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Twitter chat as it happened: "Is Bitcoin over?" updated 1 days ago

'Digital nose' on a chip can sniff out diseases updated 2 days ago

A British startup called Owlstone has created a microchip that can detect chemical molecules in the air with great accuracy.

5 digital health trends you'll see in 2015 updated 2 days ago

Sweat sensor strip, prescription-only apps, light for health: Health tech is going to be huge in 2015.

Mars has gas, and Curiosity finds organic matter -- fuzzy signs of life? updated 2 days ago

A NASA rover has found the building blocks of life on Mars. They might be the product of past or present life on the Red Planet, or they might not be.

The future of Bitcoin: live Twitter chat today updated 2 days ago

Today, Thursday December 18, we're hosting a Twitter live chat @CNNTech debating the future of Bitcoin with a panel of experts. Join us at 5pm GMT/12pm ET by tuning into the hashtag #bitcoinfuture. We look forward to seeing you there!

Survey: Will we give up privacy without a fight? updated 2 days ago

New Pew survey asks experts what privacy will look like in 10 years. Living in public is expected to become the new default.

They tried to break the Internet in 2014 updated 2 days ago

No one thing actually "broke" the Internet in 2014, but here are 10 of the memes and hashtags that tried.

R.I.P checkbook, adios PIN number: How you'll manage your money in 2020 updated 3 days ago

The way we control our finances is changing dramatically. Out with pin numbers, checks and credit card -- here come retina readers and banks inside cafes.

Space-based solar power: the energy of the future? updated 3 days ago

With no atmosphere, cloudy weather or even night, space is a perfect place to build our solar power stations.

What you really Googled in 2014 updated 3 days ago

In 2013, people just wanted to know how to twerk. This year, people wanted to know if they had Ebola, according to Google's Year in Search.

This 3D printed plastic dress flows like fabric updated 4 days ago

Combining origami techniques with novel approaches to 3-D printing, a design has created a process that allows a 3-D printed dress to move and sway like real fabric.

A brighter future: five ideas that will change solar energy updated 4 days ago

Transparent solar cells and a wonder material called perovskite are among a few innovative technologies that will put solar energy in a new light.

Solar sunflower inspired by nature could bring clean energy anywhere updated 5 days ago

The Sunflower Solar Harvester can produce heating, desalinated water, and refrigeration from just 10 hours of sunlight - enough to power several households.

Learn science while hacking your Roomba updated 5 days ago

Want a programmable robot of your very own? iRobot says go ahead and hack your Roomba.

'Spectacular' meteor shower wows stargazers updated 6 days ago

Geminid meteor shower delighted and awed skyward eyes over the weekend in the Northern Hemisphere.

Geminid meteor shower to light up the weekend sky updated 6 days ago

The Geminid meteor shower has been visible in the night sky this week, with the best opportunities for viewing to come on Saturday night.

How the wind farms of the future could be underwater updated 8 days ago

The United Kingdom may seem an unlikely candidate to lead a renewable energy revolution; it doesn't have much sun for solar power, it doesn't have much space for wind power and it doesn't have giant coursing rivers for hydro.

Twitter declares 2014 year of the selfie updated 9 days ago

The Twitter-verse has spoken. 2014 has officially been declared as the year of the selfie. According to Twitter's top trends of 2014, that is.

App lets you wake up with a stranger updated 9 days ago

If the concept of being awakened by a complete stranger sounds good to you, as opposed to, say, creepy or disconcerting, then Wakie is the app for you.

Facebook knows its users are human updated 9 days ago

Facebook no longer refers to members as "users" internally. Instead it calls them "people."

'Malnourished minds': Why it matters that 4.4 billion people don't have internet updated 9 days ago

More than four billion people do not have access to the internet. Is humanity is depriving itself of half its potential?

Navy: New laser weapon works, ready for action updated 10 days ago

The U.S. Navy says its new laser weapon works and it will use it if it has to.

The flying fungus: NASA's biodegradable drone that flies and dies updated 10 days ago

NASA and a team of researchers are working on a quadrocopter that melts after it's been used.

YouTube's most popular video of 2014 was... updated 11 days ago

Mutant horrors, singers and kissing strangers had a big year on YouTube.

