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Encore Presentation: Interview With Carol Channing, Harry Kullijian

Aired May 31, 2003 - 21:00   ET


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Harry, I invite you to kiss your most beautiful bride.


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight: Do you have a long-lost childhood sweetheart you've always wanted to find? A Broadway legend, Carol Channing, found hers, and they just got married 70 years after her mother said, No way. From forbidden love to fourth husband, an amazing story of true love. And the newlyweds themselves, they're going to tell us all about it. Carol Channing and her new husband, reunited and in love 70 years later is next on LARRY KING WEEKEND.


KING: In her wonderful book, "Just Lucky I Guess," Carol Channing, writing about her adolescent years, says, "I was so in love with Harry, I couldn't stop hugging him. In hindsight, I realized how disciplined he was and what a sense of responsibility he had." Of course, eventually they broke up and -- what a story! And we want -- I know we'll take a lot of calls tonight, and you can call in and talk to Harry and Carol. But if you're looking for someone, someone you knew in high school, maybe in college, that you haven't seen in years, and you want to reunite, tell us about it. Maybe we'll hook you up here tonight.

Carol Channing and Harry Kullijian join us. When was the -- when were you married? What day?





KING: You forgot your anniversary.


CHANNING: We're only 16 days married.

KING: OK, tell me. Take me back. You two knew each other when, Carol?

CHANNING: In the 7th, 8th and 9th grades, we went steady.

KING: Junior high school?

CHANNING: No. Yes. Junior high. That's right.

KING: Where was this?

CHANNING: This was Aptus (ph) Junior High in San Francisco.

KING: And you remember her from all those years, too, Harry?

KULLIJIAN: Oh, yes, sir.

KING: And you were sweethearts in junior high school?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, sir!

KING: You're a little older than her, though, right?

KULLIJIAN: I'm only one year older, but I'm older. I'm 83 and she's 82.

KING: And what broke you up? Why didn't it continue into high school?

CHANNING: We went to different schools. I mean, I wanted to go to Bennington College. He wanted to go to San Francisco State. And I wanted to get started in the theater in New York. And I was running around, looking for jobs in New York. And I thought, Isn't that funny? I miss Harry, when I was turned down and -- you know, and rejected from auditions. I miss Harry more than anyone. If I could just talk to him for a couple of sentences, he would straighten me out.

KING: And Harry, what happened to you? What happened to you after high school? What did you go on and do?

KULLIJIAN: After high school, I went to the University of San Francisco, actually, in San Francisco and, hopefully, was going to be an attorney, an aspiring lawyer. But the war came along. And we (UNINTELLIGIBLE) China, Burma, India theater.

KING: World War II.


KING: And then what did you do for a living?

CHANNING: Two wars, World War II and the Korean.

KING: You went back to Korea.

KULLIJIAN: Yes, sir. But there was about four or five years difference there between service. But at that time, it was difficult to find a job, Larry, after the war, World War II. And so...

KING: What did you do?

KULLIJIAN: I went into the real estate business and did fairly well and became a broker and also a building contractor and was called back in the Korean war.

KING: And then did it again after Korea?

KULLIJIAN: No, sir. I did not.

KING: What'd you do?

KULLIJIAN: I went into farming. Went into farming. My uncle, my grandfather were farmers in San Joaquin Valley. My -- the whole Arkanian (ph) family from which I was raised were farmers and -- but I didn't like it.

KING: But you were in it?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, sir. I was in it.

KING: And stayed in it?

KULLIJIAN: I stayed in it for years, and then I became what you would call, I guess, a real estate entrepreneur, buying real estate and selling.

KING: Buying and selling.

KULLIJIAN: Buying and selling. And then...

KING: Successful?

KULLIJIAN: Fairly successful. Relatively successful.

KING: Were you married?

KULLIJIAN: Yes. Yes, I was.

KING: You have children?

KULLIJIAN: I have two adopted children, Leslie (ph) and John (ph).

KING: Were you divorced or a widower?

KULLIJIAN: I am a widower.

KING: Your wife passed away when?

KULLIJIAN: June 21 of last year -- through four cancer bouts. And she was a tough lady, but she...

KING: Did you know her, Carol?

CHANNING: No I didn't, but I'll honor her always.

KING: Did she know about that you were a childhood sweetheart? Did your wife knew you were a childhood sweetheart of Carol Channing?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, she did.

KING: Did you follow Carol's career?



KING: You didn't?


KING: You knew she became famous?

KULLIJIAN: I did after World War II. I did. I tried to contact her on my way to Korea. The ship stopped at -- docked in New York. And I tried to get in the theater, and her husband at that time said, Well, we're sold out, can't let you in. And I went on to England. I tried several other times to say hello, how are you? Never could contact her. And here I am today.

KING: Did you often think of her?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, I did often think of her.

KING: You knew her at such a young age. How do you explain that it lasted that long in your mind? I mean, you were happily married, right?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, I was. I...

KING: But still in your mind was Carol.

