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MAVEN has arrived in Mars's orbit after traveling 442 million miles in the course of 10 months to get there.

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Dark matter? Scientists closer to seeing a vast, invisible universe updated 1 days ago

Scientists are closer to seeing a vast, invisible universe as a spectrometer in Earth orbit picks up possible clues of dark matter.

Apparently This Matters: Slipping on banana peels updated 2 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini explains why an award was given for research about slipping on banana peels.

NASA tech finds disaster survivors updated 2 days ago

Researchers at NASA have developed a device to help rescue crews on Earth find survivors quickly in a disaster.

Joan Rivers' Facebook page plugs iPhone 6 updated 2 days ago

Something tells us Joan Rivers would laugh about this.

6 must-have apps for the iPhone 6 updated 2 days ago

With the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus out today, here's a look at six must-have apps for the new phones.

Magical organ gives 'musical taste' a new meaning updated 3 days ago

Meet the 'Flavour Conductor', a magical instrument that took 10,000 hours to build and can change the taste of your drink through the power of sound.

Solar-powered roads: Coming to a highway near you? updated 4 days ago

What if you could power your car with the road? A pair of Idaho natives have prototyped a solar-powered roadway made of durable textured glass.

Skypods: Are gondolas the next big thing in urban transport? updated 4 days ago

Gondolas are most commonly associated with ski-resorts but could they also offer an effective urban transport solution?

High-tech scanners and car park pods: Step inside the airport of tomorrow updated 4 days ago

What will the airport of the future look like? Find out with our interactive feature.

A brighter future: five ideas that will change solar energy updated 4 days ago

Transparent solar cells and a wonder material called perovskite are among a few innovative technologies that will put solar energy in a new light.

Five iOS 8 features you'll love updated 4 days ago

New features abound in iOS 8, Apple's new mobile operating system. Here's a look at some of the most popular.

Sensors let Alzheimer's patients stay at home, safely updated 5 days ago

How caregivers are using smart-home technology and wearable devices to monitor family members with memory problems, helping them live independently..

This robot valet will park your car updated 5 days ago

In Germany, high tech has come to airport parking.

Apple offers a way to 'return' that free U2 album updated 5 days ago

Apple has put up instructions to help customers to get rid of the free U2 album it put in their iCloud accounts.

Facebook -- for rich people (for just $9,000) updated 5 days ago

Netropolitan is a social media country club, where members pay $9,000 to join and another $3,000 per year.

Big solar storm hitting Earth updated 5 days ago

Experts say a solar storm could arrive at Earth on Saturday -- an event that could disrupt power grids, radios and satellites.

Realistic 'robo-hawks' designed to fly around and terrorize real birds updated 6 days ago

These robotic birds trick lingering critters into thinking they're about to get snacked on.

Enter India's amazing world of frugal innovation updated 6 days ago

In 2001 a huge earthquake shook the state of Gujarat in India.

Filming the fantastical fluorescent light show beneath the waves updated 6 days ago

Some sea creatures emit a neon glow known as bioluminescence. This remarkable camera lets it be seen on film like never before.

Can the Apple Watch take off as a fashion accessory? updated 6 days ago

To succeed, the Apple Watch will also have to appeal to non-techies as a fashion accessory, and take on the 100-year-old traditional watch industry.

Apparently This Matters: Coffee naps updated 9 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini explains the awesome energy of coffee naps.

Meteorite makes big crater in Nicaragua, government says updated 9 days ago

A meteorite crashed down in Managua, Nicaragua, late Saturday, causing a loud explosion and leaving a crater 39 feet (12 meters) across, officials told AP.

Yelp without fear, says new California law updated 9 days ago

Ready to rip apart that dirty restaurant? California lawmakers want to make sure you don't get in financial, or legal, trouble because of it.

The submarine that found a lost H-bomb: 'Alvin' reveals the mysteries of the deep updated 10 days ago

For half a century, "Alvin" has quietly traveled through the seven seas, uncovering the ocean's mysteries.

