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The "kill switch," a system for remotely wiping data and shutting down smartphones, will soon become standard, according to a deal from CTIA.

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Neil Young's Pono music player raises millions updated 6 hours 54 minutes ago

Pono Music, from rocker Neil Young, is a high-quality digital music player that raised $6.2 million on Kickstarter.

Facebook to make mobile users download Messenger updated 1 days ago

Mobile users who have gotten used to chatting with their friends via Facebook will soon have to make sure they've downloaded the Messenger app.

Blood moon: Lunar eclipse gazers mesmerized as red hue lights up sky updated 1 days ago

South and North American residents caught a glimpse of the "blood moon" crossing the Earth's shadow Tuesday in all its splendor.

How phones work in flight updated 1 days ago

The lack of calls, texts or social media postings from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have raised a number of questions about how phones work on airplanes.

Google Glass targeted as symbol by anti-tech crowd updated 1 days ago

Two recent cases have seen wearers of Google Glass attacked in San Francisco.

Meet the pilots behind the sun-powered plane that can 'fly forever' updated 1 days ago

Two Swiss flight pioneers have unveiled a new plane that will attempt the first round-the-world solar flight.

Google Glass available to anyone for one day only updated 1 days ago

The $1,500 Google Glass will be sold in the United States for one day only to any adult who wants one of the devices.

'Blood moon' will be a sight to behold, weather permitting updated 1 days ago

Get ready for a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday that will turn the moon a luscious reddish orange. There will be four such "blood moons" within a year's time.

Carpenter who cut off his fingers makes 'Robohand' with 3-D printer updated 2 days ago

A South African carpenter lost his fingers in an accident -- now he's making mechanical fingers and hands for others.

Listen for a ping, and the water may play tricks on you updated 3 days ago

Water makes sound waves twist and turn, which could make listening for pings possibly from MH370 trickier.

Forget 'Game of Thrones' -- 'Elder Scrolls' is the true fantasy hit updated 5 days ago

Fans of fantasy franchises like "Game of Thrones" are famously devoted -- some might say fanatical.

Navy's future: Electric guns, lasers, water as fuel updated 6 days ago

Navy gives sneak-peek of its high-tech future, including missiles that fly faster than the speed of sound and seawater converted into fuel.

Using tablets to reach kids with autism updated 6 days ago

New iPad, tablet apps for autism are evolving as parents and teachers use them as tools.

Dropbox to organize photos with new Carousel app updated 7 days ago

The boom in high-quality digital cameras in smartphones and tablets has also created an overwhelming glut of digital images scattered across devices and services.

The 'Heartbleed' security flaw that affects most of the Internet updated 7 days ago

A major online security vulnerability dubbed "Heartbleed" could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails.

Forget wearable tech, embeddable implants are already here updated 7 days ago

A new generation of embeddable tech implants could soon change the way we live

Astronomers find 'diamond engagement ring' in space updated 7 days ago

Planetary nebula Abell 33 has taken on romantic proportions. It looks like a diamond ring.

Facebook tweaks its privacy settings updated 7 days ago

Some people who post publicly on Facebook just haven't bothered to keep up with the social network's ever-changing and often confusing privacy settings.

Uber gets into delivery game with Rush updated 8 days ago

Online delivery services have a checkered history at best. But Uber, the app-oriented car service, is giving it another go.

The universe is expanding, but how quickly? updated 8 days ago

Scientists have measured for the first time how fast the universe was expanding 10.8 billion years ago.

Philly buildings become giant 'Tetris' game updated 8 days ago

At Philly Tech Week, two skyscrapers were turned into a giant game of "Tetris."

Twitter unveils new profile page design updated 8 days ago

Your Twitter profile is about to have a new look.

Feds accuse of scraping Facebook, cheating users updated 8 days ago

The FTC says website improperly harvested Facebook info from millions of users.

