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February 24, 1996
Web posted at: 8:00 p.m. EST

Net Noir

Black history on Net Noir

The Net Noir home page continues to mark Black History Month in February with a wealth of information on black history, culture, and folklore.

The graphics are sometimes stunning, and you must see the African folk tales.

Of course, there are jumps to other sites, as well as reading lists for children and adults.

Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote aimed at young users

Rock the Vote is on the Internet with a political message.

The campaign, which began on MTV, is designed to educate young people about political issues and to get them to register, vote and speak out in this election year.

Support for parents on-line

If you're a parent and looking for insights, visit Parent Soup.

Parent Soup

It's a virtual support page for moms and dads on almost every parenting issue, from handling a new baby to paying for college.

If it all gets to be too much, use the link to jump over to the Elvis home page.

Not sure, but it must be a baby-boomer thing.


Click your way through Magic Kingdom

For kids of all ages, visit Disney on the Web.

The Magic Kingdom went on-line this week. You can now peek at some of the trailers for Disney movies; listen to sound tracks from, say, "Beauty and the Beast; download photos of your favorite Disney stars; and, of course, plan your next visit to one of Disney's theme parks.



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