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Interview With James Van Praagh

Aired January 10, 2003 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, famed spiritual medium James Van Praagh. He says he talks to people in heaven. You need to reach someone up there? James Van Praagh is here for the hour with your phone calls. He's next on LARRY KING LIVE.
It's always good to welcome James to this program. Before we begin though, a reminder. Tomorrow night a very special edition of "LARRY KING WEEKEND". Sean Penn is the guest. His only interview since coming back from Iraq. the full discussion is about Iraq. It was taped yesterday. Please watch tomorrow night. And if you're watching the Atlanta/Philadelphia game, the playoff game, you can watch the repeat of "LARRY KING WEEKEND" at midnight Eastern, 9 Pacific. But we urge you to watch that show.

James Van Praagh. Well, let's -- do you make predictions too? Do you forecast?

JAMES VAN PRAAGH, SPIRITUAL MEDIUM: Sometimes. Sometimes I see things that happen.

KING: OK, who do you like? Philadelphia versus Atlanta?

VAN PRAAGH: I don't do sports.

KING: San Francisco/Tampa Bay. You don't do sports.

VAN PRAAGH: Don't do sports.

KING: Because you're afraid to risk it.

VAN PRAAGH: I just do Vegas. That's all.

KING: What does a clairvoyant see?

VAN PRAAGH: Well, what I see is energy. Which (UNINTELLIGIBLE) clairvoyant you see energy in the form of a scene of something, perhaps. Or you can see a spirit, person. Those superior courts of things.

KING: By the way, James' book, which was a No. 1 "New York Time" best seller, "Heaven and Earth", is out in trade paperback, and regular paperback, in fact. "Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection".

Just so -- people who may not know James Van Praagh, get back to this a little. How did this all begin for you communicating with the beyond?

VAN PRAAGH: When I was a little boy, I used to see spirit all the time. I'd see colors around people. I'd see forms...

KING: Aura, they call it. Right?

VAN PRAAGH: Well, yes, I guess you'd call it an aura. But in these days, a kid, I just saw colors, bright colors, dark colors around different people. I would begin to see just beings. People around them. And I thought every kid could do this. Every kid had this ability. It wasn't until much later on in my life I found not everyone had this ability.

KING: When was the first major occurrence that you can remember?

VAN PRAAGH: One of the very first ones is really funny. When I was a kid, about 10 years old I guess, I was with some friends in a cemetery, we cut school, we hung out at the cemetery.

And I said to friends some friends of mine, Look at those two little kids over there. Those young little kids, a girl and a boy over there at that tombstone.

They said, James, there's no one over there. What are you talking about? I said, Look at them. They're standing right there. So we walked over and we got closer and the kids -- I saw the kids go behind the tombstone. We got there, there were no kids there. And on the head stone were the twins that had died, 4 years old. That was the very first -- one of the first clairvoyant experiences.

KING: Do you wonder why you and not me?

VAN PRAAGH: I think we all come back on this Earth with gifts or abilities to do special things. I mean you're an incredible broadcaster, you came back with that ability. And it's something I think I've chosen to come back to help people in this way.

KING: Came back. You mean we were both here before?

VAN PRAAGH: Oh, I think we've been here many, many times. I think we come back and learn lessons. I think this is our school room. We come back and learn various things.

KING: And therefore when you tune in with someone, this is prior to their coming back? I mean I don't understand that.

VAN PRAAGH: What I'm tuning into a personality which they have lived on this Earth level. That's what I'm tuning into.

KING: Tuning into a personality? They could already be reincarnated? They could already be back?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, but don't think there's a linear as just that one person. I mean there are many parts to a soul and many levels. So when you think of them, just don't think of them as that one person. KING: Do you like having this ability?

VAN PRAAGH: I do. I love helping people. I think it's an incredible way to help people. I think it's my mission. And I do enjoy it.

KING: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) if people were angry with people before they died, they might still be angry with them. But I never heard you say, Your father still don't like you.

VAN PRAAGH: I think when you pass through that realm that there is really an opening or of a consciousness, an awareness that we have, a bigger awareness of things. I think those earthly feelings we have kind are stepped aside and we see the wholeness of the person, the wholeness of the situation, if you will.

KING: You've become a major media person. How do you explain that the second season wasn't picked up (UNINTELLIGIBLE)?

VAN PRAAGH: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) "Beyond". Well, you know, there's a lot of reasons why a show is not picked up. The thing about my show, it's been receiving incredible reviews and it's one of the, I think, the best produced looking shows on daytime talk. I think there's a number of reasons. I think that the syndication market is very, very competitive. I think many people didn't know it was on. That was a big problem.

KING: When were you slotted mostly?

VAN PRAAGH: Mornings and afternoons pretty much. We had a big viewership. Very big viewership. Now we're opening up Australia and England. People used to come to the show, sit in the audience, from all over the world. They come from Italy and Spain and Japan.

KING: You're known everywhere, right?

VAN PRAAGH: I'm known everywhere. I'm known all over the world.

KING: You make a living by writing books and lecturing.

VAN PRAAGH: That's right.

KING: Do you also see people like for an hour session?

VAN PRAAGH: I used to. I gave that up many years, Larry. I gave that up probably about six or seven years ago in order to reach more people on a mass level with the TV, with the books, to do it that way. That's where the spirit world came through to say, we want you to reach more people. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) private readings for like 20 -- well, 15 years, I'd say.

KING: What do you think of the others who do what you do and have become prominent as well?

VAN PRAAGH: I think I'm very happy about that. I'm Very glad about that. I think more people need to get out there and do this and show people that there are more people that can do this sort of thing. I'm glad being that's acceptable in too many parts of the world.

KING: Are you the first to come on media, to your knowledge?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, I would say one of the first. George Anderson really wrote one of the first books. But I was the first one to come on television, really, and your show in December of '97.

