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tarot October 30, 1997
Web posted at: 11:50 p.m. EST (0450 GMT)

From CNN Interactive writer Dave Mandeville

(CNN) -- For the past 10,000 years or so, we've been looking for a way to see the future. We've tried almost everything and everyone -- prophets, augury, palmists, cards, bones and stock analysts. Do they work?

Mmm, maybe.

That really doesn't matter too much. If you believe in it, you won't do anything without consulting your favorite oracle. If you don't believe in it, you probably peek at your horoscope in the newpaper anyway, right?

Well, you can use the Internet to see the future, too. Take a look at these sites which offer you a chance to get a little mystical advice on what's coming up so you act accordingly.


Facade is probably the best divination site on the Web. Facade is an Internet site development company that specializes in interactive content. To demonstrate its programming prowess, it offers six ways to get some paranormal guidance. You can try the tarot, runes, biorhythms, the I-Ching, bibliomancy, and stichomancy.

If you're not sure what those are, let me explain. The tarot is an ancient form that uses cards to reveal significant factors related to questions you ask. Runes operate on much the same principle, but use ancient symbolic alphabets inscribed on stones instead of cards. Biorhythms use cyclic patterns that begin on the day you are born to predict when you will be at the highs and lows of performance. Stichomancy holds that significant knowledge will be revealed by reading a passage at random from a book. Bibliomancy specializes stichomancy by consulting the Bible. The I-Ching is also a form of stichomancy, but the passage to read is determined by casting coins or yarrow sticks.

Facade gives you several ways to view each of these, with six decks and four different readings for tarot. You may choose either coins or yarrow for the I-Ching. Four rune sets and three readings are available.

You won't need anything special to view this site. All of the divination methods are form-based, so almost any browser will do. Just pick your question and go.

While I was looking for diviners, I also found this useful site, Learning the Tarot - An On-Line Course. You can either take the course on the Web site, download it, or, for a small fee, order it by mail. It's a fairly complete way to learn more about tarot and to help you interpret what you find in your divinations at Facade's site.



Perhaps you'd rather look for your future in the stars. If so, take a tour of the astrology section of Spirit-WWW, a site dedicated to spiritualism. It's a great place to learn more about how astrology works and what the various houses, phases and planets mean for your sign. The site isn't limited to Western astrology, either. You can also explore Jyotish, the Vedic astrology of India.

The interactive star charts are down, overcome by load problems, but hopefully it's only temporary. For now, the links lead to other sites with charts. If spiritualism holds your interest, become a registered member.

For a whole other form of astrology, check out Chinese Astrology. The page goes into the twelve signs and the characteristics that typify those who fall under them. You can also find your compatibility with those who are under other signs.

Be sure to check the calendar to find out what your sign is. Since it's based on the Chinese calendar, those of you born in January and February might not be under the same sign as those born in the rest of the Gregorian calendar year.



Prophecy is probably the oldest, and most intriguing, form of prediction. To learn a little more aabout prophecy through the ages and across cultural boundaries go to Morgana's Observatory. You can read about shared myths, controversies, conspiracies and prophecies ranging from creation to the Nazca lines. Then join registered site members for a weekly chat or message board discussions.

The site is a little heavy on images, but the content is fascinating if you are at all interested in the paranormal and the unexplained.

Almost everyone knows the name of Nostradamus, one of the great prophets of the Middle Ages. Prophetic Insights is a site dedicated to interpreting them in modern context with the presence of alien beings on our planet and the final struggle between good and evil. Or at least that's one interpretation of his writings.

The site took a little while to load, though there are few images. I suspect it's a slow server. The content is ... unique. Take a look.


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