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Business Tech

New global outsourcing hub - Wyoming?

When it comes to call centers filled with English-speaking employees, India likely comes to mind. Not a tiny town in Wyoming called Ten Sleep, population about 300.

updated Mon Jul 05 2010 10:08:20

New global outsourcing hub - Wyoming?

When it comes to call centers filled with English-speaking employees, India likely comes to mind. Not a tiny town in Wyoming called Ten Sleep, population about 300.

updated Thu May 27 2010 10:35:19

With iTunes, Apple has thrown weight around

Investigators for the Department of Justice began asking questions about Apple's business practices involving digital music at least three weeks ago, multiple music industry sources told CNET.

updated Tue May 25 2010 11:19:36

AT&T offers free Wi-Fi in New York City

AT&T is offering free public Wi-Fi hot spots to help it deal with increasing congestion on its wireless network.

updated Wed Jan 27 2010 15:03:57

Social media giants survey their growing kingdom

The great and good from the world of social media met Wednesday at Davos and agreed their medium still hasn't reached its full potential, with one speaker joking that the really cool stuff wouldn't happen "until we're dead."

updated Wed Dec 16 2009 10:47:53

Google ponders risky Android solo act

As a company that has built a business model atop trust, Google is in a sticky position as it prepares to formally introduce the Nexus One phone.

updated Tue Sep 22 2009 13:16:16

AT&T takes the phone out of iPhone

Three weeks ago, I got a call on a friend's iPhone while in the middle of a desert; cell phone coverage had come to Burning Man.

updated Thu Sep 03 2009 13:09:30

Apple to offer ready-made ringtones

Apple has obtained the rights to offer ready-made ringtones for the iPhone and managers are trying to have them available in time for next week's press conference, music industry sources told CNET News.

updated Tue Aug 25 2009 12:20:49

File sharers hold vigil for Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay -- the BitTorrent tracker revered by file sharers across the globe and reviled by some of the world's biggest entertainment companies -- is under siege like never before.

updated Tue Aug 18 2009 12:02:31

Budget PC brands see biggest gains in consumer satisfaction

In a poor economy, some budget PC brands are finding its customers happier than ever, according to this year's installment of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, an annual study completed by the University of Michigan each year.

updated Thu Aug 13 2009 10:47:33

Can the Twitterati help sell your soda pop?

On a Monday night earlier this month, the projection screen hanging on the wall of a bowling alley in Brooklyn's bar-heavy Williamsburg neighborhood was displaying neither strikes nor scores, but columns of the Twitter client TweetDeck.

updated Thu Aug 06 2009 00:21:50

Big business for shortened links

On the surface, a fast-growing service called Bit.ly performs a small task: it shortens URLs.

updated Tue Aug 04 2009 10:06:04

Hanging with hackers can make you paranoid

At a hacker conference no one is safe.

updated Sat Aug 01 2009 10:18:54

Legal battle puts Skype's future in jeopardy, owner says

A legal battle has put the future of Skype in jeopardy, according to eBay, which owns the online communications system.

updated Thu Jul 30 2009 12:18:50

Breaking down Microsoft and Yahoo's search deal

With a few strokes of a giant purple pen, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Yahoo's Carol Bartz finally signed a deal Wednesday that will turn Microsoft into the second-largest search company in the world, and turn Yahoo into a media-driven advertising broker.

updated Tue Jul 28 2009 08:20:56

Verizon changes tune on Wi-Fi

Verizon Communications has had a change of heart about using Wi-Fi to extend its wireless broadband offering as the company announces free access to Wi-Fi hot spots for its Fios and DSL Internet customers.

updated Tue Jul 21 2009 10:20:48

Yahoo launching front page open to others' content

A significant redesign is finally coming to the Yahoo.com home page, one of the most well-traveled destinations on the Internet, and the company's search page will follow suit starting next month.

updated Thu Jul 02 2009 10:16:42

Facebook cleans up its privacy controls

Revamped privacy settings are coming soon to Facebook.

updated Wed Jul 01 2009 10:12:01

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg opens up

Back in April, I interviewed Mark Zuckerberg as part of my research for Wired's Great Wall of Facebook piece.

updated Fri Jun 26 2009 10:47:01

Cable departs from Hulu model with 'TV Everywhere'

Two cable powerhouses have announced an ambitious pilot program that aims to convince their customers that, actually, TV on the web should not be free.

updated Wed Jun 10 2009 14:58:35

GM's 'reinvention' starts with $25 million battery lab

General Motors took a big step toward its reinvention as the "New G.M." today when it opened what it calls the largest automotive battery laboratory in the United States, a move the struggling company believes will hasten the development of electric vehicles.

updated Mon Jun 08 2009 09:30:30

What to expect from Apple at WWDC 2009

Even without Steve Jobs emceeing, this year's Worldwide Developers Conference sold out in record time.

updated Tue May 26 2009 13:18:15

Facebook payments: Think virtual

It might be Facebook's worst-kept secret.

updated Tue May 19 2009 10:06:40

Microsoft, Google in healthy competition

Microsoft and Google, the Hatfields and McCoys of the high-tech industry, have carried their scrap into the race to digitize health care.

updated Tue May 12 2009 11:44:55

Microsoft confirms Windows 7 coming this year

Microsoft confirmed on Monday that it is planning to release Windows 7 this year, in time for the holiday shopping season.

updated Mon Apr 27 2009 15:34:54

The latest from Facebook: 'Open Stream API'

A post on the Facebook developer blog announces the big application program interface (API) update from the social network that was first reported on Sunday night, which it's calling the Open Stream API.