KING: I remember that very well.

VAN PRAAGH: That started it all, "Talking to Heaven", that book. That really was the beginning. So it's all your fault, Larry.

KING: It is.

Before we take some calls, and we're going to start taking a lot of calls, can you explain what happens when the caller calls in and says, Hello. I'm in Seattle, what can you tell me about my father? What happens?

VAN PRAAGH: It's like a radio station. It's the easiest way to describe it. The analogy of radio. I actually will tune into, if you will, a certain energy. A frequency of the person's voice. I'm hearing their voice. And by hearing that voice, I receive impressions. Sometimes it's a scene of something. Sometimes it's a feeling of something. And I get words in front of me.

So it all depends how the spirit is communicating and what I'm feeling. Sometimes it's right on. Sometimes the person doesn't understand it. And it's funny because I make money not knowing what I'm talking about.

KING: That's right. What happens, or how do you explain when you're wrong?

VAN PRAAGH: My interpretation might not be right. For instance sometimes I hear -- they'll say "Marie" but the name is "Mary". It happens so quickly, the energy is so fast, the vibration, speed that I'm hearing it that I might not picking it up right. Or my interpretation might be off.

KING: Where are they before -- I take the call -- where are these people, these personalities?

VAN PRAAGH: Many times they're around the person who's calling. They'll be around them.

KING: Not in this room?

VAN PRAAGH: Well, they could be. I mean why couldn't they be?

KING: Where are they? When someone says, Hello, Seattle.

VAN PRAAGH: They're usually with that person. They're attached with that person.

KING: So you're seeing them? VAN PRAAGH: I'm hearing them or feeling them next to the person.

But, Larry, you know, this is interesting because if someone calls up and they want to talk to their father, I might not be able to pick up on their father. Or their father might not there be. Just because someone has desire to speak to that one person doesn't mean they'll be there.

KING: Let's go to some calls and so it as example. We'll take the first and I want you also, in addition to reading the first, assuming that's what it is, tell me what's happening.

VAN PRAAGH: What the process and all of that?

KING: For James Van Praagh, Vancouver, British Columbia. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Larry and James?

KING: What do you need to know about -- James, what do you want to know?

VAN PRAAGH: Who she wants to contact and maybe their name.

KING: Who do you want to contact and what's their name?

CALLER: OK, I have two friends who passed over a number of years ago. One, he name is Madam Fontaine (ph). I was -- and or Amy. I was just wondering if there's a message from either one.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, I just want to ask you something about like a chest condition. I don't know if it's a breast condition or a cancer condition in the chest area?


VAN PRAAGH: With one of them? (UNINTELLIGIBLE) This is the person I'm picking up. There's A feeling in this area, being -- I would guess it would be depleted in this area in the chest, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: And I feel like this person -- I don't know if they left a son behind also?


VAN PRAAGH: Because they want to give love to son that was left behind. I also want to tell you that there feels like a family conflict going on with him right now with the siblings, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: I think after this woman died, I'll tell you, there's a father figure over there also, OK, that she connected with after many, many years.


VAN PRAAGH: OK, that made her feel very, very good and complete.

KING: Now, caller, what do you want to know?

CALLER: I wanted -- that's exactly right on.

KING: Everything's right?

CALLER: Yes. The other lady's name is Amy.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, first of all, would you tell the other woman's family that (UNINTELLIGIBLE) came through, though and gave message...

CALLER: I will.

VAN PRAAGH: ... they'll be assured.

All I'm picking up, I'm not sure if this is Amy or not, put what I'm picking up is someone with a divorce situation? I'm not sure in there's a separation with this Amy person.

CALLER: I don't know about that. She passed over many, many years ago.

VAN PRAAGH: I don't think this is her. I want to ask about a divorce around you? Is there?

CALLER: Oh, maybe.

VAN PRAAGH: Well, there's something about a divorce I'm picking up.

KING: You certainly picked up the first one strong.

I don't think -- that Amy thing, I do not think that's the divorce thing.

KING: Atlanta, for James Van Praagh. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, sir. James, can you tell me about my daughter Kristin (ph)?

VAN PRAAGH: Your daughter -- was this a very fast passing, by the way?

CALLER: Yes, it was.

VAN PRAAGH: Like -- I don't know if it was a car thing with her. An accident of some sort. I feel there was like some kind of trauma associated with it.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

VAN PRAAGH: I also want to tell you I feel there was something with a head condition, also, was involved. And her head like smack. You understand that?

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: And I want to tell you there's something about -- I don't know if you some old school books of hers or old coloring books of hers. There's something about having old books of hers and their in a box.


VAN PRAAGH: Do you understand this?

KING: Is that true, sir?

CALLER: Yes, it is true.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. And I don't know if you recently went looking at these in that box. Do you understand?

I'm being told about either a phrase that you have, that you either used for her on a marker, like a grave marker, a phrase? Like -- do you understand this?

CALLER: No, I don't.

VAN PRAAGH: A prayer? I'm not sure if it's the daughter's love or something like this. I'm being told like a poem, a phrase of some sort.


VAN PRAAGH: So I don't know what that is. But I definitely am seeing that. Like a daughter's love or something.

I also want to say, do you still have her room?

CALLER: No, I don't.

VAN PRAAGH: What about her room? Everything that belonged in her room, was in her room?

CALLER: I'm sure it still is.

VAN PRAAGH: The room, the room, I'm being told about that.

KING: Thank you, sir.

We'll take a break.

By the way, you can contact James Van Praagh at We'll be back with more phone calls.


(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) VAN PRAAGH: She has the fogginess in the head, probably medication or morphine or something, but she doesn't have this dizziness. She doesn't have the cloudy feeling anymore. And she's coming in here. I want to talk about her having a sister. Is there a sister of hers? Is there a spirit with her?


