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On the net: On cars -- a company line, and offbeat critiques

August 3, 1996
Web posted at: 3:45 p.m. EDT

Under the hood of the Mitsubishi Eclipse

(CNN) -- The Mitsubishi Eclipse site is one of the newest and most interesting of the sites devoted to selling cars.

Clicking on the hot-buttons yields a variety of animated illustrations of both the exterior and interior. You can watch some videos of the car in action, pick the model you want, then the color and options and get an estimate of the cost.

The Mitsubishi site also has information on other cars like the 3000 GT and the Montero utility vehicle.


Car Talk: Objective, if irreverent, critiques

For a more objective view of that new Montero find out what the Car Guys think. Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the hosts of the popular show Car Talk on National Public Radio, also have a place in cyberspace.

Car Talk will give you a dose of Tom and Ray's humor as well as answers to your automotive questions. You can read their newspaper columns or hear replays of their radio show.

They'll give you their opinions of the new cars they've test- driven. And "Car Talk Car Report" lets you type in the make and model of any car and get a summary of recent reports, including recalls, crash test results, and service bulletins.

They also ask your opinions on different cars, and give you a way to complain to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Edmund's: guide to better buying

If it's pure information you're looking for, check out Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides.

This site is one of the best for smart shopping tips on just about any model out there. You'll find listings for new and used cars that include ratings, pricing, and advice on getting a good deal.

Edmund's also has safety information on recent models.


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