Virtual reality movies will dominate Sundance in 2015 updated 12 days ago

Next month, a giant industry gathering is going to be flooded with virtual-reality experiences. And it's not the CES—it's the Sundance Film Festival.

Sleepy space probe New Horizons awakens for close-up with Pluto updated 12 days ago

The New Horizons space probe is shaking off a deep sleep and getting ready to become the first spacecraft to visit Pluto.

'Frozen' and 'Serial' top Apple best-of-2014 lists updated 12 days ago

"Frozen" tops Apple's list of most downloaded movies, shows and music. "Serial" and "Key & Peele" make Apple's best-of list.

Ralph Baer, inventor of the gaming console, dead at 92 updated 12 days ago

Ralph Baer, the inventor of the first home video game console, has died. He was 92.

Apple Watches for everybody at Buzzfeed updated 13 days ago

Buzzfeed staff will get an Apple Watch each for hitting traffic goals.

Is the Darknet a glimpse into the web of the future? updated 13 days ago

An art project from the !Mediengruppe Bitnik art collective called "The Random Darknet Shopper" is buying items off Agora using Bitcoins.

'Nearly flawless': Orion passes 2-orbit test flight updated 15 days ago

With one 4½-hour flight Friday, the new spacecraft series that NASA hopes will take astronauts to Mars passed its first test above Earth.

One movement, 100 reactions: Deciphering the conductor's code updated 16 days ago

Andris Nelsons, conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, uses his gestures as code for the large orchestra.

Faster than a speeding bullet? Meet the world's first 1,000 mph car updated 16 days ago

What has a jet engine, a rocket booster and travels on a set of aluminum wheels? It's the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car (SSC) and it has plans to hit the world land speed record at 1,000 mph.

Engineers create very cool material that radiates heat into space updated 16 days ago

What if you could harness the universe to cool your house? Stanford scientists may have come up with a material that sends heat directly into space.

Meet the $7 smartwatch updated 16 days ago

Fastfox, a Chinese startup, is selling a smartwatch for as little as $7.

NASA's Orion launch scrubbed, rescheduled for Friday updated 16 days ago

NASA's new Orion spacecraft is scheduled to lift off on an uncrewed test flight at 7:05 a.m. ET Thursday from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral

President Obama, now in 3D thanks to printer updated 17 days ago

Tourists hoping to get a glimpse of Obama might not get that chance to see him in person -- but they can now get pretty close thanks to the Smithsonian.

How will China's online boom impact e-commerce? updated 17 days ago

If there's anything serving notice on the traditional bricks and mortar department store, then it's China's internet and e-commerce statistics.

NASA 'go' for its next giant leap into space updated 17 days ago

NASA's new Orion spacecraft is scheduled to lift off on an uncrewed test flight at 7:05 a.m. ET Thursday from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral

NASA spaceship ready for test flight updated 17 days ago

NASA's new spaceship, Orion, is scheduled to lift off on its first test flight Thursday from at Cape Canaveral.

Happy 20th birthday, PlayStation! updated 17 days ago

The PlayStation gaming console wrapped up its second decade on Wednesday, and Sony celebrated by looking to the past.

New smartphone app promises easy eye testing worldwide updated 17 days ago

Could Peek change the way we look at eyes?

Former Google+ employee: We f***ed up updated 18 days ago

A former Google+ employee who spent three years helping create Google+ has written a brutal blog post declaring the tech giant's social network a failure.

Twitter beefs up anti-troll tools updated 18 days ago

Twitter has just improved its tools for reporting abuse and harassment.

Can a smart home put your mind to rest? updated 18 days ago

The smart industry is estimated to be worth $7.8 billion by 2019 but what are the risks of having devices that control all aspects of your home?

Apple trial to feature unseen Steve Jobs video deposition updated 18 days ago

A never-before-seen video deposition featuring Steve Jobs will generate much interest when it gets played in a California courtroom.

Drone footage shows derelict remains of Chernobyl and city of Pripyat updated 19 days ago

Drone footage captures derelict remains left in the wake of Chernobyl nuclear disaster 30 years later.

Earth has its own 'Star Trek'-like force field, study suggests updated 20 days ago

New study reveals discovery of "force field" 7,200 miles above Earth that challenges existing theories of how "killer electrons" are held at bay.