VAN PRAAGH: OK, that's what I want to tell you about. And she hadn't seen her for a while. She said, "I've made with her again, we've reunited." OK, I have got to tell you that.


KING: James Van Praagh with Linda Blair. If things are upsetting, do you not say isn't it

VAN PRAAGH: I say it, but I say with a sense of responsibility. You have to couch it a certain way. You have to get through the meaning with the person to understand it. But also have responsibility to take care of them. Not just blurt things out. That's how I work.

KING: Before we take the next call, you said something happened on your show.

VAN PRAAGH: The thing with "Beyond," an amazing part of that show, each day is so different. You never know what's going to happen. Just like this show, you never know what is going to happen. We had a couple on the show, their son passed (UNINTELLIGIBLE). He came through and said to his dad, "The pennies are from me." I said, do you know what that means? I said watch for pennies.

So, the father goes back home to the Midwest the next day. And then the following day goes to work. Now, the show had not be aired yet it was taped two weeks ahead. So he drives to his parking space, gets out of his car, and there are 200 pennies sitting by his parking space. The guy was a skeptic before, not anymore.

KING: Cincinnati, Ohio for James Van Praagh, hello.

CALLER: Hi Larry. Hi James. I'd like to ask about George.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Is that someone who is a partner of yours?


VAN PRAAGH: An uncle?

CALLER: No, he was my father.

VAN PRAAGH: Father, OK. Is his brother with him?

CALLER: I don't know. Actually he might be. We had two -- my grandmother had two babies that didn't make it. It's possible. VAN PRAAGH: I feel he's with a brother, OK. I also who has a heart condition? Passed with that condition? The heart, do you understand the heart thing?


VAN PRAAGH: And I think there was a warning before this happened and he didn't listen.


You know that -- I also want to tell you there's either a sister that you have that you're not close to? There's a connection there that I want to get closer with.

CALLER: OK. Physically you mean?

VAN PRAAGH: Physically. Also, I want to tell you, who owns two houses should trying to sell a house right now?

CALLER: We actually sold it.

VAN PRAAGH: You sold it recently?

CALLER: A couple of months ago.

VAN PRAAGH: Your father helped you with the sale of the house.


VAN PRAAGH: I don't know if you had to redo the roof on that.

CALLER: We had a few repairs.

VAN PRAAGH: But around the roof and the gutters.

CALLER: I don't remember. I don't remember that.

VAN PRAAGH: Would you check that. I'm getting roof and gutters.

KING: Explain in that call, he was where?

VAN PRAAGH: It's really -- I tune in to her voice. And he's next to her, that I'm getting. Sometimes people work differently. The way I work is I will tune in to him, next to her. Sometimes I'll see them, sometimes I'll feel them, sometimes I'll hear them, or all of that. And with her, I felt the man next to her, with another man.

KING: Wouldn't want to be you.

Kearny, New Jersey, hello.

CALLER: Hi. This is Sue. Trying to contact my husband.

VAN PRAAGH: Hi Sue, how are you?


VAN PRAAGH: Good. Was there a hospital stay with him too?


VAN PRAAGH: Because I'm being -- I'm smelling a hospital. That's weird. I'm smelling the hospital, when I am with you. I want to ask about the anniversary, which either is coming up or just past. You understand about the anniversary coming up?


I don't know if it's the death anniversary, but there's a wedding...

CALLER: Wedding.

VAN PRAAGH: He's referring to that anniversary. Either you took pictures out and looked at them?


VAN PRAAGH: Do you understand about that? Because he watched you do that.


VAN PRAAGH: He's with you very much. I know that you're either carrying around his ring he is telling me, or...

CALLER: It's on my hand.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. That's what I'm looking at. You had -- you might want to resize, he's talking about. Or have you thought about this?


VAN PRAAGH: Yes, you understand? Something about resizing that ring.

KING: Ma'am, obviously you're very emotional. Is everything he said true?

CALLER: Yes, it is. He was in the household six weeks before he passed.

KING: Well, you should have a lot of consolation, knowing that he's with her.

VAN PRAAGH: These little bits of evidence, information.

KING: They go beyond, they watch over those they leave behind?

VAN PRAAGH: Very much so. The bonds of love we create here continue on. That's very much the way it is. KING: Amazing.

The Bronx, New York, hello.

VAN PRAAGH: My old hometown.

CALLER: Hello, I want to speak to my mother.

VAN PRAAGH: Your mother died a while ago a long time ago, didn't she?

CALLER: Not that long long.

VAN PRAAGH: No. What about 10 years ago?


VAN PRAAGH: How long ago?


VAN PRAAGH: Six years ago, OK.

KING: That's a while, OK.

VAN PRAAGH: That's a while. Is there anyone by the name of Margaret, by the way? Or Margie?

CALLER: Yes. I have a sister.

VAN PRAAGH: You have a sister with that name. I want to give love to her from your mother. I think they were not close. Or something happened before your mother died with her. OK. There was also talk about either her living with someone, or trouble having your mother live with someone taking care of her? That's what I'm being told about.

KING: Are you there?


VAN PRAAGH: Do you have little things of your mother's around the house?


VAN PRAAGH: I don't know what this means, but I'm seeing a flower vase also. Like fake flowers. Plastic flowers. And I'm seeing trinkets of hers around your house, your apartment/house.

KING: Is that true?

CALLER: Yes. Multiple things.

KING: Thank you.

Overseas. We go over seas.

VAN PRAAGH: Do I get a breather? No?


Portsmouth, England, hello.

CALLER: Hello. I'm (UNINTELLIGIBLE) asking about my men.

VAN PRAAGH: Was that your father's side of the family?

CALLER: My mom's.