KULLIJIAN: There was that first love, Larry. I can't define it. It was -- I was only 13 years old, and I was 15 years old when I graduated. And that love -- I don't know, there was a tenderness about it. Our families integrated. I was a part of her family. Her family was one of the most prominent families in the city of San Francisco. My father came from Turkey. He had a 6th-grade education as an immigrant, came to this country, of course, wanted the best for me. And here I was with Carol Channing, and I knew her as a little girl. And I predicted that some day she was going to be a celebrity. I did that.

KING: Did your mother break you up, Carol?


KING: That's not true? It wasn't your mother?

CHANNING: I don't think -- I don't think -- do you think my mother -- you had the last talk with her. KULLIJIAN: No.

CHANNING: You don't think she broke us up.



KULLIJIAN: No, I really, honestly don't.

KING: What did she say to you, Harry?

KULLIJIAN: She didn't say anything to me. The only thing that she said to me -- I met Carol one time in the square there downtown. And I -- that was the last time I saw you, Carol. You were in Bennington College. And I remember your mother saying to me, Harry, she just wanted to do the very best for you. I'll never forget that.

KING: And now you, Carol. Did you often think of Harry through the years?

CHANNING: Yes. I knew they were the happiest years of my life, Larry. I knew that. They were the happiest years, through and through my whole body and soul. They were the -- the -- just funny years, wonderful. And here they are back again. And I've known it all my life. Those were my happiest years.

KING: Did you talk about Harry to friends?


KING: Girlfriends and...

CHANNING: I didn't realize I did. I have a friend, Cynthia Corey (ph). I told her all about him when I was -- yes. And I spoke of -- I only have one cousin and his wife, and she said, Oh, Harry, we know all about you. Carol tells us all about you. And she said -- she said, Well, but you must forget Harry because actually, you would have been -- you would have had 12 children and no career.


CHANNING: You know, Armenians breed like rabbits.



CHANNING: Oh, I -- do you -- Larry, I am an only child. I have no -- I have nobody else. My cousin...

KING: You have a son.

CHANNING: I have a son in Florida. And he's so far away, I don't get to see him. But -- and I have a daughter-in-law and I have my cousin. Now, that's all. I only had my cousin... KING: I want to...

CHANNING: ... and he was cut off from me. And suddenly, I have 32 Armenian cousins and their wives. And we're all -- Larry, I'm...

KING: I'm going to ask how you two got back together in a minute. My guests are Carol Channing and her husband, Harry Kullijian. Isn't that nice to hear? What a story this is. They were junior high school sweethearts, married 70 years later. Listen, sometimes it takes time!


CHANNING: Is it 71?


CHANNING: It's 70?

KING: OK, anyway, we'll take a break and come back. And again, when you're calling in, if you're searching for someone, tell us about it, and maybe we can reunite here. We'll go to calls in a little while. We'll be right back on LARRY KING LIVE. Don't go away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Two people who knew each other when they were very young, who have lived a lot of years in between, only to have, it seems, God, bring you right back into each's hearts and lives once again. I don't see this as an accident or as an act of fate. I see it as a providential working of God.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Carol, will you take Harry to be your husband? Will you love and honor him and give yourself totally to him in all faithfulness and tenderness? Will you love, cherish and live with him, according to God's word, in the holy bond of marriage? If so, answer I will.



KING: Many years ago, when Harry Kullijian was a councilman in Modesto, the "Modesto Bee" asked him to fill out a bio form. And under the entry "interesting things" about his background, he mentioned having dated Carol Channing when he was in junior high school. Carol, did you know that Harry was still alive?

CHANNING: No, I didn't. I wrote about him in my book, and I figured I could just say anything I wanted. Most women don't ever forget their first love. And apparently men don't, either. But -- but...

KING: So how did you -- how did you reunite?

CHANNING: Mervyn (ph)...

KING: Mervyn who?

CHANNING: Mervyn Morris, he of Mervyn department stores in California...


CHANNING: ... on the West Coast.

KING: Yes, V-Y-N. And that's the department store.

KING: Right.

CHANNING: His name is I-N. He just wanted to get fancy. And so he is -- what is he? He told me Harry is his landlord. Is that right?

KULLIJIAN: No, he said his business partner, yes.

CHANNING: Yes, he said business partner. He said...

KING: Are you a business partner of his?

KULLIJIAN: I'm actually his landlord.

KING: You own the property, he owns the store.

KULLIJIAN: Well, no. This is his office building. It's an office building.

KING: OK. In San Francisco -- in Modesto?

KULLIJIAN: In Menlo Park.



KING: So how did -- how did it happen? How did you get together?

CHANNING: Mervyn was reading my book. And he thought, Harry Kullijian? I -- Harry Kullijian is my business partner. He called me, and he dropped the book and called me and said, Harry Kullijian is my business partner.

KING: What did you say?

CHANNING: So I said, Fine. I didn't know he was still alive, see? So then...

KING: You were cool, though.