Think you know the Web? Let's find out updated 21 days ago

Sure, everyone reading this uses the Internet. But how much do you really know about it?

NOAA: 2014 is shaping up as hottest year on record updated 21 days ago

NOAA: The first ten months of 2014 have been the hottest on record since record keeping began more than 130 years ago.

NASA stages 'Black Hole Friday' updated 21 days ago

Shoppers may have Black Friday, but NASA scientists have something that's arguably better: Black Hole Friday.

Can this 'troll slayer' keep hateful words offline? updated 22 days ago

VProud: Has Karen Cahn created the first 'troll-proof' website for women?

Motion-capture secrets behind 'Planet of the Apes' updated 23 days ago

From "Lord of the Rings" to "Tintin," Andy Serkis is the king of motion-capture performance. But how does he do it?

Space, the final frontier for 3-D printing updated 23 days ago

The International Space Station's 3-D printer has created the first object to be made in orbit.

Do driverless cars need to make their passengers feel like drivers? updated 24 days ago

Driverless cars are coming. At the GigaOm conference in San Francisco, industry experts debated the future of transport design.

Is this the world's first 'stalker drone'? updated 24 days ago

Drones can already deliver pizzas and monitor endangered species. Now there's one that can independently follow people.

Open source and Made in Italy: Arduino are circuit boards with a sense of style updated 24 days ago

Arduino boards have a distinctive and striking design, in recognition of which they will go on display at MoMA in New York in 2015.

Inventor creates watch that fires laser updated 25 days ago

Patrick Priebe's laser watch is capable of burning through plastic and popping balloons. The inventor made the James Bond-type device on a lark.

The elusive Black Seadevil is finally ready for its closeup updated 26 days ago

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has captured what it believes to be the first images of the female anglerfish known as the Black Seadevil.

Apple taps Bono again -- for charity updated 26 days ago

A few months after Apple gave away a U2 album, it's teaming with frontman Bono again to fight AIDS.

The home security device that's always listening updated 26 days ago

A new device called Point combines microphones with environmental sensors to detect anything out of the ordinary in your home while you are away.

Gadget gifts your kids will love updated 26 days ago

Technology touches all ages. Here are some gadgets aimed at the 18-and-under set.

Extreme shrimp might hold clues to alien life, NASA says updated 27 days ago

Shrimp crawling around rock chimneys deep in the Caribbean Sea may hold clues to the kinds of life that can thrive in extreme environments on other planets.

Is music licensing company Loudr pitch perfect? updated 27 days ago

Smart Business meets two young entrepreneurs who are taking the guess work out of music licensing for cover songs with their company, Loudr.

Industry insiders pick the hottest apps in tech right now updated 27 days ago

At last week's GigaOm conference, leading figures chose their favorite apps - ones which perfectly connect the user with the media they're accessing.

Online comments are being phased out updated 29 days ago

Internet comment sections are being deleted on sites like CNN, Re/code, Gawker and Reuters.

Flip phones are hip again updated 30 days ago

Flip phones are getting popular among the hipster set and other millennials, even in an age of the iPhone 6 and Android phablets.

The $50 earthquake alarm that could save thousands of lives updated 30 days ago

Mexico has long owned one of the most advanced seismic warning systems in the world. Now, a tech entrepreneur is taking this technology to the masses.

From ice to fire: after hopping on a comet, ESA now looks at Mercury updated 30 days ago

After landing a probe on an icy comet, the European Space Agency (ESA) is now heading to scorching-hot Mercury with its BepiColombo spacecraft.

No bank required: how peer-to-peer is changing the lending landscape updated 30 days ago

It's said that lending to friends is a good way to lose them, but how about lending to a complete stranger?

Africa's mobile money makes its way to Europe with M-Pesa updated 30 days ago

Snapchat may be the latest application to offer a mobile payment feature, but the idea that made it possible was spawned more than 7 years ago in Africa.

Facebook shuttle drivers vote to unionize updated 31 days ago

The drivers who ferry Facebook employees to and from work are unionizing.

Facebook releases new app just for Groups updated 32 days ago

One of Facebook's more popular, less attractive features is getting its very own app.

