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August 31, 1996
Web posted at: 6:10 p.m. EDT

Matsushita Electronics to launch DVDs in November


(CNN) -- Electronics giant Matsushita Electronics Industries plans to unleash the first of the highly touted and much anticipated digital video disc players this November.

The DVD can store 13 times more information than a standard CD-ROM, enough capacity for a full-length movie. That makes the new technology the first multimedia product that can be used for home entertainment units and computer software.

Matsushita will unveil two models in Japan, priced from $750 to $900. Sony plans to introduce a DVD next spring.

One of the first tastes of the DVD came this past March at CeBIT '96, a technology conference in Hannover, Germany. Hundreds of high-tech companies featured their latest wizardry at the exhibit.

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Digital Equipment to spin off AltaVista

(CNN) -- Digital Equipment Corp. plans to spin off its Internet software unit that makes AltaVista, the popular Web search engine. After an initial public offering, Digital will hold 80 percent of AltaVista.

The search tool has access to about 30 million Web pages.

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NBA blows whistle on America Online, screams foul


(CNN) -- The National Basketball Association has sued America Online, alleging that the No. 1 on-line service delivers real-time information about NBA games without its permission.

The lawsuit was filed in a Manhattan federal court, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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