Anti-tech protesters target Google exec updated 9 days ago

San Francisco's anti-tech backlash took a new turn Sunday as protesters targeted Google Ventures exec Kevin Rose.

HBO Go crashes under heavy 'Game of Thrones' demand updated 9 days ago

Winter was coming, but for many HBO Go users, "Game of Thrones" didn't arrive Sunday night as expected.

Driverless car tech gets serious at CES updated 9 days ago

Major car companies are showing off some of their more exciting car-tech prototypes a week early at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Luigi Colani: Transport design '20 years ahead of the rest' updated 9 days ago

Variously described as a genius and a maverick, for six decades Luigi Colani has created beautiful, pioneering design -- a perfect marriage of form and function.

Is 'The Jetsons' flying car finally here? updated 9 days ago

By 2025, you could be commuting to work in this flying car that takes off and lands like a helicopter. No pilot's license required, just five hours of training.

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs updated 11 days ago

3-D printers may someday be producing complex -- and controversial -- human organs.

Apparently This Matters: Crap(py) taxidermy updated 12 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini explores the world of crap and crappy taxidermy.

5 biometric alternatives to the password updated 12 days ago

Future smartphones and wearables will add such biometric security features as facial or heartbeat recognition.

5-year-old boy hacks dad's Xbox account updated 12 days ago

Hacking your Xbox: So easy, even a 5-year-old could do it?

Signs of underground ocean found on Saturn moon updated 12 days ago

An ocean at least as large as Lake Superior lies below a thick layer of ice on a moon of Saturn, new data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft suggests.

Apple's next big announcements coming in June updated 12 days ago

Barring a surprise, the next big round of Apple announcements are coming June 2.

'inFamous: Second Son' could boost PS4 sales updated 13 days ago

"inFamous: Second Son" may be the "excuse" some gamers needed to buy a PlayStation 4.

U.S. gets new, hyper-accurate atomic clock updated 13 days ago

Timekeeping in the United States, which was already a pretty precise science involving lasers and atomic particles, just got even more exact.

7 mobile tools to help you survive tornadoes updated 13 days ago

Here are six digital tools that offer timely warnings about impeding storms and tornadoes.

Why anonymous social networks are scary updated 14 days ago

Anonymous social networks encourage personal confessions, but they also may enable hateful and defamatory gossip about people, Steve Kovach says.

Why Gmail and other e-mail services aren't really free updated 15 days ago

Gmail doesn't cost any money to use, but it's not free.

The Internet's best April Fools gags updated 15 days ago

In an annual tradition, tech companies launch fake products on April Fool's Day.

Giant six-legged robot crab to walk the ocean floor updated 15 days ago

The Crabster is a robot inspired by crabs and lobsters, and designed for undersea exploration.

OkCupid protests Firefox over CEO's anti-same-sex marriage donation updated 15 days ago

Dating site OkCupid is calling for its members to ditch Firefox because Mozilla's new CEO, Brendan Eich, has backed an anti-same-sex marriage campaign.

Food app, Facebook 'break up' over promoted posts updated 16 days ago

A food-delivery website is parting ways with Facebook in a snarky "breakup" letter, and Facebook is firing back.

The secret military tech inside household robot vacuum cleaner updated 16 days ago

Imagine: you are sitting with friends, one day in the distant future, in a space-age house, while robot servants cook dinner, fold laundry and mow the lawn.

Apparently This Matters: NASA's new spacesuit updated 16 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini shows us three new spacesuits developed by NASA.

Designer genes take a leap forward after scientists make new chromosome updated 18 days ago

Look miles into the future and imagine a day, when geneticists can design a flawless set of human genes in a laboratory. That future vision took a step closer.

Helping 'smart' devices talk to each other updated 19 days ago

With the Internet of Things, mundane appliances and objects could evolve into tech products.

Wireless electricity? It's here updated 19 days ago

Katie Hall was shocked the second she saw it: a light-bulb glowing in the middle of a room with no wires attached.

