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PC World

Top 10 antivirus tools

Zap those viruses before they get to your data.

February 9, 1999
Web posted at: 12:04 p.m. EST (1704 GMT)

(IDG) -- Computer viruses are a real threat, and you need a real defense -- an antivirus utility. Here are some of the most useful tools available, including up-to-date definition files that ward off new virus strains. Pick what you need to protect your hard drive from infestation.

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  1. McAfee VirusScan for Windows 95: VirusScan detects all types, including Word and Excel macro viruses, boot-sector infections, and file, multipartite, stealth, polymorphic, and encrypted viruses. (Shareware)

  2. Norton AntiVirus5.0 Windows 95 Trial: Use Norton Antivirus under Windows 95, 98, or NT to keep your system clean and free of infection. (Trial)

  3. McAfee Virus Definition Data Files: These are the current releases of data definition files for McAfee VirusScan products. This update can also be used for Netshield, VShield, WebScan, and several other VirusScan programs. (Free)

  4. Anyware Antivirus: This package protects your computer from known viruses and detects the presence of new ones. It can scan any drive as well as check for viruses in memory, system files, and compressed files. (Free)

  5. Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update: Update your virus definition files with Symantec's intelligent updater. Click the file name to locate and update your program files automatically. (Free)

  6. ViruSafe Web: Whether you use Internet Explorer or Navigator, protect yourself with this Web virus scanner from EliaShim. (Free)

  7. AccessIV Virus Utility: Use this add-in to scan your Access 97 database files for infection by the AccessIV virus. It will check for and disable the virus if it finds it, and it will also fix corrupted databases by deleting infected macros and modules. (Free)

  8. BootProtect 98: Protect your Windows 95 or 98 system from boot-sector viruses using this antivirus tool. When you shut down your PC, BootProtect scans all drives containing a disk and notifies you to remove it. It also detects CD-ROMs and automatically opens the CD drive for you. (Shareware)

  9. McAfee Guard Dog Fix: This fix corrects Guard Dog's File Guardian glitch, which may lock up your system when you try to use Nuts & Bolts 98's DiskMinder, DiskTune, or Image tools. (Free)

  10. ThunderBYTE AntiVirus: Scans and removes known and unknown file, boot-sector, polymorphic, and macro viruses. (Shareware)

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