. I'm good.

MCGRAW: And I don't believe it.

KING: You want me to open this?

STONE: Go ahead.

MCGRAW: While you're opening that, there's somebody that I want you to talk to on the phone that wants to wish you a happy birthday. Madonna, are you there?

MADONNA, ENTERTAINER: Yes, indeed, I am. Larry, are you there?

KING: I am here, Madonna.

MADONNA: I'm calling to wish you a happy birthday.

KING: I told you not to call me here.

MADONNA: I'm sorry. I can't help it. The world has to know.

KING: Hey, Madonna, that's very nice of you.

MADONNA: Listen, your mother, Jenny, would be so proud of you tonight. Her little label (ph).

KING: Oh, yeah.

MADONNA: Happy 70th.

KING: That's my -- Jenny died in 1976. And I think of her often. I think of my father, who died very young when I was only 9 1/2.

MADONNA: Well, they're both with you.

KING: I hope you're right.

MADONNA: I know I'm right.

MCGRAW: Well, Madonna, we were asking him how 70 was feeling. And I got the feeling it's getting a whole lot better. He's got Sharon Stone on one elbow. He's got you in his ear. I mean, that's a pretty good 70th birthday.

MADONNA: It's kind of like a cookie.

KING: I feel like an Oreo.

MADONNA: Creamy fluff in the middle.

MCGRAW: You bet. Madonna, thanks for calling.

KING: Thank you, Madonna.

MADONNA: You're so welcome. Have a good day.

KING: Thank you, dear.

MCGRAW: We appreciate it. Will you stay with us for a minute? All right, good. Right now, we have got a man who made political history right here when he announced he was running for president on this very show at this very desk. A fellow Texan, I might add, with a Texas-sized birthday surprise for you, Larry. Ladies and gentlemen, direct from my hometown, Dallas, Ross Perot.

KING: Hey, Ross.

ROSS PEROT, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Hey, happy birthday, Larry. Happy 70th and have a great celebration with your wonderful family.

And as you think about the big 7-0, remember, you're just a boy, because Noah was 600 years old when he built the arc, 950 years old when he passed away. I want all of your audience to think about these numbers, and they can rest assured that LARRY KING LIVE is going to be with us for a long time.

And Larry, you have got a huge number of fans in Texas. They got the word that I was coming and now I got an auditorium filled with your loyal fans who want to wish you a happy birthday.

This group of Texans goes all over the world supporting our military forces. They have completed 53 missions around the world. They are getting ready to leave for the 54th mission. Their work for the armed forces is so outstanding that they've been inducted into the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall of Fame.

Now, before this group comes on, they want to wish you a happy birthday. And most of the audience is probably thinking I'm going to bring on an elite law enforcement team, the Texas Rangers, whose motto is one riot, one Ranger -- and look out stranger I'm a Texas Ranger. But, this is the most elite Texas team. Your great fans, here they are, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders! To wish you a happy birthday.

MCGRAW: All right, how about them Cowboy cheerleaders? What could follow that? And the answer is, how about your old friend Jerry Lewis? PEROT: OK now, Larry? Larry?

MCGRAW: I guess we're going to talk to Ross some more.

KING: Yeah, Ross.

PEROT: These girls go all over the world entertaining our armed forces, and believe me, when these girls leave, those guys know exactly what they're fighting for.

KING: You ain't kidding.

PEROT: And they make a huge contribution to the morale of our troops, but these girls are great fans of yours, and they have a really nice gift for you in mind. It's here in the process of getting everything set right now. And here she comes, she's got a very special gift for you that will be presented on behalf of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, to Larry King on his 70th birthday. Here we go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. King, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are here to wish you a very happy birthday. And to present you with something very special, we would love to give you an official Dallas Cowboy jersey with your name and your very special number, the big 7- 0. Happy birthday Larry!

KING: Thank you. Thank you, Ross. Thank you, everybody.

PEROT: OK, now, Larry, one other thing. One other thing here. The cheerleaders did a lot of research to find out why you have such a huge audience of viewers. They found out that more than anything else, it was the suspenders, because nobody else has those on television. Then, we felt and I felt the thing we should do is give you a new pair of suspenders, and this are Texas carpenter suspenders, to remind every carpenter -- see, it's a tape measure to remind them to measure twice, cut once. These are on the way with the jersey to you, and I hope you'll enjoy them, and always remember, measure twice, cut once. Great to be with you and happy birthday.

KING: Thank you, Ross.

