Heavenly Life?

Heavenly Life?

In our special series on space exploration, we've offered the view of scientists. Now it's your turn to weigh-in. Are humans alone in the universe? Can intelligent life exist on planets other than Earth? Have we already been contacted by aliens? The search for extraterrestrial life asks some of the most profound questions in science. In our special series on space explorations, we've offered scientists' views. We'd like to hear yours.

1) Do you believe that life exists on other worlds?

Don't know

2) If humans do discover extraterrestrial life, do you think it will bring about

great benefits for mankind
some benefits for mankind
no change
some harm for mankind
great harm for mankind

3) If humans do discover extraterrestrial life, how will it happen?

Humans will find life on another planet in our solar system
Humans will find life outside our solar system
Extraterrestrials will find us first
Extraterrestrials have already found us
Sculley and Mulder will find them in New Mexico

4) Which planet or satellite IN our solar system do you think most likely supports life?


5) Should the government...

increase funding for the search for life in space
decrease funding
leave funding at current levels
cut funding completely

6) If life is found beyond Earth, do you expect it to be

radically different from anything on Earth
somewhat different
slightly different
don't know

7) If life is found, do you expect that it will be

intelligent and technologically advanced
biologically complex, but primitive
single-celled or microscopic
something we can't categorize


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