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Surfing Silicon Valley: Aww, shucks. It ain't much

By CNN San Francisco Bureau Chief Greg Lefevre



Modesty, Part 1:

Not one of Microsoft's better known virtues, modesty is full bloom this week as MS tries to keep expectations low on Windows 98 sales.

Of course they'll be low. It's not worth 90 bucks, say the analysts.

Four headlines from The San Diego Union-Tribune's ComputerLink magazine:

"The big news with Win98? A crash-free installation" (I should HOPE so.)
"Microsoft's new operating system mostly minor upgrade of Win95"
"Windows 98 arrives amid polite applause"
"Microsoft's operating system improves. Is it for your computer?"

Should I Buy Windows 98?

  • Yes, if you want the added convenience of the Web browser-like desktop. A nice feature.
  • Yes, if you haven't upgraded your Win95 in a long time.
  • Definitely yes if you crash a lot. Universally, reviewers say 98 is more stable.
  • No, if 90 dollars is too much for an upgrade.
  • No, if your computer is not a Pentium with at least 32 megs of ram and a hard drive with 200 megs to spare.

    But, wait!
    This will soon be followed by...

    Modesty, Part 2:

    "Gosh! It's selling better than we had ever hoped!"

    That's when sales go past five million for this latest box of bug fixes. Five mil is actually an easy target when you consider that virtually every PC (except Macs loaded with Virtual PC) will come with Win98 preloaded.

    Now, how would you like an operating system that is free, almost never crashes, is fast as the dickens, can look like Windows or Mac and has free support? The Silicon Valley Linux Users Group thought you'd never ask. They passed out free Linux Operating System CD's outside a computer superstore that put Win98 on sale at midnight. No word on the number of takers -- for Linux or Win98.

    Me? I run a Mac with 8.1. None of those problems are an issue with me. ;)

    Surf on....

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