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New Year's resolutions with Web connections

graphic December 30, 1996
Web posted at: 5:30 p.m. EST

From Correspondent Brian Nelson

ATLANTA (CNN) -- Keeping at least three of the New Year's most common resolutions may not be quite so difficult, thanks to some electronic help, via the World Wide Web.

Lose weight now, here's how


Want to lose weight? Try Shape Up America, Dr. C. Everett Koop's effort to help people get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

The site's Body Mass Index can determine if you're overweight, and risking your health. The site also includes links to other electronic publications with tips getting and staying in shape.

Sunk in the mire of debt?


If the weight of debt is your worry, the Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers help. Its Web site has money management and financial planning advice for every member of the family -- as well as counseling on what makes a realistic budget.

The Loan Calculator will help determine the feasibility of your financial plans.

And there's also the "don't miss" quiz that can tell you if you're misusing your credit cards.

Kick the habit


And for those who smoke, there may well be as many helpful Web sites as brands of cigarettes. NicNet from the University of Arizona is a comprehensive resource center for tobacco and nicotine issues.

And there's a library section with literature on the Web of related health and legal issues, and updates on the latest tobacco research from the university and around the world.


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