PEROT: Happy birthday, Larry.

MCGRAW: OK, thank you, Ross. And now, we're going to jump to Las Vegas and Jerry Lewis wants to wish you a happy birthday.

There he is. Jerry?

JERRY LEWIS, ENTERTAINER: Give me that. Where is it? There it is. It's right by my ear. Hey there.

KING: Hi, Jerry.

LEWIS: Larry?

KING: Jerry?

LEWIS: Did you know -- yes.

KING: How are you?

LEWIS: Did you know that on account of your birthday, I left the gym -- I'm working out -- I'm taking on Oscar de la Hoya next month, we're going to box naked. We're going to fight naked in Las Vegas.

KING: You look like you took him on already.

LEWIS: Oh, that's -- very cute.

KING: OK, Jerry.

LEWIS: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) you start getting the cutesies, right?

MCGRAW: So, Jerry, what do you think about him being 70?

LEWIS: Well, I'm eight years older than him. I got socks older than him.

KING: Jerry, you look wonderful. I like the look.

LEWIS: Well, thank you. This is the new me. And I just thought I would present myself on your birthday show.

By the way, Ross Freeberg (ph) of HBO, he is the president of HBO Sports, he wanted me to tell you that I am definitely taking on de la Hoya next month.

KING: Good luck, Jerry. Thank you.

MCGRAW: Thanks so much, Jerry Lewis for joining us tonight.

KING: Thank you.

LEWIS: Thank you, Phil. I certainly appreciate everything in the history of time.

MCGRAW: Well, thank you so much. I appreciate you joining us tonight.

You see, we're not kidding when we say we have lots of big names tonight. So, stay with us. We're going to talk about this some more.


LIZA MINNELLI, ENTERTAINER: Larry, I'm on the set of "Arrested Development," this new show I'm doing, but myself, the entire cast, the entire crew wish you such a happy birthday. And there's one more thing that I just want to be able to give you or to tell you. It's -- it's something I just know about you.


You've always driven me wild. I love you with all my heart on this special day, Larry. I am thinking about you. (MUSIC)




GERALD FORD, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Larry, you have our highest compliments from the Fords on your 70th birthday. Betty and I join your countless friends who wish you the very best on this milestone in a wonderful career on TV, radio and in public service. Again, our heartiest congratulations.


MCGRAW: Well, Larry, it's your 70th birthday. We're celebrating it tonight. And we are going to go to your hometown, Brooklyn. Your brother's there, Marty Zeiger, and Marty Markowitz, and then they are going to talk to you for a minute about being 7-0. Marty, are you there?

KING: Oh, god.

MCGRAW: What do you think, little brother? How's he look?

MARTY ZEIGER, LARRY KING'S BROTHER: Well, he looks pretty good. And he must be surprised. I spoke to him about four hours ago and wished him happy birthday. And now we're out here in Bensonhurst, Larry. The owners of the home, (UNINTELLIGIBLE), have invited us around to take a look at the place and...

KING: That's where I grew up.

ZEIGER: I wonder if the borough president can get a plaque put on the building saying that Larry King was born here, you know? This is the anniversary of the Gettysburg address, like Lincoln, so we could have a plaque right on the wall.

KING: It's 2136 83rd Street, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York. And that's where Marty and I slept in the same little room in an attic house. Our father died and moved to Bensonhurst. I was 9, he was 6. I can't believe this. I can't believe this.



KING: What?

MCGRAW: It's King County.

KING: King County. King County, Brooklyn.

MCGRAW: Well, guys, thanks for wishing him a birthday.

KING: Thank you, Marty. Thank you, Marty. Thank you very much.

MARTY MARKOWITZ, LARRY KING'S FRIEND: It's very special day, by the way, for us in Brooklyn to congratulate, Larry, our favorite son. And once a Brooklynite, always one, Larry. Come on home. Best thing would be, come on home, we're waiting for you. On behalf of us in Brooklyn, I hereby proclaim in the awesome power of the Brooklyn borough president, Brooklyn celebrates favorite son, Larry King Day in Brooklyn, USA, congratulations.

ZEIGER: Larry, I have to tell you, they closed off 83rd Street so there wouldn't be any noise while we did this spot.

MCGRAW: You're closing streets up there. Guys, thanks a lot for being us tonight. We really appreciate it.

KING: Thank you, guys.

MCGRAW: And on the phone we have got a caller to wish you a happy birthday. Reverend Billy Graham, are you there?


