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Web sites with a Halloween flavor

October 28, 1996
Web posted at: 5:40 p.m. EST

From correspondent Dan Ronan

Jack-o-Lanterns Plus carves your pumpkin better


Getting ready to carve your Halloween pumpkin? You may want to visit Jack-o-Lanterns Plus, knife in hand. It has some great carving tips and a range of patterns to perk up that homely gourd. And if you thought pumpkins were the only things worth carving this time of year, Jack-o-Lanterns Plus will make you think again.

For those who like the idea of Jack-o-Lanterns, but can't quite stomach the messy part, no fear -- you can relish this Halloween ritual without getting your hands dirty ... the virtual way.

Spread that pumpkin's grin through cyberspace

pink If your computer can't quite handle that Web site, don't despair -- there are others that spread Halloween's blend of gloom and cheer. For those of you with an artistic bent, Blue Mountain Arts may be just the answer. It's offering free e-mail cards for the holiday. Just personalize the animated greeting in your own ghoulish way, and scare it off to your favorite spook.

To the Lambrecht Manor born -- or dead

If all these sites aren't enough to satisfy macabre appetites, get thee hence to the Lambrecht Manor. Explore the mansion room by fearful room, alone if you dare. But watch your step. You could end up -- virtually -- dead. knife

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