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New on the Net: Travel

May 4, 1996
Web posted at: 9:00 p.m. EDT

(CNN) -- There is now a virtual gate area on the web where you can buy airline tickets, courtesy of Southwest Airlines. Just point to where you plan to start and finish, and select times and ticket restrictions. Punch in your credit card number and click on "buy it."


Southwest is a ticketless airline, so all you need to board your flight is a screen printout with the confirmation number and a picture ID.

Are you looking for more choice in booking airline flights on the web? Try logging on to "Travelocity", a new service partly owned by American Airlines' parent company.

Motel Americana

The site promises 200,000 pages of travel destinations, hundreds of airline schedules and the ability to book flights online.

And if you are looking for travel the way it used to be, check out "Motel Americana" .This website pays tribute to those relics of the 1950s that were oases for the weary traveler. From the purple prose to the neon-coated pictures of roadside rest stops, it is clear that Jenny and Andy Wood's web page is a love affair with the American original.


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