KING: Billy, Billy, how are you?

GRAHAM: Delighted to see you and happy birthday to you, Larry.

KING: Thank you, Billy.

GRAHAM: Say hello to Regis and Mike and all the people that are there. I remember the first time you ever interviewed me is on radio in Miami.

KING: Yes.

GRAHAM: And when I went in to be interviewed, I was very relaxed. When I came out, I was quite tense. I knew that I had been interviewed by one of the greatest person to ever interview me because you have such penetrating questions and I have appreciated your friendship all these years.

KING: And I you.

GRAHAM: I appreciate the fairness with which you deal with the guests and god bless you and give you many more birthdays.

KING: Same to you, Billy. I wish you nothing but the best and long, long life. What a man.

MCGRAW: Reverend Graham, thank you for making this night special. And, now, we've got something else we want to share with you.

Dominic Dunne, is with us from (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KING: Dominic.

DOMINICK DUNNE, AUTHOR: Hi, Larry. Happy birthday.

KING: Thank you.

DUNNE: You know, when you said what it was like for how bad you felt today about being 70, I went through that. Let me tell you, the 70s have turned out to be the best decade of my life. And I know that's going to happen to you. And, I -- Larry, you have been such a pal to me. And every time I've been pushing a book it's gone right to the top of the best seller list and I owe that to you. Happy birthday, Larry, and thank you.

KING: Thank you, Dominick. Good guy. One of my favorite people.

MCGRAW: All right. Thanks so much for making this an extra special night for him. So, Mike, how do you think he's doing?

WALLACE: Never better.

MCGRAW: Never better.

WALLACE: Never. Never. Never.

KING: I was telling Mike and Sharon, I have never been more surprised in my life. I have had some surprises. Nothing comes -- that house, 83rd Street.

MCGRAW: It's not over yet. Take a deep breath. We are going to go to break. We'll be right back.

KING: Going to the moon?

MCGRAW: We might.





DICK CHENEY, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Hi, Larry and happy birthday. I'm pleased to send good wishes to one of the nations greatest broadcaster. While I am at it, I thank you for the good and generous work of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. You have made a tremendous different in a lot lives I respect you for it. You are a great guy, Larry, still a master of the mike, still at the top of your game. Have a terrific birthday and many, many more to come.

COLIN POWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE: Birthday greetings for who? Larry who? I don't know any -- oh, Larry King. He used to be in television, right? Little bit, yes. I didn't know he was still on. But if you're still on, my hats off, happy birthday.

(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Top two leaders.

MCGRAW: They've got you to kick around. That's why we want you here. But things move on. The stars get bigger. And one of my favorites is on the phone absolutely what I think maybe the biggest musical star ever to walk. She wants to tell you happy birthday.

Cher, are you there?


KING: Cher.

CHER: How are you?

KING I'm well, thank you.

CHER: Well, good. You know, I want to ask you about something. I hear from's a bunch of you guys that get together and go to Nate "n" Al's all the time and you're called warriors?

KING: We were the warriors as kids and we have breakfast every morning at Nate "n" Al's in Beverly Hills. Mike Wallace, was here today.

CHER: All right, don't you think it's about time, you know, that you let a girl warrior in? You know, I think it's about time. I think I'm the girl warrior that you let in.

KING: You're in. OK. You could be in, too.

STONE: And what about me?

KING: OK, You can be a warrior. Want to be a warrior, you're a warrior.

CHER: And hi, guys. How is everybody?


CHER: Too bad you couldn't get any really good names to call.

MCGRAW: Well, Cher, how do you think he looks tonight?

Don't you think he looks pretty good?

CHER: I think he looks cute all the time. And I heard he could pinch himself.

KING: Yes, I can.

CHER: You can pinch me any time, baby.

MCGRAW: Cher, thanks for calling.

KING: You and me, babe. CHER: Good-bye, babe. Bye.

KING: Bye, Cher.

MCGRAW: Now, she is flirting with you. It's like my dad says, it takes all night to do what you used to do all night, right. You're 70. But there's another party besides this one going on right now and we're are going to go to Bill Maher and he wants to tell you happy birthday.

Bill, are you there?


MCGRAW: How are you doing over there?

