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PC World

Top 10 modems

October 29, 1999
Web posted at: 12:15 p.m. EDT (1615 GMT)

by Kalai Murugesan Image

(IDG) -- New models take the lead on both internal and PC Card charts this month. Viking's ISA model offers great performance at a competitive price. Meanwhile, 3Com's new Global GSM & Cellular Modem PC Card replaces its 56K Cellular Modem PC Card, adding overseas and cell phone capability plus circuitry for more reliable connections. Digicom's Modem Blaster debuts in the internal chart with competitive pricing and performance.

How PC World tests

We test V.90 (56-kbps) and V.34 (33.6-kbps) performance over a Telecomm Analysis Systems simulated phone network. We connect each modem to two common Internet service provider modems -- Ascend's Max 6000 and 3Com's Total Control. Using each ISP modem, we perform two tests. In the Network Model Coverage test, we send a .zip file over several different line conditions. In the File Type test, we send a mix of four files -- graphics, text, program, and compressed -- over one line condition. We average the results for the two ISP modems to calculate NMC and FT scores, which make up, respectively, 60 and 40 percent of the total performance score. Data based on tests designed and conducted by the PC World Test Center. All rights reserved.

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Top internal V.90 modems

  1. Viking 56K Windows ISA Modem
  2. Zoom FaxModem 56K ISA Dualmode
  3. 3Com U.S. Robotics Winmodem PCI
  4. MaxTech XPVS56P/RS NetPacer Pro Internal PCI Data/Voice/Fax Speakerphone Modem
  5. Digicom Systems Modem Blaster 56K Internal Data Fax Modem w/Voice
  6. Zoom FaxModem 56K PCI Dualmode
  7. Boca 56K WinStorm Modem M56HI

Top PC Card V.90 modems

  1. 3Com MegaHertz 56K Global GSM & Cellular Modem PC Card w/ Xjack
  2. IBM 56K PC Card Modem
  3. Psion Dacom Gold Card Global 56K PC Card Modem + Fax

Beyond the top 10: Internal V.90 modems

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