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Flaming the famous on the Web

October 9, 1997
Web posted at: 2:15 a.m. EDT (0615 GMT)

From CNN Interactive writer Donna Freydkin

(CNN) -- The price of fame is ridicule. And some days it seems like everyone with some slack time and a scanner is lining up to take their shot.

In a star-studded galaxy of witty, cheezy Web pages, bashing the famous and not-so-famous, a few stand out for their ingenuity and originality. Their entertaining games and prose offer an interactive opportunity to slam the stars we love to hate.

If certain stars bring out those violent tendencies in you, it's time to pack up the boxing gloves and get on the Web. A number of sites allow you to take a slug at your least-favorite celeb, without being arrested for assault or leaving a nasty bruise.


You can slap one of the Spice Girls in a variation of the old "whack-a-mole" game, or punch out John Tesh. Links from the Tesh slugfest lead to pages devoted to the virtual bludgeoning of Bill Gates, and Martha Stewart. Star Trek's Captain Kirk offers the best visual treat, watching his toupee fly off from the force of a good thwack!

A shrine to the cult of personality is the Fifteen Minutes of Shame site, which is dedicated to those who attained fleeting fame courtesy of television. The "stars" are rated by how many minutes they merited on Hard Copy, and have been split up into three categories: 1-5 minutes, 6-10 minutes, and 11-15 minutes. Naturally, the O.J. Simpson trial and the Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco affair are well represented.

15 Min. of Fame

They invaded radio out of nowhere, and now you can't avoid them if you try. Yes, the band in question is Hanson, beloved by teens far and wide as much for their blond, cute looks as for their catchy tune, "MMMbop." However, one Hanson hater with a lot of time on his hands decided to put the band in its place.

His anti-Hanson site provides revised lyrics of Hanson songs, a mock-interview with the band and selected Hanson photos. The anti-Hanson page, set up by Mighty-Sam, issues this warning to Hanson fans: "You Hanson fans waste your own time coming in here, threatening to mmmbop me. Let it go! This is only a joke."


For years, we laughed at his antics on "Three's Company." Now, thanks to Jay and Tony's John Ritter site, the chuckles keep on coming. They call Ritter "America's finest actor," and as such, take liberty with his acting career in their Ritterversal Studios site. Prepare to be wowed by the myriad of classic movie posters and images, superimposed with Ritter's well-known visage.

Even the star of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "Full House" can't escape the wrath of the Web unscathed. The The Official Bob Saget Hate Page compares the cheery actor to the devil and offers up compelling written and visual proof to confirm the theory. You can post your opinion of the so-called "Lord of the Underworld" and read what others have had to say.

Along those same lines, one avid David Hasselhof "fan" has taken it upon himself to prove that the Baywatch hunk is, indeed, the Anti-christ. Warren Apel claims to have proof, and has methodically listed Biblical references to verify his claim. He does, however, caution others to maintain a sense of humor and not too take the page too seriously.


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