MAHER: It's great, Larry. I guess, you don't know there's a party going on. But your producers gave me this and told me I had to use this. I've never seen how that added to any party. But I did want to say to you, I cannot believe that you are 70. But then of course, I looked over the balcony at the guests coming in, I'm surprised you're not 90. Kidding, Larry. Listen. I want to thank you. You have been my friend, my collaborator in broadcasting, you have been my confessor on many occasions. Most of all, when I go on your show, it's the best time I ever have. Because I don't have to put up with those annoying chatter boxy boors that my producers refer to as my guests. You're knowing how to do an interview, Larry. You shut up -- you shut up and get out of the way. They are not paying you by the word, my friend. Thank you very much.

KING: Thank you, Bill. Thank you.

MCGRAW: Thanks for calling in. And while we're live, we are going to Ryan Seacrest who wants to wish you a happy birthday. Ryan, are you there?

RYAN SEACREST, HOST, "AMERICAN IDOL": I am, here Dr. Phil. What's up, man?

How are you doing, Larry?

KING: Hey, Ryan.

SEACREST: What's up buddy.

KING: My man.

SEACREST: Hey, listen.

KING: Ryan, sat in for me. And you did a great job, by the way.

SEACREST: It's only because I carried your bags at the Paris airport. And I had a great time doing that. I want to thank you for letting me fill in. I want to thank you for doing what do every single night. I've watched you for so long and I just admire the heck out of you. You're a true role model and you're so good. Your so good at what you do. And I'm impressed every time I see you on television. So, I love you, man. Happy birthday. And since you're not in New York, I brought a cake. Can we see the cake. I'm just going to have the carbs and sugar for you because you're so thin, all right.


SEACREST: Happy brithday.

KING: Enjoy, Ryan.

SEACREST: Let's go get our hair spiked now.

MCGRAW: Thank so much, Ryan.

KING: He's young, you know.

MCGRAW: Now, we are going to bump form there down to Miami because Chaia and Larry King, Jr. want to say happy birthday.

KING: My god.

LARRY KING JR., LARRY KING'S SON: Happy birthday, dad.


LARRY KING JR.: We're here in the patio bar. Supposedly in Fountain Blue Hotel we're near the boom-boom room, so whatever that is. But anyway, there's three things Chaia and I have been working all day today. We found three things we wanted show you. We wanted to show you a picture of you and Bobby Darren, at Pumpernicks, which is a very famous picture for you. The next one, Pompano Beach. I don't know if you remember this but you were the sports editor at "The Pompano Beach News."

KING: Yes.

And then, and then, of course WKAT right in South Florida. Where you were a disk jockey from 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning. And Cy (ph) and I were talking were talking about this. Were there cars in the '60s?

CHAIA KING: I don't know.

LARRY KING JR.: I guess there were. So, you were the morning drive guy from 6:00 to 10:00 and you were awarded this trophy. What was this, Chaia?

CHAIA KING: This is an award for the thickest disk jockey and we would really like to know how you won this award?

KING: I did a lot of weird things when I was a disk jockey. And if they got me out of that pretty quick, but it's great seeing the both of you. You look terrific and what a night. I can't believe this. I can't believe this.

LARRY KING JR.: We love you very much, dad.

MCGRAW: Your dad looks pretty good. Thank you guys for weighing in.

KING: Thank you, Chaia.

CHAIA KING: Love you.

MCGRAW: As we go to break, we think it's time for you to have just one more serenade. So, we'll do that as we go to break.





MCGRAW: OK. Guys, we want to jump back to the party in Beverly Hills. Don Rickles are you there?


MCGRAW: Well, talk to us.

RICKLES: I'm here, I'm here. I'm ready. Let me know when I'm talking -- we're on the air now?

KING: On the air now, Don.

RICKLES: I'm in Spain. Where am I at? I'm at a bull fight. I took time out from the matador to wish you happy birthday at 70 years old. Larry, I want to tell you, it's an exciting night because I tell you, 70 may be tops, a couple of more. I'm a friend get some makeup. It looks bad. You look bad. I won't lie to everybody. We go back 40 years on a houseboat in Florida.

KING: Right.

RICKLES: And it tees me off you passed me. I can't believe it. That you have a car, $30 million, a Mormon wife. You left the Jews on the highway. And all of a sudden, I have to do this to you. I haven't been on the show since Iraq declared war and I'm really steamed.

I don't care about the Shah of Iran, anybody that's in charge. You hear me? You better take care of me.

And listen, Larry, one more thing have the corned beef lean and watch the weight. You're getting drawn. You hear me? You're showing in the neck.

KING: Okay, all right.

RICKLES: It's over, Larry. Happy birthday. I love you. MCGRAW: Thanks a lot, Don. Now we're going to some...

