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Retro roundup: Classic arcade games return

October 25, 1999
Web posted at: 11:34 a.m. EDT (1534 GMT)

by The Freshman, GamePro

games graphic

(IDG) -- Retro fever seems to have hit the gaming industry like Hurricane Floyd.

The Coming Soon lists shine with the gleam of yesteryear as companies like Hasbro, Midway and Konami reach into the vaults of memory and pull out ancient hits. Some, like Pong and Pac Man, practically created gaming, while others, like Smash TV, 720 and Time Pilot, kept it going through the ages.

Some of these are straight arcade ports, and some are updates... but they're all old favorites, and they're all retro.

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Pong (PSX)
Any video game history begins with Pong, the ancient granddaddy of video games. Hasbro Interactive's new Pong takes the ball-bashing gameplay of the original, spices it up with all-new 3D graphics, and brings the revered classic into the PlayStation age.
Click here for the preview

Space Invaders (PSX)
Everyone's favorite us-versus-them alien blaster is back! Activision keeps faithful to the gameplay that made this game a classic, while bringing the ancient graphics an all-new look and feel.
Click here for the preview

Asteroids Hyper 64 (N64)
Get your rocks off in this remake of the classic rock-blaster! This update brings you all the same gameplay you loved, cloaked in graphics that make your Nintendo 64 sweat.
Click here for the preview

Missile Command (PSX)
The aliens have landed! Defend Earth from an alien invasion, as missiles fall like rain over your tiny and nearly-defenseless cities. Hasbro Interactive brings you both an updated 3D version and the original classic, with new-style PlayStation flair.
Click here for the preview

Pac Man World (PSX)
Your favorite yellow disc is back, and this time he's starring in his very own 3D adventure! Relive the old days as you and Pac Man jump, punch and chomp your way through all new 3D worlds.
Click here for the preview

Q*Bert (PSX)
Can the 80s' most famous foulmouthed hero hop the right blocks to win a following of today's hardcore gamers? With all-new stages, a new 3D look and new twists on the classic Q*Bert gameplay, it looks like all the blocks are the right color.
Click here for the preview

Intellivision Classics (PSX)
In console gaming's early years, there were two systems fighting for dominance. Not the NES and the Genesis, but the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision. Many felt the Intellivision had better games, with a sports-heavy lineup and generally better graphics. Find out for yourself with the new classic collection by Activision.
Click here for the preview

Konami Arcade Classics (PSX)
They might not be the most familiar of all arcade classics, but who doesn't remember Gyruss, Yie Ar Kung Fu or Time Pilot? Konami brings you a collection of some of their most famous (and some of their most obscure) classic arcade games from the 80s. No bells and whistles, just the good old arcade perfect games you know and love.
Click here for the preview

Arcade Party Pak (PSX)
Arcade gamers who were late for the Space Invaders age might remember the gems contained within Midway's classic Party Pak. The monster hit 720, the ultra-violent Smash TV and the classy Klax top many gamers' lists of favorite arcade memories.
Click here for the preview

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