Rosetta and the Philae Lander: A love affair 300 million miles away updated 33 days ago

When Rosetta separated from its lander last week, it was the start of a cute, surreal and occasionally touching Twitter conversation between them.

Songwriters: Spotify doesn't pay off ... unless you're a Taylor Swift updated 33 days ago

The Taylor Swifts of the world can make out well on streaming sites, but many songwriters and musicians say music streaming isn't paying the bills.

Humans on Mars by 2035? NASA's sci-fi dream could be reality updated 34 days ago

NASA's chief scientist wants to land humans on Mars by 2035.

Rosetta comet landing: 'We can do amazing things, if we dream big' updated 34 days ago

The Rosetta mission will reach its climax on Wednesday when scientists attempt to land a spacecraft on a moving comet. Here's why we should all be excited.

11 really cool space missions updated 35 days ago

It's hard to top the tricky, first-ever landing on a comet, broadcast live on the Internet.

Can Scandinavia cool the internet's appetite for power? updated 36 days ago

The sub-zero climes of northern Sweden are an unlikely outpost for the world's hippest tech firms, but that's where the likes of Facebook are setting up.

Bitcoin: One year on from peak price, what does the future hold? updated 36 days ago

Bitcoin used to be the future. Are its best days in the past?

Your chance of being struck by lightning is climbing, climate scientist says updated 36 days ago

Thanks to climate change, you'll be more likely to get struck by lightning as the years pass, scientists say.

The race is on for flying car start ups updated 37 days ago

The technology that can give us the world's first affordable and easily pilotable flying car is almost here.

There's an app that needs you: the rise of mobile crowdsourcing updated 38 days ago

From avoiding traffic jams to finding the best public toilet in town, crowdsourcing apps are showing that many smartphones make for light work.

Why Amazon's Echo is the computer of the future updated 38 days ago

Amazon's Echo is a new smart speaker with a Siri-like smart assistant, and it's always listening.

Google Glass goes to work updated 39 days ago

Google Glass is teaming up with companies to bring the wearable to operating rooms, oil rigs, and commercial kitchens.

Pentagon wants ideas for flying aircraft carrier updated 39 days ago

Got an idea on how to make a flying aircraft carrier? The Defense Department wants to know about it.

Apple thinks iPad photography is here to stay updated 40 days ago

It's the most controversial issue since people started filming videos in portrait mode. Should tablets be used as cameras?

Guess who's coming for your job updated 40 days ago

Martin Ford says the risk that you'll lose your job to machines is more immediate than you realize.

Blizzard debuts shooter game 'Overwatch' updated 42 days ago

Gamers rejoice over debut of "Overwatch," the first new franchise in 17 years from "World of Warcraft" creator Blizzard Entertainment.

Facebook makes it easier to ignore people and pages updated 43 days ago

Facebook is giving its users more control over the posts and people they see most in their news feeds.

Dazed and confused, the music industry still hasn't found what it's looking for updated 43 days ago

Album sales are struggling, vinyl sales are rising -- what does the future hold for music?

This guy's quest to track every shot in the NBA changed basketball forever updated 45 days ago

In his new book, Faster, Higher, Stronger: How Sports Science Is Creating a New Generation of Superathletes--and What We Can Learn from Them, Mark McClusky looks at how science and technology is revolutionizing sport

'Foodini' machine lets you print edible burgers, pizza, chocolate updated 45 days ago

A new device lets you 3D print real food -- just load the ingredients.

Amazon extending Prime benefits to other sites updated 45 days ago

Could an Amazon Prime membership become a first-class ticket to shopping across the Web? That seems to be what Amazon hopes.

Oculus 'many months away,' but virtual reality sunglasses will take a little longer updated 46 days ago

The Oculus Rift isn't just for games -- it could revolutionize the way we communicate.

Cute or creepy? This toy lets babies post selfies on Facebook updated 46 days ago

A soft toy for cribs lets babies post pictures of themselves to social media.

Project brings more than 900 vintage arcade games to Web updated 46 days ago

Lovers of vintage arcade games just got an early holiday present. The Internet Archive has released more than 900 games from the '70s through the '90s.

Facebook, phones now part of election decisions updated 47 days ago

When you go to the polls for midterm elections on Tuesday, there will be a chance that your Facebook feed, and your phone, helped you decide how to vote.

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