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PC World

Top 10 database tools

March 23, 1999
Web posted at: 9:54 a.m. EST (1454 GMT)

by Max Green

(IDG) -- Whether you're trying to remember a song, a book, a software title, or a zip code, it helps if you can search through a catalog. It may seem compulsive to set up a database for such sundry purposes, but it's not so! Databases aren't solely for inventory control anymore. Many are so easy to use, it makes sense to build databases to track information for your home or small business. Below are some of the most popular shareware databases from our FileWorld library; if you want explore this category more, click "More database extras," link below.

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  1. Zip Code Book 97: You can look up any zip code with this database. Enter a zip code to find out the corresponding city, state, county, and area code, or simply enter the city name and state and let Zip Code Book provide you with the zip, county, and area code. (Shareware)

  2. PrimaSoft Music Organizer: This database is designed to help you organize your collection of CDs, cassettes, records--and even 8-track tapes. (Shareware)

  3. Zip Code Companion: Use this handy database to find the zip codes for specific cities, states, and even area codes in 42,000 U.S. locations. Enter a zip code and it provides the matching city, state, and area code, along with the time of day. (Shareware)

  4. Infodex Pro: Create your own flat-file databases to track all kinds of information. Infodex Pro features advanced design and layout tools to make it easy to use your database, and it also supports custom formats for such items as dates, times, text, and more. You can import existing data, or export data to your word processing program or spreadsheet. You can also create labels and reports for the data you store. (Shareware)

  5. PrimaSoft Software Organizer: Organize the details of your software collection in a convenient database. Track purchase details, price, installation date, publisher, and a lot more. (Shareware)

  6. Access Household Inventory Database: This custom database demonstrates some of the capabilities of Microsoft Access 97 and, at the same time, gives you a full-featured program you can use to track your household inventory. Numerous reports are predesigned to let you report on item location, category, and more. (Freeware)

  7. Manage Your Books: This database is designed to organize and manage libraries for church, school, business, and home. It supports multiple indexes, has a tabbed entry screen, and provides a 64KB note field. Reports include check-out status and borrower information. (Shareware)

  8. Instabase Web Ready: This database designer allows you to rename fields, import graphics or text, and double-click to open an e-mail program or Internet browser. It has reporting and searching tools, graphics storage with zoom and edit abilities, text fields for comments, import and export features, backup and restore, and an enhanced toolbar. (Shareware)

  9. Who's Who Book: Find the right person in your company with this database/organizational-chart program. Members of an organization can be represented in a database and in charts. The program is designed to help managers keep track of their employees, colleagues, and contacts within the company. (Shareware)

  10. File Express: Using File Express, you can record, print, sort, display, and report on information of any kind. You can also produce customized form letters by merging names from the database file with a letter. (Shareware)

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