CHANNING: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. So -- but I was all alone. You know, when you write a book, you have to go into hibernation. I lost all my friends. So there I was, sitting there, and Harry -- Mervyn called Harry. He's the Angel Gabriel, Mervyn is!

KING: And what did he say to you, Harry?

KULLIJIAN: He said, I reading this book. And Harry, she said some things about you in this book. I just had to drop the book. I couldn't -- I was in disbelief. He says, But being that I know you and I know her phone number, I would suggest that you call her. It's going to be her birthday on the 31st of January of this year. And I said, OK, I'll do that. I didn't know she was still alive. I didn't know...

KING: You thought Carol was gone?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, I thought she was gone. And in any case, several days later, I did call.

KING: What was that call like?

KULLIJIAN: Well, she was in New York. And I didn't know that. And I said, Well, you know, maybe she's just -- as a celebrity, perhaps she didn't receive the call. And so I...

KING: You left a message, you mean?

KULLIJIAN: I left a message. But in a few days, I said, I should call again. I don't want to miss this opportunity. Make absolutely sure that...

KING: Did you get a message, Carol?


KING: Did you call him back?


KING: Oh, because he said you didn't call him back.

CHANNING: Not the first one.


KULLIJIAN: The second one I got it. And she said -- At the end of the conversation, she said, When can we meet? And I was 125 miles away. I said, How about tomorrow?


KING: Where did you meet?

CHANNING: He walked right through my front gate. KING: Where?

CHANNING: In -- I live in Rancho Mirage, California. And in the...

KULLIJIAN: The Palm Springs area.

CHANNING: The Palm Springs area.

KING: And you were in where?

CHANNING: El Centro (ph).

KING: So you drove or you...

KULLIJIAN: Yes, I drove.

KING: What were you thinking, Harry, in that drive, driving to Carol's house?

KULLIJIAN: In total disbelief that I was going see her again, my wife having just died and not knowing what I was going to do the rest of my life. And I didn't know, Larry. It was difficult because I didn't know whether I was going to marry again or single again and...

KING: Carol, what were you thinking, waiting for him to come?

CHANNING: I just wanted to say hello again.

KING: See how things were and...

CHANNING: Yes, that's all.


CHANNING: And the moment he walked through the gate...

KING: Yes. What happened?

CHANNING: We went on talking from the last conversation when we were 15 years old. We just picked up from that. The years between disappeared, just disappeared.

KULLIJIAN: Completely.

KING: Wow.

CHANNING: It's still -- and we were good to one another. I mean, he was so responsible with me. He told my parents -- tell me if I'm off the track. But he had a talk with my parents when I wasn't there. And he said, Look, Mr. and Mrs. Channing, I want you to know that your Carol is always safe with me. And I know that she...

KING: He said this when he was 14 years old?

CHANNING: How old were you? KULLIJIAN: About 14.

CHANNING: Yes. And my mother and father were there, but I wasn't. And I went on to ballet class, and I wasn't there. And -- and...

KING: So that strength he still had.

CHANNING: And he said, She's always safe with me. She's -- you needn't ever worry. Don't ever. Your Carol is safe with me. I will see to it she is. And my -- as soon as I came home, my father said, I like that boy. And that rings in my ears to this day.

KING: Still can hear him say it.

CHANNING: I could hear him during the wedding ceremony.

KING: And Harry, how do you feel, talking to Carol after all those years?

KULLIJIAN: I saw her coming toward me. We embraced. And we talked about the days gone by. And I knew right then and there this is my gal.

KING: Let me get a break, and we'll come back with more, and we'll take you through the wedding and everything, with that whole -- the courtship of Harry Kullijian and Carol Channing. Days of our lives. We'll be right back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I, Harry, take you, Carol...

KULLIJIAN: I Harry, take you, Carol...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... to be my wedded wife...

KULLIJIAN: ... to be my wedded wife...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... to have and to hold...

KULLIJIAN: ... to have and to hold...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... from this day forward...

KULLIJIAN: ... from this day forward...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... for better, for worse...

KULLIJIAN: ... for better, for worse...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... for richer, for poorer...

KULLIJIAN: ... for richer, for poorer...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... in sickness and in health... KULLIJIAN: ... in sickness and in health...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... to love and to cherish...

KULLIJIAN: ... to love and to cherish...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... till death do us part.

KULLIJIAN: ... till death do us part.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This ring I give you, Carol...

KULLIJIAN: This ring, I give you, Carol...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... in token and in pledge...

KULLIJIAN: ... in token and in pledge...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... our constant faith...

KULLIJIAN: ... our constant faith...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... and abiding love.

KULLIJIAN: ... and abiding love.


KING: We've been showing you the wedding, but we haven't gotten up to discussing how it came about. OK, you start. You have this long conversation. Then what happens? Do you start -- do you go to dinner? What happens?

CHANNING: Yes, we went to dinner.

KING: Same night?

