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How to download the Java 2 source code

Just as Sun promised, it is fairly easy to download the Java 2 source code. Follow these steps:
  1. Before you can download the Java 2 SDK, Sun requires you to create a user name and password at the Sun Software shop. Go to: Create a user account by filling in your name, address, and so on, on the standard form.

  2. After you've created an account, go to Sun's "Java 2 SDK Community Source Licensing" page at This page provides an overview of Sun's new Java 2 licensing model along with links to technical information, an overview of the Community Source Licensing program, and how to download the Java 2 SDK.

  3. After reading the previous page, click the How to Download button followed by the Begin Download button.

  4. Sign on by using your newly created user name and password.

  5. Next comes the 7,613-word license agreement. You must accept the terms of this agreement before you can download the Java 2 source code. When ready, click Accept, then Continue.

  6. You next receive an order number. Either write this number down or print the page for future reference. Choose a download location near you, then click on the JSSDK 1.2 Source file icon.

  7. Next, choose the format you want to download: gz format (19.78 MB), Z format (30.9 MB), or zip format (24.94 MB). (The JavaWorld download took about 10 minutes over a T1 line.)

The complete Java 2 SDK -- 69.8 MB uncompressed -- contains 7,293 files located in 884 folders.


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