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PC World

Top 10 e-mail tools

March 30, 1999
Web posted at: 5:59 p.m. EST (2259 GMT)

by Max Green
   The Ten Commandments of e-mail

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(IDG) -- Is e-mail a tool or a way of life? However you view it, these programs can help you out. They can add animated graphics to your messages, help you cut back on the junk mail, scan multiple e-mail accounts from one location, and perform many other helpful tricks. The most popular downloads from FileWorld's library are in this list; for more titles, click "More E-mail Extras," link below.

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  1. Animated Email Magic: Creates attention-grabbing e-mail you can use for announcements, invitations, greeting cards, and lively resumes. You can import graphics files (in .bmp, .gif, or .jpg format) and sounds (in .wav or MIDI format). There are a variety of special effects available, and you can even create animated sequences that play like cartoons. (Trial)

  2. Talking Email: This utility notifies you when you've received e-mail and can then read the message to you. It supports plain text, HTML, and rich-text formats. (Demo)

  3. HotMailer 98: Use this add-on to your HotMail mailbox account to turn the Web-based e-mail system into a full-fledged e-mail program, complete with Read and Reply functions. Your HotMail account will continue to use the standard POP3 and SMTP services, but it will behave much more like a standard mail client. (Free)

  4. Ghost Mail: This program lets you send mail or newsgroup messages anonymously. Just set up rules for fields, copy and paste for your recipient list if necessary, and post quietly--with little risk to your e-mail box's integrity. (Free)

  5. Eudora Lite: The "light" version of the popular Internet e-mail program includes smart filtering and the ability to attach a variety of file types (including sound, graphics, and video) to messages, among other features. (Free)

  6. Spam Hater: Can't stand the flood of junk e-mail that's taken over your in-box? Spam Hater will track down the senders, no matter how inscrutable the message header, and send them a complaint letter. Supports most popular e-mail clients, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus, AOL, CompuServe, and many more. (Free)

  7. Pegasus Mail: Pegasus is compatible with both Netware mail servers and standalone POP3 mail servers typically found on ISPs. Get w32-301b.exe for Windows 95 and NT, or w16-301b.exe for Windows 3.x. (Free)

  8. POP3 Scan Mailbox: Scan any of your POP3 mailboxes for incoming messages with this easy-to-use utility. POP3 Scan Mailbox supports multiple ISPs and mailboxes, removes junk e-mail, and retrieves only those messages you need. The program is free for noncommercial use only. (Free)

  9. Microsoft Outlook 98 Security Patch: The latest security patch for Outlook 98 and Outlook Express 4.0x (from Internet Explorer 4.0x) solves the problem of file attachments with long filenames possibly corrupting your software configuration. (Free)

  10. Spelling Sentry/32: This spelling checker for Windows 95 and NT works for Eudora, Netscape Navigator, and other applications. Includes a 100,000-word American English dictionary. (Shareware)

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