CHANNING: Yes, to a wonderful Athenian restaurant where you get Armenian food, couscous wrapped in vine leaves and all that. Oh, I -- that's what I used to have at Harry's house.

KING: Were you serious -- do you start thinking at dinner, Harry, this could be...

KULLIJIAN: Oh, absolutely!

KING: That first night?

KULLIJIAN: It was immediate. It was -- no, it was immediate, Larry. I just knew it was a matter of time. I just knew it was... KING: When did you propose? How did you propose?

KULLIJIAN: I proposed two weeks later.


KING: Where did you -- where were you?

KULLIJIAN: Actually, we were in El Centro. And I do a little follies at this park that I park our trailer -- I have a trailer down there. And I asked her -- I don't know why, but I -- Carol, would you mind singing for us, you know, down there? And she said, No, I don't mind.

KING: You do follies?

KULLIJIAN: Yes. As amateurs.

KING: Like Ziegfeld Follies?


KING: Kullijian's follies?

KULLIJIAN: Kullijian's Follies!

KING: So she sang?


KING: And when -- and how did you ask her to marry you?

KULLIJIAN: And that evening, I said, Carol, would you mind if I announced our engagement?

KING: And what did you say, Carol?

CHANNING: Yes, I wouldn't mind at all.


KING: With were you shocked, or you knew it was coming?

CHANNING: No, I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming. It was just like -- it was so right, like it was in junior high, when I first saw him. He was gorgeous! It was...

KING: Yes, he's -- oh, he's a good-looking man.

CHANNING: Oh, but he was -- I said he was a bronze god. That's what he was in junior high. It was the same as it was there. I walked right up to him in junior high. I wanted to run for vice president of the school, and I decided I would run for vice president. I would have run for president, but they didn't let girls run for president. You had to be vice president. I don't know if they do now. Anyway, so I thought, I've got to make friends with Harry. I need a campaign song. So I went up and said -- how...

KULLIJIAN: I had an orchestra. I had a little band, yes.

CHANNING: He's the leader of the school band. Not the orchestra. Don't fool with the orchestra. The violins will run through your punchline every time. But the band was great!

KING: And did you do the song with her?

KULLIJIAN: Well, yes.

CHANNING: You want to know -- we had -- we worked out a campaign song with the band.

KING: Did you win?

CHANNING: Did -- wait! We -- how did it go? You want to show him?


CHANNING: You want to hear it? All right. All right.

CHANNING AND KULLIJIAN: (SINGING) We want Carol! We want Carol.

CHANNING: When I'm vice president, when I'm vice president -- we'll all leave school at 12:00 o'clock when I'm vice president.

CHANNING AND KULLIJIAN: We want Carol! We want Carol!

CHANNING: You know, we kept it up until the whole student body was singing, We want Carol. And we won by a landslide!

KING: Way to go, Harry!

CHANNING: Yes! And our campaign slogan was, "If Carol is your vice, it's a virtue." Isn't that pretty good?

KING: That's great.

CHANNING: We thought it was great.

KING: OK, now...

CHANNING: We thought of it together.

KING: How long after the engagement was the wedding?

KULLIJIAN: Oh, well, that was February 22 that I proposed, and the wedding was May 10. I don't know the...

KING: You had a big wedding, Carol.

CHANNING: Well, no, it wasn't big.

KING: In a church.

CHANNING: No, it was at Mervyn's house in Atherton.



KING: ... scenes, it looks big. So it was just close friends and family.

KULLIJIAN: Yes. Family.


KING: And Frank Langella was there, right?


CHANNING: Yes. Frank was there.

KING: I love Frank Langella.

CHANNING: Oh, I love him! Oh, he said to say hello to you. Oh, we just had lunch with him. He's a...

KING: Now, where are you two living, Harry?

KULLIJIAN: We're partly in Modesto right now, and in the summertime and in the wintertime, we'll live in Palm Springs.

KING: On Rancho?


KING: She can continue her career? You don't -- that don't bother you?

KULLIJIAN: Not at all.

CHANNING: No, because he's...

KULLIJIAN: I'm her new manager.


KING: By the way, what's the song you sang at the wedding? You sang a song to him from "Hello Dolly."

CHANNING: Yes. Oh -- (SINGING) Hello, Harry. Well, hello, Harry. It's so nice to have you here where you belong. You're looking swell, Harry. We can tell, Harry, you're still glowing, you're still crowing, you're still going strong. I feel the room swaying, for the band's playing one of our old favorite songs from way back when. So wow, wow, wow, fellas. Look at the old boy now, fellas. Harry, don't ever go away. Promise you'll never go away. Promise you'll never go away again! KING: Oh!

CHANNING: And then we sang -- (SINGING) Somebody wonderful married me -- I got to sing that at the wedding. Frank Langella brought the lyrics to it. He said, Here, sing this.

KING: What's that from?

CHANNING: "Cabaret."

KING: Yes, "Somebody Wonderful Married Me."

CHANNING: Yes. It was Liza Minnelli's song. Yes. Oh, Larry...

