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Microsoft's battles aren't just in courtroom

November 8, 1999
Web posted at: 4:37 p.m. EST (2137 GMT)


(CNN) -- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates didn't get to be the world's richest man by making mistakes. But Gates is the first to admit he initially underestimated the impact of the Internet.

He corrected that mistake with an aggressive product strategy that put Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser in first place - trouncing over Netscape -- and gave Microsoft two of the most popular sites on the web. But that strategy also triggered his current antitrust troubles.

Still, Gates remains determined to compete and win. Only the term he uses for it these days is, "innovate."

"We continue to be guided by the most basic American values: innovation, integrity, serving customers, partnership, quality, giving back to the community," Gates said.

VideoCNN's Rick Lockridge reports on the implications of the ruling that Microsoft is considered a monopoly.
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VideoCNN's Rick Lockridge looks at some of the history of the Microsoft antitrust trial
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  • Full report: U.S. v Microsoft, Findings of Fact
    Silicon Valley reacts to Microsoft 'monopoly'

    Special Report: Microsoft on Trial

    Microsoft, Gates saw low points as stock price climbed

    The marketplace has changed, but will Microsoft?

    Look around the high-tech landscape these days and you see a Microsoft flag planted on every hill. Microsoft has a way of getting its fingers into every "new thing."

    These are the battlefields of the future and even a Microsoft weakened by antitrust woes intends to field a formidable army for every fight.

    "I think Microsoft would be free to go into wireless devices and broadband access, and anything else it wants to go into, but it won't be able to abuse or leverage its monopoly position in Windows to gain a foothold in those marketplaces," said Doug Barney, a columnist for Network World magazine.

    But even as it tries to conquer new industries, Microsoft must defend itself against the facts as found by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson.

    Few companies have the will and wherewithal to fight so many battles simultaneously, and still expect to win. But Microsoft is one of those few.

    Correspondent Rick Lockridge contributed to this report.

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