Mars rover Curiosity reaches key destination; 'new science ahead!' updated 10 days ago

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has reached its primary destination: the base of a Martian mountain.

Facebook testing disappearing posts updated 10 days ago

If you want to use Facebook a little more like Snapchat, you might soon get your chance.

Superbooks: High-tech reading puts you inside the story updated 11 days ago

The times are changing for the stubbornly progress-proof novel: fully immersive literature is drawing closer.

T-Mobile offers free cell spots to all customers updated 11 days ago

T-Mobile wants to beef up its cell coverage by thinking small and piggybacking on your Internet service.

Goodbye, iPod Classic updated 11 days ago

As the tech world watched the birth of the Apple Watch on Tuesday the iPod Classic was being discontinued.

Is the Apple Watch a game changer? updated 11 days ago

Apple Watch may change the wearable tech market in a way that other smartwatches haven't, analysts say.

Hands-on with the new Apple Watch updated 11 days ago

Here are our early impressions after some hands-on time with the new Apple Watch.

Apparently This Matters: Billionaire uses flip phone updated 12 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini looks at why a billionaire still uses an old-school flip phone.

Digital wallets and vein scanners: How we'll pay for things in the future updated 12 days ago

Whether it's via contactless cards and mobile phones, or even biometrics, new ways of paying and spending are increasingly muscling their way into the mix.

Netflix will show perpetual 'loading' symbol Wednesday updated 12 days ago

Your Internet won't be slower on Wednesday, but it might look like it. And Internet Slowdown Day wants you to know it could happen, with no net neutrality.

This gadget can knock drones and Google Glass offline updated 12 days ago

Bothered by gadgets like Google Glass that can be used to snoop on you in public? Then why not get your own gadget that can knock them all offline?

New glimpses of Apple's 'spaceship' campus updated 13 days ago

New images show details of Apple's proposed new headquarters, a 2.8-million-square-foot spaceship-like building in Cupertino, California.

Is bigger really better for Apple? updated 13 days ago

After ceding the size war to competitors like Samsung for the past few years, it appears Apple had decided that, in the mobile world, bigger is better.

Before the iWatch there was... updated 13 days ago

After years hovering in the vapor, little more than a dream for Apple fanatics everywhere, the elusive iWatch may be days away from becoming a reality.

Apparently This Matters: Russian space sex geckos updated 14 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini looks at the doomed sex life of Russian space geckos.

Newly found asteroid to pass close to Earth on Sunday updated 15 days ago

A newly discovered asteroid will pass "very close" to Earth on Sunday, NASA says.

Newly found asteroid to pass close to Earth on Sunday updated 17 days ago

A newly discovered asteroid will pass "very close" to Earth on Sunday, NASA says.

World's first cyborg wants to hack your body updated 17 days ago

Neil Harbisson is the world's first legally recognized cyborg. He has an antenna in his skull that gives him the ability to see color.

The race to create a real-life tricorder updated 18 days ago

Entrepreneurs, doctors and researchers are competing to create an affordable, handheld device that people can use to diagnose their own illnesses.

Experimental SpaceX rocket self-detonates over Texas updated 18 days ago

An experimental rocket self-destructed in midair as a safety measure, a standard practice in the aerospace industry.

Turn your kitchen into an orchestra updated 18 days ago

Mogees is a new technology that turns any object into a musical instrument

Unpakt is 'Yelp for moving companies' updated 19 days ago

Unpakt -- call it Yelp for moving vans.

Can levitating appliances take off? updated 23 days ago

Move over, hoverboard: new technologies promise to make everything float free through levitation

Google reveals secret drone delivery tests updated 23 days ago

Google started running drone test flights earlier this month as part of Project Wing, a secretive, 2-year-old program exploring drone delivery.