KING: Harry, did you get to sing?

CHANNING: I'm so happy for you!

KULLIJIAN: Yes, I did join Frank and Carol singing "Marriage." It was great! Everybody -- there wasn't a dry house...


KULLIJIAN: There wasn't a...

KING: You had 'em, Harry!


KING: So Harry's Follies? He's still in show business.


CHANNING: Well, he's -- I want her to fly, he told somebody in the press. He said, I want her to fly, but if she falls, I'll be there to catch her.

KING: All right, we're going to take a break, and then we're going to go to your phone calls. You can call in, ask any questions you want of Carol Channing and Harry Kullijian. What a great story this is. And again, if you're looking for somebody, give us some details and maybe we can hook you up.

You're watching LARRY KING LIVE. Tomorrow night, more on the Laci Peterson case. And we'll be right back with your phone calls for the Kullijians. Don't go away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: By authority granted to me as a minister of the gospel of God, I now pronounce Harry Kullijian and Carol Channing husband and wife.


(COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: Carol Channing and her husband Harry Kullijian, he calls himself Mr. Channing. I got a message for you from Marilyn Barnett in New Orleans sending her best, wants you to drop by anytime.

CHANNING: Oh, she's a great P.R. woman.

KING: Oh, Marilyn Barnett.

CHANNING: Yes, she's wonderful.

KING: We got a call. It's Vallejo, California, hello.

CALLER: Hi, there.


CALLER: Hi, Larry. I'm looking for my first love also.

KING: Oh and where was that?

CALLER: In Daly City, 1957.

KING: What's your name?

CALLER: My name is Henrietta Conway (ph).

KING: Henrietta and what was his name?

CALLER: Charlie Bricker (ph).

KING: Henrietta Conway wants to meet Charlie Bricker.

CALLER: Yes, and they called him Butch.

KING: Butch, OK. If someone can get a message, if you know Charlie Bricker, that's in Daly City, right?

CALLER: That's right.

KING: All right, and where are you now Henrietta, you're in Vallejo?

CALLER: I'm in Vallejo, yes.

KING: Are you in the phonebook?


KING: OK. I'm going to put you on hold, Henrietta, and you give us your number.


KING: And if Charlie Bricker contacts us at LARRY KING LIVE, contact through Washington, we'll get him in touch with you. Don't go away. See -- to Bronx, New York hello. CALLER: Hi, Larry.


CALLER: First of all, I'd like to say congratulations to Carol and Harry on your recent wedding. I just love your story. It's so inspiring.

CHANNING: Oh, thank you. It inspires us.

KING: What can we do for you dear?

CALLER: I'm looking for my first love.

KING: Oh, another one. What's your name?


KING: Joan what?

CALLER: McAllister (ph).

KING: OK, Joan, and who was your long lost love? Who was he?

CALLER: Raymond Martinez (ph).

KING: Raymond Martinez, and where was this?

CALLER: This was in New York City.

KING: How long ago?

CALLER: Oh, 1969.

KING: And you lost touch with him?

CALLER: Yes, in high school.

KING: OK, Raymond Martinez in New York, Joan McAllister in the Bronx, are you in the phonebook?

CALLER: No, I'm not.

KING: OK. I want to put you on hold, Joan, and you'll give our producer your number, OK?


KING: And Raymond Martinez if you're watching or someone knows Raymond Martinez, have him contact us in Washington and we'll give you the number. Oh my God, I dropped it. Joan, call back. Oh, I'm sorry, Joan. I hit the wrong button. But Raymond, contact us and we'll find Joan.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey hello.



CALLER: I'm looking for my first love also.

KING: Wow, what's your name?

CALLER: Wow, this is about 50 years ago.

KING: Fifty.

CALLER: St. Cecelia High School.

KING: What high school -- hold it. What high school?

CALLER: St. Cecelia High School in Englewood, New Jersey.

KING: St. Cecelia High School, Englewood, New Jersey, and your name is?

CALLER: Tish Ruane (ph).

KING: Tish Ruane.

CALLER: Right.

KING: What a name.

CALLER: I know it's great.

KING: And what was his name?

CALLER: And his name, and his wonderful family, was the Deeneys, Jay Deeney and he had a sister Ellen and Moe (ph).

KING: Jay Deny, D-E-N-Y?


KING: Jay Deeney, OK, Jay you want to get in touch with ...


KING: Tish. Contact us -- oh, do you have your phone number Tish, are you listed in the phonebook?

CALLER: No, we're not.

KING: All right, Jay, you contact us. We'll put you -- Tish, I'm going to hit the right button. You give us your name and number. All right, now Jay Deeney if you contact us from Englewood, New Jersey, we'll put you in touch with Tish.

And we'll take our next call, Boston hello.

CALLER: Yes, I have a question for Ms. Channing. KING: OK.

CALLER: Ms. Channing do you feel because Harry was always in your heart that your other marriages failed?

CHANNING: That my other ...

