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The scoop on ice cream Web sites

September 8, 1997
Web posted at: 3:22 p.m. EDT (1922 GMT)

(CNN) -- Where can you indulge in ice cream and leave the calories behind? Here's the scoop: Only in cyberspace.

To the Haagen Dazs site


Begin your sweet online escape here and click your way through the "Häagen-Dazs Moment."

It's an interactive soap opera "where you are character and creator, author and adventurer," all the while enjoying a cup of ice cream.

If that's too steamy, try something creamy. Visit the site's "indulgences" section to learn, for example, how vanilla and raspberries are used to make the ice cream you crave.

Or, in the "rewards" area, browse through some seasonal dessert recipes, like Mocha Hazlenut Symphony.

If, after all this virtual tasting, you just want the real thing, the site can help you find the store nearest you selling Häagen-Dazs ice cream.


The Edy's Ice Cream Web site is packed with fun for the whole family:

  • Try your hand at a crossword puzzle.
  • Print out the "Rocky Road Coloring Page" for the kids
  • Download the official Edy's screen saver
Register for a chance to win a gift certificate for free ice cream.

Even if you're just browsing, every type and flavor of Edy's ice cream is previewed. Nutritional information also is provided.

Ben & Jerry's

If your sweet tooth isn't satisfied yet, it's time for a taste of Ben & Jerry's.

Visit the site's "fun stuff" area where there are games, crafts and your chance to ask the Great Habeeni a question. (Just don't expect a serious answer).

Or, wander over to the "virtual pumpkin patch" to create your very own jack-o-lantern -- over and over again.

Before you leave, enter a contest to win free pint of ice cream a week, or scroll past the skeletons that haunt Ben & Jerry's "flavor graveyard" to find out what happened to your long-lost favorites.

to the Popsicle site


Of course, no ice cream review is complete without mentioning ... Popsicles. But the world isn't big enough for the makers of these frozen treats on a stick, so they've created a site called the Popsicle Universe.

Visitors can:

  • Test their puzzle skills with the "Purple Martian."
  • Alter the universe to put the planets in proper orbit.
  • Send a Popsicle postcard.
  • Fill out a survey for a chance to win free Popsicle products.

As the Popsicle site, itself, says: "It's so cool, it's frozen."

Correspondent Lori Waffenschmidt helped us dish out this report.


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