VAN PRAAGH: Your mom's side. OK. What's her name?

CALLER: Doris Pinkney.

VAN PRAAGH: Did she have several things wrong with her before she passed? Not just one thing? Because I feel there's multiple things wrong with her before she goes.

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: I think her head is affected. I feel headache as well? And I'm also feeling temperature changes with lady.

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: I also feel this lady is either -- a weight loss or a change in the body?


VAN PRAAGH: Do you understand this?


VAN PRAAGH: She has her senses back again. Her mental status back.

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: She was always afraid of losing her mental status. You know that?


VAN PRAAGH: Because she was always like a little bit of a control personality.


VAN PRAAGH: I want you to know that she has that back. She has that back. There's also twins somewhere in the family line.

CALLER: Yes. VAN PRAAGH: You understand about the twins?

CALLER: Yes. That is me an my sister.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. She's talking to me about the twins.

KING: Boy are you cooking tonight. These people should be happy to know this. Any believer should believe in you.

VAN PRAAGH: I hope so.

KING: I would think so.

We'll be back with more international as well. Don't go away.


KING: You can reach him at His book now in paperback, "Heaven and Earth," and he's on the run tonight. And we go to Cologne, Germany. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, I'd like to ask about my brother Ken and Roy.

KING: And who is Roy?

CALLER: Roy is my father.

KING: They're both gone?



VAN PRAAGH: Are there three in the family altogether?

CALLER: No, it's just my brother -- actually Ken and my -- my father Roy.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, but there is three in the family. You have two other siblings too?

CALLER: Yes, Ken was one, and I have another brother.

VAN PRAAGH: That's three in the family. Who was in the military also because I'm getting something about being in the military?

CALLER: Yes, absolutely right.

VAN PRAAGH: And I understand the military is a big deal here with that. I also feel that someone has either military belongings? Right?

CALLER: I actually do, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: It's a medal or something you have?

CALLER: Yes. That's absolutely right. I have his name tag.

KING: Is that your father or your brother?

VAN PRAAGH: Brother.

CALLER: My brother.

KING: Sorry, I'm asking you now.

VAN PRAAGH: Hello, I'll tell you.

KING: You're talking to them, and I'm asking.

VAN PRAAGH: That's right. Listen. Pay attention.


VAN PRAAGH: I also want to tell you about something about the flag that you have. I don't know what this means, having a flag.

CALLER: Yes, I don't have it yet.

VAN PRAAGH: But you know about the flag that somebody has that belongs to one of them? Right?


VAN PRAAGH: And who smoked a pipe? The father did? There is...


VAN PRAAGH: I understand your father is smoking the pipe because he's standing here with a pipe.

KING: Are they together, the father and son?

VAN PRAAGH: Very much so. Very much so. Although your brother, I'll tell you something when your brother passes over, he's very foggy when he passes over. He's in a way -- I don't know if there were medications he was on or a drug feeling here, but I feel very foggy with him. When he first passes over, he doesn't know where he is. And your father comes and gets him. I'll tell you that right now. There's also a dog running around over there. Spotted, like a brown and white dog. I see -- that belonged to the family?


VAN PRAAGH: You understand about that. And your father has the dog. Wants me to tell you that. OK? I see long ears here too with this dog.

CALLER: Yes, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: Licking the face, all right?

KING: Wow, feel good, ma'am. You're really on a roll here. VAN PRAAGH: Am I? OK, I don't know. Can I breathe, no, OK?

KING: No, you get to breathe. Hyde Park, New York, hello.


VAN PRAAGH: Yes, I went to school in Hyde Park, New York.

CALLER: You did?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, I did. A seminary.

KING: Roosevelts lived there. Go ahead.

CALLER: Are you talking to me, right?

KING: Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: I was wondering if you could contact a friend of mine named Blake?

VAN PRAAGH: Named Blake, OK.

CALLER: He passed away two years ago.


KING: He was a boyfriend or just a friend?

VAN PRAAGH: A friend of yours, right?


VAN PRAAGH: I feel he was a friend of yours. And I feel that -- hold on -- in the relationship, I also feel you couldn't get any closer -- you wanted it to be closer than it could be. Do you understand that?

CALLER: Yes, very much so.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. And he is on -- the feeling I get with him is he's been around you a lot late lately.

CALLER: Yes, I know.

VAN PRAAGH: Lately a lot. There's a birthday that just passed he's talking to me about, OK?

CALLER: Mine, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: And he was with you with that birthday that just passed.


VAN PRAAGH: OK. And he wants me to tell you he's sorry. I don't know what this means, but I'm sorry we couldn't be closer.

CALLER: I understand that.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, but there was something about him, you know.


VAN PRAAGH: That he wanted to be but he couldn't be, right?

CALLER: Absolutely, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: I will tell you he was having breathing problems before he passes over...

CALLER: You're right.

VAN PRAAGH: And he cannot breathe because he's like when he's coming in -- (UNINTELLIGIBLE) condition, he has trouble breathing.

CALLER: Exactly, yes, right.

VAN PRAAGH: And he wants me to tell you he's all better now. I want to tell you thank you very much for standing by him in the bed, OK, when he was ill.


VAN PRAAGH: And I think either you wiped his brow or you petted him or something like this he's giving me.


VAN PRAAGH: And he wants to thank you for doing this.

KING: When people are in hospitals, they're dying, do loved ones who have gone on come?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, many, many times what happens is days before, they will -- or weeks before, they will begin to see their loved ones, friends even, who have passed over at the foot of their bed. They'll have visions of them. And what happens, Larry, it's very, very interesting, because there are souls whose mission it is is to help those people in hospitals. So I've been to hospitals visiting people and I've seen spirits, a band of spirits going from one room to another room to help those souls.

