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Forget surfing, it's time to ski the Web

January 9, 1997
Web posted at: 12:00 a.m. EST

From CNN Interactive Staff Writer Liza Kaufman Hogan

As anyone who has spent any time in a ski town quickly learns, people who ski, love talking and thinking about their sport almost as much as they enjoy swishing through the snow.

According to Ski Central, which maintains one of the most comprehensive directories of ski sites on the net, there are more than 3,100 devoted to snow buffs. And they're adding some 15 new sites each day.

With all that material, you might want to start your web ski adventure with a few generalized sites to get a feel for what's out there. Here are a few we selected for their depth and variety.

Resort reports

ski snowboard

For current ski reports from resorts in North America, Europe, Australia and South America point to AMI's Ski+Snowboard Reports on weather and ski conditions are updated at least twice a day, according to the site administrator. The reports can be found not only on AMI's main site but on other ski sites as well.

AMI's online ski magazine is updated every Friday. It includes columns on how to ski, where to ski and when to ski edited by Craig Altschul, a veteran snow journalist of 25 years.

Regular contributors include Ted Heck, author of the syndicated column "Europe-on-skis" and Peter Keely, who writes the "Equipment Center" feature. The site also features fast results from worldwide skiing competitions. According to Altschul, the site is geared toward the advanced skiers of all types but welcomes novices.

Good grades

extreme skiing archive

If it's death defying adventure you crave, check out the U.S. Extreme Skiing Archive which boasts the motto, "If you fall you die."

The site reviews ski routes in the eastern and Western U.S. having slopes with angles of 40 degrees or greater. Skiers give first hand accounts of their experiences on trails with names like "Dead Dog Coulier" and "Black Ice Coulier." Each review includes a stunning photo of the ski area, and there are links to other extreme skiing sites as well.

Getting the inside track

outside online

The Winter Travel Guide from Outside Online, the Web version of the popular outdoor sports magazine, will give you the low-down on the best ski resorts in North America and tips on how to look like you know what you're doing when there.

Other portions of Outside Online's cover World Cup Skiing events and report on conditions at ski resorts throughout North America. You can also join a ski chat room here or search for information on particular resorts.

The Ski Resorts quiz will test your snow savvy. Miss a question and you might be told to "Go back to the rope tow." Get an answer right, and you'll be told, "You're shredding!"

You ski girl


Mark your calendars: National Women's Skiing and Snowboard Week is Jan. 20-26. Celebrate with a visit to the special section at Contributors to the section include Olympic gold medalist Diann Roffe-Steinrotter, women's ski equipment expert Jeannie Thoren and Claudia Carnone author of WomenSki.

Carbone's tips for women skiiers will also be found at the Womenski page on Go West ski and snowboard site. Among other things, find out why women can't ski like men.(Hint: It's in the joints not the guts).

Ski talk

paulas skI lovers

We're not sure who Paula is, but we like her site Although she did not respond to e-mail inquiries, this we know: she's an avid Vermont skier who spends much of her time online when she's not on the slopes.

The centerpiece of Paula's site is an active discussion forum (30-40 messages posted per day) on all things ski-related. Topics on the easy-to-follow forum range from how to deal with "cold-bum" syndrome from riding on too many icy lifts to a request for tips for doing a back flip on skis. (No replies to that one yet).

The site includes a page for posting your picture in your latest ski duds. (No one but you has to know you never made it more than 20 feet from the lodge ).

You can even listen to music while you read messages. However, the music selection is abysmal, unless you enjoy listening to "Send in the Clowns" and "Betty Davis Eyes" while you browse. To her credit, Paula does invite users to submit their own musical selections.

Other routes

ski report

If talking about boots, bindings and blisters is your thing, there are plenty of ski-related newsgroups to join, whether you're into downhill, cross-country or trendy tele-mark skiing. Try rec.skiing. alpine, rec.skiing.nordic or rec.skiing backcountry.

And don't miss CNN Interactive's own Ski Report in our Travel section In Mail from the Trail you'll find comments from visitors to the site and tips on the best places to ski.

The page also includes a thorough set of links and connections to ski resorts in 33 states. Bet you didn't know you could ski in Alabama.


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