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Comdex coverage by CNN and

New modems and related gear debut

November 19, 1998
Web posted at: 3:20 PM ET

by Elizabeth Heichler

(IDG) -- LAS VEGAS -- Modems may not be the most glamorous technology on display at Comdex, but there was some news here this week about the hard-working peripherals that connect legions of users to the Internet.

New products shown here this week included the following.

Multi-Tech Systems brought out a range of new products aimed at the corporate user. Its V.90 USB (Universal Serial Bus) Modem Concentrator -- model MT4X56USB in the MultiModemUSB family -- adds four V.90 modems to any Universal Serial Bus-equipped system running Windows 95, 98, or NT. The new MultiModemISI is the North American version of a hybrid server card that offers ISDN and V.90 and 56-kbps dial-up capabilities to remote access servers; it is priced at $1449.
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Multi-Tech also brought out new 32-bit PCI bus communications cards that include drivers for Windows, Novell, SCO Unix, and Linux operating systems; the MultiModem ISI PCI server cards add V.90 modems (four or eight, depending on the model) to servers, while the Intelligent Serial Interface cards are four- and eight-port serial accelerator cards. Pricing information was not provided. Meanwhile, the MultiMobile Powerbook V.90 card modem plugs into the PCMCIA slots of Macintosh PowerBooks. Pricing information was not immediately available. MultiTech can be reached in Mounds View, Minnesota, at 612/785-3500, or via its Web site.

For small businesses, AOpen America came out with two new modem routers, the IRoute 128 ISDN external modem router and the PRoute 112, an external standard phone line V.90 modem router. Both allow workgroups and small businesses to share and pool modem resources, and both are priced at $350. San Jose, California-based AOpen can be reached at 408/922-2100 or via its Web site.

On a smaller scale, Shark Multimedia's new Leopard USB modem is a pocket-size external modem that also operates with any H.324 video phone system. It is priced at $79.95 and will be available in December. Shark also came out with the Leopard Win 56-kbps PCI internal PC modem; pricing information was not provided. Shark can be reached at 800/800-3321 or on the Web.

To protect modems from damage when they're connected to digital PBX phone lines -- which have electrical currents more than ten times higher than analog lines -- Konexx Unlimited System Corporation has introduced ModemMinder, a plug-in device that will be available in the first quarter of next year for $39. Konexx can be reached at 619/622-1400 or on the Web.

Amquest announced that its internal QuadModem is now available. It uses four Rockwell 56-kbps V.90 modem chips on one board, and connects using a single PCI bus. Shipped with the company's software suite, the QuadModem costs $899. The company also announced its ComQuest software, which allows a user to bind multiple analog telephone lines in order to increase the speed of browsing the Internet or downloading files. Amquest can be reached at 888/715-7444 or on the Web.

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