Facebook looks to drones, lasers and satellites for Internet access updated 19 days ago

Facebook is experimenting with new ways to bring the Internet to remote areas using drones, satellites and lasers.

For $150k you could be Buzz Lightyear updated 19 days ago

New Zealand inventor spent 30 years building jetpack in garage. Could now be on the market in 'months.'

Scientists create a mini Mars on Earth updated 20 days ago

If you want to drive on Mars, you are going to need a very large sand pit to prepare.

Dwarf planet discovered at solar system's edge updated 20 days ago

A new dwarf planet, whose discovery was announced Wednesday, is one of the furthest known objects in the solar system.

Twitter adds photo tagging and collages updated 20 days ago

Twitter announced Wednesday that it's adding new photo tagging and collage features.

Lovely wedding, but did it trend on Twitter? updated 20 days ago

For $3,000, couples getting married at W hotels can hire a "social media concierge" to live-tweet the event.

What's Oculus VR, and why did Facebook pay $2B for it? updated 21 days ago

Here's a look at what Oculus VR does and why Facebook wanted it enough to pay $2 billion for the company.

Astronomers find first asteroid with rings updated 21 days ago

The asteroid Chariklo has rings, astronomers reported in the journal Nature. That makes it the first asteroid ever found to have rings.

5 reasons technology world needs more geek girls updated 21 days ago

Regina Agyare, one of Ghana's first female tech entrepreneurs, explains why there should be more women working in the technology sector.

The guns that know who is firing them: Can smart tech make firearms safer? updated 21 days ago

Biometric technology is being used to create guns that identify a user from their fingerprints and from their grip.

U.S.-Russian crew lifts off for space station updated 21 days ago

Blastoff! A fresh crew took off for the International Space Station on Tuesday aboard a Russian rocket.

Apparently This Matters: Instagram's favorite grandma updated 22 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini introduces us to an Indiana grandmother who's become an Instagram sensation.

Social media users migrating to smaller circles updated 22 days ago

Many young digital users are turning to smaller social networks such as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Target hack: The movie? Hollywood says yes updated 23 days ago

Does the computer breach at Target have the makings of a movie? Throw in Russian hackers, drugs and a SWAT team and Hollywood appears to think so.

Drought-ravaged California turns to tech for help updated 25 days ago

A major drought has hit California, and new tech is springing up to address water shortages.

Twitter unearths your first tweet updated 26 days ago

For its 8th anniversary, Twitter introduced a tool that lets users see their first-ever tweet.

New app helps you avoid your friends, exes updated 26 days ago

A new iPhone app, Cloak, helps you avoid running into people you'd rather not see.

'Flappy Bird' will fly back to app stores updated 27 days ago

"Flappy Bird," the defunct mobile sensation, will one day rise like a phoenix and fling itself awkwardly into an app store near you.

Virtual reality gets a new player with Sony's 'Project Morpheus' updated 28 days ago

Virtual reality , just got a little more real with Project Morpheus for the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console.

Lego robot shatters Rubik's Cube record updated 28 days ago

If you were never able to solve a Rubik's Cube without peeling off the stickers, you're really going to hate the Cubestormer 3 robot.

Is 'Titanfall' Xbox One's killer app? updated 29 days ago

"Titanfall" may be the best game to hit the Xbox One.

Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravitational waves detected updated 29 days ago

Scientists have new evidence of the universe's inflation, the rapid expansion less than a second after the Big Bang.

Forget text messaging, the 'oPhone' lets you send smells updated 30 days ago

A new generation of sensory engineers produce devices that that enables smell messaging.

Tim Berners-Lee: The Web needs its freedom updated 33 days ago

As the World Wide Web turns 25, its creator talks spying, censorship and freedom.

Meet the robot guitarist with 78 fingers and coolest cable hair you've ever seen updated 33 days ago

Quick math question: What has 78 fingers, 22 arms, and no brain?

