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Comdex coverage by CNN and

Dell knows why you can't sleep

November 18, 1998
Web posted at: 11:30 AM EST

by Terho Uimonen and David Pendery


(IDG) -- LAS VEGAS -- Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell here Monday at the fall Comdex show presented what he claimed are the three main issues keeping corporate IT decision makers awake at night.

Heading the list is what IT managers perceive as increased complexity and loss of accountability in service and support offered by vendors, Dell said, citing results from a recent online poll of the company's customers.

"The old industry approach was proprietary technology and vertical service solutions," Dell said. "Customers now universally reject these notions."
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Rather than a set of high-powered proprietary hardware and software supported by a particular vendor's group of service personnel, most customers now want interchangeable industry standards and flexibility in service, Dell continued.

"The idea of being all things to all people is a thing of the past," Dell said.

The other two main issues are the implications of conducting business in an online environment, particularly when it comes to privacy and security in customer relations, followed by the need for increased network bandwidth, Dell said.

Dell's own company, in his view, has learned its lessons by listening to its customers.

As an example, Dell said that unlike most online businesses, his company does not sell its customer records to any third parties.

"We don't sell the database, period," Dell said.

At the other end of the spectrum, Dell said that he was somewhat surprised that issues such as the well-known year-2000 problem were not listed higher.

Only 18 percent of the polled IT managers expressed concern about the year-2000 issue, Dell said.

Terho Uimonen is a correspondent in the Taipei, Taiwan, bureau of the IDG News Service. David Pendery is an InfoWorld reporter.

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