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Top 10 fun fonts

May 5, 1999
Web posted at: 2:10 p.m. EDT (1810 GMT)

by Max Green


(IDG) -- Sure, you may have to use Times New Roman at work, but what's stopping you from experimenting at home? Or why not use a funky font for drafts of workplace memos and switch to a more professional one before printing or sending them? However you decide to use the fonts in the list below -- which vary from Star Trek-type lettering to an art deco style to a child's handwriting -- they're guaranteed to add some spice to your documents. If you'd like to avail yourself of more font collections, click the link below.

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  1. TrueType Collection: This archive contains more than 150 TrueType shareware, freeware, or public domain fonts. Included in the archive are Andes, Big Fish Ensemble, Formal Script 421, Mephisto, Squire, and many more. The readme files tell you which fonts are free and which require registration.

  2. True Type Collection 1: Includes Apex, Century m/b, Cursive Elegant, Friz Quad m/b, Old English, Micro m/b, and Zap Chance.

  3. 50 Fonts Pack #2: We have a sampler, Ransom Note-type font that gives you a taste of the other fonts available from Match Software. The whole 50 Fonts 2 set has a complete alphabet set with lower- and upper-case, plus numbers, punctuation, and extended characters.

  4. KrazyKool: Back up your fighting words with this sans serif typeface that looks like stylized graffiti.

  5. Art Deco: This ten-pack of Art Deco-style fonts for Windows or WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS includes: Broad Ave., Dalith, Halfnium, Haman Bold, Narcosis, Neaten, Orange, Ramose, Totem, and Zyme. Curious? A view utility shows samples of all the fonts.

  6. Dear Teacher: For when you're feeling childish -- Dear Teacher simulates a child's handwriting, complete with the occasional backwards letter.

  7. Felt Marker Thin: Simulate the casual scrawl of letters created by a felt-tip marker.

  8. Diodes Light: This font evokes letters on an LED screen. Great for electronic ads and catalogs.

  9. Smiley Face: This font features cartoon faces with smiles, frowns, dopey looks, and other expressions.

  10. Klingon: Correspond with other Trekkies with this typeface, featuring 26 Klingon letters and 10 Klingon numbers.

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