KING: That the other marriages may have been hurt by the fact that you secretly loved Harry all this time?

CHANNING: Oh, I never thought of that.

KING: Think about it, Carol.

CHANNING: Think about it.

KING: In other words, you're married to another guy but deep in your mind, Harry, Harry.

CHANNING: Oh, Larry, you can convince me of anything.

KING: Do you think possibly?

CHANNING: Well, I don't know. That's a strange, penetrating question.

KING: That's why they asked it. Now you'll think about it.

CHANNING: I have to think about that. No, it didn't interfere with the marriage. Do I dare tell him? This is my first marriage to me. I suppose most people feel that when they really solidly, when they know it.

KING: What a beautiful thing to say.

CHANNING: But it is my first marriage.

KING: Medford, Oregon, hello. Medford.

CALLER: Hi, Carol, this is Danny, Richard's granddaughter.

CHANNING: Rich -- Danny?


CHANNING: Richard's granddaughter?

CALLER: Yes, Vicky's daughter.

CHANNING: Oh, Vicky, yes, hello.

CALLER: We wanted to call. We wanted to call. Katy (ph) wanted to call and tell you hello and congratulations.

CHANNING: Thank you.

CALLER: Here's Katy.

KATY: Hi, Aunt Carol.

CHANNING: Listen. You know ...

KING: There's Katy now. Katy's on the phone.

CHANNING: Katy's on the phone. This is my cousin Richard's family.


CHANNING: See but you must meet my 32 cousins. We have to have a family reunion.

KING: They're in Medford, Oregon, that's not far.

CHANNING: Here I was all alone in the world and suddenly I have all this family. Isn't this marvelous?

KULLIJIAN: I think it's terrific.

CHANNING: And did you know that Dickie was best man because Harry wanted him to be his best man, my cousin Dickie.

KING: Wow, this is -- I'm in the middle of old home week.


KING: Montreal, Canada, hello.

CALLER: Good evening, Larry.


CALLER: Carol, you've had an amazing career in entertainment and show business and free to be you and me and different skits. What career would you have chosen if you could do it all over again?

KING: Oh, you'd do the same career?

CHANNING: Same thing exactly.

KING: You would absolutely.


KING: East Port, Michigan, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Harry. What a surprise, wow. It's a delight. Yes, I'm looking for a long lost love.

KING: What's your name?

CALLER: Dorothy Pearl.

KING: And Dorothy, where was this love?

CALLER: Well, we were both in McKenzie (ph) High School in Detroit, Michigan but we met at Torch Lake, Michigan in northern Michigan in 1942.

KING: Forty-two, what's his name?

CALLER: Jack Taylor.

KING: And you thought about him a lot, huh?

CALLER: Oh, yes, uh huh, and the last time I saw him was when he was in the Marines and he was in California at that time.

KING: Are you listed in the phone book?

CALLER: Well, it's (UNINTELLIGIBLE) county, phonebook.

KING: All right, and it's Dorothy what?

CALLER: Pearl, P-E-A-R-L and I'm listed at D. J.

KING: D.J. Pearl. Jack Taylor if you're around, if you're alive, contact her. She still cares. What a great story. I can't believe these stories.

Anchor Point, Alaska hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: I'm looking for my love, my very one love.

KING: What's your name?

CALLER: Barbara Hart (ph).

KING: Barbara Hart and what's his name?

CALLER: Anthony Louis Taylor.

KING: And where was this Barbara?

CALLER: It was during World War II. I was raised on (UNINTELLIGIBLE) beach. I was in my teens and he was in his early 20s. He was on a PT boat. He got -- we planned to get married when he came back.

KING: What happened?

CALLER: He left for the Pacific and never came back. I tried to find out if he had gotten killed but they won't release information unless you're related.

KING: Where are you now? Where could he reach you now? CALLER: I'm in Alaska, 907 ...

KING: Don't give your phone number on the air. Are you listed in the book?


KING: OK, we'll put you on hold and if Anthony Louis Taylor wants to find you he can. I'm going to put you on hold and you give the name to our producer, and Anthony Louis Taylor if you made it back from the Pacific she still loves you. These are unbelievable stories. This is unbelievable to me.


CHANNING: Do you want to tell them how you felt when you saw your first love?

KING: No. We'll be right back with more. Don't go away.


KING: It seems like old times having you to talk with. This is some show. By the way, the lady from the Bronx called back and we got her name and number so if the guy will call in, we'll put him in touch.

And, Harry just told Carol that he's made her famous.

Fairmont, West Virginia hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry. I'm so excited. Congratulations, Carol and Harry. You give us all hope.

CHANNING: Oh, thank you. Oh, just keep hoping.

CALLER: I am. I'm looking for a guy, Larry, from the mid-'50s and his name is Donald Eugene Kniceley, K-N-I-C-E-L-E-Y.

KING: What's your name?

CALLER: Doris, D-O-R-I-S, Poling, P-O-L-I-N-G.

KING: And where did you know each other?