updated Fri Apr 24 2009 13:43:33

Van Natta as MySpace CEO: 'Effective immediately'

It's official: News Corp. has named former Facebook executive Owen Van Natta as its CEO, following reports on Thursday that an announcement was imminent.

updated Fri Apr 24 2009 09:52:56

Apple apologizes for Baby Shaker

Apple issued a statement Thursday apologizing for allowing the Baby Shaker application onto the App Store.

updated Thu Apr 23 2009 17:57:00

Senators test-drive green cars on Capitol Hill

It was an odd collection of vehicles on display on Capitol Hill, ranging from a bucket truck used for repairing power lines to something resembling an enclosed golf cart to a pair of hot-looking, two-seater sports cars.

updated Thu Apr 02 2009 09:25:02

CEOs see wireless as answer to economic crisis

Wireless industry executives at the CTIA Wireless 2009 trade show say that despite the economic meltdown, the cell phone industry remains strong.

updated Wed Dec 31 2008 13:18:09

Chicago's back alleys filter rainwater for Lake Michigan

Environmentally friendly engineering is really right up Chicago's alley -- in a city project called Green Alleys.

updated Tue Nov 25 2008 10:58:03

Amid bankruptcy fears, mood is subdued at L.A. Auto Show

Each November, auto-industry reps descend on the L.A. Auto Show with flashy displays, loud music and stylish new cars.

updated Mon Nov 24 2008 09:03:28

How to launch a tech company in one weekend

Don Brown wasn't looking for a new job, but after working through a recent November weekend, he became co-founder of a new Web site.

updated Tue Oct 28 2008 10:55:07

EPA, UPS join to launch eco-friendly hybrid trucks

Brown is going green.

updated Wed Oct 22 2008 09:10:01

Google swamped with 'great idea' submissions

A $10 million call by Google Inc. for beneficial, world-changing ideas has generated more than 150,000 online submissions.

updated Wed Oct 01 2008 10:47:53

NASCAR, meet the electric Chevy Volt

Imagine a sun-swept Texas afternoon in 2015. After the roar of a ceremonial flyover, a Texas Motor Speedway crowd of 200,000 rises to its feet in anticipation of NASCAR's signature moment.

updated Wed Sep 24 2008 16:09:23

Got an idea to help the world? Here's $10 million

Got an idea that could change the world, or at least help a lot of people? Google wants to hear from you -- and it will pay as much as $10 million to make your idea a reality.

updated Thu Dec 20 2007 09:12:30

Businesses have designs for the poor

As anyone who's fallen in love with an iPod or Wii game console can attest to, good product design matters. It can matter more, in fact, than how many (or what kind) of features are crammed into a device.

updated Fri Nov 30 2007 01:33:03

Latest 'Net gold may rest in Asia's domain

A land rush is happening in Hong Kong, but it doesn't involve the high-rise properties for which the city is famous. Instead, it's the epicenter of a brand new patch of cyber real estate soon to go on the global market.

updated Thu Apr 12 2007 10:56:37

Security crucial as intruders grow sophisticated

Heath Thompson is vice president, product development for IBM Internet Security Systems.

updated Mon Apr 09 2007 15:06:47

Workers of the world, unite!

Alexander Graham Bell had it right from the beginning. "Mr. Watson," he called to his assistant through the first working telephone, "come here?I want to see you." Fifty years later, the first television transmission made his words literal. And now, 130 years later, the pieces are falling into place to finally let us all be seen.

updated Tue Mar 13 2007 08:13:10

Microsoft's Mundie: Consumers driving tech trends

Microsoft's Craig Mundie has some big shoes to fill when Bill Gates steps down next year -- or at least one shoe anyway.

updated Thu Dec 07 2006 23:55:49

East pushes the way with Internet Protocol TV

For the future of the television industry, eyes worldwide are watching Asia. The computer and Internet businesses may have sprung from the West, but with Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) it's the East that's leading the way.

updated Fri Aug 11 2006 22:03:14

IBM PC turns 25

It was a match made in computer heaven.

updated Tue May 09 2006 17:32:03

Your e-mails: The future of work

Last week we asked for your thoughts on the future of work. This week we are publishing a selection of your e-mails, which forecast a range of changes, from an explosion in telecommuting to nearly fully automated fast food joints.

updated Fri Jul 08 2005 10:36:21

High-tech tool for clubber mobiles

In cities where there are lots of nightclubs to choose from it is hard to know what the music is going to be like until you have paid and gone inside, but not any more.

updated Mon Feb 16 2004 13:28:24

Profanity, partner's name hidden in leaked Microsoft code

Eager to get their hands on Microsoft's secrets, a frenzy of Internet file sharing followed the leak of source code for the popular Windows NT and Windows 2000 software.

updated Mon Nov 17 2003 12:48:44

Gates gets serious about spam, security

Spam, security, and getting high-tech devices to communicate with each other are among the major challenges for the technology world, Microsoft's Bill Gates said at the annual Comdex technology convention.

updated Wed Nov 05 2003 12:02:50

Microsoft offers virus bounty

Microsoft has offered a $500,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the writers of two computer viruses.

updated Tue Oct 07 2003 00:30:15

Have China's Net stocks hit a great wall?

China's Internet portals have enjoyed a dramatic run on Wall Street, with shares in companies like Sina and Sohu.com trading over 25 times their lows of last summer.

updated Thu Sep 04 2003 20:00:45

Thin is in as flat TV sales soar

Tech giants Sony, Sharp, and Samsung are posting flat screen TV sales that are outpacing forecasts.