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Yule traditions find a home on the Internet

December 23, 1996
Web posted at: 3:30 p.m. EST

From Correspondent Lori Waffenschmidt

(CNN) -- You may not have eight tiny reindeer to take you, but you can still enjoy Christmas around the world on the Internet.


A Christmas calendar from Denmark

What could be better than a Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath?

This interactive Advent calendar is the creation of the children at an international school in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Each day of the calendar contains a description of Christmas or another holiday.

In Denmark, children believe pixies live in their house and leave bowls of rice pudding -- pixies' favorite food -- in the attic for them.

In Sweden on December 13, the kids observe Santa Lucia, a nationwide celebration in honor of the legendary saint. Girls wear long white dresses -- and so do the boys who want to be "starboys." Girls wear glitter or candles in their hair. The boys wear tall white cone hats.

Many of the entries are in English as well as in the child's native language.

french and canadian

Christmas with a French accent

Here's a home page that looks at Christmas traditions in France and in Canada. It's available in French or English.

Learn about religious symbols like the nativity, or family traditions like the Christmas tree.

The history section goes back to the Middle Ages.

A bibliography is included, listing the many sources of information on the site.


Christmas in Summer

And don't miss Oz Kidz Christmas Down Under.

This fun site has stories and artwork from Aussie kids revealing how they celebrate Christmas during the Australian summer.

Or check e-mail on Christmas celebrations from other parts of the world, like India or Nigeria.

There are recipes and lots of links to other fun holiday sites.

Enjoy the season.


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