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School's out and surf's up

On the Net

Kids take to the 'Net for summer fun

June 16, 1997
Web posted at: 3:16 p.m. EDT (1916 GMT)

From Correspondent Lori Waffenschmidt

ATLANTA (CNN) -- School's out, and sports camp doesn't start for another two weeks. Already there are some glazed-over young eyes from way too many hours in front of the TV.

There's an alternative -- send the kids surfing.

Cyber fridge

Why put your child's latest masterpiece on your refrigerator, when you can post it on the Internet and share it with millions?


Since 1994, Cyberkids has helped youngsters share their creativity -- from art to music to laughs.

The site is chock-full of multi-media efforts that show the awesome creativity of young people and their computers.

Young composers can share original music -- a click on the jukebox opens a wide range of styles. There's also background on each young musician.

There are also contests and prizes in the Art Gallery, and challenging word games, puzzles and mazes.


Frequently asked questions

The success of Cyberkids sparked CyberTeens , where kids find the same fun, games, and creativity -- but also answers to some of the problems faced by kids growing up.

Teen angst is addressed by cyber-columnist Lola -- with tough topics like puberty, popularity, and problem parents addressed with no nonsense, and no judgment.

Don't talk to strangers


WWW 4KIDZ lets younger children do everything from creating their own comic book to finding out what's hot at the library or the movies.

There's a homework helper, cyber coloring books, and a prize section.

The site also contains sound advice for Net Surfers -- the safe surfin' feature warns kids in language they can understand about "mean people" who might try to get too much information from them on the computer.

The site is a good page for parents to check out as well.

You can't do that on television


TV's Nickelodeon has a presence on the Net as well, in a bright and brassy page featuring either a high- tech, java-based site (gotta register for this one), or a low-tech "slower but really-really great anyway" site.

Colorful creatures that look like they jumped out of a cereal box greet the visitor on entry. There's games, Nick Magazine and other features, accessible through a "breathing" home page.

In addition to seeing jokes and games, kids anxious to get out of the house and do something fascinating this summer can find tips on volunteering. Some of these "Big Helpers" get recognized on the Nick network and the Web site.


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