Instagram gets time-lapse videos moving with Hyperlapse app updated 23 days ago

Instagram's new free app Hyperlapse uses the iPhone's gyroscope to capture steady time-lapse videos.

Biodesign: Why the future of our cities is soft and hairy updated 24 days ago

Glowing trees and carnivorous tables? Why creepiness is the secret to sustainability.

It's official! Apple sets event for Sept. 9 updated 24 days ago

Apple has set Sept. 9 as the date for a big announcement.

Scientists: Solar system inside a searing gas bubble updated 25 days ago

Scientists have corroborated a long-held idea that our solar system is inside a seething gas bubble.

'Mousetronauts,' fireballs and a real-life R2D2: Experiments in space updated 25 days ago

Mouse astronauts are joining the research carried out at the International Space Station.

Marines test new beach assault vehicle updated 26 days ago

The Marine Corps showed off a prototype of its Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC) last week in Hawaii.

TiVo goes after cord-cutters with post-Aereo device updated 26 days ago

Did you cut your cable but miss recording your favorite shows? TiVo might have the answer.

Space weather: Fine, with a chance of solar flares updated 27 days ago

Solar flares and eruptions create dazzling visuals in space, but each burst of energy can also disrupt systems we rely on every day.

Out of this world: The best selfies from space updated 27 days ago

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin says he took the first "space selfie" in 1966 -- and in doing so, he started a space selfie trend.

Astronaut tells kid, 'You'd love it' up here updated 27 days ago

CNN held its first iReport interview from outer space with astronaut Steve Swanson of NASA.

Apparently This Matters: Want to use Tom Hanks' typewriter? updated 29 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini looks at the new typewriter app by Tom Hanks.

Trash palaces: The spectacular houses built from scrap updated 30 days ago

From Islands to hotels and treehouses, ideal homes from waste materials

E-readers bring hope to Africa's schools updated 30 days ago

A nonprofit called Worldreader is bringing e-readers to students in nine African countries.

Meet Sobrr, the anti-Facebook app updated 31 days ago

Sobrr is a social network where messages and posts disappear, à la Snapchat, after 24 hours.

The Chairless Chair, an invisible chair that you can wear updated 32 days ago

It's like a chair that isn't there, but magically appears whenever you need it.

New Amazon phone makes it easy to buy stuff ... from Amazon updated 32 days ago

An Amazon Fire phone feature, Firefly, identifies QR codes, bar codes and other ways to shop in Amazon's online store.

Social Web tackles the #IceBucketChallenge updated 32 days ago

The #IceBucketChallenge takes on ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Celebrities, athletes are posting videos of dumping buckets of ice water on social media.

Digital-age 'Dungeons & Dragons' is more than rolling dice updated 33 days ago

Dungeons & Dragons has joined the internet age with online MMO "Neverwinter" and a webcomic, "Table Titans."

2022 World Cup city rises in the desert updated 34 days ago

Plans for the desert city of Lusail include man-made islands and a host arena for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Image overload: Help us sort it all out, NASA requests updated 35 days ago

NASA is asking for your help analyzing hundreds of thousands of images that astronauts have taken from space.

Can this brain-sensing headband give you serenity? updated 35 days ago

Could this brain-mapping headband help users achieve a state of zen-like calm?

Apparently This Matters: The beauty of big trucks updated 35 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini looks at the beauty of construction equipment.

See the UFO? No? Try squinting. Squint harder updated 37 days ago

See the UFO? No? Try squinting. UFO enthusiasts found interesting specks on recently deployed NASA webcams.

Have you gotten 'the talk' that Ferguson shooting protesters are posting about? updated 37 days ago

If you're African-American, you might have gotten "the talk."

Twitter reviewing policies after Robin Williams' daughter harassed updated 38 days ago

Actress Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin Williams, has quit social media after receiving taunts on the Internet.

For the first time ever, a woman wins mathematics' highest honor updated 39 days ago

For the first time in history, a woman has received the highest honor in mathematics, often nicknamed the Nobel Prize of mathematics.

