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Site-seer: Web-spun costumes, spooks and games for Halloween

By CNN Interactive Writer Jenna Milly

October 27, 1998
Web posted at 1:27 PM ET
Click for Haunted Houses

(CNN) -- October has crept to an end, days are growing shorter and the click of your mouse begins to creak like a rusty cellar door. There is only one place you can go, masked in anonymity, to seek out the ghoulish mysteries of Halloween. The Web, namesake of the spider's intricate home, reveals spooky Halloween costumes, virtual haunted houses and bone-chilling fun for the big night.

Ghoulish garb: Costume designs

For those who wait for the witching hour to choose their midnight makeover, Halloween Costume Center has dozens of design ideas that will have you searching through closets and shopping at thrift stores. This site offers how-to instructions for making your own costumes. Old favorites like mummies, ghosts and goblins lurk alongside new trends like Mr. Potato Head and the walking Post-It Note. A link to lists of Goodwill stores around the world may even help you find one of this year's most coveted ensembles -- blue dress, cigar and beret.

For the more serious masquerader, Halloween Costume Construction explains how to make detailed armor accessories like chest plates, helmets and swords. Xenas, knights and warriors exchange techniques in the chat room.

Ghastly games: Halloween trickery in cyberspace

Click for ghoulish games

Yahoo's Ghoulish Games with Nightmare Ned offers spooky spinoffs of childhood games, such as the tile-turning "Monster Match," blackjack-inspired "Black Cat" and "Trick-Tac-Toe." hosts a virtual haunted house game that uses more brains than JavaScript to navigate though the narrated mystery. As the local police chief on the hunt for missing persons, you must unfold clues, discover secret passages and guard yourself from danger in an attempt to solve the riddle of Wycke Manor.

Absolutely Halloween provides elementary games for small children. A 3-D model of a paper haunted house and an eerie printout maze accompany the "Golden Rules of Halloween Safety" to help parents organize the big night.

Real-life spooks: Haunted houses and horror movies

Venturing out on the night of the dead is risky if you don't know who you might bump into. The goblins at list admission prices, times and special events for every house of terror they could find in the United States. Users also can satiate their Halloween costume needs with online shopping for fake body parts, plastic eyes and fangs.

Hosting a Halloween dinner party can leave you in the lurch if you have no clue what to serve. Throw a Halloween Party has recipes for devilish drinks, wormy apple treats and cookies for cadavers.

Movies: Scare up a good fright flick

Click for pumpkin carving tips

To liven up the mood at your Saturday night seance, has gruesome rental ideas listed in more than 400 scary movie sites. "Bride of Chucky" and "Halloween H20" compete with old favorites like "Night of the Living Dead" and "Tales from the Crypt." Just logging onto their chat room is enough to have you sleeping with the lights on at night.

Homestyle Halloween: Carving Jack-o-lanterns

One great tradition of the Halloween season is pumpkin carving. The experts at provide carving tips, printout templates and selection guidelines. A virtual pumpkin carving game allows you to experiment with different faces before picking up the carving tools. Additional templates and styling tricks are found at

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