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"Syndicate" tries to remake a '90s title into a modern-day, first-person shooter and as far as gameplay mechanics go, it succeeds. But, visually, the game falls so short that it ends up being far from an enjoyable experience.

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Review: 'Twisted Metal' delivers mindless mayhemupdated Thu Feb 16 2012 17:30:36

"Twisted Metal" introduces a new generation of gamers to the mechanical mayhem of the smash-'em-up series' previous games, while actually adding in a little bit of a story to tie all the action together.

Affordable 'Peggle,' 'Phase' make iPod debutupdated Fri Jan 11 2008 15:28:41

You love your Apple iPod and for good reason: It's easy to navigate through your extensive music collection; subscribing to free podcasts is a breeze thanks to Apple's intuitive iTunes Store; and there are thousands of fun accessories designed to give your iPod additional functionality.

Review: 'Culpa Innata' breathes new life into PC adventure genreupdated Fri Dec 28 2007 15:24:02

"Culpa Innata," an adventure game for the PC from Strategy First, is set on a unified Earth in the middle of the 21st century. It's no secret that the once-thriving PC adventure genre -- with such celebrated titles as "King's Quest," "Myst," "Grim Fandango" and "The Longest Journey" -- is one of the least popular game types today.

Review: New adventures creep their way to PSPupdated Fri Dec 21 2007 13:35:59

Traveling over the holidays? A portable gaming system can help keep you entertained while waiting for a flight, riding on a train or passing time in the back seat of the family minivan.

Review: 'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune' explores new territoryupdated Fri Dec 14 2007 11:50:49

By the time Nathan Drake -- the smooth-talking, treasure-hunting descendant of famed privateer Sir Francis Drake -- arrives on a teeny island in the middle of the Pacific, you will agree that the Sony PlayStation 3 has a much-needed holiday hit on its hands.

Review: 'Rock Band' hits right notes for music fansupdated Fri Dec 07 2007 13:27:27

"Rock Band," the eagerly anticipated music game, lets you live out your childhood dream -- virtually -- as you play guitar, bass and drums and sing your way to stardom.

Review: 'Guitar Hero III' rocks with more of the sameupdated Fri Nov 30 2007 10:10:37

The good -- and bad -- news for "Guitar Hero" fans is that in the latest game in the franchise, RedOctane didn't mess much with the formula that placed its predecessors among the hottest game sensations of our time.

Review: Cinematic thriller 'Assassin's Creed' hits the markupdated Fri Nov 23 2007 13:03:16

If you ever doubted a video game could deliver a movie-like experience, pick up Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" for an adventure so engrossing it should've come with a crowbar to pry yourself away.

Review: 'Simpsons' really funny, but basicupdated Thu Nov 01 2007 16:20:53

"The Simpsons Game's" most notable trait is that it's funny, so funny that I can't believe how often I actually laughed out loud at the wonderfully produced cutscenes that have been made for the game, despite how weird it is seeing Simpsons animation in HD.

Review: 'Orange Box' packs action, valueupdated Fri Oct 26 2007 12:44:24

"Halo 3" might be all the rage these days among first-person shooter fans, but those looking for the most bang for their buck won't find a better deal than the action-packed "Orange Box" from Valve Software.

Review: 'Spider-Man: Friend or Foe' good, simple funupdated Fri Oct 19 2007 11:06:48

If you launch the latest Spider-Man video game expecting a comic book-inspired brawler for younger players, you won't be disappointed with this superhero adventure.

Review: 'Skate' grinds on Tony Hawk's turfupdated Mon Oct 15 2007 09:33:52

Skateboarding is all about cheeky defiance, which is exactly what Electronic Arts is sporting for going up against Activision's billion-dollar Tony Hawk skateboarding franchise.

Review: 'Airborne' worthy addition to 'Medal of Honor' seriesupdated Fri Oct 05 2007 14:25:07

"Go! Go! Go!" is one of the first things you will hear after launching "Medal of Honor Airborne," as you follow your fellow soldiers toward the open door of a C-47 aircraft and parachute into hostile territory.

Review: 'Halo 3' lives up to the hypeupdated Tue Sep 25 2007 13:37:44

Not only is Microsoft Game Studios' "Halo 3" the most eagerly anticipated video game of the year -- it achieved a milestone of a million preorders two months ago -- but this action sci-fi series has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning novels, comics, action figures and a top-secret project with Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson ("The Lord of the Rings. The Return of the King").

Review: 'Lair' looks gorgeous, but game play a bungled messupdated Fri Sep 21 2007 14:46:00

"Lair" is a beautiful fantasy-action game with a good story and extraordinary music.

Review: 'Tiger' adds a few sweet shots to golfing arsenalupdated Fri Sep 14 2007 13:21:47

Sports video games are like birthdays: You more or less know what to expect when they roll around each year, but some are simply better than others.

Review: 'Jackass,' 'Dead Head Fred' debut on PSPupdated Fri Sep 07 2007 12:58:04

While the trend today is portable games that can make you smarter -- spawned by the popularity of Nintendo's "Brain Age" titles -- some are designed to turn you into a jackass.

Review: Intense 'BioShock' one of year's bestupdated Tue Sep 04 2007 13:17:05

Microsoft Xbox 360 owners in search of an intense 3-D shooter need not wait for Halo 3.

Review: 'Boogie' a fun but flawed music gameupdated Fri Aug 24 2007 10:43:12

Thanks to its unique motion-sensing controllers, the Nintendo Wii has enjoyed critical and commercial success by offering fresh new game-play experiences.

Review: Have fun as planner in 'Wedding Dash'updated Fri Aug 17 2007 13:41:36

Fans of the hit game series "Diner Dash" have been anxiously waiting to swap brooms for grooms in PlayFirst's first official offshoot game, "Wedding Dash."

Review: Bang your head to '80s-themed 'Guitar Hero' updated Fri Aug 10 2007 12:11:55

Until recently, wannabe rock stars were limited in how to live out the dream: embarrass themselves at karaoke bars or dance in front of the mirror with a tennis racket.

Review: New racing game a 'dirty' delightupdated Fri Aug 03 2007 15:10:17

NASCAR enthusiasts and Formula 1 fans might turn their nose up at off-road and Rally racing, but they should reserve judgment until they've climbed behind the wheel of Codemasters' "DiRT."

Games to save up forupdated Tue Jul 31 2007 11:38:19

So many games, so little time.

Review: 'Transformers' game short but sweetupdated Tue Jul 31 2007 11:37:16

Movie-based video games are a lot like movie sequels: You hope for the best but brace for the worst.

Review: Crime fighters Sam & Max back on the beatupdated Tue Jul 31 2007 11:36:13

There's a new "Season 1" DVD causing quite a buzz among entertainment fans -- and it's not Heroes, Supernatural or any other television show.

Review: 'Bargain bin' games offer cheap funupdated Tue Jul 31 2007 11:35:15

Good news for those tight on cash or with aging PCs: Many video game retailers still devote a section of their store to "bargain bin" games, those slightly older, undersold or overstocked titles.