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June 19, 1997
Web posted at: 8:41 p.m. EDT (0041 GMT)

From CNN Interactive Writer David Mandeville

The lease is up at the end of this month and I will not stay in a place with such annoying neighbors. But procrastination is my middle name. I still haven't looked for a new place, much less started packing. So where do I turn? My trusty computer, of course.

As more businesses move online, it's only natural that apartment finders make the move, too. Now you can find the places that best suit your needs without ever leaving the house.

AllApartments, all over


AllApartments is a prime example of a nationwide apartment finder. You can search their listings by city, name of property or address. If you're searching in a big metropolitan area you can narrow the search by neighborhood, then by features and amenities.

Once you've found a likely place, just follow the provided link for more information. Not only do you get contact information, you also get size, cost, a list of features for the apartment and the property and phone listings for nearby businesses. Each listing has a neighborhood map. If you are within 300 miles of the apartment, you can even get driving instructions for getting there. Some sites also include floor plans and photos. As you check various places, you can add them to a list of prospects to compare later.

The listings aren't limited to big cities either. Any apartment complex can submit information. A few quick searches turned up listings for Athens, Georgia; Paris, Texas; Seattle; and Brooklyn, New York.

You may experience some traffic problems on this site. AllApartments is upgrading its servers, and downloads are a little slow. If you have problems, try reaching the site outside of peak traffic hours. The site's services are free.

Rent Net

Rent Net has U.S., Canadian and overseas apartment listings. They are categorized by state or province and city, and you can search in your price range. Listings detail apartment and property features, sizes, floor plans when available, deposit costs, lease terms, comments about the property and, of course, contact information.

Rent Net's virtual apartment tours make the site unique. To use it, you will need to download a Total View 360° plug-in from the site. The plug-in is available for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT running Netscape Navigator; and Windows 95 and NT running Internet Explorer.

The site also provides a service that will send you daily updates on new listings in the area where you want to move. Other features include links to free change-of-address services, job searches and listings with The Monster Board, school information, furnished temporary suites and storage facilities.

The Rent Net site is fast and easy to use, and its services are free.

Unfortunately, few apartment finder sites exist for places outside the United States. The rest of the world is catching up fast, though. Rent Canada and CanRent are good examples. Both sites list a moderate number of rental properties in major cities across Canada. As the Internet expands, you can bet that these sites and others like them will grow along with it.

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