CALLER: He was a friend of my aunt and uncle and my uncle had nicknamed him cowboy.

KING: Cowboy.


KING: And you haven't seen him?

CALLER: The last I heard of him he had moved to New Jersey and I have tried but I didn't have any luck to find him. KING: All right, and you're in Fairmont. Are you in the phonebook, Doris?


KING: All right, under P-O-L-I-N-G?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

KING: In Fairmont, West Virginia?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

KING: Good luck. Donald Kniceley she still likes you. Do you believe this? I mean that this many people are still?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, I do. I do, based on ...

KING: Well, you'd have to believe it.

KULLIJIAN: Yes. Well, I do too because everywhere we go, when we were in Chicago with you just recently.

KING: Last Sunday night, we had a big dinner for (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Carol sang.

KULLIJIAN: That's right. That's right and at the airport here in Los Angeles everywhere we go people are so excited and they say I've got hope, you know, and it's such a beautiful thing, and I'm overwhelmed by it. I'll be honest with you Larry. This is -- it's something that I just love this girl and if that means something to everyone else I'm just pleased and proud of it.

KING: Both of you in good health too?

KULLIJIAN: Yes, sir.

CHANNING: Yes, isn't that ...

KING: That's great. Canadian, Oklahoma hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: I'm looking for a person that I knew in 1954.

KING: What's your name?

CALLER: My name is Sarah Jo Ballard (ph).

KING: Sarah Jo Ballard and what's his name?

CALLER: His name is Michael Cooney (ph).

KING: And where did you know him? CALLER: He was stationed at the Air Force base at Roswell, New Mexico. He was from Maryland.

KING: Are you listed in the phonebook?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

KING: All right, spell it for me. How do you spell the last name?


KING: Sarah Jo Ballard in Canadian, Oklahoma.


KING: And you're looking for Michael, what's his last name?

CALLER: Cooney.

KING: Michael Cooney. OK, Michael, there's your chance, get back with Sarah again. Wouldn't it be wild if one of these resulted in ...


CHANNING: Wouldn't it?

KING: Huntington Beach, California hello.



CALLER: Hi, Carol, hi Harry, and this is such a fabulous topic. I'm looking for my first love. His name is Jerry Bliffin (ph).

KING: Bliffin?

CALLER: And my name is Donna Martinez (ph) and I first met in junior high school in 1966 in Lynnewood (ph), California.

KING: Jerry Bliffin and you're Donna Martinez and you live in Huntington Beach. Are you in the phonebook?


KING: OK, we're going to put you on hold. You give us a number and if Jerry Bliffin or someone knows Jerry Bliffin, contact us. We'll put him in touch with you. I'm going to put you on hold.

I'm running a service. Palm Desert, California hello.

CALLER: Good evening, Larry.

KING: Hi. CALLER: My name is Linda Gold Donnelly (ph). First, I want to say to Carol and Harry I hope you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary on the Larry King Show.

KING: Me too.

CHANNING: Thank you.

CALLER: You're welcome.

KING: Who are you looking for Linda?

CALLER: I'm looking for Phillip Dwayne Hoskins (ph).

KING: Phillip Dwayne Hoskins.

CALLER: From southern California. He's a graduate of Long Beach State University. He has a Master's Degree in Economics.

KING: When did you last see him?

CALLER: Oh, about 30 years ago. We worked together for many years in downtown Los Angeles. He was in an unhappy marriage. I had married someone. We went overseas. Phillip told me if you ever want to call, he gave me his parents' phone number. When I came back from the Middle East I called the number but it was no longer his parents' number and I've been trying on and off through many venues to try and find him.

KING: This could be your night. All right, Linda, if we put you on hold will you give us your phone number?


KING: OK, I want to put you on hold. You give us your phone number and this is for Phillip Dwayne Hoskins. You gave her your number Phillip. She went overseas and she came back. Of course it was 30 years later but she still loves you Phillip. Hang tough, she still loves you.

Cranston, Rhode Island hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry.


CALLER: Hi. I'd like to congratulate Carol and Harry.

CHANNING: Thank you.

CALLER: I'm looking for Bob Walsh (ph) from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

KING: What's your name?

CALLER: Carol Montgomery (ph). KING: Carol Montgomery in Cranston, Rhode Island.

CALLER: Uh huh.

KING: And you're looking for Bob Walsh.

CALLER: He lived in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The last I heard he lived in West Orange, New Jersey and that was in 1958. He was a sailor at (UNINTELLIGIBLE) in Rhode Island.

KING: You still care for him, right?


KING: You thought about him a lot over these years right?

CALLER: Yes, I have.

KING: Yes. All right, Carol. I'm going to put you on hold. You give us the number and if Bob Walsh will contact us, last known in West Orange, New Jersey, we'll put him in touch with you.

When we come back I'm going to ask Carol and Harry what they think of all these calls which frankly shock me. We'll be right back.




KING: You're funny. Where did you honeymoon?


KING: Ah. Pleasanton, California hello.