Black hole bends light, space, time -- and NASA's NuSTAR can see it all unfold updated 39 days ago

NASA's NuSTAR telescope array has observed a supermassive black hole's gravity tugging on X-ray light.

Is this the future of parenting? updated 39 days ago

Babies are unpredictable, messy and constantly changing. Sleep-deprived parents struggling to make sense of their tiny humans' behaviors are starting to take a scientific approach, collecting data in the hopes of solving problems like not sleeping through the night.

It's not a man's world: The African women breaking down tech barriers updated 41 days ago

Female techies across Africa are joining forces to help each other break the glass ceiling in a largely male-dominated industry.

Spy satellites fighting crime from space updated 41 days ago

Satellite-based surveillance is set to transform law enforcement, but will the good guys suffer as well as the crooks?

Google Lunar X Prize: Build a robot, send it to the moon, win $20 million updated 42 days ago

Google is shooting for the stars by sponsoring an international competition for innovators to go back to the moon 42 years after man last visited.

Facebook makes games reveal charges, quit inflating 'likes' updated 44 days ago

Facebook games must note in-app purchase, can't give rewards for a like of their Facebook page.

Apparently This Matters: Congratulations! It's a ... zonkey? updated 44 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini looks at what happens when a zebra and a donkey make whoopee.

The spaceship reinvented for new frontiers updated 45 days ago

Radical redesign is 100% reusable, offering more frequent, cheaper and deeper flights into space.

Hackers put data of U.S. government workers at risk updated 45 days ago

USIS, which provides background checks for the U.S. government, said hackers breached its computer systems.

New software targets 'ransomware' used to steal millions updated 45 days ago

Two tech companies are offering a free tool to defeat sophisticated malicious software that criminals have used to extract millions of dollars in ransom payments from small businesses and other computer owners.

Startup offers payday advances without the pesky loan-sharking updated 45 days ago

A new service lets workers access pay they've already earned, without having to wait for payday.

Eavesdropping with a camera and potted plants updated 46 days ago

Before you spill your deepest darkest secrets, or plans for world domination, look around you. Is there a gossipy potato chip bag or leafy houseplant?

Will bigger iPhones end great one-hand games? updated 46 days ago

Bigger iPhone 6 models could be end of gaming apps that are simple and only require one hand to play.

Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' is the size of Connecticut updated 47 days ago

The Gulf of Mexico's annual spring-summer "dead zone" is the size of Connecticut -- slightly smaller now than in recent years.

Anonymous email app launches with 'creepy' stunt updated 48 days ago

The creators of an app that helps people send anonymous emails are coming under fire for a PR stunt that didn't quite go as planned.

Instagram celebrity Grandma Betty dies of lung cancer updated 48 days ago

Instagram celebrity Grandma Betty has died at 80 of lung cancer.

NASA's next Mars rover will make oxygen, look for farmland updated 49 days ago

NASA's next rover to Mars will make oxygen and look for farmland.

Voyager 1: 'The little spacecraft that could' updated 51 days ago

For 37 years, it has revealed the secrets of our solar system. Here's how Voyager 1 made history.

Apparently This Matters: MANternity photos updated 51 days ago

CNN humor columnist Jarrett Bellini looks at delightfully weird set of maternity photos -- of a dude.

Hitchhiking robot is halfway across Canada updated 51 days ago

A talking robot, hitchBOT, is hitchhiking across Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia.

Five years on, millions still dig 'FarmVille' updated 52 days ago

It started out as a simple concept five years ago. Let people become virtual farmers. And "Farmville" became a social media and gaming phenomenon.

Does your Facebook feed have a Middle East bias? updated 53 days ago

Writer worries that many of his friends are only seeing the news of the Mideast conflict through a Facebook filter.

The undersea drones revealing the ocean's secrets updated 54 days ago

From typhoon warnings to exploration and conservation, unmanned vessels are revealing the mysteries of the oceans.

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