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PC World

Top 10 hot screen savers

April 6, 1999
Web posted at: 1:02 p.m. EDT (1702 GMT)

by Max Green

(IDG) -- Screen savers may be the fuzzy dice of the software universe, but what's so wrong with that? It's natural to want to personalize your environment. Below are FileWorld's most popular titles, varying from sea life to UFOs to animals. If these don't appeal to you, click "More great screen savers" (link below) to browse all the titles in this category. With dozens of new files uploaded every month, FileWorld has screen savers that appeal to the most obscure of human eccentricities.

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  1. Aircraft Screen Saver and Wallpaper: Watch vintage aircraft fly across the screen. The full version of this screen saver includes 16 moving aircraft, animated text, and a wallpaper image in true color (16 million colors). The file is for 800-by-600 resolution, and is for 640-by-480 resolution. (Shareware)

  2. Aerosmith Screen Saver: Engulf your display in Aerosmith's Box of Fire screen saver. Flames climb up the screen, then the band's logo appears. Rock on. (Shareware)

  3. Holodeck 3 Screen Saver: Make your desktop look like the computer on the Star Trek series, complete with diodes, flashing buttons, and the console. (Freeware)

  4. UFO Screen Saver: Watch flying saucers zoom across a virtual cityscape. To preview the screen saver, unzip both files and put them in your c:\windows\system directory. Then go to the Control Panel, click the Display icon, and select the Screen Saver tab. (Freeware)

  5. Halloween Witch Screen Saver: This screen saver shows a witch flying across the night sky dropping pumpkins. A Halloween banner also slides down the screen. (Freeware)

  6. Drawing Hand Screen Saver: An image of a human hand gets draws pictures on your screen. This version includes the hand drawing a lion's head; more images are available from the author's Web site. The author provides a new drawing about every two weeks to use with this screen saver. (Shareware)

  7. Sea Life Screen Saver: Display a variety of sea life, including jellyfish, dolphins, and sand sharks, among others. The file works best at 800-by-600 resolution. (Freeware)

  8. 1,000 Photo Screen Savers: Here are three collections of wallpapers and screen savers developed with the WebShots Screen Saver Toolbox. The collections include scenery, animals, and sports images. (Shareware)

  9. Christmas Scenes Screen Saver: Keep the Christmas spirit all year round. CMB Software's package displays traditional Christmas images on your display while playing carols in the background. (Shareware)

  10. 3D Santa Screen Saver: This screen saver features a 3D Santa Claus performing a variety of acrobatic acts (and a few unusual stunts). If you have a sound card, you can enjoy sound effects as well. (Freeware)

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