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Consumer group: Online privacy protections fall short

Guide to a wired Super Bowl

Debate opens on making e-commerce law consistent



More than 11,000 killed in India quake

Mideast negotiators want to continue talks after Israeli elections


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Comdex 2000 showcases high-tech field

About 200,000 computer enthusiasts, industry professionals and curious onlookers have descended on Las Vegas, Nevada, this week for Comdex Fall 2000. Speakers at the massive event include Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, Hewlett-Packard President and CEO Carly Fiorina, Dell Computer Corp. Chairman and CEO Michael Dell and Oracle Corp. Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison.

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Comdex Fall 2000

Comdex wrap-up: Net appliances, wireless and widgets

From cameras to cars and from cell phones to printers, the definition of "Internet appliance" has been expanded here this week to go way beyond simplified PCs that let you check e-mail and shop for groceries.

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'International Alley' brings the world to Comdex

Among the promotional banners and company logos cluttering the floor here at the Comdex trade show, there are more than a few flags of a more patriotic stripe. National pavilions allow companies, especially smaller ones that can't afford their own space, to band together with others from their country.

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Odd gadgets draw ogles at Comdex

How about a friendly robot to babysit when you go out? Perhaps you fancy sending a rose-scented e-mail message to your loved one? Or how about wearing your PC around your waist? This year's Comdex has no shortage of funny, clever, and sometimes, seemingly useless gadgets.

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Users: Interface problems hold back Linux

Oddsmakers in this town probably aren't betting against Linux, but the operating system's users and vendors both believe that its old-style command-line interface makes it a long shot for moving beyond its current niche as an Internet infrastructure building block.

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Comdex: Electric Fuel promises longer cell phone life

It never fails. Right when you need it most, your cell phone battery fizzles out, with nary an electric outlet or recharging cable in sight. Sound familiar? Then Electric Fuel has good news for you.

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Microsoft eyes Bluetooth for personal digital networks

Bluetooth is a hot topic at many discussions at Comdex, and though the promise of the wireless technology has yet to pan out with actual products available on the market, Microsoft Corp. is confident in its decision to put its considerable weight behind the wireless technology.

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Comdex: Sybersay shows off cell phone earpiece

Cellular phone users looking for an alternative to a wired hands-free earpiece will have another option with Sybersay Communications's Sonic Crystal wireless product due out in July 2001.

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The SAN is rising, say 70 companies at Comdex

Four years ago at Comdex, vendors offering SAN (storage area network) hardware, software and services had a muted presence, with four companies exhibiting ten products on the show floor. This year, more than 70 companies were exhibiting over 300 SAN products and services, demonstrating the massive growth storage area networking has witnessed in the last few years.

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Mercedes makes a Net gain at Comdex

Cars in the future will deliver Internet-based services and entertainment to users, a Mercedes-Benz USA executive said here at Comdex Wednesday in the first ever keynote address at the trade show given by an automotive executive.

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    CNN's Rick Lockridge plays with the latest high-tech toys at the computer show

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