KING: I don't want to be you. Halifax, Nova Scotia, hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: I wanted to ask about my mom.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, mom. OK, what is her name?

CALLER: Winnie.

VAN PRAAGH: Winnie? Why is there a break in the family? Like as far as -- I don't know, were there two families, or was there a step-family of some sort?

CALLER: Now, but not then.

VAN PRAAGH: Now, OK, because they're talking like two different families. And you have the mother's acceptance about that? I don't know what this means. But she's OK with this situation.


VAN PRAAGH: Because the new people in this family, feel (UNINTELLIGIBLE) this new people, this new family started, or new people came in? And she accepts that. All right? I'm going to ask about a watch. Who has a watch of hers? OK, but I'm being told about the watch. A metal watch. OK? Who lives up in a high building, like an apartment building? Was it you or her? Did she ever live up in a high building?


VAN PRAAGH: You do. OK. Because I'm being shown a large building. And I'm looking out the window. OK? And I want to say I like sitting out by that window or out in the area there. And she watches you looking out there.

KING: Wow, OK. Skeptics, unite. We'll be right back with more. More phone calls for James Van Praagh. You can reach him at The book is "Heaven and Earth, Making the Psychic Connection." Tomorrow night, Sean Penn, exclusive. Don't go away.


KING: Welcome back to LARRY KING LIVE with James Van Praagh. To Brussels, Belgium. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, my grandfather died not too long and I was wondering if you have contact with him?

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Who's Edgar? Edward? Edgar?

CALLER: Nobody. I don't know.

VAN PRAAGH: Keep this name, an E name, Edgar? Sounds like...

CALLER: Edgar, OK.

VAN PRAAGH: What's his first name?

CALLER: Albert.

VAN PRAAGH: Albert. I want to tell you something that I pick up and I don't know, it's not coming in very strong, but what I'm picking up with this man is he was ready to go home. And he was tired. Very tired. OK? I see many brothers, OK, in the family. And I'm not sure -- I think it's his brothers. Because I see a number of brothers, like a big family, who come to get him. Who was in a wheelchair? Was there a lady in a wheelchair who he was related to?

CALLER: No. Not that I know of.

VAN PRAAGH: Or a sister in a wheelchair?

CALLER: No, I don't know anybody in a wheelchair.

VAN PRAAGH: Well, would you check it out because I see a lady in a wheelchair next to him.


VAN PRAAGH: Very, very much so. OK? I just feel with this man he was tired. And I feel with him he was ready to go. He wanted to go, too, you know.


VAN PRAAGH: Who lives -- worked in a factory or owned a factory at one time?

CALLER: Yes, that was him.

VAN PRAAGH: You understand that, because he shows me a factory, with stacks. OK? Just to confirm to you that's him.

KING: Thank you, ma'am. Amazing. Are these people always around? Dead people?

VAN PRAAGH: No, not always around. No, not at all. But if we think of them, that pulls them in if they choose to come near you. It's just like a phone call. You get a phone call from someone.

KING: And when they come in, reincarnated into something else, what happens to that personality?

VAN PRAAGH: Well, I think we build up that personality. And you have to remember that...

KING: But where does it go?

VAN PRAAGH: Well, we're living on many levels at once. So right now on this Earth level, we're here in the physical, three-dimensional world, this body, but you're existing on many, many other levels too.

KING: I got a son Chance. He was here before.


KING: Right, he was here before.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, I remember him.

KING: And when he was here -- oh, you knew him then?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. What lifetime was that...

KING: When he died previously, he could have been a woman?

VAN PRAAGH: Very much so. Probably was, one lifetime he was.

KING: When it comes into Chance and Chance is born, what happened to his previous personality?

VAN PRAAGH: You build on the personality. So you'll build on certain things. And for instance, in a past life, if you have a liking for something, and you come back this time, you might have the same liking. Or you've heard about people who go to a certain area of the world and they feel very familiar with that, because they've been there before. Or 3-year-old kids who can speak a different language.

KING: And now his brother comes along, Cannon, 14 months later, were they brothers before?

VAN PRAAGH: I'm sure they were. They were brothers, probably. They were mother, father, sister, daughter, all different relationships, in order to learn.

KING: So there is a family unit to all this?

VAN PRAAGH: That's right. A group soul, if you will, group soul unit.

KING: Warsaw, Poland. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, I'd like to know what you can tell me about my father?

VAN PRAAGH: What's his name?

CALLER: I'm sorry?

VAN PRAAGH: What is his name, please?

CALLER: Maddock (ph).

VAN PRAAGH: Maddock (ph)?

CALLER: Maddock (ph) with an M.

VAN PRAAGH: Right, Maddock (ph). Well, all I can tell you is, I don't know who has the motorbike. Something about a motorcycle, or motorbike.

CALLER: Maybe.

VAN PRAAGH: Who has that around you?

CALLER: It's not ringing a bell right now. VAN PRAAGH: OK. Well, there is something about a motorbike or a motorcycle, and it's a man -- I don't know what this means. That's interesting. Because I'm picking up someone, I don't think it's this man. But I'm picking up someone who's with a motorcycle. Who passes with a motorcycle. So it might not belong to you, even, but that's what I'm picking up. I don't know if it's that at all.

CALLER: No, I don't think so.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, I don't think it's him. But there's something I'm picking up very strong about a man with a motorcycle who passes over with a motorcycle. And it might be someone else that's going to come through, but that's what I'm getting. I'm don't pick up -- I'm not picking up anything with him.



KING: Now, that happens sometimes?

VAN PRAAGH: Of course. Of course. It's -- that's the way it is. You can't always get through who you want, definitely.

KING: Cincinnati, Ohio. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, I have lost five...

VAN PRAAGH: A lot of people.

CALLER: I have lost four family members in the last five years. I'm the oldest and the last one left. I want to talk to any of them.

