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Web name search: baby, pet and pseudo

May 22, 1998
Web posted at: 9:07 p.m. EDT (0107 GMT)

By CNN Interactive Associate Producer Jenny Milly

The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. In fact, this story will help you search the Internet for all sorts of names for everything from babies and pets to fake identities and alter egos.

Claude or Caroline: surfing baby names

Pathfinder's ParentTime has a Baby Names section that helps soon-to-be parents explore lists of names from several categories like "what's cool," "classics," "People's choice" and "celebrities." The "left field" section has all the names you wish you had never heard, but if you are looking for originality, this is the place to find it. The suggestions include "Pebbles" for a girl or "Rocket" for a boy.

Baby Names narrows the selections with its internationally savvy search engine, featuring topic listings for intellectual, unusual, and presidential names.

After deciding between Woodrow and Wilbur, users can look further into the historical significance of names and find genealogy information at The search engine at Parent details name origins and offers cultural and geographic listings.

Woofy or Spot: pet naming novelties

The Pet Name Pages helps a name-scrounging pet owner find options by type, color, origin and personality traits. Some best friends aren't always furry, and this site caters to users who own pets that fly, hop, slither and crawl. One naming section pairs pets with Hollywood personalities. Will it be Magnum for sniffing sleuths or Magoo for blind-sighted bats?

Pet owners can submit their own hair-raising stories about how they found their pet names at This interactive chat page unites pet owners with tales of strange pet habits and unusual animal antics.

Web surfers disguised with silly pseudonyms

Everyone has heard Bart Simpson using prank names to fool Mo and his easily amused bar customers. Now anyone can find such jokey names site dubbed Names you never knew existed ... has a list so long you might spend the rest of your life using a different alias every week. Some examples: Ayma Moron (I'm a Moron), Jed I. Knight (Jedi Knight) and Moe Skeeto (Mosquito).

The Author Pseudonyms homepage uncovers names of favorites authors, listing nicknames, aliases, and pen names. No one should feel guilty about abandoning their birth name after looking at this site's list of authors who have 10 or more pseudonyms.


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