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The inside scoop on ice-cream sites

July 22, 1996
Web posted at: 10:15 a.m. EDT

From CNN Interactive Writer Liza Kaufman Hogan

(CNN) -- July is National Ice Cream Month, and what better way to celebrate than with some truly cool sites?

The Web provides more about the frozen dairy dessert than you'd ever want to know from most-favored flavors to ice-cream folklore Here's a free sample of what's out there. Have fun exploring and may your mouse not freeze.

ben and jerry
Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's

Among ice-cream advertising sites, Ben & Jerry's is the cream of the crop, so to speak. While other companies are content to tell you about their products, store locations and corporate history, the quirky Vermont-based ice cream maker that created flavors like Chubby Hubby and Cherry Garcia offers a site with Shockwave games and a political conscience.

Here, you can send a fax to Washington asking for a reduction in military spending or learn about Ben & Jerry's position on Bovine Growth Hormone (They're against it).

If left-leaning politics don't whet your appetite, visit the Flavor Graveyard, where ice cream varieties that Ben & Jerry's no longer produces are archived, and watch the animated Grateful Dead-like skeletons dance on your page.

The games section offers a Shockwave version of the magnetic game in which you add hair to the head of a figure -- in this case founder Ben Cohen. For low-tech fun, print a cutout of the Ben & Jerry cow and fold it into a three-dimensional bovine.

Edy's Grand Ice Cream
Edy's Grand Ice Cream

Edy's, or Dreyer's as it is known West of the Rockies, has a site that rivals Ben & Jerry's for creativity, minus the political overtones.

Here you can learn more about Edy's products, but you'll need patience. You'll wait quite some time downloading a color photo of Strawberry Kiwi Sherbet.

In the corporate history section you'll find a rather gleeful looking picture of founder William Dreyer. You'd be smiling too if you sold $170 million worth of ice cream during the first quarter of the year, a stat you'll also find on this site.

There's a page for senior ice cream lovers (The Golden Cone Club), a page of ice cream trivia and recipes for ice cream desserts, including one which requires no less than four quarts of Edy's ice cream. If you really love Edy's there's a job listings section. But when we visited, we found only a posting for a public relations summer intern.

If all this reading about ice cream has made you hungry for a scoop, you can win a free quart of Edy's by surfing the site and stumbling into the randomly generated winner's page. But you'll have to wait to collect your prize. No one has yet figured out how to download ice cream on the Internet. No doubt they're trying.

University of Guelph, Ontario
University of Guelph, Ontario

For a more academic take on ice cream, visit the University of Guelph's Dairy Science and Technology page.

Here you can study a schematic of cocoa processing and learn more about ice cream defects, including the loathsome phenomenon of "ice cream shrinkage," in which the dessert pulls away from the walls of its container.

Don't expect to find Shockwave games and photos of cheery tubs of ice cream here. Apart from a page on the history of ice cream, the site has little use for the simple pleasure of a hand-dipped cone on a hot summer day.

Cooking with Chemistry
Cooking with Chemistry

Billed as the "First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Page on the Internet," this site is a how-to for chemistry students with too much time on their hands who want homemade ice cream without spending arduous hours churning together ice and cream.

"Now as you all know, nitrogen is about 78 percent of the volume of the atmosphere," begins a typical sentence on the site posted by West Virginia University student H. Henry Rieke IV. The main feature of the site is a recipe and step by step instructions for making Simple Vanilla Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. Sounds delicious.

Note: CNN does not encourage, condone or in any way endorse this activity, nor can we begin to tell you where you might pick up a canister of liquid nitrogen

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