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PC World

Top 10 presentation tools

May 11, 1999
Web posted at: 4:08 p.m. EDT (2008 GMT)

by Max Green

(IDG) -- It may seem superficial, but the subtleties of your presentations--the color of the charts, the quality of the images, the smoothness of the transitions--have a huge impact on how successfully you communicate your ideas. Below are FileWorld's most popular programs for creating slide shows and business plans. Be sure to check out at least some of the programs. They may become your most trusty allies in the conference room.

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  1. PowerShow Pro: Create multimedia slide shows using a wide variety of image files. You can synchronize sounds with images, play MIDI soundtracks, include transition effects, add flying-font text overlays, and more.

  2. PowerPoint Animation: Create PowerPoint animations with this publisher and player combination. It's great for creating animated presentations and Web pages.

  3. Business Plan Pro: Palo Alto Software's business plan preparation kit includes sample pages, editable templates, and cash-related budget templates to help you prepare your next business plan.

  4. SyTools32: This program automates the time-consuming process of creating business diagrams to add to other documents.

  5. Lim Slide Show: Create presentations with graphics, sound, and video. The program supports .jpg, .bmp, and .gif formats, as well as CD audio, MIDI, and .wav, and .avi and other video and animation formats.

  6. Presentation Builder: Use Word 97 to create a PowerPoint slide show with this presentation-building tool. From Word, you can assign all the styles and formats you need, then move your document to PowerPoint.

  7. Adobe Premiere 5.0: Create video and audio tracks for publishing on videotape. This trial version limits you to 30 days of use, and the ability to save files and capture video is disabled.

  8. EZ SlideShow: Put together a slide show with your bit map graphics and .wav audio files. Slides can be advanced by mouse clicks, timers, or in synch with sound files. You can turn the results into a screen saver.

  9. B-PLAY: Use Windows' screen saver features to set up slide shows with a sequence of bit-map images. Apply transition effects and text overlays, and play .wav and MIDI files while the slides are displayed.

  10. DOS Reform: If you're a DOS diehard, this utility can improve the look of your no-frills ASCII reports. It also adds a desktop-publishing look to plain text output from Windows applications.

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