How America celebrates Pi Day updated 33 days ago

Pi Day, Albert Einstein's birthday, is March 14.

United offers free streaming TV and movies updated 33 days ago

United Airlines is adding an option to let passengers stream content directly to their laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

LeBron's Samsung tweet just the latest celebrity tech gaffe updated 34 days ago

As Samsung just learned with LeBron James, paying a celebrity to love your product can sometimes backfire.

5 things we learned at SXSW Interactive updated 34 days ago

Here are 5 trends to watch from the South by Southwest Interactive festival, which just wrapped in Austin, Texas.

Key trends from the world's biggest mobile technology show updated 34 days ago

Mobile World Congress spans the full spectrum of untethered gadgetry, from the next generation of mobile phone networks to wireless charging technology.

25 years of the World Wide Web updated 35 days ago

Today the World Wide Web turns 25 years old. We look back at the major milestones in its history.

The early Web: Slow, simple and sparse updated 35 days ago

As the Web turns 25, early adopters recall the slower, simpler online life of the '90s.

Biz Stone: Humans can outsmart the Internet updated 35 days ago

At 9:45 in the morning after his 40th birthday you might expect Biz Stone, best known for co-founding Twitter, to be a little bleary.

Chelsea Clinton: 'I taught my parents how to text' updated 35 days ago

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton spoke Tuesday at the South by Southwest Interactive conference.

Kevin Bacon on 'Six Degrees' game: 'I was horrified' updated 35 days ago

Almost two decades ago, a parlor game called "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" became an unlikely phenomenon and foretold today's social web of online connections.

Police respond to threat at Facebook headquarters, find it noncredible updated 35 days ago

Police responded to Facebook's headquarters in Northern California to check on a threat Tuesday night. The threat was deemed noncredible.

Amid U.S.-Russian tensions over Ukraine, space show goes on updated 36 days ago

Mike Hopkins' descent to Earth alongside two Russian cosmonauts shows space missions endure diplomatic tensions.

Edward Snowden speaks at SXSW, calls for public oversight of U.S. spy programs updated 36 days ago

Fugitive National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden speaks remotely to an audience of thousands at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

Yik Yak chat app stirring up trouble in high schools updated 37 days ago

From Chicago, to Georgia, to southern California, a new social media application is causing problems on middle school and high school campuses nationwide.

Apple releases iOS 7 update for iPads and iPhones updated 37 days ago

Apple released its latest mobile operating system update on Monday, iOS 7.1. The upgrade includes bug fixes, improvements, new features and some subtle changes.

Computer display that lets you touch the real world updated 37 days ago

Picture this scene: an iPad resting on a table with the familiar 2D image from a video call on the screen.

SXSW: Demo of 'Game of Thrones' on Oculus Rift wows virtual reality fans updated 37 days ago

Oculus Rift, a virtual-reality headset, takes SXSW fans on a trip to the world of "Game of Thrones."

Assange to SXSW: We're all being watched updated 37 days ago

From his sanctuary in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, with roughly a dozen police officers outside, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Saturday that everyone in the world will be just as effectively monitored soon -- at least digitally.

Apparently This Matters: Keurig 2.0 updated 40 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini looks at The Great Electronic Coffee War of 2014.

Man selling home for $135,000 in Dogecoins updated 40 days ago

The Dogecoin started off as a penniless Internet joke. But Matt Thompson plans on selling his vacation home for this meme-inspired currency.

Go offline for 'National Day of Unplugging' updated 40 days ago

The National Day of Unplugging asks people to put away their mobile devices for 24 hours.

Twitter bans porn videos on Vine updated 40 days ago

Twitter has officially banned pornographic content on Vine, its year-old social-video service. The company announced the changes on Thursday

Getty makes millions of photos free for online use updated 40 days ago

Online photo archive Getty Images is opening much of its trove of millions of images to online publishers for free.

People-painter turns tables on illusion updated 40 days ago

A California artist is turning people into paintings.

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