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Hacked CIA web site due back soon

CIA home image September 23, 1996
Web posted at: 11:45 a.m. EDT

LANGLEY, Virginia (CNN) -- The Central Intelligence Agency's Web home page, vandalized by hackers last week, should be back on-line in a few days, a CIA spokesman said Monday.

The hacked page, created by a person or group calling themselves "Power Through Resistance," appeared last Thursday and was taken down by the CIA a few hours later. It included obscenities and several links to various Internet sites, including Playboy,, Flashback Magazine and protocols from The Swedish Hackers Association.

The CIA site does not contain classified material but carries press releases, speeches and other publicly available data, including the CIA's World Fact Book, containing reference material on every country in the world.

The title of the vandalized site was changed from Central Intelligence Agency to "Central Stupidity Agency." Beneath that were the words: "Stop Lying Bo Skarinder !!!"

Skarinder is the Swedish prosecutor in a case against five computer hackers that opened last week.

Before the CIA removed the altered version of its home page, numerous copies were made and placed elsewhere on the Web. Sites where these copies can be viewed include:


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