VAN PRAAGH: Was there a suicide? Was there a suicide with one of them?

CALLER: Could be.

VAN PRAAGH: Could be? You don't know?

CALLER: Could very well be, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: I feel there is a suicide with one, and there is a man involved here.


VAN PRAAGH: OK, because a man with a suicide wants to come through and talk to you.

CALLER: I want to talk to him.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I don't know -- is this a brother of yours?

CALLER: Yes. My brother. He's John.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because I want to -- and who has a close birthday with John in the family?

CALLER: My daughter-in-law.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, because it's like within a week or something here.


VAN PRAAGH: OK, you understand that? Good. He keeps -- I get him very strongly before the others. In other words, I see him first. And there are other people behind him. I see two women there also behind him. Is your mother also passed over?

CALLER: Yes, my mother, my mentor, my father.

VAN PRAAGH: Well, I'm seeing a mother figure there behind him. One of the women that's next to him is a mother figure. And I feel very, very strong relation with this brother. And she tries helping him. OK? There's also an alcohol problem, a drinking problem.

CALLER: Yes, there is.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, and she's talking about that. And that's being helped, if you will. That's being helped, I have to tell you that. When your brother passes over, he's very, very depressed, very upset. I also think there was a break of some sort with him mentally.


VAN PRAAGH: I really do.

CALLER: Yes, there was.

VAN PRAAGH: He was very much a loner in his life, he's telling me.


VAN PRAAGH: And he said he didn't like to be around people. And he didn't -- he judged a lot of people and he was judged as crazy sometimes.


VAN PRAAGH: Do you understand that?


VAN PRAAGH: I want to talk also about a lake, or if the family had lived near the lake or went by the lake.


VAN PRAAGH: Because I don't know if there's another house there, where you used to go -- this lake. But I'm being given this memory from the mother figure here about this lake. I want to tell you that she's taking care of your brother John.

CALLER: Good. Good. She needs to.

VAN PRAAGH: She's taking care of John. There is also another J initial there too, though. Who's the other J initial there?

CALLER: I don't know.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, a woman, with like Joan or something I'm getting here.


VAN PRAAGH: Well, keep that.

CALLER: I'll remember, but...

VAN PRAAGH: I want to ask you, I feel like he poisons himself in some way too.


VAN PRAAGH: That's what I'm getting with him. I feel very sorry -- I feel very, very -- he wants me to tell you he's very sorry about this and would you please accept his forgiveness. Because he didn't know what he was doing at the time. OK? One more thing, Larry, who lives by the railroad tracks?

CALLER: Oh, Miriam.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, because I'm being shown railroad tracks. Just to confirm this. It's a message from her, I guess.

KING: Would you please try to be specific? Just (UNINTELLIGIBLE) is getting on my nerves. Akron, Ohio. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. How are you doing, Jim?

KING: Fine. King is doing well too.

CALLER: OK, I'm calling about my husband. I wondered if he's angry with me for having put him on comfort care before he died.

VAN PRAAGH: I knew it was your husband contacting me. I really do. I also want to tell you, I don't know if you found something in a pocket of yours that belonged to him.


VAN PRAAGH: Do you understand that? Like all of a sudden you put your hand in your pocket and something came out that belonged to him? This is what he's telling me. All right? I also want to tell you, his watch too? I'm getting the watch thing here. With his watch. He's telling me that -- hold on. Was there a problem at the end with his vision as well? Could not see or had a problem with an eye or eyes? CALLER: That's right.

VAN PRAAGH: Because he's telling me about trouble with the eyes. And almost you were his eyes? You had to be his eyes for him?

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: And I like to read books, by the way, and he's telling me, thank you for the books, reading him, you read him things. And also he has -- he's talking about a library of books. OK? So, hold on. I'm not sure if that's you who have the bookshelves in your house? With all the books? OK, you sit down there in that room, and he's right there with you.


VAN PRAAGH: I want to talk about you either purchasing a brand new book recently, or going to a bookstore very recently.


VAN PRAAGH: Because he was there right with you.


VAN PRAAGH: He loves you for what you did for him. He does not want you to hold -- be guilty of taking his, you know...

CALLER: I have been. So that makes me feel better.

VAN PRAAGH: And I want to talk about, either Catholic, or like a Catholic Church?

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: You understand that? (UNINTELLIGIBLE) a Catholic Church, and I don't know if the funeral is at the Catholic Church, but I'm being shown prayers, like Catholic prayers, and he received all of the prayers. And the mass cards. And he wants to thank you for that. I'm also shown a shamrock, so something about March 17, they're Irish, OK? And I want to tell you that he knows about this. So there was an organization he belonged to of some sort with this sort of thing.

KING: OK, Van Praagh.

VAN PRAAGH: Is that OK? Can I stop? Can I breathe now?

KING: We're with James Van Praagh, you can reach him at, and the book "Heaven and Earth" is out in paperback. And Sean Penn will be here tomorrow night, and we'll be back after these words.


KING: "Beyond With James Van Praagh" is still available on television. Still be on every day through May. And you can reach him at

Before we take our next call, is there a God? Is there someone keeping score of all of this? There is a big fella?

VAN PRAAGH: I don't think there's a big fella like religious organizations would have us think, like a man with a white beard. I think that's a little bit ridiculous, that's fallacy. I do believe we are part of God. We're all a part of a God, if you will. I think...

KING: Whatever you may call him?

VAN PRAAGH: Whatever you may call him. The higher self of yourself, the God self, your Christ self, whatever you wan to call the higher part of yourself.

And I think that when you pass over, you have a judgment. And you relive your life. They talk about your life flashes before you.

KING: The Albert Brooks movie.