KING: What party?

MCGRAW: Hey, I'm asking the questions. You're the guest, I'm asking the questions.

STONE: It is your birthday party, knuckle head.

MCGRAW: Yes, it's a secret party. You'll be there.

Anyway, we've got to talk to some of your favorite baseball players. Let's look at this tape.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hi, Larry. Happy birthday from the New York Mets. And we would like to present you with this honorary team jersey. Happy 70th birthday and welcome to the team.

UNIDENTIFIED NEW YORK METS: Happy birthday, Larry.


KING: Wow.

MCGRAW: And I have the jersey right here. So, you've got the actual one.

KING: A Met jersey.

MCGRAW: Now, how cool is that?

KING: What party? I'm supposed to have dinner with the wife. What party?

WALLACE: The Museum of Television and Radio.

STONE: All your friends have shown up.

WALLACE: Big, big party. Over there. Going on right now.

STONE: Shockingly, Larry, people care about you.

MCGRAW: That's right.

STONE: You haven't caught the clue so far.

MCGRAW: All of your friends showed up. We've talked to each one of them on the -- no, there's a whole bunch of people there.

STONE: And you have flowers here from Elizabeth Taylor.

MCGRAW: You want to read the card, Sharon?

STONE: Dear Larry, I can't believe you're a year older, you've always seemed the same age to me. Well, a good age it is. Anyway, I think birthdays should be only for presidents because we are what we feel and you are great and I happen to love you. I wish you happiness and love and everything you want. Happy birthday, Elizabeth Taylor to you.

KING: Thank you, doll.

MCGRAW: Now, how cool is that? But we have something else cool, too. Take a look at this tape.


JIMMY CARTER, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Well, Larry, happy birthday. As a matter of fact, 70 is a good time. As you probably know, I passed that mark a few years back and I find that time of good memories. And pleasant anticipation for the future.

I don't know if you realize how much you mean to so many people in the world. And Rosa and I think a lot of you. And both of us wish you many years in the future, happiness, good health and continued service to millions of people around the world. Best wishes.


MCGRAW: And I want to tell you that the network has approved for us to go to 10:05 so we can stretch this a little bit so show you some things like this. Some classic moments from LARRY KING LIVE over the years.


KING: Good evening. My name is Larry King and this is the premier edition of LARRY KING LIVE.

BOB HOPE, ACTOR: I like to entertain.


KING: Where do you live?

MADONNA: I don't know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I've been a broad all my life


JOHN F. KENNEDY JR: My father is part of a mythology.

KING: Wow.

SINATRA: It is a kick. It really is marvelous.

MARGARET THATCHER: I enjoyed the things they were talking about.

DONALD RUMSFELD, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: I think precisely what I should say.

KING: You deserve to be executed?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Each day is different.

GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Can an administration change the tone?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I wouldn't have given my life.

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY, MEMBER OF THE BEATLES: The tune itself came just complete.

TOM CRUZ, ACTOR: I can take a lot of pressure.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Not getting quite enough Tex Mex.

BARBRA STREISAND, SINGER: They've offered you another contract (ph).

AL PACINO, ACTOR: Why are they laughing if it's so serious?


RICHARD NIXON, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Only through adversity do you gain strength.

WINFREY: That just blows my mind.

MARLON BRANDO, ACTOR: Good-bye. Good night.

KING: We hope you enjoy this alternative to prime time programming. Rather than murder, mayhem, sex, violence. We'll bring you all of those but disguised as talk.


MCGRAW: I haven't had that much hair since I was 2, okay? Andy Rooney wants to wish you a happy birthday. Listen to this.


ANDY ROONEY, CBS NEWS: I don't do a lot of flattering, Larry. But I said it to you in private the last time I was on the show and I meant it, so now I'll say it to you in public. You're good at what you do. You make it look easy and it isn't easy, it isn't that hard, but it isn't easy.

I've always wanted to do your show myself. Some night I'd like to be on and ask you the question. We'd do it in the morning because I'm smarter than I am at night. We'd call it "Larry King Taped." I'd ask questions like these, "Would your pants fall down if you didn't wear suspenders, Larry?" "Who was the worst guest you ever had?" "Isn't a nice boy like you, who grew up in Brooklyn, a little ashamed of himself, getting used to living in Beverly Hills?"

After tonight, one question I would ask you, that you always ask me, "How old are you?" Happy birthday, Larry.