CALLER: Yes, hi. Congratulations. I wanted to know how many times you've been married between the two of you and how many children you have.

KING: Carol has one child and this is your fourth marriage. And, Harry, you were married once, right?


KING: And how many children do you have?

KULLIJIAN: I have two, a boy and a girl.

KING: Well grown. Harry, by the way, just gave up his pilot's license.

KULLIJIAN: That's true.

KING: Pretty good. Vancouver, British Columbia hello. CALLER: Good evening, Harry.

KULLIJIAN: Yes, sir.

CALLER: And Carol, congratulations and Larry.

KING: Yes.

CALLER: Yes, there is someone I'd like to look up as well.

KING: Our first man, yes.

CALLER: Yes. I'm looking Gale, G-A-L-E, Obler, O-B-L-E-R and my name is Jay Patrick King.

KING: And where do you live?

CALLER: (UNINTELLIGIBLE), British Columbia. It's right outside Vancouver.

KING: And where was the last time you saw Gale?

CALLER: Humboldt State University, 25 years ago. It's been a long time and I miss her very much.

KING: Twenty-five years and you still think of Gale?

CALLER: Oh, every day.

KING: Wow. And where would Gale -- where was she last living? She was at school when you last saw her?

CALLER: Yes, and I last heard that she had married and had children in southern California but had divorced.

KING: All right, Gale Obler, if you -- I'm going to put you on hold Jay and Jay will give us his number and Gale Obler if you'll contact us we'll put -- we'll get Jay to get your number and contact you.

Gillsburg, Pennsylvania, thanks for hanging around. Gillsburg, Pennsylvania hello.

CALLER: Hello, Larry.

KING: Hi. Hi.




KING: Well, we're at an impasse. Yes.

CALLER: Hi, Larry. KING: What can we do for you dear?

CALLER: Hello.

KING: What can we do for you?

CALLER: I knew a man from Baltimore, Maryland back around 1950. We were both in the Army stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

KING: What's his name?

CALLER: His name was William, either Robinson or Robertson, from Baltimore, Maryland.

KING: And your name is what?

CALLER: My name was Pauline Kopp. It's Pauline Pickett (ph) now.

KING: But how would he know you, as Pauline what?

CALLER: Kopp, K-O-P-P. He was with the MPs and I was in the finance.

KING: OK, William Robinson or Robertson.

CALLER: Right.

KING: If you're interested in contacting Pauline Kopp, hold on Pauline you'll give us your number. Let me get in one more call, Phoenix, Arizona hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Yes, go ahead Phoenix.



CALLER: This is Shirley from Phoenix.

KING: Hi, Shirley, who are you looking for?

CALLER: I'm looking for a Lenny Shofer (ph) from Chicago, Illinois and it's been since 1951. He went to (UNINTELLIGIBLE) high school and he was

KING: What's your last name, Shirley?

CALLER: My name, my name now?

KING: No, then?

CALLER: Then was Doherty (ph), Shirley Doherty.

KING: And his name is Lenny Shofer?

CALLER: Uh huh and it was 1951. In fact, he went to my high school graduation.

KING: You still think about him?

CALLER: Yes, I wonder whatever happened to him.

KING: OK, I'm going to put you on hold. Give us the number. Lenny Shofer, that's an unusual name, knew you in Chicago. Shirley would like to hear from you and we'll put you in touch with Shirley if you contact us. We've got all the numbers.

What do you think of this? What do you make of this?

KULLIJIAN: This is marvelous. I think it's just wonderful.

CHANNING: Isn't it? Do you suppose ...

KULLIJIAN: Go ahead, darling.

CHANNING: Does every human being ...

KING: Still love the first?

CHANNING: Still love the first love?

KING: Or certainly miss or is curious about what happened to, right?


KING: That curiosity remains.

CHANNING: It's curious.

KING: So, you knew about Carol. I mean she was a star, so you had to think more about what happened to Harry.

CHANNING: But he never saw me on the stage.

KULLIJIAN: I haven't seen her. The first time I saw her was that Sunday night that you were there a week ago.

KING: That's the first time you've seen her entertain?

KULLIJIAN: That's right.

KING: Boy, so this was no star struck. You loved this girl.

KULLIJIAN: I love this girl.

CHANNING: See, just me, that's all he loved.

KING: Thank you, Harry.

KULLIJIAN: Thank you, Larry.

KING: Continued luck.

KULLIJIAN: Yes, sir.

KING: Oh, what can we say?

CHANNING: What can we say? You've got this now, don't you, and two gorgeous children?

KING: Two tots, yes. Not bad. Thank you darlings, Harry Kullijian and Carol Channing, and you've seen Larry's reuniting service in action.



KING: Hope you enjoyed this evening with Carol Channing and her newfound old romance, and happy 80th birthday today too to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Tomorrow night, we'll celebrate Bob Hope's 100th birthday, with unique programming. Join us for all of that. Have a great rest of the evening, and good night.



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