VAN PRAAGH: Exactly. You relive every situation. I've been told this after 20 years of doing this. You relive every situation, every experience you had in life. And you not only relive it, you feel how you treated other people.

KING: Oh, my God. Oh, boy, there's trouble out there.

VAN PRAAGH: That's trouble. And that could be heaven or hell.

KING: You actually feel it.

VAN PRAAGH: You feel it 10 times stronger than you did on Earth.

KING: Austin, Texas. hello.

CALLER: Hello, this is Frances. And I'm getting divorced and I wanted to know what's ahead for me and my children?

KING: Oh, not a death question.

VAN PRAAGH: Good, a psychic question, that's good. OK, let me work into that. Your name is Frances?


VAN PRAAGH: OK, and when is your birthday, by the way?

CALLER: November 2.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, Scorpio. Is there -- were you married twice?


VAN PRAAGH: This is your first marriage?

CALLER: Yes. We've been separated back and forth. I've had a bad marriage. I tried to make it all these years. We've been married 28 -- almost 30 years. It hasn't worked.

VAN PRAAGH: I feel there are two relationships with you in your life, very strongly. Two significant relationships. And I think you must have had them already. Or this is the second one of the two. I'm going to tell you, I feel you're going to have to wait a little bit of time. I don't feel like that divorce is final. I don't feel like it's going to be finalized for a while. I really don't.

KING: If you can see things tomorrow, why can't you tell me who's going to win the game? I'm serious. I don't mean that as a joke.

VAN PRAAGH: I don't choose to use the gift or the ability to do that.

KING: Why not? Everyone says that, but why not? If you have psychic ability, and every psychic I've ever interviewed always said, No I won't tell you who's going to win the horse race, who's going to win the ball game. To me, that would be the No. 1 thing you could tell me.

VAN PRAAGH: I think it's abusing the gift. I think it's using it for the wrong thing. And so I won't go there.

Although at Belmont Race Track once, my sister just asked me, What horse is going to come in? And I was joking, at least I thought. But I gave her the three horses, one, two, three. I wasn't trying, it just came through that way.

KING: But you're not going to give me the football game?

VAN PRAAGH: No, I won't do that, Larry. Sorry.

KING: From Belmont the race track to Brooklyn, New York. You're only about 22 miles apart. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, hi. I'm calling actually to -- first I want to find out about my grandparents and my aunt. My aunt passed away a couple of years ago. She was very young. And now I just realized that you have the psychic abilities, and I was wondering if you can tell me what you have in store for me.

KING: If we get into too many questions, dear, we're going to -- let's leave it at one.

VAN PRAAGH: First of all, who died with cancer, please? A cancerous condition?

CALLER: That's my aunt.

VAN PRAAGH: The aunt? OK. I feel poisoning of the blood stream, and when I get that it's usually a cancer, leukemia type of feeling.


VAN PRAAGH: I also want to tell you that there was -- she's coughing up blood? Coughing up blood?


VAN PRAAGH: You remember this? She said you'll remember her coughing up the blood. That's how you know it's her.

She's showing me a map, by the way. I don't know why I'm being shown a map here. Someone showing you where they're going to be living, a map they showed you. OK?


VAN PRAAGH: And I also want to go to upstate New York for some reason. There is a family member that goes there or...

CALLER: Her son actually was living up there.

VAN PRAAGH: That's why upstate New York.

CALLER: You're amazing.

VAN PRAAGH: That's what she's telling me. I want to thank you for taking care of her, this aunt, and giving her things. She's talking about that.

And your mother, what about your mother? She's still alive? Your mom?


VAN PRAAGH: She's talking about your mom.

CALLER: Yes. That was her only sister.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, talking about your mom, she wants to give love to the mother here. She's talking about -- who had -- the grandmother had the old scarf?


VAN PRAAGH: Grandma's old scarf. Because the grandma comes in, she tells me a scarf that she had and that's how you would know her, being dressed up with a scarf around her, OK? And that's when she would dress up, that you'd have that scarf. That's what -- just want to tell you that.

KING: All right now, before we take the next call, did you see a scarf?

VAN PRAAGH: I saw a scarf.

KING: You saw a scarf? Where? I didn't see a scarf.

VAN PRAAGH: I saw it in my mind's eye. Right here.

KING: Obviously you were right. VAN PRAAGH: I saw a pattern. I saw a light yellowish-green pattern with flowers out. A neck scarf.

KING: Alan Park, Michigan for James Van Praagh, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry and James. I'm calling about, we lost my father, Robert. I want to know what he thinks about -- we're taking care of my mother, who's an invalid.

VAN PRAAGH: Did you just recently have to put her in a place, a care?

CALLER: No, we have not.

VAN PRAAGH: Has it been talked about, a care facility?

CALLER: We've talked about it, but...

VAN PRAAGH: I'm telling you something, a real drain. I feel your father is very concerned about a drain on the kids. I don't know if there are two of you altogether?

CALLER: There's five.

VAN PRAAGH: Who are the two kids taking care of her?

CALLER: There are two, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: Because there are two taking care of her. It's been a real drain on these two kids. I'm getting this strongly. A drain on those two. He loves what you're doing. Loves what you're doing.

I need to -- this is very weird. If she wanted to be in a room with more light in the room, or you put a lamp close to her?


VAN PRAAGH: Do you understand this?


VAN PRAAGH: OK, because talking about you made it more light for her, and he appreciates you did that, and she is as well.


VAN PRAAGH: Her legs are affected?

CALLER: Yes they are. She's paralyzed.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, because my legs are affected and I can't like move them. They're put up too. Straight up.

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: And he's around her, all of -- he's around her all of the time. There's animals around too.

CALLER: That's wonderful to know.

VAN PRAAGH: Animals come around. He's around her all the time. They had a very close relationship, a strong bond.