MCGRAW: Nice. You talked to all the people in the world that I know many of them are important to you, but tonight wouldn't be complete if you didn't have the really important people. So Shawn and Chance and Cannon are here, and want to share the birthday with you.

KING: Oh, my gosh.

Come here.

SHAWN KING, LARRY KING'S WIFE: Come on, let's go see daddy.

KING: Come here, you little runts.

SHAWN KING: OK. Blow your horn, Cannon.

KING: Come here, you.

SHAWN KING: Good job.

KING: Come here, you. Come here. You.

CHANCE KING, LARRY KING'S SON: Daddy, look what I got.

KING: Sit down, Shawn.

SHAWN KING: Happy birthday, honey.

KING: You dirty...


KING: Oh, you! Nancy Grace.

NANCY GRACE, FORMER PROSECUTOR: I pushed Geragos out. He was on his way, but...

KING: Wendy, Cannon...

MCGRAW: Larry, look at this cake, now. How cool is that?

KING: Wow.

MCGRAW: Shawn, how are you?

SHAWN KING: I'm well, how are you, Dr. Phil?

MCGRAW: Good to see you again.

SHAWN KING: Good to see you too.

MCGRAW: Boys are looking great.

SHAWN KING: Thanks for having us on your show. MCGRAW: I knew the guy. I thought I could get you in.

KING: Hey, I like the tuxedo.

SHAWN KING: OK. Now you can stop blowing.

KING: Let them see your head.

SHAWN KING: OK, there you go.

KING: Chance, what did you dream about last night?

CHANCE KING: Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.

KING: Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. What did you dream about?

CANNON KING, LARRY KING'S SON: I dreamed about super heroes.


KING: Well, I dreamed -- this is some night for your daddy. This is the biggest surprise ever in my life. Did you know about this? Why are you celebrating New Year's Eve? Did you know about this?

CHANCE KING: Daddy, look.

KING: Did you know about this?

SHAWN KING: OK, OK. Enough with the horns.

MCGRAW: Boys, you may not appreciate this, but the rest of us do. We want to have one last piece of tape, because your daddy has been in the movies. So we want to see your daddy in the big screen.


KING: OK. Let's go to phone calls now on LARRY KING LIVE. White Plains, you're on the air with Glenn Harrison (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You do not feel any guilt about what's gone down?


CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, ACTRESS: I hate Larry King. I hate him.

KING: Now, let's face it, I'm going to have to do a show on this.

OLIVER PLATT, ACTOR: Oh, my God, oh, Larry, come on. Do you have to?

KING: More sightings are reported. Some maintain that these professional paranormal eliminators in New York are the cause of it all.

At a surprise news conference was singled out by the president of the United States for his role in this affair.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good question, Larry.

KING: That sounded like me.


WILL SMITH, ACTOR: He's got a point there, sweetie.

KING: Are you saying this is a conspiracy?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, I am saying this is a conspiracy.

KING: The woman in question, if I understand it correctly, she was your Pilates instructor?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, are you watching this?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Unfortunately, yes.

KING: My guest tonight is author and theologian Palmer Joss.

You're on with vice president designate Lane Hanson.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Larry. How are you?

KING: I'm fine. Thanks for calling.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can't get away from that guy.

KING: No one has said anything like this for years. This guy is on a roll. They want someone like this. People are sick and tired of all this baloney. I want him on my show.


MCGRAW: Larry, we want to know, were you actually surprised? Did you really not know?

KING: Actually, as I've said to Mike, this -- I've had some surprises in my life. I don't like surprises. This was the greatest shock surprise. I have no idea this was going to happen, none in the world. I left the house. We were going to have dinner tonight. It was all a fake. They all lied to me. Wallace lied, the wife lied. Not the boys. The boys didn't lie. Their noses would grow, right? What are you doing?

Anyway, this is the greatest surprise, and I would have to say the best night of my life.

MCGRAW: I want to tell you how honored I was to be asked to come and surprise you and host this, but I'm now through. You have 30 seconds. Get back to work. KING: That's it for tonight's edition of LARRY KING LIVE. Tomorrow, I'm sure we'll cover something more important. Nancy Grace! Aaron Brown is next with "NEWSNIGHT." Say hello to Aaron.


KING: Hello, Aaron.

SHAWN KING: Say "hi, Aaron."



KING: "NEWSNIGHT" is next. Good night.

BROWN: Larry, happy birthday. You've been a great pal and I'm blessed by your friendship. Thank you, sir. Seventy years old, huh, not bad.


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