VAN PRAAGH: And initial "M" here for someone? Who is that? A Mary or someone with this name?

CALLER: Not that I can think of?

VAN PRAAGH: Mary, Miriam?

CALLER: Not that I can think of.


VAN PRAAGH: I'm going to go there.



KING: James, you're on a roll. We'll take a break and be back with our remaining moments with James Van Praagh on this edition of LARRY KING LIVE. Don't go away.


KING: We're back with James Van Praagh. Trying to get a few more calls in.

Elmira, Ontario, hello.

CALLER: Hello. I'd like to ask about my parents.

VAN PRAAGH: What are their names, please?

CALLER: Harold and Lois.

VAN PRAAGH: Is the mother over there first?


VAN PRAAGH: Your dad passed first?


VAN PRAAGH: Let me ask you this, as far as Harold goes, was there a business, his own business he owned?


VAN PRAAGH: Who has a store? CALLER: I couldn't -- I'm sorry, that doesn't click.

VAN PRAAGH: Doesn't make sense to you? I'm feeling a store. Owning a store. How long ago did these people pass over? Quite a while ago?


VAN PRAAGH: It feels like they've been there a long time. I'm not feeling anything strong. Not getting very strong impressions.

KING: Carterville, Illinois, hello.

CALLER: Hi. I was wonder if you can you tell me about my Aunt Judy?

VAN PRAAGH: Your Aunt Judy, was she the mother's side, father's side?

CALLER: Father's.

VAN PRAAGH: Did she -- did she help raise you at one point?

CALLER: My gosh, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, I'm being told about her raising you. And you'll know about her raising you.

CALLER: She did.

VAN PRAAGH: I'll tell you something with her, she was concerned about the clothes you wore.


VAN PRAAGH: Understand. I don't know if she helped you to learn how to sew, or bring you clothes and shopping?

CALLER: Yes definitely, the clothes and shopping.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. The memory -- when they come through, when they come in, they will give memories to us as evidence. You remember these things as evidence that they've survived.

CALLER: Amazing.

VAN PRAAGH: With this lady, trouble with walking towards the end. I feel trouble walking at the end. I want to give you -- I see hearts in front of me. Hearts. When I say that, that represents unconditional love from this lady. I am going to tell you something with her, Judy lady, she feels like a mother to you more than your mother, in many ways.

CALLER: Boy, I tell you, you're amazing. Unbelievable. She was very close to me.

KING: She's around her.

VAN PRAAGH: Very much so. I also feel someone with a drinking problem in the family as well.

CALLER: Could be.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. I feel -- dad's side of the family as well, someone over there with a drinking situation. Like an uncle. OK. That's what I'm picking up there.

CALLER: I can see that.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I also want to tell you something about roses with this lady. This aunt. She's giving me roses to give to you. I'm not sure if it's roses that you have around your house, or something about roses, a picture of roses.

CALLER: I'm not sure. I have some roses from her funeral.

VAN PRAAGH: From her funeral. OK. That could be it.

KING: Wow, that was amazing.

St. Paul, Virginia. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Hi. Go ahead.

CALLER: I would like to talk to my son.

VAN PRAAGH: Was he killed? Hello?

CALLER: No. No, well, that's a question.

VAN PRAAGH: I feel he was killed. So, that's what I'm getting. I don't know -- was it through a gun or something?


VAN PRAAGH: How was he found?

CALLER: It was a drug overdose.

VAN PRAAGH: Drug related? OK. I keep on seeing a gun somewhere. I tell you, I don't know what that means. Someone around him who had a gun? Around his people. I feel there are people around who influence him though. Like friends?


VAN PRAAGH: Friends. And I feel like he didn't want to do this, but there are other people around him and he does this. And I don't want to say killed, but this feeling I'm getting is forcing him, he shouldn't have done this, and there are other influences, these kids around who help him do this. CALLER: That's true.

VAN PRAAGH: I also feel there was a mixture of drugs. Not just one time. Something mixed in the body, in the system, that has this -- do you understand that?


VAN PRAAGH: Because it feels like the reaction together, that's not good. Very, very toxic with him. He talks about running away, going away from you, getting out of the house. Do you remember this?


VAN PRAAGH: He had fights with the family all the time, wanted to run away get away.


VAN PRAAGH: I'm also being told to tell you he's very, very sorry. William or Bill also with this person.

KING: Sorry, there are some calls we couldn't reach. If we weren't able to reach you, James Van Praagh appears regularly on this show. Also We only have a minute left.

VAN PRAAGH: I do spiritual tours all over the world with people. They come with me. We go to Brazil. We go to Brazil in March.

KING: What happens on a tour?

VAN PRAAGH: Usually I do -- I do these cruises. I go to different places around the world. I do workshops on board the ship.

KING: Workshops?

VAN PRAAGH: Psychic development workshops. Helping people develop their own psychic ability.

KING: Helping people become psychic?

VAN PRAAGH: Helping people be in tune with intuition.

KING: Do you think you can teach people to do what you do?

VAN PRAAGH: I do. I do. I believe that everybody has the ability to be more intuitive. There are some more intuitive than others, but everybody has that ability.

KING: As always thanks, Jim.

VAN PRAAGH: Thanks, Larry.

KING: James Van Praagh. "Beyond with James Van Praagh" is on television. "Heaven and Earth, Making the Psychic Connection" is in regular paperback. The famed spiritual medium and "New York Times" best selling author. And you can reach him at

I'll be back to tell you about tomorrow night right after this.


KING: Tomorrow Night on LARRY KING WEEKEND, a special hour, exclusive interview with Sean Penn about his trip to Iraq.

I had my children pick the football games this weekend. As good as any. In the NFC, Cannon likes Eagles and 49ers. And in the AFC, Chance like the Raiders and Titans. Do with it as you wish.


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